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Ultimate Indian Honeymoon


Ultimate Indian HoneymoonThe first thing a married couple dreams of is their Honeymoon. We went on our honeymoon after 5 months (as I had to go abroad for my project and she had to complete her MCA finals) But the 15 days that we stayed after marriage was like a fairy tale. With lots of love romance and Sex. Got to know a lot about each other.Then we met after h2 months and had lots of sex, but Honeymoon was still awaited. It actually brings you close. Plus we wanted a lot of adventure. The story may be long but enjoyable in each session of sex.We planned our trip to Andaman islands. Beautiful islands and I had been there earlier. We selected the place as we wanted more time for us (than touring places) and she wanted to roam around in sexy beach dresses and bikinis (she always wanted to wear then, but could not being with her parents).To our advantage I went to France for few days and did some secret shopping for her (some hot lingerie and sex toys). She did lots of shopping from Delhi (bikinis, shorts, tube tops, skirts and all) for our special holiday. Carried a lot of porn movies (especially beach sex movies) on laptop. Well Love and romance was straight in as soon as we landed in Port Blair. Ours was a beach side resort in a secluded area.As we were in jeans T-shirt for the flight, while driving to resort she whispered “I wanna get off these clothes quickly” It was taking some time to check in and we were restless. Finally we checked in and as soon as we reached our room, I put on some music and embraced her tight “Sweetheart, I love you & finally we are just two of us”.She replied “I love you dear” and I took her lips close and started kissing her she immediately started kissing me hard and tight. We were sort of desperate and were kissing passionately.Immediately and desperately we were shedding our clothes (as if we were meeting after long time). In seconds we were both naked and kissing again, I threw her on the sofa and just climbed her, saying “sweety right now no play, only …” she gave a nod and I straightaway started fucking her.We were fucking furiously and fast. (We were waiting for this moment for long). She was moaning rather loud and said “I want to make more noise” and I said “Darling you can, but you’ll get more chance once we are away on another island” Soon we climaxed and exhausted. And we sat down near the window admiring the sea, only in our lowers.By evening we decided to go for a walk and I gifted her few pair of Bikinis (purchased from Europe) and insisted her to wear them. She said “I always wanted to but ??” well she was hesitant, but for the first day she went out in a short tube top and tight shorts.The top was just above her naval and shorts well below, and she looked Very Very Sexy. We walked on the beach hand in hand. People looking but we were in our own world. Fortunately for us it was not the tourist season, so there were very few people on the beach. Just few foreign tourist and locals.By next morning she got bold and went out in a short skirt and bikini bra only. And yes she felt comfortable.By evening (after sunset) she was in a proper 2 piece bikini and I was in my shorts only. Lying on the beach and getting wet. She tried out a strapless bikini too. Well she was getting bolder now. Another surprise was when she suddenly said “I also want to share cigarette with you dear”. Taken aback, but I did. It felt naughty and kinky as we shared smoke openly on the beach. We actually felt like in Australia or so.Now for some real adventure. Apart from having sex in the room, toilet and balcony we wanted to exploit the natural surroundings. One fine evening (second day) we were strolling on the beach we spotted a small watch room on a small hill (Port Blair is hilly with lovely beaches). We got some idea and quietly climbed some 50 stairs to reach the room. The sight was awesome. Overlooking the Corbyns beach and gentle wind.She was in short skirt and short frill top well above her naval belly. I was bare chest. Her top was flirting in air. I took some lovely photographs of her and ours and she posed in some modeling poses, teasingly lowering her top. I set my videocam and embraced her tight. Nobody could see us from there.We kissed first each other and as we lit a cigarette she was admiring the sea beauty and I held her from back. My hands on her stomach slowly moving up cupping her boobs. She was enjoying the nature, fag and my caressing. I lifted her top turned her and sucked her nipples.She then nibbled on my chest and moved her hand down to hold my cock massaging over my shorts.As she was standing I kneeled and slid my hands under her skirt and lowered her panties. She lifted her skirt and I was licking her dripping pussy. She was holding my head and moaning rather loud. Nobody can hear us in the roar of the sea. After a while I stood up and she went down, pulled down my shorts and undies. My cock sprang out.I asked her to lick and hesitating She started licking the tip and soon took my shaft in her mouth stroking and sucking. Lastly we stood up and she bent forward against the railing and said “enter me now”I lifted her short skirt and guided my cock in her pussy. She lit a fag again and I was stroking her behind. We were taking turns to smoke and I was fucking her fast. She turned now and lifted one leg, held my cock at her pussy and guided it in. I pushed my rod in and started fucking her. She was trying to hold herself. Soon I was about to climax and she sat down and started massaging my cock till I ejaculated over her boobs.For the rest of the week we roamed around carelessly on the beach in bikinis and shorts. At times kissing on the beach with people looking. But care a less. I sucked her boobies on beach after dark and she stroking my cock with her hand (nobody looking). But some wild adventure was still awaited.The last day we arranged a beach side dinner. She told me in evening that it’s going to be some surprise for me. I waited till evening and just before dinner she came out in a yellow strapless tube dress, just short enough till her thighs.Her cleavage was nice visible as the tight dress crushed her boobies. Her rounded butts. She was looking like an angel of sex. Well we had dinner and thereafter were resting on lounger couch in our balcony sipping juice and cigarette. I was playing with her breasts and she was fondling my cock over my shorts. I asked “where’s the surprise” She said close your eyes and open after 10 seconds.As I opened my eyes found her sitting next to my cock and immediately off with my shorts. And said “I wanna suck that now” Yes it was a surprise as she was hesitant till now to suck my cock (she had done it just about 2-3 times since our first after lot of coax). Saying that she started licking the tip and soon gulped the full rod. She was sucking it madly. In between she would pour a little juice over it and suck again.After a while I said “my turn now” she replied “now time for next surprise, wait here, I will call you” She walked away in the room and after few minutes called out.As I walked erzurum escort in found all lights out, she was lying on the carpet, few candles around. She was in a 2 piece strapless bikini and cut fruits all over her body. On the face and stomach and little strawberry over her pussy. She smilingly said “sweetdish for you dear, feast yourself” What more can I ask for.I took off my tshirt and shorts and bent down. Kissed her first and started eating one fruit after another. At times I would fill my mouth with fruit and kiss her to share the juices. Went on some time till all fruits were over. She asked me “Now give me my fruit my banana” I complied and lowered my cock in her mouth, she was sucking it nice and proper.I moved my hand to remove her bra and then panties. Got into 69 position and licked her sweet smelling wet cunt. She called out again “sweetu time for a final surprise” “what more“ I asked and she whispered “what you wanted to hear for last 5 months” and whispered seductively in my ears “Sweetu, I want to get fucked, So Fuck me now, fuck me here” (yes she never spoke these words to me and I always wanted to hear them from her) I said “yes my love, I wanted to hear that magic words”I pushed her back got on top and started fucking her. My hands were resting on her boobs and I picked up some more fruits and squeezed them and started massaging over her breasts. She was quite vocal now and was moaning “It’s so wonderful to get fucked, fuck me hard baby, fuck me deep” A messy affair but sweet. She got up on all fours and asked me enter from behind.Once again as I fucked her I held her boobies with lots of fruit juices. I finally pushed some fruits in her mouth along with my cock and she sucked on them till cummed in her mouth. She smiled and first time drank my entire cum. It was some sort of sweetdish.Next one week we spent in Havelock Island. A beautiful secluded island boasts of finest beaches, rock structures and resorts. Best part is that the island is quite lonely.Few locals and tourists and some fine resorts only. We had booked a lovely nicobari cottage. The cottage was a wooden one on pillars, amidst greenery and close to beach with a small balcony. We chose the corner most cottage for our full privacy. Also because it was off season the resort had only just two more couple. And they were far from out cottage. We walked around on the beaches carelessly. She in bikinis or tube tops, shorts or such. I would be in Bermudas and tshirt or bare chest.We use to look for secluded corner on the beach during day and after sunset, to get into a passionate embrace or kiss. Slipping hand under tshirt to fondle each other. At times people saw us kissing, but we were besharam now. The first night at that cottage was amazing.We were sitting in balcony after dinner and a small dip in sea. She was in a bikini which was wet. I told her “today I am going to shoot our story if you say” She agreed but said “but we will have the sound effect too, I am going to shout, which we have not been able to do so far” I fixed up my handycam and lied besides her on couch. We were having smoke and watching a sex movie.I kissed her, gradually going down to her naval meanwhile fingering her pussy over her panties. She came on me and nibbled on my nipples and sat on me and very sexily removed her bra. I was admiring her beauty and boldness. She asked me “how do I look” I said “Hot & Sexy & very Horny”Suddenly she asked “where’s my surprise you promised me in Port Blair”I went inside asked her to close he eyes and came back and placed a vibrator in her hand and asked her to open her eyes. She was really shocked and surprised. It was a gel filled battery operated soft vibrator I had brought from my Europe tour. There was a light in her eyes. I said “sweety you are going to have two cocks today, and there is another surprise may be after 2 days” Well we got down to kissing and fondling again. Till we were fully naked.While sitting on me she was teasing me by licking the rubber cock in a sexy manner and rubbing over her tits.Finally it was time to insert. I told her “you’ll have my cock first” She lay down and I got on top and rubbed my cock over her pussy. She was moaning loudly rather very loud.She was rubbing the rubber cock over her lips. She was shouting at me “enter me dear, fuck me, fuck me hard” I was teasing her and she was crying. She was desperate and almost shouted “fuck me now or I will take this in” I pushed my cock in straight and she gave out a loud cry.As I started humping so her cries. She was letting out her moans (she had kept it for last 5 months) both of us were quite vocal now. I was asking her “how do you feel my cock in” and she was moaning loud “fuck me dear fuck me deep, hard harder”Next was the turn of twin cocks. As she lied down I went down and started inserting the rubber cock in. Initially she was hesitant but finally let it in. She was on moon now as I turned on the vibration. Her shouts were loud and she ordered me “I want yours in my mouth”She literally grabbed my cock and pulled it to her lips. I positioned my rod at her mouth and she gulped it in one go. What a sight. She was fucking herself and sucking mine in one go. I got in a 69 position, my rod still in her mouth and I was pumping her with a vibrator. Next she got up kneeling and said “c’mon now enter me from behind”.I got up went behind and inserted my cock from behind while inserted the other cock from front. She was on a high now. As I was fucking her and coordinating the motion with the vibrator. She was shouting “sweetheart this is the best sex of my life, c’mon fuck me fast and faster” I think our loud shouts could be heard till next three cottages. But no one was there and sound of waves was subduing them.Finally I got in front and entered again till we climaxed and let out my entire cum in her. We both were sweating she had a great satisfaction on her face. The great sex story was about to begin.Once after sunset as we were far on the beach alone sitting carelessly laying back. The water was touching our feet. She was in a frilled short frock and I was bare chested. The waves would hike up her dress often.We were just enjoying the moment. We were wet and I just told her “looking very sexy dear” and held her by waist my hand cupping her breast.She placed her hand over my cock. We saw no one on the beach (was about sunset) I lowered her shoulder straps and bend forward and started sucking her boobies. It tasted salty.The second strap down and I was sucking them hard. She was moaning loudly. She removed my shorts lowered my undies and started to suck on my cock. Water would come and hit our legs at times. We were enjoying the splash of the water. It was still evening and not fully dark and I asked her “wanna fuck now”We got up and spotted a large rock in the water. We went behind that. We were still half naked. Once behind I pushed against the rock and lifted her frock and started licking her pussy. The moans were very loud, but would fade in waves.She got down erzincan escort and sucked my cock again. The water was till our ankles. Lastly she said “fuck me now” and lifted her leg I inserted my hard cock in her and started pumping hard. She was trying to hold her balance as the water was hitting us often.I made her turn back and fucked her from behind. Till I climaxed and cummed over her nipples. A fantastic first time fuck session in open. But we were still waiting to have a sex on beach (as we saw it in a video)The island also offers beach tents at Radhanagar beach. It was really amazing. It was on other side of island few kms from resort. Our tent was just away from the beach ,with a soft bed and a fan. No light, only a lantern. An enclosed but open top toilet and a lantern outside.Few eats and soft drinks, umbrella and just two of us. And a scooty. There was no fear of any a****ls. We were the only ones there. The entire beach was to us (off season benefits). Also the thick forest behind the sea offered trekking tracks.Since there was nothing to do there (no TV computer newspaper magazine). The only thing we had was nature and its beauty to admire and admire each other (the best 4 days of my life). The resort people would send us b’fast lunch and dinner and snacks thrice a day. No habitation nearby. It was a natural bliss.Occasionally we could see some local tribal on the beach. The first thing we did was a stroll down the beach. Obviously in beach dress (bikinis and ultra small bikini tops and shorts). By evening it was an evolution.We were strolling in my very short and she was in bikini panties and had tied a colorful bandana over her breasts.After a while she removed that too. YES she was topless on the beach (her dream come true). It was as if we were in Europe or Brazil. My hand round her waist and cupping her breasts. The world was limited to just two of us. As the sun went down, we were thinking of our ultimate dream adventure. Sex on the beach. I sent up my handycam.After a dip in the sea, she turned towards me and held me tight, her lips exploring mine. We were kissing passionately. My hand went to her breasts and kneading them. Her moans were loud. She got down and lowered my shorts and I was stark naked. I kneeled and started kissing over her panties. I was sucking sea water from her panties.Soon I lowered them and we both were naked on beach. I started licking her pussy, she was holding my head and pressing against her dripping cunt. After a while I got up and she went down and was sucking my cock. I was thrusting my cock down till her throat.Once through, she sat up and I wanted to fuck her between her boobs. I positioned my cock there and she pressed her boob and I started titty fucking her. By this time we both were ready and desperate for real fuck.We stood up and I bent a little to get her to her level as she held my cock to guide her in her pussy. Once in I started stroking her. It was a sight as both of us were nakd standing and fucking in ankle deep water.Water was hitting our legs and she was moaning loud.Next we came out of water and I lied down on the sand and she climbed on me and sat on my tool and started jumping on me. The cries were getting loud. Both of us had sand over our body (except cock & pussy) and were feeling the saltyness in our cock and pussy but it was worth the effort. Meanwhile she got into reverse cowgirl position took support on my chest and she fucked me again.Next it was my turn to get on top. She was holding my cock and trying to guide it in, but I was doing naughty stuff till she shouted “fuck me darling” I now pushed my cock in her and stroking her madly.We both were moaning and shouting loudly. (We had held this for long time and it was our dream) It was loud OOOOh and AAAh going into the sea. I was shouting regularly “fuck you dear“ or “want more fuck” she was responding by saying “fuck me fast and fuck me hard, Tear me apart darling” my knees were rubbing in sand but I was not bothered.Finally I asked her to get up and bend forward and I entered her behind. Held her waist and pumping wildly. It was hard for us to stand steady but we managed. Finally I was about to climax. She sat down and took my cock to her mouth and I was thrusting in and out. Finally I cummed in her mouth and face. A dream come true for us to have sex in open.The next day was even adventurous. The island is all dense forest and hardly inhabited. Lots of trekking tracks inside. And there was no fear of any wild a****ls. The weather was great that day as it had rained a bit and was still cloudy. We decided to take a trek in the jungle.She wore a short tight skirt and a tube floral bra and a tight see through white short shirt with just a button. I was in shorts and half tshirt. We were walking hand in hand on the track till we spotted a small water body. A beautiful little spot with green soft area around with few rocks. We sat down besides on the soft grass admiring the nature and were having a soft drink and smoke.Suddenly it started drizzling and we decided to stay on. We got wet and her shirt was clinging to her body showing her flowery bra. She opened her shirt and I took off my tshirt and both of us lied down on grass feeling the rain. Suddenly she said “jaanu Kiss me now” And we got into a passionate long kiss on the grass. It was raining and I lifted her skirt. No panties underneath, I started licking her pussy. Despite the rain they were hot. She was moaning loudly.Few minutes later she was over me, sucking my cock wildly. The rain was light but continuous. She removed her bra and wore back the shirt. Today she was looking really sexy in a wet shirt tied in front and clinging to her body (sometimes girls look sexy with clothes on). Her skirt was hiked up and I said “I wanna fuck you here” She said “ready for you dear” and I climbed on her and straight away pushed in and started stroking.We wanted some more variety and got up and went to the rocks. It was merely drizzling now. Her shirt was open now and we moved to a spot which was muddy and with a fallen tree. She wanted some wild sex and said “lets get wilder” I gathered some wet mud from ground and started rubbing over her boobies and her tummy. She enjoyed, some more on her back & legs, and she also put lot of mud on my face, hairs and stomach.After some mud Holi we were looking junglees.She rested on the tree and looking at me said “sweetu my monkey, I wanna be fucked like a wild monkey” (my parents call me monkey at times out of love and so she teases me too) “yes I will my wild cat” And then next she bent forward on the tree and I entered her from behind and this time pumping her strongly. My crotch hitting her ass and I was holding her breasts tightly, almost squeezing her nipples. She was crying “jaanu its hurting” but I overheard and increased my strokes with jerks. She was shouting “fuck me harder don’t stop and fuck me wild, Oh my monkey fuck me”. I was getting faster and deeper.Suddenly she stopped and pushed me back on the çeşme escort mud and climbed over me. My back and her legs were buried in the wet mud and she was jumping over me. She was rather furious in her strokes. Lastly I got up and she sat down holding my cock, her mouth open and stroked my cock with her muddy hands. I sprayed my cum over her boobs and mouth. That was some wild jungle sexLastly the finale was yet to come. Our last evening in the island I planned a surprise for her as promised earlier (we had to get back to resort by night as next morning we were to depart) While she was resting, I made a set of lingerie’s with leaves and creepers. Using a string I managed to make a set of Bra and panties with some greens. I asked her to go out topless and have a dip in the sea. She was looking stunning while coming back, topless and wet.As she came back I presented them the leafy lingerie’s. There was a gleam in her eyes (as if it was a priceless jewel studded set) along with a crown made of green leaves. I could see tears in her eyes, tears of happiness. First time here she was looking pretty, not hot or horny.At sunset, I laid out a surprise party outside. No fancy stuff, just dinner provided by resort and with few coconuts and juicy fruits. A mat was laid out and few makeshift mashaal (made from wood pieces and dry leaves) around. Food was laid on banana leaves.As she came out wearing leafy lingerie and crown, she was looking like a gorgeous jungle queen. I also wrapped large leaves over my crotch. It was looking like jungle movie and two aboriginals.With mashaals around she commented “that’s a fiery and hot Dinner” and I replied “baby we are going to have Hotter Sex, Our last evening here has to be memorable” Finished food, we went for a small walk on the beach once back to tent we danced a bit (slow close sexy dance). She said “this is the best dinner I’ve had or will ever will” I said wait and pulled out a coconut and poured the water over her.I closed on her lips and kissed her hard. She was responding and kept on kissing for few minutes just holding each other. It was a more sensual moment. She sat down reclined back with a cigarette and enjoyed the pampering. I squeezed few juicy fruits over her breasts and licked her stomach. Went on for a while till she said “My dear I want to have a real banana now” and squeezed my cock.She sat up torn off leaves from me, squeezed some fruits over my cock and started licking. Some more juice and finally took the entire cock in. She was licking it madly like a hungry cow. I removed her and tore off the leaves from her body. Both of us were nude now.We stood up and embraced each other tight and did some close romantic sensuous dance. We were celebrating out last day in island. I suggested we go and have a last dip in the sea.We walked hand in hand, naked to the sea and took a dip, spent few seconds in the water. I said “jaanu lets go back and I am waiting to enter your pussy ” We walked back and straight away I got held her tight, lowered myself and adjusted my cock. She parted her legs a bit and parted her pussy, held my cock and guided my rod in. I started stroking her initially slow and then fast. It was difficult for us to stand but we were doing.After a while I turned her, asked her to bend (while standing only and entered her from behind. I held her hand pulled back and started stroking her violently. We both were crying loudly. I said “sweetu, let this be the best fuck of our trip”After a while we sat down and she came over in my lap and positioned my cock up her dripping pussy (this is our most favorite pose).We were now face to face and she was jumping up and down my rod in my lap. Her boobies brushing my chest. She was moaning loud and said “Sweetheart, let this be the best sex of our trip, I am all yours today, do whatever you want, Fuck me hard, screw me hard”Suddenly she got up went in and brought out the rubber cock (was unused for few days). Once back she asked me to sit back and started doing seductive dance with vibrator in hand. She would rub the same at her pussy, between her boobs and like so. I was getting restless and tried to get up but she angrily said “sit down, today is my day, and I will fuck you”Next she inserted the vibrator in her pussy and started fucking herself with loud moans. I shouted “jaanu that’s not fair, that belongs to me” she smiled and said “give that banana in my mouth first” As I got up she pulled my cock and took deep in her mouth.With the other hand she was fucking herself with the vibrator. She ordered me “lick my cunt now” and as I did she was sucking the other cock. She looked quite desperate.And then pushed me back on the sand and climbed over me, held my erect cock and guided in her pussy. Today she was doing very slowly, as she was trying to be more sensuous than horny. A slow movement over my cock, even I was enjoying. She was sucking on the other cock in an erotic fashion.Next she switched to reverse cow girl position, arched back to rest her hands on my chest and started stroking with a rhythm. It was a loud ooohhh, aaahhh on the beach. She asked me to insert the rubber cock in her.While she was resting on my chest I struggled to insert the vibrator in her fuck hole. As she started stroking long and slow, so did me with the vibrator. She was is ecstasy, pinching her boobs and moaning loud.After some time I pushed her down and got on top. I wanted to tease her, I was just rubbing tip of my cock against her pussy. She was getting hyper and was trying to thrust up her hips to take my cock in. I was really naughty at that moment.I wanted her to really beg for sex. She was shouting almost “fuck me darling, pareshaan mat karo, push your cock in FUCK me now” She said in a soft smiling tone “jaanu if you don’t enter me, I am going to run to the nearby village and find the first person to fuck me” I said “don’t think of any other cock except this and I pushed my cock in gently. She was in joy and said “c’mon push it fast, push it deep” I finally rammed in and started humping her madly and violently. My hands resting on her breasts and massaging them. Our sex was getting really vigorous and noisy.As we were climaxing I asked her “Where do you want me to cum today” she was moaning and in that seductive voice s aid “Jaan today cum inside me fully, don’t worry we’re safe”. I increased my strokes more deep and fast.Our voices were increasing I was saying “Baby it’s the best sex of my life so far, c’mon, take that cock deep”. A loud OOOH and AAAh and fuck me was echoing on the beach. I wanted to slow down as I was going to come, but she wanted to go on and was crying “baby don’t stop, Fuck me hard, fuck me more and more”.She was holding me tight and pulling towards her. Her nails digging deep in my flesh. She was really sounding desperate. She was crying out loud “please please dont stop, c’mon dear Fuck me more fuck me hard please” I was trying to be as deep as possible. Finally I threw all my hot cum in her. She did’nt want to stop as she continued to thrust her hips up to take my cock in. Her moans were continuous “don’t stop please fuck me”Finally I collapsed over her. And we kept lying there embracing each other for some time.A great journey came to an end but gave us moments cherished for lifelong. We still remember our honeymoon and some great wild and beach sex.

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