1 Mayıs 2023

Truth or Dare 02


Stephanie just sat there like a puppet, as if Nadia’s eyes were stringing her most inner desire.Did my sister not hear Nadia, she said she wants to play with us, or does she not mind us… No, that’s unlikely, she did not understand us. She’s probably to busy making googly eyes with her.“You want me and my sister to play this Naughty Edition of Truth or Dare?” I interrupted. “You’re joking, right?”Stephanie shuddered back to reality as if a bucket of ice water was dumped over her body. “What? Oh…” I could see the question slowly forming in her head.Nadia picked up the deck of cards and starting shuffling through them. “No worries, I think there might be one or two that might be quite the mouth full. But for you two, you won’t eve get a sore jaw out of these.”“And ‘these’ being?” I asked, worried about Kıbrıs Escort what she might say.“Nothing that you two would gag over at least,” She said while concentrating on the deck in hand.Well, that’s not comforting at all. Nadia always acts like my sister, and I are dating, pretending as if she is the third wheel.“Can we at least see the deck of cards afterward” My sister interjected.“Nope,” Nadia replied quickly and continued speaking, cutting off all are arguments. “That will just ruin the surprise and the excitement of playing.””Well, we are not doing anything weird,” I stated. Stephanie, nodded her head in agreement.”Weird” Nadia looked at us with a knowing smile. “Weird like; sometimes holding hands or like cuddling weird, or walking around each other in Lefkoşa Escort your underwear weird.”I rolled my eyes. “You know that’s not what I mean.””Oh,” she exclaimed as if she just understood what I meant. “You mean like smelling each others underwear weird, and exploring each other flavor weird, and learning every sensitive.””Yes,” I interrupted. “That weird.””Well, in that case, let me put this one back in.”She picked up one card back up and put it back in the deck. Damn, I’m not sure what happened, but I think she just tricked me into doing something naughty.”If we feel that its taboo” My sister added. “Then we won’t do it.”Nadia thought for a moment. “I’ll only agree to that if the penalty you get is one I come up with as a dare to replace it. Cause I Girne Escort don’t want you to pick and choose your cards without consequences.””Fine,” I sighed not knowing if I just made my situation worse.Stephanie then put flat square cardboard with a needle in the middle that rotates in the middle, reminding me of the game ‘Twister.’ Instead of having colors, it has words divided into six parts like a pie.”Ok, let me explain how to play. The Truth or Dare are self-explanatory. If you spin and end up on All Truth, the card you draw will get answered by everyone. If you end up on Double Dare, then you will get to pick a special card that is more… daring. But if you end up on a Penalty, not only do you get to spin again you also have to draw a Penalty Card.”Stephanie separates a deck of red cards and places them in the middle. “When one draws a Penalty Card, you must shuffle the cards first and then Once the penalty is completed, place the card back into the deck to be reused.””Any questions?” Stephanie asked. Nadia and I shook our heads.”Good,” she continued, ” its Nadia’s turn then.”

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