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Subject: Trent Asks Daddy for a Boyfriend – Part 4 (Gay / Adult Youth) Trent Asks Daddy for a Boyfriend – Part 4 (Gay / Adult Youth) This is a work of fiction and fantasy. There is no truth to any of it and any similarities to real people is a pure coincidence. This is my first story of this nature. If you don’t enjoy man-boy sexual fantasies then please close out now. I welcome feedback and would love to hear your favorite ota Please remember that Nifty needs your donations to provide these awesome stories – fty/ ******************** Trent Asks Daddy for a Boyfriend – Part 4 (Gay / Adult Youth) My cock was deflating as I watched the mechanic lap up his own semen mixed with mine off my 9 year old son’s little erection. He sucked and licked the cocklette covered in what appeared to be a 1/4 cup of mixed cum. I could see the tiny blue veins through the thin skin of my son’s little immature dinky. And I could also see how red and sore it looked from all the play and the rough fingers and mouth and tounge and beard, etc., but it was still steel hard as Jake sucked the last remnants of our jizz off it. When Trent’s crotch was all cleaned up Jake came up for air. Trent and I laughed as we noticed Jake’s beard was full of cum. “You have gravy in your beard” Trent pointed and laughed. “Oh yea? You think that’s funny?” Jake said as he bent down and kissed Trent all over his face. “No! Ew! Stop!” Trent was laughing. Now HIS cute little face was covered in his dad’s and the mechanic’s semen. Still both on our knees hovering over the boy, Jake said, “David I know it’s time for our little man to go to bed but I hate to leave him like this.” Jake tapped the little boner making it bob and bounce. “I mean the kid’s still hard as a nail. I’d like to give him some relief so he can sleep like a baby – like you know you and I will… Has he ever felt `the tingles’?” I looked at Trent’s swollen immature peepee and thought it looked too sore to try to give him his first dry cum tonight. Plus it was late. I, however, changed my mind when Jake looked me in the eyes and held his hardening again perv dick and said, “Please? Can I make my boyfriend have a dry cum?” “Dude, how are you hard again?” I asked. “I’m falling in love with your beautiful son. That’s how. I promise I know a way to make it quick for him to get the tingles,” Jake said. “Man, you gave him head for a half an hour earlier and it didn’t happen. What makes you think it’s gonna happen now?” I asked. “It’s called a prostate and boys have them too.” My eyes widened. Trent was listening to it all and asked, “What’s the tingles and what’s a prostrerate?” He looked so adorable naked with semen all over his face from Jake’s beard. Jake told him to just relax for a minute and he asked me to go get some lube. I ran upstairs and grabbed the lube from my nightstand and when I returned to the living room my heart melted. Jake and Trent had moved to my big comfy recliner. They were still naked and they were snuggling like two teenagers in love. Trent was curled in the fetal position on Jake’s big hairy lap and Jake was rubbing his back and kissing the top of his curly head calling him his `special boy.’ I noticed neither penis, the tiny bright pink one nor the adult uncut perv one had deflated. I couldn’t help it, as I approached the recliner I leaned down and gently kissed them both on the mouth. They both smiled at me and Trent giggled and said, “Now you have gravy on your face too, Daddy.” It was true. Now all three of us had some of mine and some of Jake’s semen on our faces. I sat back in the other chair and happily watched the man and boy snuggle for a few minutes in the recliner – one a masculine escort izmit furry 42 year old man and the other a smooth very small hairless naked little boy. I was sort of hoping Trent’s erection would go down so we could just put him to bed, but the little nail persisted – stiff and veiny but small and thin with a bright red little mushroom cap. “Ok champ,” Jake said, “Let’s give your little rocket some tingles so it can go nigh-nights. How’s that sound buddy?” Trent nodded, really having no idea what “the tingles” were. The big recliner was only partially reclined and naked Jake laying on his back looked huge in it compared to the little guy curled up in his lap. “Ok buddy” he said to my son, “let’s get you into position here. Lay on top of me but on your back, so your back is on my furry belly and your peepee is pointed at the ceiling.” Trent rolled a little and did as Jake said. “Atta boy. Good job. Now put each leg over each arm of the recliner sides like this.” Jake took one little leg and spread it out over the arm and the other leg went over the other recliner arm. From where I was sitting I had a perfect view. Trent was laying on his back on top of the furry mechanic. His legs were totally spread-eagle. I could see everything. I could see Trent’s beautiful little teeny boner and his wrinkly bulbous boy scrotum. I could even see his smooth little starfish pucker hole. Under Trent I could also see Jake’s rock hard long beautiful adult uncut cock poking up between Trent’s little legs. It was resting against the side of Trent’s and testicles and poking up enough so I’m sure Trent could see it if he looked down. Jake’s massive bull balls pooled between his furry taint and rested on my recliner. God this man had beautiful huge nuts. I wanted to taste them. “That’s my good boy. Now just relax.” Jake said as he rubbed the small boy’s chest and down his hips and his little thighs and up to his groin and gently fondled the genitals of the boy. “Just relax and let Jakey make your beautiful peepee feel really good.” Jake grabbed the lube and drizzled a little on the pink swollen immature cocklette. He then put a little in his left hand. With his right hand Jake slowly and gently began to lovingly masterbate the little boy’s penis. With just two slippery fingers he slowly masterbated the tiny spike up and down, up and down slowly massaging the rigid thin tube and focusing attention on the raspberry crown’s ridge and occasionally gently squeezing the stiff little shaft. Then I watched Jake snake his left hand under Trent’s left thigh so the boy’s leg was bent and now resting over Jake’s big arm. I thought this was so that Jake could masterbate himself at the same time… but he had different plans. I remembered what he said about the prostrate when I saw him gently start rubbing the lube from his left hand onto my son’s smooth 9 year old asshole. “Oh my God,” I thought, “He’s gonna finger fuck him to make him dry cum. That’s his secret trick to get it to happen.” Trent was like putty in the big man’s lap as Jake used his mechanic fingers on his right hand to masterbate the little tyke and he slowly swirled the manly middle finger of his left hand over and over the now very slippery pucker hole of the child who looked 5 or 6. “That’s Jakey’s good boy. Just relax.” Jake said softly and looked at me and mouthed, “Thank you!” Of course I was hard and masterbating again and Jake’s perverted dong was dripping pre all over my recliner through his foreskin. “Now this might feel funny at first buddy but just relax and Jakey promises it will soon feel really good. I’m just gonna gently put my finger up inside your bummy. Ok? Just relax your hiney for izmit rus escort Jakey.” I had a perfect view to watch this p*do at work. One large hand gently working the small little penis head of the child and one large grease-stained finger gently beginning to push into the boy’s asshole. Trent squirmed a little as Jake began to push into the small anal opening. “Shhh just relax baby boy. I promise your bummy is the secret to the peepee tingles ok? You’re gonna feel sooo good when I get in your hiney.” I beat my cock as I watched the man penetrate my son’s tiny little butthole with his manly finger. Slowly and deliberately he masterbated the child’s chapstick-sized stiffy with one hand and slithered a large finger into the boy with the other hand. Soon Jake’s adult middle finger was 3/4 inside my son – past the second hairy knuckle. He kept the finger still while the boy acclimated to the intrusion up his rectum. It made me so horny to see a man’s middle finger entering my boy’s little anus. He kept kissing Trent on the head calling him a good boy and telling him he loved him and that he was a beautiful special boy. I could see the skin around my son’s hole and it was stretched so tight around the man’s big calloused fuck-finger. I was nervous it would tear, but Jake seemed to know what he was doing and he was being very gentle. Soon the time was right and Jake began to wiggle that big middle finger inside the tiny hole. He was searching for that magic button. He slowly massaged the tiny stiff peepee while he carefully moved his middle finger in and out of the tiny boy hole. Jake caught my eye and mouthed the words, “I fucking love him.” I smiled huge and had an idea. I stood up and went to them. Trent’s eyes were closed, in Heaven from all the new sensations from his adult boyfriend. I took the lube and put some in both of my hands. I stood at the recliner and whispered to Jake, “Looks like you’ve got both of your hands full; can I give you a helping hand?” I wrapped my lubed right hand firmly around Jake’s long erection and began to stroke him, pulling his foreskin all the way down. His cock head was engorged, flared, and beautiful. “Fuccck Yessss,” he whispered and closed his eyes. “That is exactly what I needed.” I masterbated myself with my left hand and Jake with my right. I tried to match pace with how Jake was working the child in his lap. As he picked up the pace with Trent I picked up the pace with him and me. I loved retracting his long foreskin to reveal his super horny shiny cock head. His big cock was rock fucking hard. I still had a perfect view as I watched this beast of a masculine man gently finger fuck my tiny son’s asshole over and over and masterbate the little head of my son’s hard boy peepee. We could both tell Trent was getting close. His micro-sized penis was so red and the head was shiny and a little and swollen and sexy with thin blue veins running down each side. I’d never seen anything that turned me on more than what I was seeing right now… a naked 42 year old mechanic fully molesting my son – and my son loving every second of if. He had finally gotten the loving adult boyfriend he had asked for. Jake picked up the pace and was sure that he had found the magic button inside my son’s butthole as Trent began to squirm. Jake masterbated the lube-glazed peepee head and finger fucked the sore anus. While I beat us both off hard and fast, I watched the slippery adult finger go in and out, in and out, in and out while the big fingers on the other hand stroked up and down, up and down, up and down – concentrating on the little helmet tip. Soon Trent squirmed more and arched his back kocaelide escort and tensed and panted. I beat myslef and Jake hard and fast as all three males began to reach climax. We both stared at the tiny child’s dink as it quickly spasmed and the little mushroom ridge flared out again and again. It spasmed several times as the immature cocklette tried to spray semen that the little body couldn’t make yet. It was so small and thin but so hard. The dinky pulsed about 5 times. It was incredible to see my son’s first dry cum, his first boygasm. The first time I saw his peepee flex and jump. He was breathing fast. The head of his penis was the size of a small raspberry- and just as red. Jake stopped masterbating the boy and gently removed his finger from his tight little bummy. Trent’s peepee spasmed two more times as the big finger exited the child’s rectum. Then just as I saw Jake place that same finger from my son’s asshole into his own mouth I came all over them both. Jake licked and sucked the musty ass-juice finger as I beat his uncut big dick over and over. I quickly pulled the ample foreskin over his swollen cock head and jerked it back over and over. His fucking cock was so veiny and bulging and hard as steel in my grip. I then made him cum very hard. He groaned loudly as he tasted my son’s insides on his finger and I beat his p*do dink right between Trent’s legs and he shot another 4 big ropes all over the little boy. Soon Trent’s belly and very red peepee was covered in another mess of both our semen. This was a combination of the semen that made him and the semen of a bearded mechanic who had just fallen in love with him. Globs of thick white jizz dripped off the boys peepee and down this little wrinkly bald scrotum and pooled in his smooth little bellybutton. We all stayed still for a minute catching our breath, when we quickly realized Trent was sound asleep in Jake’s arms… and for the first time in hours all three of our penises were soft – red and used but soft and spent – two adult drained cocks and one very small hairless weiner. I didn’t want to wake him so we didn’t even wash Trent off. We figured the cum would dry and he might get dirty tomorrow again anyway! Jake carried my son like a lover upstairs to his bedroom. Jake pulled back the Marvel comforter and sheets of Trent’s little twin-sized bed and placed the exhausted child naked and cum-covered into bed. We both looked at him in his bed for a minute. Jake turned to me and looked me in the eye, “David, this has been the best night of my entire life. I’m 42 years old and I’ve never believed in love at first sight until tonight. I would die for this boy. Thank you for everything. He is so fucking beautiful and I promise to make his so happy.” I replied with, “Jake you are more than I could’ve ever hoped for. I don’t know why or how Trent knew he wanted an adult boyfriend, but he really hit the jackpot. I also know that this little boy had one magical night he will never forget and you are the one who made it so special for him. You were really great with him. It felt like an instant connection with you two.” Jake beamed, “David, is to too much or too soon to ask if I can truly be Trent’s boyfriend?” My heart skipped a beat. “I want to take him to my garage and show him around to my friends and show him off to my buddies and my family. I want to take him out to eat and the mall and hold hands at the movies. You know like a real relationship. I promise I will always treat that boy like a little prince. Of course I’d have to just say I’m his uncle or something but we can figure all that out later. I want this if you’ll let me. I understand if you need more time.” I held Jake’s big shoulders and said, “I’d like nothing more than for this special little boy to be all yours, I think you’d both be very lucky, but will you do me one favor and… at least let me watch sometimes when you two fool around?” End part 4

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