10 Eylül 2022



Subject: Random Tails/ The Window Please donate to Nifty to keep this site running for all our fun. This is of course all fantasy and such real life conduct is not condoned Or encouraged. We all live two great lives. One in reality and one in our minds. The Window by aol I’m feeling useless as I sit here at my desk with my keyboard in front of me and my mind blank. I’m trying to write another story to post to my Random Tails series but just can’t seem to think of anything new to write. I know I don’t have deadlines or anything but I put pressure on myself to pop off a story on a regular basis just to keep the wheels in my head spinning. My laptop screen sits blank with the little cursor blinking impatiently at me. Instead I find myself staring out the window of my den and into the neighbor’s yard. New neighbor’s just moved in a few weeks back and now they were having a picnic in their backyard. There is a young girl I’m guessing to be about 7 and a boy who looks to be 9 or 10. Mom and dad have a slip and slide set up on the lawn and the kids are in their little swimsuits. The girl was cute but I was paying more attention to the boy. He was a looker even at his age. A slim tight body with what looked to be soft creamy skin. Some slight chest development with pouty nipples, the kind you wanted to roll between your fingers or suck on with little bites. He had a tight little speedo type suit on, which hugged his firm round little ass and gave an outline to his small package in front. I was surprised that the parents would put the boy into such a sexy suit until the dad came out of the house and he was also wearing a speedo. He was a man with a swimmers build and also had suckable large brown nipples on his firm smooth chest. His flat stomach had a small hair line trail that ran down to what looked like an overstuffed pouch on the swimsuit. I imagined when released from the confines of that material his cock must be big and fat. He also had a firm ass tightly wrapped in the cloth.It made sense that if the dad wore such a revealing suit that they dressed the boy the same. I was glad that they weren’t the type to wear the big modest board shorts that most men and boys hide their treasures in these days. I wondered if they wore these to the beach or the pool. I’m sure it would create quite the reaction if they did. But here in their fenced in backyard they were safe from prying eyes with the exception of my den window. All the houses were one story homes with fenced in yards. I quite often went naked in my back yard knowing no one could see in. However, my garage had a higher than normal peak to it. The original owners had turned it into an attic like storage space but it was tall enough that I could walk upright in most of it. There are windows in the front and back eaves to let natural light in and it is at the back window that I have set up my desk. This is my sex den. This is where I keep my laptop that I write my stories on. This is where I keep my sex magazines and DVDs. I never bring anyone up here, it is my space and my space alone. A place for me to hide from the real world and disappear into the depths of my depraved mind. I’m sure if any neighbor noticed the fact that if someone were to be at the window they could see into their private backyards, they probably dismissed the thought figuring it was just storage space. Besides nothing interesting ever went on in my neighbors back yards. Till now that is. Unaware that they were being spied on my new neighbors went about their family fun. The kids and the dad took turns on the slip and slide laughing at the wet fun. Mom sat on the side lines and just watched or made trips into the house to get snack and drinks. Both the dad and son were stunning to look at all wet and their already tight suits clinging to their bodies. Dad started to do some tandem slides with his kids and I swear on more than one occasion I thought I saw his kids hands rub across his cock bulge. They were quick so they could have been accidental but I wanted to believe they were on purpose. I knew it was my perv mind taking over but I found myself getting hard at the thought of his kids groping a feel of their dad’s cock as they slid down the plastic sheet. The daughter tired out and sat with mom at the picnic table. They had their backs to dad and son and seemed to be watching something on a notepad. It is probably just my imagination again, but it seemed that as the dad and son continued to do tandem slides, the young boy was getting bolder with his groping of his dad. They were both laughing and smiling and if the kid really was feeling his dad up the dad didn’t seem to mind or do anything to stop it. Now this I didn’t imagine. They did another slide together again but as they got to the end and the dad started to stand up, the son caught his hand on the front of the speedo and ended up pulling the front down. A fucking hard dad cock popped out into the air. I guessed it to be anywhere from 7 to 8 inches. Dad had his back to the picnic table so they wouldn’t have seen even if they were watching. He let it hang there in the open in front of his boy’s face as he and his son both laughed. I expected him to react like a normal person would and cover it up, but he didn’t. With his hard on still out in the open with his little boy gazing at it the dad looked over his shoulder towards the picnic table. I guess he is looking to see şişli travesti if they are being watched or not. He looks back to his son who is standing right in front of him now and I can see him give the kid a wink and a smile. I see the little boy reach out and wrap his fingers around the hard shaft of his dad’s throbbing cock and give it a good feel. Fucking hell I am so hard in my pants right now. I want the dad to shove his cock into his son’s mouth and have his boy suck him off with his mom and sister just feet away. That’s how I would write it if I were writing a story about this. Instead it all happened in a flash the dad winked at his son again ruffled his hair and then pulled his boys hand off his cock and folded it back into his speedo. The outline of the hard meat is still very visible. Fuck I thought. I wanted there to be so much more but I realized that the dad is being sensible. After all in a story I might have all kinds of things happen but in real life he knew better than to let his wife catch him. Dad pulled his son around to the other side of the picnic table quickly and they sat down. I’m sure he is still throbbing hard but by the time the wife and daughter realized they were there, both dad and son were seated and hiding any signs of their erections. That was hot. Now I couldn’t think of anything but to watch to see if anything else happens. They are just sitting there talking and eating snacks. I wanted to imagine that the under the table the boy was groping his dad’s still hard cock but I couldn’t see that and knew it was just wishful thinking on my part. As they sat at their picnic table I ran into the house and grabbed a pair of binoculars, an old camcorder and a bag of chips. Dash back to my den I hoped I hadn’t missed anything. I didn’t. They were all still sitting there talking and nibbling away at their snacks. I turned the camcorder on but got nothing. Oh that’s right the battery pack died the last time I used it, eons ago and I failed to get another. I pulled out my cell phone but three things worked against me. First, it being the cheapest one I could get and it therefore having a crappy camera. Second, trying to film thru the dirty window and Third the distance all added up to make the video a mess. Now the binoculars did work just fine and I zeroed in to inspect the handsome face of the dad and the sweet angelic face of the son. I studied them up close for about ten minutes until I memorized their faces and chests. Oh how badly I wanted to play with both their luscious nipples. I tired of that and set the binoculars down. My rational mind told me that the dad probably realized his son was curious and instead of being a jerk dad and yelling at him, he just let his son satisfy that curiosity. That probably was the end of it. He might talk to his son later about it when they are alone but more than likely nothing more will happen. The irrational part of my mind said wait and see. I knew I would sit here and watch them in hope of something, anything happening. I looked at my lap top and the blank screen and the impatient blinking courser. I really should try to think up another story to work on but instead I opened the bag of chips and slowly munched on them as I watched them munch on theirs. The minutes ticked away and nothing. Those minutes turned into more minutes which added up and soon I realized I had sat here 45 minutes already watching and hoping. This was really stupid, there are so many more important things I could be using this time for. I should give up and move on, but I don’t. I slouch in my desk chair and pout. I had gone soft some time ago and replayed the scene in my head trying to get a reaction but it wasn’t working. More minutes ticked by and I started to think that maybe I had just imagined it all. Oh wait, dad is getting up and walking, I grab my binoculars but shit he’s walking into the house. At least I got to get a good view of his round firm ass with his speedo molded to his globes. I yawn, then I realize he is coming back out again, but what the fuck. Dad has the front of his speedo down and his soft cock and balls are out in the open, Dad has them cupped in his hand and is juggling them up and down. I look to his son who has his arms crossed on the table and resting his chin on them is watching intently as his dad approaches. The son drops one hand under the picnic table and I imagine he is playing with his little prick. Dad puts his meat away when he is just steps away from his daughter and wife seeing what he is doing. He sits back down alongside his son and gives him a warm smile and a wink. Ok, ok now sure maybe dad was just satisfying his son’s curiosity earlier but there would be no reason for this unless he was teasing him. My irrational side became bolder and said see I told you so. I intently watch again as they do nothing again. Over and over they do nothing for another half hour. Oh what’s going on now, they are all standing up and going into the house. Are they coming back? How long should I wait and watch? Time ticks by but the hopeful perv in me wouldn’t let me give up. Another half hour slips by and my enthusiasm has digressed into doubt. I stuffed the few last chips of the bag into my mouth and bemoan the fact that I have had way to much sodium and fat for today. I’m mentally berating myself for lack of control when I see the back door open and the father and son come beylikdüzü travesti back out. They are still in their speedo’s. My optimism and hopefulness return. I sit up like a prairie dog and watch. The son returns to the slip and slide but dad just watches. All is like a normal dad and son with nothing pervy happening. I’m wondering where mom and sis are when I see them walk out. They are both dressed in sun dresses and the wife has a purse in hand. Mom and dad talk for a little while and then he follows mom and daughter back into the house. The son just continued on the slip and slid. Maybe it’s been five minutes now and dad is coming out the back door. I’m full of anticipation and hope. Dad takes a few turns sliding but they don’t tandem. After the fourth time dad walks over to the picnic table and oh shit, he’s peeling off his speedo completely. I jump up and pull of my clothes so I’m naked to. I see him laughing as he sits down on the bench with his back to the table. Dad spreads his legs open and spreads his arms out on the table top. He’s on full display with his flaccid cock slowly filling out. I watch as the son makes his final slid and stands up. He peels off his speedo with his back to me. My mouth is drooling at the sight of that small tight ass, as he walks over to his dad. The son reaches out and puts a hand on each knee then steps closer into his dad. He slides his hands up his dad’s legs as he does. With the binoculars in hand I see the dad talking to his son as his pearly whites flash. I direct my attention to the son’s hands which have arrived at his dad’s crotch. I see his small left hand cup those large balls while the right wraps itself around the shaft and starts to stroke it. The young face drops down to his father’s chest and his lips lock onto the right nipple. The son sucks on his dad’s nipple as he plays with his balls and strokes his hard throbbing shaft. I’m slowly stroking myself as I watch and I realize this isn’t their first time to dance. I could tell this boy has handled a man’s cock before. It is so hot to watch this private, intimate moment between the father and son. I know it’s wrong of me to invade their privacy but that makes it even hotter for me. Besides does anyone really have privacy if you’re outside, what with drones and all? I’m rationalizing my behavior. Maybe a secret part of the dad hopes that someone is watching and getting off to it. Binoculars in my left hand, cock in my right, I lean over the desk to get closer to the window. I lean over far enough that I feel the warm air brush against my asshole. It only stimulates me more. The son breaks off from his dad’s nipple and lifts his head up to his dad’s. They extend their tongues and flick them back and forth across each other out in the open. As their tongues duel I notice the son has moved his one hand from his dad’s balls and now has it pushed down under the sack. I can’t see for sure but I’m guessing he is rubbing his dad’s asshole. The boy’s right hand still is stroking the hard man cock slowly. Dad withdraws his tongue and the son’s head follows till their lips touch. The little mouth with the soft pink lips against his dad’s mouth is so erotic as they french. Now the boy is pulling his head away and the dad is smiling at him. Son is dropping down to his knees and dad is lifting one leg up onto the bench. Now I can see that the son has two fingers in his dad’s asshole. The son pulls his fingers out and his head dives down to the pucker. I can’t see but it’s obvious the son his rimming his dad. The dad’s head is tilted back, his eyes closed, his mouth open. His right hand is on his son’s head. I see the dad’s lips move. I can’t hear anything of course but if it was me I imagine I would be saying things like, “Oh yea son lick daddies’ asshole. You’re such a good naughty boy. Tongue fuck me sexy.” His dad’s asshole must be tasty or this kid really likes to rim, he spends a lot of time down there. My own asshole twitches at the thought. Maybe I could get to know this kid and invite him up to my den. He could be the first person ever. I wonder if he would like to lick my asshole. The boy is now standing up and dad is shifting slightly to the side. At this angle I can see the boy’s small hard nail as he pushes it into his dad. Awe how sweet, he’s fucking his dad. I think that’s also nice of the dad to let him do it. As I watch the small tight ass cheeks of the boy flex, they go back to a kiss. I have to let go of my cock, I don’t want to explode yet. The boy fucks his dad for a good five minutes with his short little jabs before I see him shudder and he drops his head down onto his dad’s chest. The son stands still pushed tight up into his dad while his head rests on the strong manly chest. Dad brushes his son’s hair gently. I see his lips moving and imagine he is telling his son what a great job he did. The son is now dropping to his knees again and dad is putting his leg back down. I am seeing the son pull his dad’s hard cock out toward him and then his tongue lick out at the bottom side of the shaft. He swipes his tongue from top to bottom and then back up. He twirls his tongue around the engorged mushroom head before he locks his lips around it. The boy’s mouth slowly descended onto the turgid meat and the dad again had his hand on his son’s head as he sucked him in. The small head is bobbing up and down. The dad is wetting two fingers, istanbul travesti now he is leaned over his son and I can see him slipping them into his little pink asshole. They have been doing this now for a few minutes but now they are separating from each other. Son is standing up and stepping away from Dad. Dad is now getting to his feet and walking over to the slip and slide. His hard cock is swinging in front of him. He might be even bigger than I thought. He is laying down on it on his back and son is straddling him in a 69 position. I have a great side view of them and see son pick his dad’s fuck stick back up and swallow it into his mouth. Dad is licking at his son’s small balls and pushing two fingers into that boy pussy again. As his son sucks his cock he is thrusting and twisting the two fingers into his boy. Son is getting about 3/4th’s of his dad’s shaft down his throat as he works his mouth up and down. I can see his small mouth stretched wide as the hard daddy cock slips in and out of his mouth. His young hand barely can reach around the thickness of it. I can see little crinkles around his eyes as he concentrates on being a cock sucker. Dad is giving the small sac a good washing with his tongue. I see him aggressively swirling around the tender flesh and being sucked into his mouth, as his fingers drive in and out of the tight hole. My cock is throbbing and drooling precum out onto my desk top as I watch this delightful display of pedo incest. The son is pulling his mouth off of his dad’s cock and I can tell he is saying something. Dad is pulling his fingers out of the small ass and now the son is moving his body so he is straddling his dad face to face. Dad is putting his hands behind his head and watching his son. The boy is leaning down and kissing his dad as he slides his body backward down till his little asshole is now touching the tip of the cock head. I anticipate was is going to happen. I lean across my desk so my cock is laying in my pool of precum and start to slide it back and forth with it trapped between my stomach and the desk. I am reaching back with my right hand and slipping a finger into my asshole. With the binoculars gripped firmly in my left hand I lean as close to the window as possible. The boy has reached back and is holding his dads hard on as he slips it into his little pussy. I can see the tapered blunt head push against the pink rose and it slowly spread open. It opens further and further till I see the engorged head disappear and the anal ring clamp down around it. I can’t see the boy’s face or his expressions very well but he is doing all the work. So he seems to want this. I see the dad’s lips moving. In my head I filled in the dialogue. “Yea son take daddies’ big cock up your ass. Fuck yourself on it. Show me what a great pussy boy you are. You like being daddies little fuck toy don’t you.” Oh my god, just as I thought that I saw the boy nod his head yes. Maybe I got it right. The kid has himself half way down his dad’s shaft and then stops. He wiggles that cute little ass sideways back and forth a few times and then stops again. Now he is pushing himself further down on to it. I can see he is rolling his head back and forth as he does. Dad is still resting his head on his hands. The kid is doing this all on his own. I see the son lower himself slowly till his ass cheeks snug up against his dad’s crotch. Fucking hell I’m thinking this kid is a real slut, as I watch him fuck himself up and down on the fat daddy cock buried up his ass. I match my speed of fucking my desk top to his rise and fall on his dad’s meat. I am in awe of this fucking kid. Sure I write stories about this shit but here I am actually watching it. I can see with the binoculars as his rose bud slips up and down that large invading shaft. The ends of the ring folding in and out as he thrusts himself onto it. The dad is now moving his hands and gripping his son by the hips. Their speed is picking up as I can tell the dad is helping him bounce faster. I pick up my speed to match. The dad is rolling to his side and takes his son with him. He is able to pull his son’s legs up in- between them as the boy ends up on his back. Dad is now driving himself hard into that tight little boy ass and they start to kiss again. His son has his arms wrapped around his dad’s neck. They are lovers in motion and desire. I am fucking my desk top hard as I am watching the dad’s hard ass ram into his boy. This is real fucking and the boy seems to love it. My body shudders as I shoot out ropes of cum across the desk top, I am panting from the exertion. Dad has just slammed his crotch tight up to his son’s pussy and is holding himself there. He must be filling his little boy with his seed of life. Dad rears his head back and I imagine he is exhaling or howling in glory. Dad is lowering himself down and rolling off of his son. As his cock pulls out of his son, for a moment I can see the little hole gaping open and cum spilling out. Then with the resilience of youth it slams closed again. I slump back in my chair and watch them rest. I must have dozed off, I open my eyes and they are gone and my cum is dried on my desk top. I wash the desk top down and put my desk back in order. I keep glancing to see if they might come back out again but they don’t. My mind is racing thru all kinds of thoughts. Get a better phone or fix the camcorder. Install security cameras but aim them at their yard. What a great day it turned out to be. I sit down back at my desk as the sky starts to turn dusky. I look at my laptop with the blank screen and the impatient blinking cursor. Shit I still don’t have an idea for a new story.

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