21 Ağustos 2022


Big Tits

Subject: the wind-12 If you want to see g-rated pictures of the main characters, please send an email to aol. Comments, positive or negative are always welcome. They often play a significant part in keeping the story going. This is a fictional story. Please help Nifty financially. A weak light was filtering out from the street, barely enough to see the park trees and the bushes. The noise of the wind in the branches almost completely covered the roar of the cars passing by the park. Although someone looking from outside would not be able to see them, Jim and Beto were half-laying on the short grass as the man was busy pulling the boy’s shorts down. As soon as he reached his goal, he threw the clothes on the grass and dove between the teen’s legs, looking for his prize. Soon he had him in his mouth, hard as a rock. He had wanted to do precisely this since Beto joined Mike and himself at the field a few hours before. To be perfectly honest, he actually had thought about doing this since the very first time he had met Beto. The first time he had seen his angel face and his demon bulge. He was sucking him with true sexuak hunger, taking him deep in his mouth and slurping all over him on the way out, spreading his toned, feline and smooth thighs every time a little bit more so he could gain better access to the object of his dreams. Beto was gasping for hair, moaning, groaning, emitting all the sexy noises a boy makes when he gets his dick sucked. Very quickly, Beto began humping Jim’s mouth and pulling his head to his groin. Jim was deep-throating him, and from the boy’s reactions he knew he was the first to give him this pleasure. He was grabbing, playing aydın escort with, sucking, licking his balls at the same time. Beto was his at this moment. He had given up his sex to the man. Jim wanted more. He took advantage of the teen’s surrender to quickly flip him on his stomach and to start licking his boy pussy in earnest, separating the firm globes of his bubble butt to insert his tongue between them, in the boy’s most secret place. The boy emitted a strange noise, which sounded like a brief succession of sobs, but the man felt no sadness in them, just the sense of a boy to whom is revealed how much pleasure his body can give him, and who is not experienced enough to control his reactions. Jim saw the opportunity and he firmly pushed his tongue deeper inside the teenager. He did not do it in a delicate fashion. It was the act of the dominant towards the dominated. They both knew it and accepted it, perhaps even craved it. The tone of the boy’s voice that Jim had never heard before, the sexy boyish noises he made involuntarily and that he would never make in public, all confirmed this new relationship, and its implications. Jim knew he could take the boy’s shirt off and feel his chest, back and legs muscles. What a sexy body, he thought, even sexier now, almost naked under his exploring hands. Sexier, firmer than a woman’s body, he thought. What had taken him away from women over the years, was the lack of firmness of their flesh. That is one reason why he knew he would always prefer boys and young men. Jim was so hard now, caressing every inch of the boy’s body, so ready. His pecs, his abs, the muscles of his thighs. His beautiful aydınlıkevler escort erect penis and his bubble. They were all his now. The perspective of finally owning the beautiful boy dizzied him. How many of his parent’s friends, maybe even some of his teachers had thought about it when they saw him at his house or at school, perhaps even at the field. They must have had to hide their craving from others as they checked him out and imagined what could have been. All this was on his mind as he returned to Beto’s most sacred place and penetrated the boy again as far as his gifted tongue would go. He was holding him by his narrow hips, and pulling him towards him, splitting him open. They rolled on the grass with the man’s tongue embedded in the boy. Jim got the boy on his stomach. As Beto was breathing hard, head down on the grass, recuperating from the man’s assault, Jim swiftly took his pants and boxers off. He got a small bottle of Astroglide from his pants pocket. He had bought it hoping he would use it with Christian. He applied the lube on his cock and at the boy’s entrance. He laid down on top of him, his cock against the smooth flesh of his buns. He moved it to where his tongue was a few seconds before and started pushing. He thought back of Mike at the field: – “fuck him, fuck him!” with all the lust in the world in his eyes. The head of his cock was slowly creeping inside. He heard the boy growl. He could tell he was the first one to have him. So fucking tight. Images of the boy flashed in his head as he felt his penis slide in. Beto was in pain, but Jim knew that soon most of the pain would ayrancı escort give way to the pleasure of being fucked. That’s when he felt his head pop in and he knew he had him like nobody else ever had had him. He gave the boy a moment to get used to the penetration and then pushed again. As he felt his cock sinking into the boy, the images of Beto came back. He saw him playing soccer in front of him a few days before, and he thought of how his boyish and sexy he looked. He thought of his bulge packed in the spandex under the shorts, his bubble butt, his golden thighs disappearing under the compression shorts. Him bending over to tie his shoe on the field. That is when he bottomed out. The boy was his. Yes, he was in some pain, but now they both knew something nobody else knew. He pulled out and fucked right back in, and out and in. Reaching around the boy’s face as his rhythm intensified, he traced the beautiful and sexy lips before sliding two fingers in his mouth. He felt Beto’s tongue licking them. He was getting to a good pace and he knew he would not last much longer. He started really pounding the boy. Everything became blurry. He felt the kid push back on his pole. He knew he had hit the g-spot. Beto’s yell each time he bottomed out confirmed it to him. These were not yells of pain. Good thing nobody was around, he couldn’t help thinking. This was his last thought before Beto started convulsing and Jim cock was squeezed again and again by the boy’s ass. He kept on fucking the cumming boy, pummeling him into the ground. As Beto came down from his high, he turned him over on his back, quickly sucked the warm, sweet cum from his dick, and took him missionary this time, entering him in one try, pounding away while looking in his beautiful dark eyes. This must be heaven, he thought. He closed his eyes and felt jet after jet of sperm shooting into the boy, making him his. He kept pounding. Fuck you, sexy little fucker, he thought.

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