2 Ağustos 2021

The Wager


The WagerWe are sitting on the couch watching the hockey game. My blue and gold men against your blue and white boys; we’d been teasing each other good naturedly about how only one team was superior and that one of us was gonna end up in tears at the end of the game.“Lets make it interesting,” you say, “let’s put a little wager on the game.”“What kind of wager?” I say nervously.“Winner gets to do whatever he/she wants to the looser.” I smile and look at the TV, my team is up by two goals, and I’m almost sure that I’m gonna win the bet.“Ok.” “We need to seal the bet with a kiss.” You say as you lace your fingers through my hair and drag my head closer to yours. I moan as your lips cover mine, your tongue caressing my bottom lip until my mouth parts and your tongue invades my mouth taking what it wants. I shift closer, and take one of my hands to clasp your head closer to mine. A low growl forms in your throat as I arch my head back, revealing my snow white neck. Your lips caress my neck gently and work their way up to my ear where you whisper how much in trouble I’m goin to be when my team looses.I laugh and playfully push you away. You laugh in response and grab my arm, dragging me onto your lap. The game continues, and shortly I can see that my men in blue and gold are in trouble. They aren’t playing as well as they had been at samsun escort the beginning of the game and I am now getting nervous. Your hands are stroking my upper thigh, moving up and down and gradually closer to my inner thigh. “You’re going to loose,” you whisper into my ear as your team scores a goal. Bringing it to a one point game, “and then I have you to myself.” Your hand goes to the button of my jeans and you unsnap it. “Wait, the game isn’t over yet.” I look at the screen just in time to see your team score another goal. Bringing the game to a tie; my breathing is shallow as your mouth roves over my neck, and up to my ear. “Are you ready to concede?” “Never,” I gasp, your fingers sliding into the waistband of my jeans.The game goes into overtime, and within the first minute your team scores the winning goal. I groan, knowing that I have lost the bet.You turn off the TV, and turn to face me. “I’m ready to collect,” you say, as you work my jeans over my hips. “Wait, I’m not ready, I mean, I have to go the bathroom.” You laugh and let me up. I dash to the bathroom and lock the door to bide a little bit of time. I know I can’t stay there forever, but I have a few minutes of respite before you come looking for me. I’m splashing water on my face when you knock on my door. “Let me in, NOW!” antalya escort you demand. “I’m not ready yet.”“I’ll break the door down.” I’m shaking as I go to the door and unlock it; you barrel in and push me up against the wall.“What are you trying to pull?” You hiss, your eyes flashing angrily. “Nothing,” I stammer, “I just, I can’t, and I mean it was just a silly bet.”“We’ll see how silly you think it was later.” you say as you pick me up and carry me into the bedroom. Without fanfare, you drop me onto the bed, and pull my jeans from my body. Your mouth nips and licks its way up my leg. You hover dangerously close to my pussy, I can feel your warm breath and I’m desperate to feel your tongue and teeth on me.I try arching my hips closer to your mouth, but you still me with one hand. Holding me down, you lick everywhere other than where I want you to.“What do you want baby?” you say as you lick my inner thigh.“Please?” I gasp.“Please what?” you say your tongue barely flicking over my pussy lips.“You know what!” I hiss, as one of your fingers presses into my core. “I want to hear you say it. I want you to beg.”I moan as your tongue flicks over me again.“Please, oh god please.” I can feel you smile as you take my clit between your lips and your tongue, worrying it until it’s hard and aching. ankara escort “You like that, don’t you.” You say a single finger starts to probe my ass.“Yes, yes I do.” I manage to groan. “More, please,” I moan again, louder, when a second finger is added. My hips bucking wildly against your face, your breathing hitched and desperate.You pull back and I whimper softly.“I’m not done sweetheart, not by a long shot.”I hiss as two fingers slide in to my sheath and you press upward, finding my g-spot, you massage and stroke until I’m writhing.“Goddamn it,” I growl, “I want you in me now!”“Not yet. I’m not through doing what I want to you.”My hips rocked off the bed when your mouth closes over me again; your tongue flicking against my clit, your fingers still massaging me intimately. “I want you to cum in my mouth sugar,” you mutter against me, “and I want you to cum hard.” Suddenly and quite unexpectedly I explode, and I hear you growl appreciatively as I send a stream of my arousal into your mouth. I’m gasping for breath when you slide up my body, and slowly ease yourself into my sheath. I thought for sure that I couldn’t cum again. Boy was I wrong, you work yourself slowly at first and then with increased speed. I’m again propelled up into ecstasy. You roll me so I’m on top and I start to ride, hard and fast; leaning back to allow you the chance to watch as you slide in and out of my snatch. I can feel you pulsing and I know that you’re close. I tighten the walls of my snatch around you and I hear you curse as you explode inside me.“Playoffs are more fun this way, don’t you think?” you say as I collapse on you.“Definitely.”

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