24 Mayıs 2023

Time to Make a Woman out of Cathy


The summer I turned seventeen my best friend Cathy and I had a purpose. She was still a virgin and we were determined to make a woman out of her that this summer.I had lost my virginity several months prior to a man (Mark) that was ten years older and also married. Of course, I didn’t know he was married until afterwards. (See the previous story). Cathy and I told each other everything. We had been best friends since grade one and were inseparable. She knew every sexy detail about Mark and I. I swear we went over every detail and sexual act about a hundred times. Cathy was so obsessed with my adventure that she actually told me she would touch herself every night thinking about what happened. Yes, Cathy needed to lose her virginity and fast…Cathy was very cute and outgoing. All the boys loved Cathy. I loved hanging out with Cathy as she attracted lots of guys. I was always the shy reserved one. It seemed odd to me that I had lost my virginity before Cathy.Back then we were too young for bars so our hang out was the local mall. We would hang out there every weekend and flirt with the guys.We had met a couple of guys Rob and Mike the week before. Cathy and I both liked the same guy Rob. He was the cuter of the two. But since our mission was for Cathy to lose her virginity I insisted that she could have the cute guy and I would match up with the other guy, Mike. I wasn’t really crazy about Mike but this wasn’t about me.Just like the two chatty teens that we were, we discussed Rob for hours. Rob seemed like the perfect guy for Cathy to lose her virginity to. He was cute, funny, our age, and he went to a different school than us so things would be discrete. It was decided Rob was the one.My parents were heavily involved in the church. Every second Saturday evening they were involved in a church function. This meant I had the house to myself. So Cathy and I came up with a plan to meet the guys at the mall and if things went well Cathy would give me a sign and we would invite the guys back to the house. The plan was set.We dressed up in the normal flimsy outfits that most teens did, short denim shorts and braless tops. Ankara bayan escort Of course, the high wedge shoes were in back then. We spent hours puffing up out hair. We did our best to look hot and sexy. Off we went to the mall.We met the guys and hung out with them for several hours at the mall. Cathy was having fun with Rob and seemed to be getting along great with him. They were touching and teasing. Things were going as planned. But she wasn’t giving me the signal to go back to the house. I was getting worried that she was chickening out. Time was also running out, as my parents would be returning home in a couple of hours.Mike was the serious type. We talked about a lot of things but honestly there was no spark. He was fixated on my boobs and couldn’t take his eyes off of them. My nipples were always perky back then but his constant staring at them was making them erect and even more noticeable through my tight flimsy top. I had no intention of having sex with Mike but I did have to keep him interested for Cathy’s sake.Cathy and I made eye contact and it looked like she was finally ready to take the next step. I suggested that we all head back to my place as my parents were out. The guys seemed surprised but quickly agreed.We arrived back at the house and we went directly into the basement rec room. This was my space. My older sister left home when she was sixteen and my baby sister was five years younger than me so I had claimed the basement area as my space. It was nothing fancy, just an old couch, a chair and a TV but the best thing was it gave me privacy from my parents.The plan was simple. If things were going good with Cathy I would take Mike upstairs so Cathy could have some privacy and hopefully fulfill our mission…for her to lose her virginity.I dimmed the lights and we both sat at opposite ends of the couch and began to make out with our guys. Well, the couch barely sat four people so it was a bit crowded. The guys were at each end of the couch and Cathy and I were side by side in the middle. I took it slow with Mike, as I wasn’t really into him. This Escort bayan Ankara day was all about Cathy. I was focusing on Cathy and Rob as they were making out.After a while of kissing and petting, I could see things were getting quite heated with Cathy and Rob. Rob had his hand up her top and Cathy was rubbing his leg and chest. I could see Cathy’s top being lifted up and her perky little boobs were peeking out from under her top. I have to admit I was getting aroused watching the two of them. I had not been with a guy since Mark and I have to say I was getting quite turned on watching the two of them make out. I was jealous of Cathy, as I would have loved to get my hands on Rob.Even though I was trying to resist Mike and fight him off, he was not far behind Rob. In my preoccupation with Cathy and Rob, Mike had his hand up my top and was fondling and pinching on the nipples he so much craved all afternoon.It looked like it was time, so I got up off the couch, took Mike’s hand and led him up the stairs to the main floor. I began stalling by going to the washroom and talking. But he soon pulled me down on the living room couch and we began to make out.Within minutes of getting upstairs, the phone rang and rang. I ignored it but whoever it was called back again. I finally answered. It was Cathy’s mom and she had to urgently speak to Cathy. It sounded serious so I ran downstairs to pass her the phone. Cathy was completely topless lying on the couch with Rob on top of her. Rob had his shirt off and as he got up I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his pants. Cathy quickly pulled herself together and took the call. I couldn’t help notice how swollen and red her nipples were as she sat there topless on the phone. All of a sudden she jumped up, grabbed her top and announced there was a family emergency and she had to go home. She immediately ran up the stairs and out of the house. I was in shock. I looked over at Rob and he was speechless also.Mike heard the commotion and came downstairs. So there I was standing there in the rec room alone with two horny guys. We just Bayan escort Ankara looked at each other in silence. Damn…now what? I suddenly became nervous being alone in the house with two guys. This was not a good situation. I suggested that maybe they should leave and we could try again some other time when Cathy was available. Mike didn’t want to leave and suggested they wait and see if Cathy returns. I expressed my doubts that she was returning.That’s when Mike grabbed me and pulled me back on the couch. He wasn’t leaving. I wasn’t sure what to do so I gave in and picked up where we had left off upstairs and we started making out on the couch. I wasn’t really that interested in him. I had paired off with him so that Cathy could lose her virginity with Rob but now that plan had fallen apart. I was resisting his moves, stalling until I could figure out how to get them out of the house. He was right back fondling my breasts. I thought maybe if I let him feel me up a bit he would be satisfied and leave. The kissing and struggling continued.As I struggled with Mike on the couch I had forgotten about Rob. As I turned to change my position I noticed Rob sitting on a chair opposite the couch watching intently. He was only about six feet away. Him watching me so closely flipped a switch in me. I immediately became aroused. I had never had a guy watch me before. He was just staring at me as Mike was trying to make headway with my boobs.Our eyes met and locked. He had a look of desire in his eyes. Damn, he was so cute. I wanted to be making out with him, not Mike. I could see he was trying to catch a glimpse of my boobs as Mike was attempting to lift my top. As Rob watched I let up my guard and let Mike lift my top exposing part of my boobs to both him and Rob. I could see Rob’s eyes just about pop out as he leaned closer. It occurred to me that Rob liked what he is seeing. Is he into me? Mike was touching me but I was fantasizing it was Rob that was touching me. I could feel myself getting wet as Mike pulled and pinched my nipples.I wanted Rob so bad now. He was right there in front of me for the taking, but what about Mike? I was very timid at the time but my desires and lust for Rob overcame my shyness and I nodded my head to invite him over to the couch. He immediately moved to the couch and sat on the other side of me. Here I was sitting on the couch with two guys alone in the house at seventeen, what was I thinking?

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