24 Mayıs 2023

The Yellow Book Fantasies: Ch. 20, Two Latinas, One Dick

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One day I woke up on social media and got two invitations to weddings. One was Amber’s. I thought about her and winced as I thought about our last sexual encounter. I still wasn’t totally over her.The second one was Ashley’s. I was not expecting that one. Now, I’m cool with the both of them. However, it would seem awkward to show up at Ashley’s wedding with me fucking her in college not too long ago, and vice versa with Amber. I needed some advice from a female perspective.”You what?!””Hey, hey, hey… She asked for it. I was one of the first ones to keep her secret.”I decided to tell Fancy… who I also fucked. She’s not just a pretty face. She gives great advice too.”Damn it, Chad. You know how sacred that is? I know you and your fucked up fantasies. What else do you have?””I told you, she wanted it. Back in high school, she told me always wanted to get fucked in the ass.”Fancy laughed and said:”What made her…?””Well, I had English class with her. I was always looking at her…” I got Ankara bayan escort interrupted.”Stop. I get it. Ok. So, what about the other chick?””Her name is Amber. She went to middle school with me. Back then, she turned out to be my first real crush. We became friends nonetheless. When middle school was over, she gave me her phone number at the time.””Did you use it?””No,” I answered.”What’s wrong with you?” Fancy said, hitting me.”Ow. Let me finish. About eight years later, I’m at a college football game. We meet up. She had her man too. It was a blowout. She left before me. But…””Let me guess, she stayed behind…” Fancy started.”Yup, seducing me, as only she knew how. And we fucked in the bathroom on campus. That was not the only time.””So you are asking me what to do at a wedding in which a person you used to be sexually involved with?” Fancy said.”Well, basically, yeah. But… I still wasn’t finished yet. I said, ‘I love you,’ to one of them,” Escort bayan Ankara I said, embarrassed.”Which one?””Well, damn it, does it matter? They’re getting married! Fuck.””I got an idea. But in future reference, try to keep it in your pants, okay?” Fancy said.I have heard that before. And I am strongly considering it. A week before the wedding…I was unsure about my feelings for Ashley. Was it a crush? Was it lust? Regardless, I just liked to fuck her. En route to her house, I got a text saying:“I got a surprise…”The sheer anticipation turned me on. When I got to the door, already semi-erect, I took a deep breath and started to knock. I got a text from her saying:“You here?”I texted back:“Yes. For God’s sake, I have a boner here.”The door opened. I got het up. I looked at Becky’s devious smile. Becky was, of course, her Maid of Honor at the wedding.“Oh damn.”Becky waved, smiling.“Hey, Becky,” I said.“I see he’s happy.”“Is he?” I said, Bayan escort Ankara looking down at my jeans, showing my erection, slightly.It was now at the point of no return. As long as I was getting some, I did not care. I looked up, and Juvenile’s “Slow Motion” played. Both Becky and Ashley knew one of my weaknesses: girl-on-girl action. So, Becky, using her dancing background, gave a lap dance to Ashley.Becky locked lips with Ashley for a short kiss. I wanted that kiss. Something about her was inviting to me. Something about her was interesting. Something was sexy about her. I got more erect. And Becky saw that. Becky moved towards me, and straddled me.Wearing just her bra and panties, Becky detected that same animalistic lustful look in my eye. She kissed me on the lips. “You like that?”I nodded. I wanted her, but God, was she a tease. She turned around to shake her ass seductively. I would eventually lower Becky’s underwear to see her cute, tight cheeks.“Surprise,” Ashley whispered in my ear. “Mmm, you want some of this ass?” Ashley shook her thong-exposed cheeks and shook them in my face. I spanked her. She moaned while looking back slowly at me. I reached in her underwear, moisturized my finger and started fondling then fingering Ashley. At that time, Becky lowered my pants to suck my erection.

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