8 Eylül 2022


Big Tits

Subject: Thursdays with Dad [chapter 2) [Gay, Adult/youth, Incest] The following story is 100% fiction, sprinkled here and there with some fantasies and vague memories. This story depicts sexual situations between adults and minor males .If this context is illegal where you reside, or you otherwise find it offensive, please do not read, but move on to a more suitable story for you. If you are under the age of eighteen, do no t read this story. I appreciate all comments, and love to hear via email from the readers. This is my second submission to Nifty, and I will try to respond to any and allcomments as time allows. Email is hoo. Thursdays with Dad [Chapter 2) The week went by quickly. Wednesday evening, Jack was doing some homework, and Joe, his father, was in his easy chair reading the newspaper. “Dad”, Jack said, ” Does Mom have bridge tomorrow night? Are we going out to eat?” “Sure thing, Son. Want to try that new Mexican place?” “That sounds really good!” After the previous Thursday, Joe had been a mix of emotions, both mentally and physically. He had finally started down the same path that his father had taken him, teaching 12-year old Jack about love and sex on a more intimate level than most fathers. He was pleased with the level of trust and communication he and Jack had achieved so far, but additionally the sexual content of their budding relationship had him in a constant state of emotional şişli travesti and physical arousal. He knew, after last week, that Jack would be on board for anything. It became evident that Jack had wanted to be intimate with him for a long time. After some great burritos, the two headed home. Jack said “Dad, can we do ‘back rubs’ again tonight” He had been waiting all week for tonight, and was already getting excited thinking about it “You have to get up really early in the morning, so I think we should skip the usual routine. Why don’t you just get your shower and get into bed, and I will come in and give you a good rub.” Jack was a little puzzled, but agreed. Once home, he headed in for his shower, and took extra care in washing the special places, hoping his dad would touch him there. Joe went in to change into his lounge pants, and left his t-shirt off. With what he had in mind, his cock was already pushing insistently to get out. He was so aroused that he trembled. Jack called from his bedroom “Dad, I’m in bed now” Joe entered the room and found his son in his pajama bottoms, also bare chested, laying on his tummy face down. He sat on the edge of the bed and bent over and kissed his son’s cheek and neck. “Are you okay, sport? Would you like a good rub, maybe even better than last time?”. Jack moaned and ground his hips into the mattress, “Oh yesss, Dad. You make me feel the best. Please beylikdüzü travesti make me feel good tonight.” Joe grabbed a bottle of lotion and squirted a good amount into his hands, and rubbed them together to warm it up. He started at the top, firmly massaging young Jack’s neck, shoulders and down his gangly arms. Jack was now breathing more heavily, and Joe noticed that he was as well. Another large squirt of lotion, and the massage moved further down this pale skinny body from lower back to thighs, calves and feet. Finally all that was left was Jack’s beautiful white bubble butt curving up from his legs. It took Joe’s breath away. Slowly he began massaged the lotion into the boy’s butt cheeks. Slowly he worked his strong hands deeper into this beautiful crevasse, and Jack, either involuntarily or on purpose, spread his legs apart and raised his hips. Joe leaned down to Jack’s ear and whispered “we have never gone this far before, and if we do, there’s a good chance there will be no turning back for either of us. If you want to go further, turn your head and kiss me”. Jack turned, kissed his father deeply, and merely said “I want you”. Joe moved back and was treated to the sight of this perfect boy bottom, ready to be introduced to a new and indescribable pleasure. With more lotion on his hands, he worked his fingers down to this tight virgin pucker, and rubbed the lotion all over and istanbul travesti around the anus. Slowly he pushed his index finger into this tight hot place. Jack first grunted and jumped a tiny bit, but then had the urge to push back. Jack growled “Oh my God, Dad, that feels so wonderful. Don’t stop, please don’t stop!” Emboldened by this, Joe positioned his middle finger at the opening and gently pushed both digits inside. Slight back and forth movements and finger rotation was driving Jack quickly to orgasm, for which Joe was not yet ready. He slowly withdrew his fingers, leaving Jack with that unexplainable empty feeling most men are vividly aware of. “Turn over”, Joe said in a firm voice. Jack did as told, and in doing so, his hard young cock sprang straight up, its head shiny with tiny pre cum emissions. Joe had been anticipating this moment for several years, and immediately bent over and took this boy-cock deep in his mouth. Jack screamed out at this new sensation, and Joe licked and sucked this organ frantically, trying to bring about those telltale spasms And hopefully his son’s first spurts if semen. He was soon rewarded with several spurts of fresh, sweet and slippery cum from his son’s loins. Jack lay there speechless enjoying the aftermath, but his attention was quickly focused on his dad, who had moved up to Jack’s chest and was jerking his own beautiful cock to a quick powerful cum. He shot several ropes of his own seed onto his sons chest, and then fell on top of him as they entered a wonderful father/son embrace. Please send all comments to hoo. I will do my best to respond to all. Chapter 3 is in the works. Thanks again for reading!

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