19 Ocak 2023

Unexpected Compensation From my Neighbor


One cloudy afternoon after school I arrived home after my team’s soccer practice. As I approached my driveway I saw Ms. Ferguson, my neighbor from across the street. As I turned into the drive I gave her a wave and she reciprocated. I thought quickly to myself it’d been a couple months since I had seen her. Just before summer, her marriage hit the skids, and her then husband packed up and moved out. No one really knew the full story, but it did come out that he had started an affair with a college intern at his accounting firm. It struck the guys on the block as odd given Ms. Ferguson was only in her early thirties, had dirty blonde hair that cascaded down just past her shoulder blades. She had, what I would describe as an athletic physique. Not rail thin, but also not chunky. Toned just enough that her figure accentuated her ample breasts and shapely ass.After I had parked and gotten my backpack, I went to the mailbox to retrieve the day’s batch. Just as I began to head back towards the house, Ms. Ferguson called out.”Hey Andy, do you think you could give me a hand with something? I just got back from the electronics store. I had to get  new TV and I can’t get it into the house.””Uh, yeah sure. I’ll be over in a couple minutes, let me just get this stuff inside.”While inside my house, I dropped the mail on the kitchen table, then went to my room to drop my bag off. While there, I took a minute to check myself in a mirror and to spray a little cologne on just to freshen up after my school day and soccer practice. I then headed across the street. Ms. Ferguson met me in the driveway, using her key fob to open the back of her SUV.”Thank you so much for your help with this. I had to get a new one because over the weekend my ex came for the last of his crap and took the TV with him.” she lamented.”No worries Ms. Ferguson its no trouble. And sorry again about your divorce.” I said trying to be polite.I went about getting the TV out of her SUV and into the house. She had bought a 55″ screen, so it was a bit of a chore to get inside her house. Once I got it inside, Ms. Ferguson thanked me with a hug. It seemed to be tighter and more prolonged than the situation called for. Not that I was complaining. The way her breasts were pressed against me made my dick begin to wake from its slumber.”Do you want me to set this up for you Ms. Ferguson?” I asked breaking the embrace.”Oh no, you don’t have to do that. I’m sure you have other things you need to do. Other people you bahçesehir escort need to be with.” She replied with a slightly raised eyebrow. Her response puzzled me. People I need to be with? What was she insinuating?I don’t have anything going on, plus this TV is fairly heavy. It wouldn’t be any trouble since I’m already here.” I assured her. “I’m just gonna run home and grab a few things to assemble the base”With that, I was off. It couldn’t have been more than ten minutes and I was back at Ms. Ferguson’s. In the time I was gone, she had changed her clothes. Gone were her somewhat conservative jeans and sweatshirt. Now she was adorned with a pair of body clinging workout pants and a sheer V-neck t-shirt. Very little was left to the imagination. How everything clung to her curves was stunning. Hoping not to get caught staring, and before my swelling cock became fully erect, I got started on the TV.”Can I help you with anything, Andy?” Ms. Ferguson offered.”No, I think I’m good for right now, Ms. Ferguson,” I replied.”Please call me Kelly. Ms. Ferguson makes me sound way too old. I’m only thirty two, so no need to be so formal.” She shot back. “Besides, Ferguson was my bastard husband’s last name, so fuck that!””Whatever you want, Ms. Ferg, er, Kelly.” was my fumbled response.While I was finishing up the base assembly, Kelly got up out of her chair and began standing mere feet away to my left.”I really do appreciate you doing all this for me Andy. In hindsight, I’d have never been able to get this stuff figured out.”Yeah, no worries.” I replied, looking over to see her eyes directed at my crotch. “I’m just about finished, I assume you want this over on that stand over there.””Yeah that’s where the old one was before my douche bag husband took it” she retorted.”Well, Kelly, yes, he’s a douche for leaving you, but I’m betting you’re better off and you’ve now got a better television out of it. Once I get the wires hooked up you’ll be set to go.” I fired back.Biting her lower lip, she reached out grabbing my arm, running her grip along my forearm, “Thanks, hun, you’re so sweet.”I got the television to its spot, hooked up all the wires, and turned it on. I scrolled through the menus to make sure everything was on the proper settings and it was working.”Well, everything seems to be working fine, Ms. Fer, Kelly,” I said scrolling through her channels.”Great Andy, but can you come sit and show me the remote, I want to make sure I don’t beylikdüzü bayan escort wind up messing up the settings.”I sat on her couch, and Kelly followed. Her right leg contacting my left. Leaning toward me, she placed her hand on my thigh. I glanced over seeing her shirt drape off her slightly, showing me a nice view of her cleavage. The placement of her hand caused my dick to instantly harden, and my mouth to dry out like the Sahara.”Umm, ok, Ms., Kelly, you only need this remote for both the TV and the cable box.” I stammered, trying to remain focused.”Great Andy, that will make things much easier for me.” she answered moving closer and running her hand towards my inner thigh.”Now obviously I know what the numbers will do, but what about all those up above them?” she quizzed.As I answered her questions and showed her the different features of her cable system, she continued to incrementally edge herself closer to until her breasts were pressed up against my arm. Her hand also had continued to travel the inside of my thigh and was on an upward trajectory towards, my now rather apparent erection.”Now before you go, I have to compensate you for all your help today,” Kelly said through a mischievous grin.Her hand had found my cock, and she was running along it from stem to stern. All I could do was sit there, motionless, blankly staring in her direction.Kelly brought her head towards mine, looked straight into my eyes, and said, “You know, before we split, my ex and I had stopped having sex even before he moved out.””Uh, ok.” was all the response I could muster in my daze.Kelly pulled my leg towards her, spreading me open and began to unfasten my belt.”I have a confession to make Andy,” she said. “I know about you and Emily. Over the summer I would see you sneaking into each other’s houses most afternoons. One of those afternoons, when you went to her place, I snuck over to the fence and saw you guys by her pool. I watched Emily give you a blow job. She was standing in the pool, you were sitting on the edge, your back towards me, your legs hanging in the water.””So you spied on us?” I retorted.”Spied is a strong term. I’d say observed. And from what I saw, even from a distance, I was impressed.” Kelly countered.By now Kelly had her hand tucked into my boxers, lightly stroking my dick, ensuring it was fully hard.”You should be proud of this Andy,” she assured me. “Without seeing it, I can tell this bigger than my husband’s. escort beylikdüzü How big is it?””I’ve never really measured it,” I tried to coolly say.Kelly would have none of that. She simply just looked at me with a “Who the fuck do you think you’re kidding”expression.”Alright, it’s just shy of eight inches.” I conceded”Mmm, impressive. And you’ll probably get a little bigger before you’re finished. My husband was only six and a half, and not nearly as thick. Emily is a lucky girl.” Kelly lauded.With that information, I seemed to find my confidence. My hand went to her wrist, stopping her from stroking me.”Don’t you mean ex husband?” I questioned. Biting her lip, she shook her head affirmatively.”Now, about you seeing this…” I trailed off spreading my legs fully open and sliding forward on the couch.  I looked at her with a devilish smirk and moved my head downward towards the space between my legs.Kelly got the intended message. As she was slinking down onto her knees, I leaned back into the couch, lifted my hips and slid my jeans and boxers down. Kelly latched onto them and pulled them all the way down to the floor. My cock flopped back onto my stomach. Kelly didn’t need any instructions or encouragement. She leaned forward and ran her tongue along the entire length of the underside of my dick. Then used her tongue to later my balls.Taking my left ball in her mouth, she rolled it around her mouth like she was swilling mouthwash. She then alternated to the right and repeated her work. As she inched her way back to my tip with her tongue. I leaned back into the couch, my arms draped on top of the backrest.”Go ahead Kelly, take my cock in your mouth.” I encouraged while she was twirling her tongue around the head of my dick.She didn’t need to be told twice. Without a second thought, Kelly’s lips enclosed around my staff. Her suction drew me in, little by little. My eyes closed, head tilted skyward, breathing deeply. It wasn’t long she had me fully inside her mouth. That shot my eyes wide open.”Oh Kelly, that’s amazing. Emily can’t get me all the way in like that!” I exclaimed”Give her some time, she’ll get there.” her muffled response, my cock still in the confines of her mouth.Kelly alternated the speed and depth in which my cock passed into her mouth. She’d expertly work just the tip and stroke my shaft with one hand and fondle my balls with the other. Then she’d change things up, fully engulfing my dick, her saliva coating my balls. I leaned forward on the couch, allowing me to reach down to Kelly’s tits. I started kneading them over the shirt. While still blowing me, she lifted her shirt over her breasts, freeing them from captivity, allowing me unfettered access.”Damn Kelly, your ex is a fool to be giving this up.” I breathlessly spoke.

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