24 Mayıs 2023

Tim And Abbie 81:  Boxing Day Comes To An End


Something magic comes over all who celebrated Boxing Day at the Peacock. Whether from the bathroom intervals or just the spirit of the season, the couples find themselves finishing off the holiday in unique ways.oOoAt home that evening, as John stands naked at the toilet taking a final pee before bed, Debbie, in the same state of undress, comes up behind him and takes his cock to hold. Whispering in his ear, “This is sexy for some reason. We are going to have to introduce it to the avatar world.”John laughs, “Baby, any time you want to hold my cock for anything, it is always alright by me. And yes, it was rather fun in front of all those strangers having you stake your claim on my cock. Are you sure there weren’t any others there that you would have preferred?”“Sweetie, this is the only real meat I ever want, and you know it,” Debbie replies, squeezing John’s cock now that he has finished pissing. Slowly jerking it nice and rhythmically to get it hard. John happily follows Debbie to bed as she leads him by his hard cock. John can see how their night will finish up and grins widely. Debbie can surprise him so erotically at times, keeping them balanced between the real and the virtual world.oOoThe cab drops the two couples off at Tim and Abbie’s house. Grace and Sam say their goodnights. Then run down the path in the backyard. Cutting across the alley and into their backyard. Home safe. The grass in the yard is covered with snow from yesterday. Grace stops Sam just short of their back door.“Grace, what? I really need to pee,” Sam asks her.She replies with a wicked grin on her face, “I was hoping so. After earlier, there is one thing I always wondered about and wanted to do.” Sam looks at her with a mixture of confusion, uncertainty, and curiosity.Moving behind him, Grace unzips Sam’s pants and takes his cock and balls out. Holding his penis, she whispers in his ear to go ahead and piss. Then as Sam starts to, Grace waves his cock, as she spells out M-E-R-R-Y. Unfortunately, Grace only gets to the start of another letter when she is laughing so hard, and Sam is out of piss. As Sam is pushing himself back into his pants, he tells Grace to get the door open, or she is going to see what actual blue balls look like. Grinning wickedly, Sam says. “Perhaps a trip to Grace’s room would be in order.” But he is laughing almost as hard as Grace is.oOoNow home, Peter gets a similar treatment to what was administered at the urinal earlier. He stands naked at the toilet before bed, emptying his bladder for the night. He just begins pissing when he feels two pairs of soft hands holding his cock again. All three laugh about the looks Peter got for having two women ‘claim’ him this afternoon. Sarah comments, “It’s different now, people acknowledging us as a threesome. I know it is atypical, but it just seems right.” Tracy and Peter agree with her, but both are still concerned that she is living in a bubble.Both know if something happens to their delicate arrangement, either of them will be there for Sarah. If Tracy decides she wants something different, Peter would still be there for Sarah. And if Peter goes roving again, Tracy https://escortium.org will be there. The one they can never imagine would be what would happen if Sarah left the two of them. Would they still want to be together? As it seems that would never happen, it is not a possibility they spend thinking about.Nor did Peter or Tracy ever mention any of this to Sarah. They will go along with this threesome because both love Sarah unconditionally. They care about each other, but as part of the ‘whole’ they have created. But they worry about that ‘whole.’ Not just the risk of either of them walking away, but what the world’s acceptance will be.Sure, at a urinal, in a tolerant gay plus bar, is one thing. But they already know the reaction from Sarah’s family. And how long will she cope without their acceptance of her life?Alone, Peter and Tracy have talked about this. As much as Tracy loves Sarah, now, as things evolve, she can’t imagine breaking with her. However, if it means resolving things with Sarah’s family, Tracy is willing to back away in the end. Peter tells her not to be hasty but to see what develops. But he too is a bit leery about what the future will hold for them.Both are a bit angry inside, and they know Sarah is too. Other aspects of the LBGTQ+ community are being accepted and welcomed. But the concept of a trouple, or whatever the correct term being used today is, is being shunned or ignored. They do so want to be accepted for what they want to have for the three of them. But if they don’t have acceptance from outside, how long can they accept themselves?oOoComing home, Mark and Brian are laughing over both Boxing Day hijinks and Christmas dinner with Mark’s family. Mark still is a bit shaken that his sisters and mother had done the deed in their bathroom. Well, at least it was the guest bathroom, which he seldom uses.Mark is happy that they all have found someone like he has found Brian, and yes, that they all are sexually active. But just as he would not bring that part of his life up in their face, he would rather they didn’t in his. Jessica especially of late. He didn’t need to know all the details of her past.Mark, learning of Jessica’s wild past, is angry with himself. But, now knowing of the ‘big guy’ who had such an influence on her, and the string of other men, he realizes he should have paid more attention.Since he was young, he had suspected something was going on with Jessica, just not the details. Mark knew she had snuck out when he was young, but never really put two and two together. She often used his bedroom window to sneak out as it led to the lower roof of the house. She expected him to be asleep when she used his window, but he often heard and saw Jessica leave. For years, he just told himself it was a dream.Now Jessica is happy with Henry and going to marry him. Mark could not be more pleased. And George, a good man, and his mum’s wedding in less than two weeks. She has never been more content. All the shit his dad used to dump on her is gone, and finally, she is cheerful and exuberant about her life. And Mark is too.This all runs through Mark’s mind in seconds as they pull into the drive. Getting out of the car and heading to the door, Mark grabs Brian and kisses him passionately. Wanting Brian to know how grateful he is for all Mark has done for his family. For his mother and sisters.So surprised by the kiss, Brian almost tumbles over except for Mark holding him tightly in his arms. They manage to get the door open, and Mark steers him down to the guest bathroom as they continue to kiss.Brian is a bit surprised by Mark’s choice of venues at the moment. But there in the bathroom, Mark unzips and drops Brian’s pants and underwear, and his following. With one hand, Mark takes hold of Brian’s shaft and leads Brian’s hand to his cock to hold with his other. Then, looking into each other’s eyes, they direct their dicks to piss in unison into the bowl. When finished, Mark, still holding Brian’s manhood, as Brian’s his, steps out of their pants and shoes as they stare into each other’s eyes. Then, kissing more, they move to the tub’s ledge, which is a rather nice place to sit. And there continue to wank each other as they kiss.This simple act is something from back when teens are starting a courtship and exploring each other. Pleasuring each other in such an uncomplicated way has them more aroused tonight than if they were in bed full-on fucking. So there they sit. Where all three of Mark’s family the day before had sexual release, now having their own.In such a nice and sweet way, they are pleasuring each other. As they kiss, some long and deep, others pulling back some and grazing each other’s lips as they stare into each other’s eyes. Their hands in unison wanking away at each other’s pricks. Both sighing deeply as they move up the scale higher and higher to the ultimate bursting point of the thermometer. Mark contemplating what his life might have been if he had comprehended and accepted his sexual leaning back in secondary school. Part of him mentally kicks himself for not acknowledging what he has always been feeling. But Mark knows if his dad had found out, he probably would not be alive now from the beatings he would have received. Mark realizes that all in all, it took finding Brian for him to confront and accept the fact finally. Brian, who offers him so much more than Mark could have ever imagined.The bathroom does seem to be getting hotter, or at least the two of them are. Rotating between looking into each other’s eyes and using their free arm to hug each other tightly as they kiss, all the time wanking away faster and faster.As they hug tightly now, both hearts beating so fast, they know they are about to erupt. So together, they tell each other, “Now, baby, now.” And then, stream after stream releases from each onto the other’s stomach.They love the feel of their cocks side by side as they hug each other. Now with their cum intermingling. They just stay in this position, kissing more and more for a good ten minutes.When they finally come down from this unique high, laughing, Brian says, “Well, I guess I’m glad your family left a couple of the guest towels for us to use to clean up.” Mark laughs with him. Both grab a towel and carefully wipe the other’s stomach and dick off.Finished, they head to their bathroom to shower together and then happily to bed.oOoAfter getting home, as they are in the bathroom getting ready for bed, Luke and Mary’s evening is not quite over. In her nightgown, pulled up, Mary is sitting on the toilet, legs spread. Luke is at the sink washing his face, waiting his turn.“What did it feel like for you having me hold your cock while you peed this afternoon?” Mary asked him.Luke replied, “It was rather exciting, love.”“Well, come here. Let’s try something a bit more,” Mary says. Luke walks over to the toilet, and Mary takes his underwear down. Then, holding his cock, she points it at her spread legs, with her other hand spreading her labia. “Go ahead, pee.”Luke lets loose as he needs to piss. A hard stream comes from him. Mary moves his cock some to adjust it, and the torrent is hitting right on her clit now as she wants. She moans from the feeling and leans back on the toilet.Luke quickly catches on to what is happening and is sorry he doesn’t have more in him to offer. However, when his piss supply ends, he does reach for the soapy cloth he had in the sink and brings it over to clean and rub Mary’s clit to keep her moaning more and more.He stops only to rinse the rag and Mary. Then, something he hasn’t done in years, Luke picks Mary up and carries her to bed, “Come on, you naughty bit, I have plans for you,” Luke tells her, dropping her on the bed as she giggles.“Luke, I did glance around while I was holding you as you pissed at that urinal. You were by far the largest. It made me feel kind of proud,” Mary said. Then Mary feels Luke’s fingers spread her legs. Luke begins to lick and pleasure her as a start to the fun he has planned. She moans. “And probably the best at this too,” she laughs.Mary leans back to enjoy what Luke is offering her. Something that had been lacking a bit over the years due to the kids and all. Though since the end of summer and their trip to the coast, Luke is so much more attuned to her needs. Mary loves when Luke takes such an initiative to start things. She motions him to wiggle around for her.Luke gets her meaning and soon is also on the bed with her, both on their sides. One leg thrown over each other’s shoulders; they are in a perfect position to give each other oral pleasure, along with finger play. Mary doesn’t like to refer to it as ‘sixty-nine,’ as that sounds so crude when they are mutually pleasuring each other.Mary takes Luke’s prick in her hands. Tonight, suddenly, it feels like the very first time she held it so. She remembers back to that night in the back seat of Luke’s father’s car. Parked out of sight by the lake. They had been going out for months and been getting hot and hotter for each other when kissing and petting. That night she had been so bold as to unzip his pants. A boldness like her holding his cock today in front of others.Perhaps why the memory is coming back. Now holding the hard, throbbing cock and balls in her hands, more than a handful, is so exciting. She is grateful, thinking Luke offers this wonderful instrument to her. Like back so many years ago, Mary begins to wank it while her other hand squeezes and pulls on his balls gently to get them warm and ready.

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