15 Mayıs 2023

The Wrong Twin, Part Three


Dear Diary; Well, it’s been quite a month so far! Of course my big news is that my new boyfriend, Teddie, finally reacted to literally months of me flirting with him, and we finally “did it” last week at the Drama Club’s cast party for Our Town. We all had a blast at Mr. Stephen’s house and Mr. Stephen’s “girlfriend,” Sophie, gave me just an excellent face, with eye make-up to die for and rouge and perfect red lips and a gorgeous red haired wig. I’ve never looked or felt prettier than that night. She also gave me a lot of tips, on make-up mostly, but also a couple of sexy moves and poses she said were guaranteed to get Teddie’s attention. Anyway, I want to put this into my journal while it is still fresh in my memory because it was so romantic and it turns me on so much just to remember it. Here goes…. As you know, the first time Teddie and I “did it” was quite a treat, with me finally getting a chance to get my lips on Teddie’s marvelous hard cock and suck him off until he gave me a mouthful of the cum that I had been craving for so long. My dick gets hard just thinking about it! Of course, what happened next was even more amazing. I thought I could seduce Teddie into letting me suck him off, but never in a million years did I expect that Teddie would want to give me a yummy blow job, too! And it was heavenly, let me tell you! He told me later he just “played it by ear,” but I suspect he’s done it before . Nobody can give such great head on their very first try, can they? Anyway, a week went by after our “first time,” and about all that Teddie and I could do was sit next to each other on the school bus and play a little bit of “touchie/feelie” when nobody was watching. I’ve only recently come out, and that was only to my dear sister Judy and a handful of gay friends, who all said they already knew, but Teddie was still in the closet. I knew Teddie wouldn’t appreciate getting caught with me nuzzling up Escort Beşevler to him in public, so as a result I was the one who had to caution Teddie whenever his hands would get a little frisky, although of course I loved it! We started hanging out at lunch and since we were both upperclassmen we could take Teddie’s car and go to a drive-through and have some private time that way. One thing I noticed early on was that Teddie seemed a bit embarrassed by the situation with me and “Francesca”. He still gets that lovely sexy smile on his face when I call him my boyfriend when I am in my street clothes, but I know he would love to see “Francesca” again, in all her feminine glory . It was with that thought in mind that I got an idea a few days ago to have Teddie and Francesca have a “date night” together. I slipped him a note from “Francesca” on the bus inviting him to meet her Saturday night at a nice little bed-and-breakfast run by a gay friend of mine. The bed and breakfast was a converted Queen Anne Victorian mansion, built over a hundred years ago, with a cute veranda that surrounded the entire ground floor. If he agreed to the date, he would be in charge of bringing the wine. I was so thrilled the next day when he got on the bus and sat next to me and said simply, “Do you prefer white or red?” My cock jumped in my pants and it was all I could manage not to give him a big wet kiss right then and there. Time seemed to go into slow motion after that, with no more mention of it from Teddie, but he had the cutest smile on his face as the day of our date grew nearer. Each morning on the bus he would have the nicest big bulge in his pants. Each morning I found myself waiting for the opportunity to give it a squeeze when I was quite sure no one was looking. Saturday finally came, and I had my backpack full of my sister’s make-up and supplies and the same clothes I wore to Escort Çankaya the cast party the week before. I had been getting make-up tips from my sister, who knew that Teddie was now my boyfriend, and who was almost as excited as I was at the news of my date. I didn’t want Teddie to see me before I was ready, so it was agreed that he would come at 8 pm while I went to the room right after school. My friend at the bed and breakfast was very gracious, and gave us an adorable room on a vacant floor. He winked as I left to go get some Italian take-out that I could warm up later in the room (if we ever got around to eating, that is!) I took a long bubble bath and shaved my body completely, paying special attention to my pubic region. I wanted to be as smooth and soft as a real girl for my new boyfriend. Following my bath, I spent nearly an hour putting on my eye make-up and my face, with the same red lipstick and bright red wig that had gotten Teddie’s attention last week. I dabbed some sweet-smelling perfume behind my ears . Then I put on a new pair of red silk panties to match my hair and lips, and my short plaid school girl skirt and white blouse with the frills in front. I slipped into my open toed high heels and frilly white socks, and checked myself in the room’s full length mirror. There she was, staring back at me from the mirror, the very sexy Francesca! I thought she looked even prettier than she did the first time, most likely because my face was flushed with anticipation of the evening to come. I looked at the clock and it was only 7:15, and he wouldn’t be here for another forty-five minutes! Each minute seemed to drag on forever. I now knew what girls felt like waiting for their boyfriends to pick them up for a night out. The wait was excruciating. At 7:45 I heard footsteps coming up the stairs to our room and I posed on the bed, with the door to the room slightly Cebeci escort bayan ajar, so Teddie would only have to push it open to enter . When the door opened, Teddie beamed a huge smile at the “dream girl” he had met and bedded the week before. I almost felt a little jealous of Francesca at the reaction she could get out of Teddie . Then I realized that I was Francesca, and Teddie was mine. Teddie had a huge boner, I could tell. He was wearing jeans but even so his manmeat was thick and hard and making quite a show of itself. My mouth actually drooled a little when I saw the state he was in but I wanted this evening to last a while so I just got up and met Teddie with a hug at the door. “Hello, darling,” I whispered . Then I reached up to give him a peck on the cheek, but Teddie grabbed me and we were suddenly locked in a long, wet, lover’s kiss. It felt wonderful to be in his arms again. I put my hands around his waist and pulled him into me, so that hopefully I could feel his hardness and he could feel mine, too! His hard, thick cock pressed into mine and I almost swooned, it felt so good. I let out a low moan and tongued Teddie’s mouth teasingly, darting it in and out and kissing him like a horny girl would. After all, I was a horny girl! He started pushing me backwards into the room as we kissed. It was as if neither of us wanted to be the first to stop kissing the other! He finally broke away long enough to set down the bottle of red wine he had brought with him. As he turned back to me, I looked at the front of his pants . He had a large boner that was perfectly outlined against his tight jeans. I could even make out the shape of his helmeted penis head! I reached out and stroked the length of it, not being able to resist touching it. I couldn’t wait to get his clothes off. Apparently I wasn’t the only one in a hurry because he reached down and started fondling my ass underneath my short little schoolgirl skirt. My silk panties made him moan and then he was squeezing my ass cheeks while his lips sought out mine again and our mouths greeted each other with more juicy french kisses. I was in heaven, diary! My hands got busy and pulled up his tee shirt so that I could feel his naked skin.

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