2 Ağustos 2021

This time in the garage!


This time in the garage!There is making love… and I love it. There is sex… no emotional connections… just great fun. Then there is down and dirty sex. That last one is when lust and passion take over your brain in the heat of the moment and you end up doing things that are so blistering hot that you masturbate over them again and again and again. That’s what happened yesterday.Jodi got home from work around 4:45. She was more horny than she’s been in weeks. That’s not to say that we haven’t screwed hard and long during those weeks.. but yesterday she was on afterburners. I heard the garage open and waited for her to walk through the door. After waiting for 5 minutes or so I headed out to see if everything was OK. Oh yeah…. everything was A-OK. She was standing next to her car in a slip… bra and panties.. she had been waiting for me. By the time I took her in my arms I was hard and dripping. The smooth, soft delight of her nylon slip greeted me when I touched her… we kissed hard and long. I let my hands wander all over her back.. her ass… her tits. I lifted the slip to see what kind of panties she had on. They were nylon and low cut. I ran my fingers into her butt crack and deep between her legs. She was so wet that she had soaked through the fabric. While I was feeling her up she was dropping my pants. She pulled my cock from my boxers and rubbed me slowly as we continued to kiss.I undid her bra strap and worked her breasts free. A beautiful woman in a slip and panties in the middle of the garage is something that makes my dick want to explode. I rubbed myself against the slip as she pulled it up to bring her panties into sight. She pulled kağıthane escort one leg of her panties aside and held my cock against her pussy lips. She teased me by letting me push into her cunt and then pulled me out. She did that several times all the while kissing me and running her tongue around my lips. In the heat of it all I had missed two things: The garage door was still open and there was a guy sitting in her car. He had been s there watching all of this from the passenger side of her car. His penis was firmly in his hand and his eyes fixed on her panties pulled to one side to expose her gash. He was leaning over as far as he could to get the best view and was obviously enjoying it immensely.I knew who he was. His name is Ryan and I have met him a number of times. He is on the IT team where Jodi works. He’s married to a lady who’s the reason the word “Bitch” was invented. I knew that he and his wife hadn’t had sex for most of the past 5 years but that at a party during the summer Jodi gave him a BJ to “relieve the pressure” She’s also given him a few hand jobs in the “safe room” at her work while he finger fucks her. Yes… he’s familiar with her panties and pussy but up to this moment they had never had sex. Once I saw him I moved Jodi and I away from the car and invited him to come play with us. He literally jumped from the car and started to undress. I figured this would be a good time to close the garage door and move to a more comfortable place. I wanted to go into the house but Jodi insisted that we stay in the garage. Ryan wanted to touch her but was hesitant because I was standing bakırköy escort there. I grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him into her. His hands sprung to life and in what seemed like seconds he had touched every bit of her body. I told him to take off her slip but leave the panties on. “I know the rules” he smiled back. Ryan does well in the cock department…. 8 full inches and dripping like a faucet. I threw a blanket on the hood of Jodi’s car and helped Ryan lift Jodi on top of it. I spread her legs and said “That pussy is yours!” He jammed in his cock so hard that Jodi must have slid six inches up on the hood which made him fall out. She moved back to give him access to her cunt and they took off. Jodi was a fucking a****l. I honestly have never seen her screw like that. Her energy and fire was better than any porn out there.She talked to him and told him how to pleasure her. At one point she told him to pull out and suck her clit. I haven’t seen her that wet. Her head well past her shoulders.. her eyes rolled back… the moans filling the garage… she came. I told Ryan to push his cock back into her and fuck her like he’s never fucked before. He pumped and rammed and was just about to pull out to spray her with jizz when I told him that he needs to full her with cum. He grabbed Jodi’s nipples and blew his load. Jodi was ready to cum again and pulled at his arms to make sure that he wouldn’t pull out. And there it was…Jodi came again.When Ryan finally came out of her his goo was everywhere. Jodi moved as fast as she could to get a few fingers full to put on her tongue but it was so watery şişli escort most of it fell to the hood of the car. I couldn’t wait… I put myself into the Jodi and without even pumping I came and came hard. My sperm is thick and Jodi wasted no time getting it into her mouth. Then… we learned something about Ryan that neither of us knew. He drove his face straight back into her pussy and started to push his tongue into her as deeply as he could. She glance at me with such a look of surprise on her face that I started to laugh. Ryan licked… sucked..licked more until he was satisfied that he had gotten what he went in for. It turned Jodi on so much that she came again. Watching him eat her so deeply I got stiff as a branch… I needed to cum myself and I needed it now. I pulled his face out of her cunt and plowed into Jodi. I exploded . I pulled out and was going to help Jodi off the car when Ryan pushed me aside and went back into to clean my cum out of her pussy. He ran his tongue into her again and again. He licked her inner thighs and all the way to her knees. It was now just 20 minutes since the garage door went up. Just 20 minutes since I walked into the garage to see Jodi standing there in her slip. At some points time stood still.. at some points it went far too fast. I helped Jodi off her car and slid her panties to the floor. I ran them through her cunt one more time and gave then to Ryan. He thanked me and got dressed. He needed a ride to get his car so I took him over. “She said I could watch the two of you” is what he said as we backed out of the driveway. “I never thought this would happen” I smiled at him and said that you never know how things are going to turn out at our house and someday it may happen again. I dropped him off… and headed home. Jodi was showered and smiling when I walked back into the house. ‘How did you like that one?” she asked. “That garage will never look the same to me… “ I love making love…I love having sex….I LOVE down and dirty sex!

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