26 Mart 2022

Thunder Buddy Slumber


Thunder Buddy SlumberThis story involves my little cousin. We we’re the oldest of our family. I was 20 and she is 16. She’s short, has perky little tits, and a beautiful tight body. We were basically brothers and sisters and the family knew it. She’s definitely an innocent one but I’m almost certain she knows exactly what she’s doing. We weren’t close but there were moments where she needed a drive home and I was her only option. We talked about the drive home and she told me not to tell her mom as well as ‘keep it a secret’. I said she’s gonna have to owe me one of these days. I thought I’d never see the day come.. Because we grew apart in our conversations about her boyfriends and such until our family had a emergency. We were all one in the hospital room and our family left us in there. We were staring at our uncle laying there. He was fine, but she was still scared. She took my hand and squeezed it tightly and put her head on my shoulder. I thought nothing of it.It was another family party and we were hanging out in my cousins room. She apparently was really tired. It was towards the end of the night and she laid her head upon my lap. I was wearing jeans but I’m she felt my dick grow harder and harder right next to her ear.. She made a small movement but paid no attention to it. Every time she had to sit up she’d place her hand right on my dick. So I’m sure she felt it. Still, no other attention was given. I couldn’t resist I thought about her tight little body for days until I finally messaged her about her and her boyfriend. If they finally did anything. She continued to give me the spiel of she wasn’t ready yet and was definitely waiting for the right person / moment.. I couldn’t wait until that moment was even if it wasn’t for me just the thought of her tight little virgin pussy getting fucked by a cock gives me chills. One night the entire family had a sleep over. The parents went out to a party gathering and I guess it wasn’t for the k**s. So I was in charged of taking care of all of them. We had about 7 k**s in one house. We just watched movies all night I offered to watch bahçelievler escort them since I didn’t have much to do on the weekends but waste my life on video games. I also thought about how it’d give me a chance to sneak a touch on my little cousin while she sleeps. All of the other k**s were under 10 so they didn’t seem to last to long watching Frozen on DVD. I switch it to the television to catch a scary sci-fi movie involving zombies or goblins of some sort. I was thinking about this old porno flick I watched out of my dads collection. I know it wasn’t right but all the k**s represented the pornstars wanting to fuck this one guy on the big bed. Since I was the oldest I had the pull out bed that came from the couch while the rest of the k**s slept on the floor. The moaning and screaming from the girls on the low budget sci-fi flick was making me hard. I started slowly jacking myself off to the thought of my little cousin. She wore my t-shirt to sleep because she didn’t expect to sleep over. The idea of her bare breasts rubbing against me t-shirt just had me going even more. I even saw her in bright pink laced underwear as she ran up the stairs. Shit why else would she wear that the k**dies wouldn’t even notice.Every one was snoring and I was rubbing one out slowly not trying to make a lot of movement and then my little cousin leaps onto the folding bed next to me. She was scared from the movie apparently she was watching. She told me to hold her so she grabbed my hand and laced our fingers and pulled me tightly to her back. My hard on poked her ass and she asked “WTF was that?!” I just told her it was the remote and she went with it. So I wiggled my cock between her legs but not fully just enough to lay comfortably behind her.. She brought our hands closer to her chest. I could feel her heartbeat between our fingers. I felt awkward so I had to move my hand around and I felt her nipples begin to harden. I asked her about her and her bf if they still have done anything yet.. She turned to me and said “NO! He keeps getting hard ons ayrancı escort but I just don’t know what to do.. I try to rub it out but he wants me to blow him.. I don’t know how!”.. Are faces were so close that our foreheads were just touching.. I couldn’t help but ask “Well.. Do you wanna know what to do?” and I brought our hands down and she took over my cock. She was in a bit of shock at first. Then I went in for the kiss.. We kiss slowly at first until she started jerking my cock off slowly. Two hands as if her hands were in handcuffs and I lean it more and deeper for kisses. We’re making out now and I find my way under her shirt to find her small little A cup breasts. Ahh the feeling of teen breasts again.. I couldn’t be more happier. I take off the shirt and suck on her small little penny size nipples. Nice and hard all over my tongue. Leaving my saliva all over her nipples and bringing them to her lips knowing her I like it wet. I ask her if she wants to learn? She just nods with the most innocent face ever.. I couldn’t believe it but I just pulled her head down and told her to open her mouth. I stick it in slowly and she just left her mouth open.. It kind of sucked at first but I told her to suck and make it completely dry. She began getting the motion down and we were in business. She came up for air a few times and gave me juicy wet kisses.. Sad because it was her saliva mixed with my precum. I turn her back over to lay as if we were about to sleep. I feel my cock against her lace panties. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be to right ‘moment’ or ‘person’ for her. As my cock stuck between her thighs she continued to wiggle her butt towards me. I can feel the moist pussy with the tip of my dick. She lefts one leg up giving me the go-ahead to stick it in. I go down and slide her panties right down to her knees.. I wanted to tease her a little bit more because I actual go in. I knew I didn’t have much time because our parents would be home anytime soon. I let her suck my fingers til they’re dripping with her saliva. She was sucking my fingers balgat escort just like my cock. I guess I’ve taught her well. I rub her pussy and find her small little clit. Her pussy was so tight my fingers could barely fit. I begin with only one finger and eventually found my way to two. I go to three and she pulls back in pain. I then couldn’t resist and began playing with her nipples to get her mind off things. Still hard little hershey kisses in my hand. My tip finds her way to her pussy lips. Rubbing against it feeling the wetness.. I use my two fingers to help find their way in and that was it.. We’re in. She moans but I cover her mouth. I start thrusting slowly… her hot breath blowing against me hand. She gives it a small bite to tell me how much she loves it. Few minutes in I figured she got the hang of my dick being inside her so I use my left hand to grab her hip and my right hand to go underneath and cup her small little tits that fit so perfectly in my hand. We thrust harder and harder and I feel I’m about to cum until we hear the door slam from our parents.They walk in.. They see us sleeping and her parents said “Well.. I guess I’ll take the other two and he can just drop her off in the morning! It is the weekend after all, let the k**s have fun.” My parents agree’d and they grabbed the rest of the k**s and brought them into their room. They turn off the tv and gave us a look back and smile. My cock was still deep inside her pussy as they converse about weekend plans. I’m slowly rubbing her nipples to keep her excited. They knew we usually slept this close anyways. The room was completely empty and dark. Just the two of us.She then sits up with me on my back and my cock still inside her. She slides and turns around grabs both my hands and basically bonded me to the bed with her hands. She kisses me and starts to fuck me harder. Riding me and whispered if this was good. Will this make her boyfriend happy? I told her to grind a little more so my pubes would rub against her clit. She did so and knew why that was a good one. I was about to cum I couldn’t help the fact we fucked in front of the family and they said nothing but let them be. I told her I was about to cum and she leaned in closer kissing me still riding and sliding my cock in and out of her pussy. I cum and she lays there kissing me. Telling me she knew I was the one and this would be the perfect moment.

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