24 Mayıs 2023

The Ultimate Doll, Chapter #4


Shock was an understatement. Lynn stood there unable to believe what her husband Don was telling her. Could it be: that her meeting was an accident, and that the tormentor she spent the weekend with, and gave her future life to was a total stranger?“What will happen now,” she thought.How would she complete her transformation, and indeed, would her husband even allow it to continue? What would she do if he refused her permission to continue…? The racing thoughts flew by at lightning speed.She took his hand and walked with him into their home. Truly, it was good to be back home she thought, but now the process of disclosure needed to begin. Sitting him down, across from her in their den, she began the task of recounting everything that happened from start to finish.She was distracted by her transformation continuing to advance its progress as she spoke. The morning’s infusion was still working, she could feel her body changing, and see her skin and figure refining as she sat there. As she had been warned, she could feel the growing feeling of horniness in her sex. The tingling of her body and endorphin reactions was amping up as she spoke with husband about her plight.Although her tormentor had fully vanquished her needs after the infusion was completed, she was again becoming needy and craved sexual satisfaction once again. Lynn stopped after an hour of talking, and asked if he wished her to prepare his dinner. She was now beginning to transition into the service-submissive role, and without conscious thought, desired only to be of service to his needs.“All I want for dinner is you, my love,” he stated.“Stand up and lower your shorts for me,” he ordered.With that, Lynn stood up and unbuttoned her Daisy-Dukes and let them fall to the floor. She placed her hands into the sides of her pink, latex panties and pulled them down to her knees, letting the invading shaft of the butt-plug stay firmly in place. Sitting Ankara bayan escort back down, she opened her legs wide as he keeled before her, his mouth wide-open to receive her lovely, small, she-cock.As soon as she felt his lips caress her cock, she felt the now familiar sensation of it beginning to grow and stiffen. He looked up at her, not expecting this new response, and with his eyes wide open, smiled as he felt her rigid shaft fill his mouth and slide into his throat. She felt uncomfortable with this new part of her, but seeing and hearing her husband’s reaction, as he sucked and licked every inch of her now engorged nine-inch cock, she was both relieved and happy. Feeling the orgasm building within her, she sensed that something new was happening. She felt that she would actually ejaculate for the first time. Fearful of what he would do, she tried to suppress it, but it was to no avail. She felt the rapid building of sensation, and then the furious release of her tensions as she shot ejaculate into her loving husband’s mouth. She was terrified at this happening, but when he moaned with orgasmic pleasure of his own, she felt redeemed and relieved.Looking down, she saw the result of her passions dripping from his mouth. She apologized and tried to wipe his face clean, but he would have no part of it, pushing her hand gently away. Finally releasing her cock from his mouth, he licked his lips and rose from his knees to kiss her with new-found passion.“Lynn, my love, that was the most wonderful present you have ever given to me, never feel uneasy with that again. In fact, when can we do it again?” he asked.“Right now, Sir, I am fully able to function and apparently orgasm over and over without rest,” she said.With that, he resumed his position on his knees and began to minister to her wanton passions. After the fourth session in a row of Lynn climaxing into her husband’s Escort bayan Ankara mouth, they stopped. His mouth was sore and his jaw was starting to lock, they both decided to stop and rest for a few minutes.“Do you know that your ejaculate tasted exactly like apple juice,” he asked.“No, I didn’t, but I’m glad that you enjoy it, Sir,” she replied.Lynn saw that he was terribly uneasy, as his own cock was rock hard and needing its release. Without any thought, Lynn asked him,“Sir, would you like me to swallow your cock and release your juices, or would you rather have your rock hard cock shoved deep into my very willing and hot ass…. so that you might fuck me like a slutty whore?”Lynn was shocked to hear that she was talking like that. Certainly, she was not acting as usual, and her mind seemed to be ruled by her exploding passions. She knew no shame, and had no reluctance to say anything that came to her mind. Guessing that her transformation was to blame, she felt assured that there would be many, many, other new occurrences to experience as time went by.He stood up and took Lynn by the hair, grabbing a large handful from the back of her neck and pulling it as hard as he dared, a sensation that she always loved, and one that never failed to get her very hot. He dragged her into the kitchen and pushed her over the white table that stood in the corner, ordering her to grab onto the far side of it and spread her legs wide apart.He thrust his cock deep into her waiting behind. The slippery sensation of her new skin was fabulous feeling. It felt as she was lubricated both inside and out, giving him unbelievable pleasure as he entered her. She gripped his cock as a tight fitted sleeve would, every inch of its surface was gently held by the firmness of her new flesh. He thrust several times, and with the release of his pre-cum, they both came together in mutual bliss.Lynn Bayan escort Ankara didn’t know it yet, but she was now programmed to orgasm when her skin was subjected to the first drop of a man’s precum, assuring that whom ever was receiving her pleasures would be satisfied fully, as she would be.As her husband withdrew, Lynn’s new programming resulted in her dropping to her knees to clean his cock with her waiting mouth, pleasuring her husband once again, by her attention to his needs.Lynn prepared a fine meal for her husband, attending to every detail that he enjoyed in his food. During dinner she went forward with her story of the strange encounter she had. Finally finishing her unbelievable tale, she told him of her new life, and its irreversibility. She told him of her increasing need for attention, and the results it would have if she were not to be vanquished regularly. She finished with the invitation that her tormentor had given her to allow him to have his sexual ability changed by infusion. Lynn advised him that this would result in him being turned into a nearly bionic sexual predator. She told him that they both would be able to function fully on a never ending basis, and could literally fuck for days on end, climaxing endlessly. Assured by her that only his cock would be changed, he thought for a short time, and agreed fully to her request. Pleased beyond her wildest dreams, Lynn jumped up and hugged him as he sat at the table.“More apple juice?” her husband asked.“Certainly, Sir,” she laughed, “But I need to wet first, if I may, Sir.”“That’s fine, go ahead and pee first,” he replied, as he dropped to his knees in front of her and gently placed his mouth around her cock.Lynn reached down, took his head in both of her hands, and gently pulled him further onto her cock and as it filled her mouth, she took a deep breath and let her juices go, flowing into his throat. He didn’t’t gag or spill a drop. Every bit of her golden flow was lovingly consumed. Without removing himself from her fully engorged cock, he began to lick and suck her wonderful new sexual organ. Cumming with the force of a lightning bolt, she again filled his throat with her “apple juice” as he had described it.“That was wonderful, Lynn…

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