12 Mayıs 2023

The Visitor


The knock at the door startled her out of her sleep. Looking over at the clock, she saw that it was early. Not even eight o’c clock. Grumbling, she slides out of bed, her naked body is smooth in the early morning light that streams through the curtains. Her brown skin glows in the sunlight. Slipping on her gown, she heads to the solid door, vaguely wondering who might be calling so early. Keeping the security chain on, she opens it. He stands there with a small, wicked smile on his face. In his hand is a long holdall. He is dressed in black, his eyes shaded from the sun by tinted glasses She gasps, involuntarily. What does he want? “Hello. Aren’t you going to invite me in?” “Sorry, yes, yes of course. Come in.” Hands fumble with the chain, her thoughts disorganised. The chain comes off of the door, and he steps inside. The sunlight streams in, highlighting Sarıyer escort her darkened and erect nipples. Grabbing her arm, he takes her to the bedroom. “The….the…d-door!” she mumbles. “I don’t care about the door.” He throws her onto the bed, and he makes short work of her robe. He admires her slim, sexy body. The dark skin, the trusting eyes, the wanton lust and need therein. Naked, she is lies on the bed. She can feel his look, and watches his bulge in his jeans. She moistens her lips with her tongue, her hunger rising and her nipples throbbing with need. He turns her onto her stomach, and slaps her ass. His paler hand makes a pleasing counterpoint to her darker skin. A slightly red mark appears on her ass, the size of his hand print. The sting is momentary, and followed my cool air and a hand that carresses. Escort Silivri She hears zips, and muffled noises as she lies there. She starts to turn…”Face down. Now!” She feels a hand roughly grab her pussy, and raises her ass up. Meekly, she complies. She feels metal slide around her ankles as they are spread. A spreader bar is attached. She feels the cold touch of lubricant gel applied to her asshole. Fingers work it into her tight ass and hook inside her. He pulls her ass into the air and she feels it stretch as a butt plug is gently worked in. Pressure on the bed tells her that she has moved off, and her eyes come up, as he circles the bed to face her. In front of her, his slim body moves into view. Sticking out, at almost ninety-degrees is a large, erect cock. In his hand is a small metal device. Pulling Topkapı escort bayan her up by her arm, he moves his hand toward her chest. Realisation dawns. “Please, no, no, not my nipple, aaaargh! Fuck!” The small metal clamp is attached, and the screw is tightened. Her nipple, sensitive and erect as she anticipates the fucking she is going to get, is trapped by cold teeth, the small weight pulling it down toward the sheets. He licks his finger, and brushes his hand over the cold nipple, hard in the air-conditioned room. The moisture only serves to make the nipple more sensitive to the air. “You should keep quiet, slut”, comes the growled response. Thrusting his hips forward, and holding her head, his cock fills her mouth. “Now suck it. Better still, hold that position.” Slowly, his hips move back and forth, his cock fucking her mouth. She feels the velvet smooth head push to the back of her throat, the shaft forcing a carress from her tongue as it slides, and she involuntarily swallows. She feels her pussy betray her need. Juices start to flow and her hand moves, with it’s own mind, seeking her wet slit….the bud above it, needing realease.

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