11 Mayıs 2023

Three Ladies And Their Caribbean Cocktails


It was a vacation of firsts for me—my first blackberry tequila, my first crab and callaloo, my first Creole cock.The three of us had met these well-endowed cockerels at the restaurant of the resort we were staying at. Marcus was a waiter. He had two friends. My girlfriend Darcy was the negotiator.I wasn’t fucking any of them, I told them, despite what the tequila was telling me to do.“Well, we’re not a trio of dainty ladies in Victorian-style dresses and white gloves having tea,” Darcy reasoned with me. “Nor are we a group of classy, conservative wives having a staid little brunch discussing politics.”“Yeah?” I said suspiciously while the boys waited for us by the beach.“No,” Darcy said. “We’re three raunchy, randy half-dressed, half-drunk women who want to roll on the sand with three naked studs we procured to fuck the bejesus out of us! Now, let’s go.”An hour later we’re smoking and drinking on the beach, running and dancing in the water, kissing and hugging in turns (Darcy French-kissed three guys in a row!), and now playing Fuck-Me-Twister on the beach.Thus far, Darcy, the little slut, was the worst of us and the greediest and dirtiest. She had smoked her ganja, drank herself silly, and was now fully nude on a deserted but still public beach straddling and fucking Marcus while Üsküdar Escort Terry was sticking it to her from behind. Her blond curls and her double D’s were bouncing crazily as they rocked her body. She was cackling with such delight and evil enthusiasm, I figured it’d been a grand while since she’s been fucked.Jody was the shyest and the tiniest and at first could barely speak to the boys. A few drinks later and a few well-placed touches from Jacmel, and all her inhibitions flew away. She cuddled with him on the big blanket while he undid her sarong. She rolled around with him making kissy face while he played with her bikini. Now she was sitting on top of his face, only wearing her bikini top and straw hat, grinding her waxed pussy into him, while she groped her own breasts and sang orgasmic holy chants.“Ooh, I love this!” She said unto me with that pipsqueak voice of hers. “Ooh, hallelujah!”I admit I was in heaven myself. The cloudless blue sky above my head. That sparkling Caribbean Sea to my side. This shade from a palm tree. And I had gone from just stroking Jacmel’s unattended chocolate “cocktail” to tasting it and taking it into my mouth.This is just oral, ok, I reassured myself. I had a husband who still liked to fuck, and I promised him Üsküdar Escort Bayan I wouldn’t fuck anyone on this vacation. I was still fully clothed in my sundress. Commando, but clothed.Jody started crawling backward. I got out of her way, chuckling as her butt menaced towards me. I held Jacmel’s cock up under her while she slid her eager beaver down on it. I laughed at how she rolled her hips wanting to feel every inch of his girth inside her.“Engorged!” Jody shouted one of my favorite words with that little voice of hers.Engaged was another nice word, one to describe Jody, that little tramp, I thought with a grin.I lay there next to them, touching body parts—her tits, his nipples, her ass, his muscles—while Jody went full cowgirl rodeo on Jacmel. My eyes were glued to their bodies crashing against one another—that fat pussy of hers plopping in and out on Jacmel’s delicious-looking rod.Jacmel rolled with her. They were off the blanket and on the sand. He was now on top of her and just careened his cock into her.“Oh, God damn!” Jody exclaimed. “Oh, my God, it’s too much!” She grabbed Jacmel’s shoulders and had a look of genuine pain on her face. “Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no!”“Are you all right?” I asked her, curling up next to her on my elbow.“Oh, Escort Üsküdar yessssss,” she said with a huge grin and her eyes closed, her arms making angel wings on the sand.I laughed and watched them, her funny faces, Jacmel’s serious face as he kept rearranging himself to give her the full extent or the full range of his ginormous dick.When he suddenly reached over and gave my hard nipples a squeeze over my sundress, I curled up and cooed. When he ran his hands up between my legs, I grabbed his hand, closed my eyes, and gasped. But when he tugged on my dress to expose me, I rolled away onto my belly.“You cannot just watch,” he said with that Caribbean accent as he resumed pounding into helpless Jody.I looked for Darcy. They had fucked her so good, she’s collapsed. The poor bitch looked passed out with her tongue hanging and a satiated grin on her face while Marcus squatted over his conquest, dripping his cum onto her bountiful breasts.I wasn’t going to fuck anyone, Goddammit.I saw feet heading towards me. I started crawling back to the blanket.Nope, not fucking anyone.I saw feet stop before me.I want to, but I’m not. That’s it.But Terry was on top of me, hands groping my butt cheeks and thighs and handling my dress as if it were a cumbersome toddler.I tried to crawl away, but Terry had my legs. He had my ass again. My dress was going up. I rolled over but that only gave him my tits. Before I could say anything, he had his lips on mine.Okay, maybe I’ll just blow him, too.“Mm,” I mumbled in protest when his fingers started digging into my thighs for treasure. 

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