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Subject: Uncovering Thomas at the Fair (Incest) *** This story and its dialogue are a written adaptation of the manga by kedamono (Tori Harami) *** *** Feel free to reach out to me or seek out all their illustrated works *** Disclaimer: The following contains explicit scenes of male sex and a variety of consensual activities. This story may not be copied or posted to any other websites without explicit permission from the author. If any of this content is offensive to you or illegal to access in your geography, please do fty//gay/adult-youth/doctor-tom/ *** feedback always welcome to ail *** The sun was high in the air, without a cloud in sight. The height of summer was beating down on mine and my young nephews’ backs as the Ferris wheel turned, creaking and grinding as we rotated our way around, reaching the very highest point. Most people would think of doing something like this with a kid my age as a pain, but not for me. I liked the boy, and this was just one of many cool times I got to spend time with him. We were at an amusement park, high above ground, spending time together in one of those very rare, very special moments. “We’re so high up!” the boy exclaimed excitedly, leaning over the side. “Geez, Thomas, be careful, you don’t want to fall over the edge!” We were on a Ferris Wheel, and our seat was at the very top. He was dangling half on the seat, half over the edge, his brown cargo short-covered butt kneeling over the side, sending me images of a young boy plummeting to the ground to the forefront of my imagination. There was only a slight breeze, but it would have taken barely a nudge for him to have lost balance and gone toppling over the edge. “I won’t fall,” the eleven-year-old boy assured me. “There are bars here, see?” “You really like the tall rides, huh?” “Yeah! And you don’t have to worry Uncle, they make them totally safe!” Thomas was such a cute looking boy and was growing up to be quite a confident young man. He was brave and good-looking, and he knew it. His dad was American and his mother was Puerto Rican, giving his skin a gorgeous caramel texture. He was outgoing, confident, and, at most, naïve. “I’m sure they do, buddy, but I’m pretty sure your parents wouldn’t be too happy if I returned with their son all mangled and broken. Come back, sit down properly, and just look from there, okay? ” Thomas and I had a special bond. I wasn’t his parent or anything, istanbul travesti but because of the many good times Thomas and I shared when we hung out, he always gave me no trouble. Today was no exception. He did as I asked, despite the fact that I am sure his adrenalin was off the scale with all the sights and noises around him. He plonked himself back in his seat across from me, facing me directly. His white soccer shirt and shorts always made him look so adorable, and he wore them all year round, showing off his fit, hairless youth. I drank him in. I was pretty well hidden in the closet about my feelings about other guys. His parents didn’t know about me, and I hadn’t told Thomas, but I had fantasized many times about what this cute little body might look like in the nude. “So…” he said, staring back at me, trying to read my thoughts. “This is kinda getting boring now. What do you want to do? ” Despite being his uncle, we didn’t really have a whole lot in common to talk about. We sat there staring at each other for a moment. And as the awkward silence drew on, I was starting to wonder just how long we would have to stay up at the top. I looked him over, my heart yearning. This could be the moment, the only moment, where I could get what I had always wanted. I decided to try my luck. “Didn’t you say you wanted to get that new 3DS a while ago? ” I asked. “Still want me to buy one for you?” “For real?!” “Sure, I can buy you one when we get back down. But on one condition. ” Here goes, I thought to myself. I wondered how he might react. “What’s that?” he asked excitedly. “Let me see your dick.” And in that moment, his whole expression changed. His face drained. No doubt he wanted that game, but I don’t think in a million years he was expecting me to ask him something like that. “What? You mean right here? ” He asked, looking around us. I liked that he hadn’t flat out said no. “Yep!” “But what if someone sees?” “Don’t worry about that. There is no way anyone can see us when we’re high up like this. What do you say? ” “…I do want a new 3DS….” His young face was warped with thought as he weighed up his options. Every one of his friends had a 3DS, and he desperately wanted one as well. But then he would have to show me his dick if he wanted it. Quite a predicament for his little brain to cope with. Remembering myself back at his age, it was certainly kadıköy travesti a big deal to ask someone to show you their dick. The noises of the fairground echoed around us, hooting and music. His face contorted back to determination. “Okay, I’ll do it…” he finally let out. “YES!” I said, probably a bit louder than I should have. “You swear you’ll buy it for me if I do this?” He demanded. “I promise!” Once more, his expression changed, now to one of nervousness. I decided to keep my cool and just watch the little show. Hopefully, the Ferris wheel won’t move before I get to see it! His hand dropped to his lap, unbuttoning and unzipping his shorts. My eyes were locked on his crotch, trying to commit everything to memory. I got a flash of red. Briefs, perhaps? No, the seam on the top of them was more like plain red boxers. Rooting further inside, he pulled his soft boy penis out of the top. His small, 2-inch sausage now lay across the top of his shorts. “There…” he said shyly, with his penis now out in the open. “Oooh, very nice. ” I replied. “Is that good enough?” he asked, moving to tuck himself back in again. “Not yet. You need to keep it out for at least 30 seconds. ” “Huh?!… One… Two… Oh man… ” I took the opportunity to drink the rest of his naked genitals in. His balls were still hidden inside his clothes, but as for the rest, there was no hair to speak of. His sleepy member lay limply against the middle of his shorts, the tiny pink hint of glans hiding from within the end of his puckered foreskin. His penis moved slightly. Perhaps I wasn’t the only one turned on by this. His penis slowly drifted across the side slightly before tipping up. His cock, while still fairly small, was now pointing upwards, slowly becoming erect. I could see Thomas still counting the seconds, wanting to put himself away before too much longer. “Does pulling out your dick in a place like this get you excited?” “No. It just does this sometimes. I don’t know why. ” Thomas replied, staring down at his growing boner. “Can I touch it?” “NO!” Thomas protested. His face was blushing with red, but I wanted more. As he grew harder, his foreskin unraveled, revealing the end of his penis. It was irresistible not to take it further. It looked so soft and hot. “Tell you what. If you let me touch it, Thomas, I’ll buy Monster Hunter for you too.” I decided. “Huh? Really? Monster bakırköy travesti Hunter too?! ” His young voice replied. “Yep! But you have to let me play with it until we get moving again. ” “Okay… This is so awkward. ” With that, I saw him visibly gulp and push his shorts down further. He pushed them part way down his thighs, but it was enough for his balls to be exposed to the fresh air. There they were, perched between his now spread knees. His inner thighs looked delicious, framing his boy cock and balls. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle,” I assured him, even gulping myself, opening my hand, and wrapping it around his hot, turgid little erection. “Ngh…,” he muttered when I first touched him. His small cock was just the right size to fit into my single hand. His foreskin moved up and down his length freely and easily. We both watched as I moved the skin up and down, his excess skin enveloping his cockhead completely, only to pull back taut down towards his balls, the tip of his cock unravelling like a tiny pink cherry. “Does your dick feel good when I do this?” I asked him softly. He didn’t reply, but his little moans and noises of satisfaction told me he did. I noticed a little extra juice had expelled from his peehole as well, a little precum able to produced to help things along. His penis felt like it was vibrating in my hand, and as much as his face was turned to the side, I could see a relaxed, pleasured look on his face. “You’re moaning pretty loudly.” “Ah, yea, it feels good. But you better stop. ” “Oh yeah? How about when I do this? ” I suggested, ignoring his concerns and picking up the pace. He squirmed in his seat, but didn’t pull away as I stroked his cock up and down faster. I couldn’t believe how hard his young boy cock was, his little balls contracting with delight from my experienced hand. “Ah stop!” Thomas cried out, as his whole body started to jerk and shiver. “What’s wrong?” “I’m going to pee!” “You’ll be fine. Just let it out. ” “Ah no, stop… uh… ahhh” His hands darted to mine on his penis, but it was too late. His gooey clear white cum squirted from his tip. There wasn’t much of it, as it dribbled out of his pee hole, running down his cocklett. He was panting and a little flushed from his new feelings. “A lot came out, didn’t it? Did that feel good? ” I asked. “I… don’t know.” Our chair suddenly started to move at last. Taking some tissues, I wiped some of his cream off of his penis, which had dribbled down towards his balls, and some on his lower tummy. “Hey, cheer up. You’re getting a 3DS and Monster Hunter! ” “You better buy them!” Thomas shouted back at me. *** feedback always welcome to ail ***

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