2 Ağustos 2021

Tricked to Serve – Part 3


Tricked to Serve – Part 3Though I was expecting and hoping for Mistress Alyson’s husband to return with my wife in tow…naked or dressed in minimal lingerie, being an image of a SLUT-wife… it was Mistress Alyson’s husband that was lead into the room by a younger beautiful image of female sexuality. Mistress Alyson’s husband being lead into the room by a lead attached to a collar around his neck, at the bottom of the leather mask/hood he, the other men holding me and now, I was wearing.As I was held by the hooded men, Mistress Alyson greeted the new woman with sexual affection and obvious attraction, as I admired her wonderful smooth body, only covered by thigh high boots and her leather hood, her slim body for us all to see and admire…her breasts smaller and more pert than Mistress Alyson’s, then I noticed this mystery woman’s pierced nipples, her erect nipples having the small silver balls each side….my mind wandered briefly of the pleasure and pain I could enjoy if my own nipples were pierced, while feeling the numbing pain grow from the nipple-clamps I now wore…my eyes then focused on the smooth skin of her thighs above the tops of her boots, she was shaven like Mistress Alyson, but the glistening of the light on her swollen and wet lips showed that she must have been enjoying Mistress Alyson’s husband as thick, white cum had begun to leak from her wet lips.Mistress Alyson kissed this mystery woman passionately through her leather hood, one arm embracing and holding her body while Mistress Alyson’s other hand moved to the mystery woman’s pussy, her fingers running over the shaven cum-leaking lips as the mystery woman released her hold on the lead, she had lead Mistress Alyson’s husband back into the room with as her hands caressed Mistress Alyson as the kissed.Mistress Alyson then stood aside of the mystery woman, while her fingers continued to stroke the cum-leaking lips…“Come here bitch…have a taste as Mistress Alyson held out her wet fingers.”The naked hooded men moved me into a kneeling position in front of Mistress Alyson and her beautiful, young recently fucked friend. They let go of me, we all knew I would not attempt or want to move from my position as Mistress Alyson fed her sex-coated fingers into my mouth, were I sucked and savoured the taste of the cum and pussy, a wonderfully erotic taste that I had up to this point only very limited experience of. (What I did not know at the time but would find out later was that as the naked, hooded men with their erect cocks who were still strangers to me, had released their hold of me. They had picked up cameras and were now recording pictures and videos of my position and submission to Mistress Alyson.)As my mouth eagerly sucked Mistress Alyson’s fingers, slipping into my mouth through unzipped mouth of the leather hood I now wore, padlocked in place preventing my removing it, even if I wanted to, but I did not. Sucking Mistress Alyson’s fingers clean my eyes constantly on the shaven pussy of her friend as more cum leaked from her sex, how I wanted mouth on her pussy, using my tongue to erzurum escort capture all of the escaping cum…my desires already known by Mistress Alyson as she removed her fingers from my reluctant sucking mouth.“Get your mouth in there bitch, clean my lover’s cunt of my husband’s cum…I want it clean as we have some friends to enjoy later and she’ll need a clean cunt.” Mistress Alyson grabbed the top of my hood and forced my willing mouth onto the shaven cum-leaking pussy.My thoughts of Mistress Alyson’s mention of ‘friends’ were very brief as my mouth came into contact with the shaven cum-leaking sex that I had watched so closely while sucking Mistress Alyson’s fingers. Now those thoughts were gone, forgotten as my mouth and tongue began to pleasure the shaven pussy, eager to catch the thick cum as it escaped her lips, swallowing and savouring every drop, my tongue probing deeply in to her sex searching out any cum. Oblivious to everyone else in the room as I completely focused on licking cum from the mystery woman’s pussy I did not notice that someone had pushed their hard cock into her arse, only registering when the fucking became more intense and her hips were being thrust forward against my mouth….it was then that Mistress Alyson gave me further instructions.“Get lower bitch I want you licking that hard cock as it fucks my girlfriend’s hole….use your tongue to encourage him to fill her arse….then….well, let’s wait and see what happens bitch.”Moving and kneeling lower I was able to move my tongue to the glorious union of a stranger’s cock as it fucked a mystery woman’s arse, licking the shaft of the hard cock as it moved in and out…already thinking and hoping that Mistress Alyson would then have me performing ‘cleaning duty’ on the mystery woman’s arse…the thought of this made me lick the hard cock more. I wanted him to cum, fill her arse with thick cum and have Mistress Alyson use my tongue to clean her arse as I had just done her pussy. As the fucking increased in pace it was difficult to keep my mouth and tongue in contact with the hard cock as it thrust increasingly faster, Mistress Alyson grabbed the back of my neck pushing my mouth forward making my neck and back bend painfully to ensure that I continued with my task.“Get your tongue in there bitch….lick that hard cock, like the pathetic sissy cock whore you are. You had better not stop until my girlfriend has her arse full of cum…or you will be severely punished. Is that understood, BITCH?”I attempted to answer, but was unable to nod with my head held forcefully and painfully at this angle, and speaking was not an option as my mouth was open and my tongue attempting to pleasure the hard cock and arse my mouth was being held against.The cock thrust deeper as the mystery woman moaned with the pleasure of having her arse filled and fucked with hard cock, a feeling I knew and so enjoyed. Then with a final deep and forcefully thrust the cock remained embedded in her arse as the man’s legs shook with orgasm with my tongue continuing to use my erzincan escort tongue to lick at the union of their sex…hoping when the man pulled out Mistress Alyson would have me clean this mystery woman’s ass just as I had done her pussy. But Mistress Alyson had something else in mind, she moved me from between her girlfriend’s legs, getting me to stand then walked me around behind her girlfriend, while explaining what was going to happen.“Are you ready to clean-up bitch….do you want to taste that cum from my girlfriend’s ass…I bet you do. But I think you need some release yourself BITCH, so I am going to let you cum in my girlfriend’s arse and enjoy your cock being covered in someone else’s cum as you fuck her….just like you told me you fantasise about, fucking your wife after she has been filled with cum…just imagine my girlfriend is your slutty wife her arse filled with other men’s cum as I allow you to fuck her…..Oh, look your cock is leaking already, what a dirty BITCH you are.”As I stood behind Mistress Alyson’s girlfriend, her arse beginning to leak the cum I wanted to taste Mistress Alyson pulled down my black lace French knickers with an obvious wet patch where my hardened cock had begun to leak. It was then that I noticed that Mistress Alyson’s husband and the other man, the one that had not just filled Mistress Alyson’s girlfriend’s arse with cum were recording everything.Initially I started to panic, I did not want to be recorded, did not want to be able to found out…what would happen to my marriage if my wife seen the video…then I was aroused by the danger and risk of being recorded, but also that I was wearing a gimp-mask, I would not be recognised…now being recorded aroused me even more, as my cock twitched so close to entering a cum-filled arse, just as I had fantasised of doing with Sarah, sliding my cock into my wife’s cum filled pussy or arse, feeling the thick cum around my cock as we fucked…now I was going to experience it, just not with Sarah.“Yes, you are being recorded Bitch…so you better put on a good show for me.”Behind me Mistress Alyson fastened the blindfold to my hood, then moving me forward with her body her hand holding and slowly stroking my cock, Mistress Alyson lead my cock to her girlfriend’s cum-filled arse. The reason for the blindfold I thought was to enforce my submission, but the true reason I was to discover later….something that would seal my fate forever.“That’s it Bitch get that cock in that cum filled hole…fuck her as hard as you can, she’s used to getting fucked aren’t you baby.” Mistress Alyson laughed, though there was no answer from her girlfriend as I continued to push my cock into the warm, slippery embrace of her arse, cum covering my cock and beginning to run down over my balls.The feel of fucking this stranger’s arse after another man having his cum escaping around my cock, with the added eroticism of being blindfolded while dressed in lingerie and being recorded only added to arousal and humiliating excitement was too much and I knew çeşme escort I could not stop myself from adding my cum in such an incredibly short time.Holding Mistress Alyson’s girlfriend tightly by her hips my legs shook and my hips thrust forward as my cum erupted into her arse, I groaned with such wonderful sexual relief. Though Mistress Alyson only found my efforts and stamina amusing….“Well if that is how you fuck Bitch your wife must be incredibly unsatisfied…I wouldn’t be surprised if she is not already fucking any hard cock she can get her hands on…just like you fantasise about. “ Then Mistress Alyson reinforced her domination and control over me, as the flogger landed on my ass, causing me cry out in surprise and jerk forward, my cock still embedded in the slippery grip of Mistress Alyson’s girlfriend’s arse.“Oh shut up you pathetic sissy cunt that was nothing you have so much more to come…just like you want, like you deserve. Now keep fucking I want your cum mixed well before you lick my lover’s arse clean.”For a short glorious time I continued to thrust my cock in to the cum filled arse, as Mistress Alyson continued to use the leather flogger on my ass to encourage my thrusting. The pain, abuse, delicious perversity of my situation ensured my continued erection. Though my thoughts also on Mistress Alyson’s comment about being able to lick her girlfriend’s arse clean also aroused me incredibly…I would do anything Mistress Alyson instructed and accept any humiliation or punishment…my mind and body was becoming Mistress Alyson’s to own, use, abuse.“That’s enough Bitch, time to clean up your mess.”Mistress Alyson pushed me to my knees, then gripping my leather Gimp mask directed my mouth to the waiting hole of her girlfriend’s arse, who was on her knees too. On my hands and knees my tongue began the delicious duty I had been instructed, but also craved to carry out. My tongue beginning with licking the mixed cum that had escaped onto her legs, then licking up her hole as the cum continued to leak out. Swallowing and enjoying every drop as it slide down my throat…knowing that I was being watched by Mistress Alyson, her husband and the two other men who were also recording all my perverted pleasures.Mistress Alyson did not continue using the leather flogger, though I soon found out what she wanted to see. As I vaguely heard her I assumed one of the men using the cameras.“You know what to do I record this bit…I want a nice close up.”Then I felt hands grip my hips as the head of an erect cock rested against my hole, instinctively I tried to push back against it, wanting it to feel it deep in my arse, desperate to be fucked as I licked the mixed cum from Mistress Alyson’s girlfriend’s arse. Then the hard cock was forced deep into me, forcing me forward my mouth kissing the hole my tongue now probed, seeking more of the mixed cum.“That’s it Bitch take that cock…like the fucking whore you are. You are going to take his cum deep in you, then my young lover is going to fuck you with a nice big strap-on. And I am going to record it all Bitch. Maybe I will send a copy to your wife let her see what a cum-cock-whore you are…then she will see that if she wants satisfying she should find other men…she could get you to get them hard with your mouth for her and then you can clean her cunt after….you’d love that wouldn’t you Bitch.”

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