1 Ağustos 2021

The video store


The video storeThe Video StoreStore oneI checked my suitcase at the storage office of the railway station.’Are you leaving it all day?’ asked the colleague from behind the counter.’No just a couple of hours’ I replied handing him a ten dollar bill. Just long enough to get my cock sucked I thought. It had become quite a ritual. I would arrive in the city a few hours before my flight, store my baggage at the station and cruise the adult video stores for a couple of hours. There were no shortage of venues but I had two favourite stores. The first was just a brisk five minute walk from the station. Coming from a small rural town I was a little intimidated by the tall buildings, mass of people and traffic clogging the streets. So many people around yet I never felt like I was being watched as I did at home. I walked into the video store and out of the bright sunlight. I didn’t really care who saw me walk inside. I wasn’t sure anybody was that interested. The passersby all appeared busy enough with their own issues. They probably didn’t even notice this little pervert.I climbed the steep steps from the street to the main store. It was filled with magazines in wooden boxes. It looked more like a series of market stalls than a normal shop with shelving, like the magazine store in the comedy show ‘Big Bang Theory’ only with tits and cocks rather than Spiderman and Batman. ‘Movies are on the next floor up’ came a voice from behind the counter. A middle aged man pointed to the stairs in the corner as two customers took a brief glance towards me before continuing their search through the paper porn. Not interested in the magazines I headed for the movie section upstairs. The room was filled with thousands of porn movies from every genre and others I never knew existed. I noticed the security camera in the corner as I headed for the far corner, the gay section. My dick hardened as I selected each movie and read the description. Noticing an older man in the other corner, I slipped my hand into my trousers hoping it would signal him to come over to me. If he noticed he was not interested. I watched him walk back downstairs disappointed. I spent a few more minutes looking around before heading back downstairs myself. As I reached the bottom of the stairs the other customers had gone leaving just the shop owner. He was away from his counter now in a corner wanking his large circumcised cock.’Oops I’m sorry’ he apologised struggling to return his meat into his tight underwear.’It’s fine ‘ I replied staring at his bulge. ‘Looks nice, not sure how you got all that back inside bilecik escort there’ I continued. He walked towards me pulling his dick from his tight pants as he got closer. Almost instinctively I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth wide ready to accept his meaty gift. I wondered how many other customers had sucked him off. What a great fucking job he had. . I pulled his pants down and then grabbed his shorts at the hips and pulled them down. His dick sprang up I was delighted to see it was perfect in almost every way, not too thick nor thin, a fine pink helmet capping off a beautiful shaft. He had not shaved his crotch, his thick pubic hair was much darker than the little on his head.I buried my face in his crotch, and pressed my lips against his shaft. It continued to harden and now pushed across my cheek as I tasted his pubic hair. I took his cock in my hand and used it to rub against my face and down around my chin. He began to leak fluid and I used my tongue at the piss hole to collect his juice. His hands found the back of my head as I descended on his nice cock. I swallowed him all the way down, until I could feel his balls on my chin. I grabbed his ass cheeks as he began fucking my face. He jammed his cock down my throat and I sucked for all I was worth, pausing a few times to swallow and take a deep breath before diving back in again. His fucking motion became faster and more urgent. He opened his legs a little and my finger began working its way into his ass crack. I would love to have interrupted my sucking to spin him around and bury my face in his ass, but he was having none of that. He began pounding at me, thrusting not just his cock but his entire crotch into my face, moaning as he did so. I wet my finger with saliva and returned it , sliding it in as his hole opened slightly.’Fuck I’m close’ moaned the shop owner. This gave me added incentive to work his cock harder. There was no need for him to force my head into his hairy crotch. Fuck, let him try and stop me. He moaned loudly and thrust the hardest he had thrust, his balls moved up and a massive load of cum injected directly into my throat as he cried out with sheer pleasure. I could feel his cock still throbbing as even more spunk shot out. Fuck, I wondered how much he had stored inside. I ran my tongue along his shaft as more spasms of fluid filled my mouth with his creamy white load.He smiled contentedly and stepped back, his cock falling out of my mouth as it began to soften. He pulled up his briefs and trousers as I stood up taking out my bolu escort fully erect cock. We looked down at my my meat together.’You got any lube?’ I asked. He reached over the counter picking up a small sachet. He opened it for me spreading it along my shaft and onto my tight balls. I began jerking myself then pulled his hand along my hard dick. Together, hand in hand we wanked my hard cock. I commanded the speed and he willingly conformed. I sped up as I watched his eyes fixed on my hard cock.’Oh yeh, help me shoot’ I moaned’Go for it’ he whispered back. With those words I shot my heavy load through his fingers and halfway across the shop. “That was awesome,” he said.I smiled and agreed as I forced my wet cock back into my pants.Store twoI walked up the hill past the hotel and entered a cafe. My coffee tasted of cum as I sipped a creamy cappuccino eyeing up the waiter and customers. Less than half an hour since my last sexual encounter and I was horny, and hard, again. I finished my coffee faster than I had wanted to and headed for my second store. The Pleasure Chest had a different format. On entering the building you could head downstairs for the video booths of upstairs for the store. I needed change so headed up first. There was a middle aged man, in a smart suit, waiting also for change so I walked around the store. I had no interest in sex toys. I had tried a dildo once and didn’t enjoy the pain. I had been fucked once, when I was a teenager, and again, didn’t like the pain. I was more of an oral man, now I loved sucking on a nice cock. The woman behind the counter became free and I changed a ten dollar note for coins for the video booths downstairs. I walked downstairs to the booths. There were eight, three had their doors closed. A young Chinese man and an older chubby man stood at the side I guess checking out the talent before deciding which booth to take. I can’t say I am so particular. I entered a booth next to one of the occupied ones. It was dark once I had closed the door and I struggled to see where to put my coin. The movie started and I juggled in vain with the volume button. The groaning of the man getting blown in the next cubicle became my movie soundtrack. I heard the door to my right close followed by the sound of his zipper open. I pushed my hand on the lube dispenser on the wall and began waxing my hard cock. I pushed my cock through the glory hole and within a second felt warm lips caress my cock. I wondered if it was the China boy or chubby man or even the woman from behind the counter. Whoever aydın escort it was began deep-throating my hard cock fast and furiously. He stopped and began playing with my balls whilst fitting on a condom. I looked down to see his fat hairy arse pressed against the glory hole. He pulled my dick towards his welcome arse before guiding my cock inside his hairy hole. It slid inside without any resistance and the old man moaned with delight. I guessed he was jerking himself off as I pumped his arse. A few minutes later he pulled away and turned towards me showing me his cum covered dick. I could see his cum on the floor as he opened his door and exited his booth.My coin had run out and a voice over the tanoy announced ‘ Booth number five, please place a coin’I opened the booth door, my pants and boxers still on the floor in the corner. Three men were stood outside as I exposed and offered my hard cock to the judges opposite. A tall, ginger man, probably aged in his mid to late thirties came forward to the booth. He moved past me and stood with his back to the screen. I fell to my knees and pulled open his belt. He helped me open his jeans and pull down his novelty boxers. They said Friday even though today was Sunday. Had he not changed them in two days? The thought turned me on. His larger than average uncut cock stood to attention, his tight foreskin seeking the attention of my wet mouth. His ginger pubes were trimmed short. His crotch smelled sweaty. Maybe he hadn’t washed in two days either. He seemed nervous as I worked his nice cock. With the door open we had an audience watching me suck Ginger Boy while I worked my own manhood. One of the crowd slipped his hand down his own trackie bottoms and jerked himself off as he watched us. We were the movie show now, and it was free. Ginger initiated a change in position and as his foreskin filled with his milk he got to his knees taking my lubed cock into his warm mouth. He sucked hard concentrating on my tip and piss hole. His finger caressed my crack, his hand rubbed his cum onto my balls and into my bush. I fucked his face harder. The man in the audience gave out a loud moan as he shot his load inside his pants. I could see the cum patch on his grey pants. Without warning I shot my load into the back of Ginger Boys throat. It took him by surprise a little as I pulled his head forward, his face tight against my crotch. I smiled as he devoured every last drop of my man juice.I took one last look at Gingers uncut cock as he pulled his jeans back up. Had I not had a flight to catch I could have feasted on that all day, and night. Even flaccid it was big enough to enjoy. We left the video store at the same time. He probably went back to the office where his workmates probably had no idea where he’d been while I headed to the train station and the airport with Gingers dried cum on my chest.

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