25 Nisan 2023

Veronica’s Story Ch. 02


Warning: This story involves father/daughter incest with very strong BDSM overtones. If either of these subjects is offensive to you, please do not read any further.

The snap of the whip cracked in the air like the sound of thunder. Moments later followed by a burning sting as the whip made contact upon my skin. The words “Thank you, Master,” utter from my mouth as the whip is withdrawn in preparation of the next strike.

Over the last several months as Master has begun my training, he has been testing my tolerance to various implements. He started with the crop than moved on to a variety of different types of floggers. Then to paddles both leather and wooden. But now Master had moved on to the whip.

But I am jumping ahead. There has been so much more to my training. Let me back up a little.

Master began by introducing me to the crop. He began by giving my bottom a few good slaps on a Saturday night with the crop while I was tied bent over the side of his bed. Next came a multitude of several different types of floggers. Then came different types of paddles over the next few weeks. After the paddles next came the cane. As I was introduced to each new implement I would be instructed to kneel at the side of his bed. My wrists were tied together then my arms stretched across the bed and secured to the other side.

Master would start my introduction to each new implement with ten good hard slaps and as I counted each one the words “One, Thank You Master. May this Bitch please have another,” were spoken from my lips. I count each one up until the last in which my reply came “Ten, thank you Master for teaching this Bitch to be a better slave.”

Once I had been introduced to all four of the different types of implements Master would randomly choose a different implement each week. As each week went by Master increased both the number and intensity of his stripes. Also, the area upon my body in which he would strike also changed. At first only my bottom took the brunt of his blows. But other areas soon followed. My back, chest, breasts, and thighs all felt the sting. I quickly got to a point where I could easily take the paddle and the crop, but the cane still remained very painful.

Someone looking at our household from the outside would not see anything unusual happening within the walls of our home. Just a nineteen-year-old daughter living with widowed father while she went to school and worked part-time. All of our neighbors would see us coming and going like nothing out of the ordinary was happening inside. Except that there was.

One strange thing that did happened was that Master installed a lock on the door to the empty spare bedroom between our bedrooms. He would spend a few hours almost every night working in the room. I was not allowed to see what he was doing in there. But I could hear lots of hammering and sawing.

When I arrived home in the afternoon either from work or school I would immediately go to my room. There I would strip, then take a shower. At least once a week usually more often I would shave away all the hair from below my neck paying most importantly to those hairs growing between my legs framing my cunt.

After showering and drying off next I would put my green slave collar on around my neck and insert a well lubricated butt plug into my ass. Master has yet to actually fuck my ass, but I know that he will eventually. Why else would he have made it mandatory that I keep one in place for several hours each evening. I would spend the rest of the evening naked as I performed the daily tasks of cleaning, laundry and preparing the evening meal.

Master began my anal training just a few nights after fucking me for the first time. I had just finished cleaning the kitchen after the evening meal and as I entered the living room and knelt in front of Master as I had been taught. Master said, “It’s time.” It was then that I noticed the butt plug he had in his hand.

“Bend over, Present your ass. I want you to keep this in your ass, until I take it out tomorrow morning.”

Master lubed it up and pushed. Of course, I screamed as the widest part stretched into me. It was by far bigger than anything I had ever experienced back there before. Having only let one guy fuck me in the ass so far. When it slipped in and my asshole closed around it. There was still pain but also some relief.

Master then handed me $5.00, “Walk down to the convenience store. Get me a bag of chips.”

I was in shock and yes, still in pain. I could barely stand up let alone walk.

“Walking will help you adjust.”

Master dressed me in a short leather skirt and a tank top, no bra and no panties and a pair of my four-inch heels. Two inches above the hem of the skirt, was the base of the butt plug. Just before I left, he said, “You only have 20 minutes. You better hurry!”

I was so horribly horny at walking down the street with no underwear and a plug in my ass. The walking did help, but every step was still a chore, Silivri Escort the plug seemed to have a mind of its own. Inside me I could feel it move with every step. The feeling of having my asshole “open” was just incredible. I thought I was going to drop that damn plug on the sidewalk halfway there.

When I returned home, trembling and shaking, Master was in his chair naked. I dropped to my knees and sucked him off while he ate his chips. Holding his cock in my hand, I could not imagine that monster in my ass. He was huge, twice the size and much longer than the plug that already felt like a football inside me at the moment.

When I had made Master cum, I wanted desperately to go to my room and masturbate, I was so horny, I really needed an orgasm. But instead Master stood me up and cuffed my hands behind my back. I softly protested but he threatened to spank me if I did not be quiet. He took me to the couch and tied my ankles together and added a ball gag. Then bent me over the armrest. There I was all tied up and plugged in front of him, wiggling around like I was cooking on a grill. My cunt was soaked, I wanted to cum so bad it hurt. With my legs tied together, the butt plug seemed to double in size.

“Have a good night slave girl!” Master chuckled as he went off to his own room.

That was not the last time Master tied me up over the arm of the couch with a plug in my ass. Many times, after tying me up with my ass plugged Master would just sit there and watch TV. I could not believe he was sitting there with the TV on. Me bent over on my stomach I would actually try to hump the couch, trying to cum. An hour later Master turned off the lights, patted me on the ass, turned my face to look into my eyes and went to bed.

“I told you I want you plugged all night,” he reminded me. “I know as soon as you got to your room you would surrender to your body and take it out, I also know how badly you want to cum right now. The ache is the best part, The pain you’re feeling is stronger than your need to relieve yourself isn’t it?…..is there a plug in your ass because you need to cum?…..or do you need to cum, because there’s a plug inside you?”

He ungagged me and said, Be quiet.”

I begged him, “Master, please don’t leave me like this.”

In the morning Master returned. He just smiled at me and unzipped his pants moved my head over to the edge of the couch. Master fucked my face like a madman. He went right for the kill; his cock was jammed balls deep into my throat over and over. I was gagging and choking but he did not stop. After a few minutes, he started forcing his cock all the way down my throat and holding it there until I nearly passed out. He pulled back and gave me a few panicked breaths and then slammed back in again.

Several long agonizing minutes later he started to cum.

As he grunted. “I’m going in all the way, right down your throat, I’m gonna cum my little cock slut, right down your throat. There it is, swallow it, swallow my cum!”

Master erupted right into my throat. It was too deep to swallow, it just poured into my throat and stayed there like hot lead, pasting my throat and halfway to my stomach. He slid out and I was too sore to swallow. The last few dribbles of his cum went into my mouth and he gagged me again! As I laid there in tears, gasping desperately for a breath, for air, for a way to get his cum out of my mouth and down my throat, he left. He did not return to untie me until just before he left for work.

On other evenings Master would continue his teaching me everything that I proper slave should know.

First, I was taught how to properly walk. Back straight, head up, but eyes still looking down. Walk with full confident steps. Arms to be always at my side he instructed. Never to walk in front of or to the side of my Master. Always slightly behind and slightly to the left or right. Master had my walking around the house for hours each night practicing. Often with a butt plug in my ass.

Once I learned how to properly walk next came proper collar and leash training. Master had me kneel at his side attaching a leash to my training collar. “A slave is to never walk upright when being led on a leash if all four limbs remain free,” Master instructed. “Move with your head straight in front of you, but eyes down. This will allow you to see my feet. When I stop, you stop. Turn left or right you keep right beside me,” he went on. “The leash is never to be tight. Never pull on the leash. Learn to anticipate my moves. Eventually you will be able to detect the ever so small changes in direction or motion from the slightest of changes in tension from the leash.”

This all went really great for the first few weeks as Master led me around the house crawling alongside him. I got to a point where I could easily keep up beside him. I was beginning to really be able to easily anticipate is moves just by slight changes in the pull of the Şirinevler Escort leash attached to my collar. This all changed during one training session when Master after attaching his leash then proceeded to blindfold me as well. Every timer Master moved or changed direction I felt the leash go tight and tug on my collar. But as the lesson progressed little by little, I got better at sensing Master’s movements. With my sight taken away my other senses heightened to the point I could react to just the slightest tension put on the leash. When Master stopped, I was to immediately heel by his side. Kneeling down resting my buttocks on the back of my ankles. Arms place behind my back. Chest out to display my tits.

Then there were all the many different positions Master taught me. All of the proper ways in which a slave stands, kneels, squats, and how to display or present the many different parts of my body.

He started with Attention; arms boxed behind my back with each hand grasping the wrist of the opposite arm. Back is straight, head up but eyes still looking down.

Inspection was the next standing position. Similar to attention but instead of arms behind the back fingers are interlaced on the back of my head.

Both Attention and Inspection have a kneeling variation but instead of feet shoulder width apart the knees are now shoulder width apart. Buttocks are not to be resting on the back of my ankles.

The relax or waiting positions came next. Kneeling with knees slightly apart, hands resting on thighs with ass resting on heels. Back still straight, head up, eyes down.

Next came the many different positions for displaying a particular part of my body. I was taught several positions that each would display my chest, ass or cunt. Whether he wished to admire that part of my body or punish it depended on the lesson being taught.

There were many more. Too many to mention them all here. But each I practiced over and over until I could assume each and every one instantly and without hesitation upon command.

Many nights Master would order me to assume a certain position while he watched a baseball came on TV. I would remain in the ordered position for an entire inning. When the inning finished, Master would command me to assume a different position. Or sometimes he would order me to fetch him a fresh beer or other snack before acquiring a new position for the remainder of the next inning.

On another note since graduating from high school and I was no longer playing any sports or getting any real exercise any more. Master decided that I need to keep my strength up, so I was ordered to start jogging several times a week. Master provide me with the skimpiest pair of jogging shorts and the tights top that I had ever worn. I got plenty of stares as jogged around the neighborhood. Especially from the many teenaged boys I ran past.

Master also paid for me to have membership at the local gym. There I would work out on strengthening the different parts of my body. The gym also had a lap pool and I quickly discovered a love of swimming and even more how it improved my muscle tone.

Several months into my training it was Saturday morning, I was off all weekend. At breakfast I did my morning blowjob under the table. I was naked of course except for my green training collar. After Master came in my mouth, he set my plate on the floor so that I could eat my own breakfast with the taste of his cum still in my mouth.

After breakfast as I washed the dishes over the sink Master came up behind me. I felt him reach around me with his right hand. A finger pressed in to me, then two. “You are wet for your Master aren’t you Slave,” he whispered into my ear.

“Slave is always wet for her Master,” I replied.

Next, I felt something pressing at my other hole. A well lubricated plug was being forced into it. One that felt much bigger than any I had except within my back hole so far.

“You are to wear this for the rest of the day until I remove it this evening,” Master spoke, “Do you understand Slave.”

“Yes, Master, Slave understands.”

For the rest of the day I went about my chores with my ass plugged.

It was not until after dinner and I had finished cleaning the kitchen and joined Master in the living room kneeling in front of him. My naked body on full display.

“It’s time” Master said, then stood. A leash dropped from his hand dangling by his fingers. The other end he attached to my collar. He pulled a blind fold from his pocket. Following his lead, I crawled after him down the hall way. Pausing briefly, I heard a door open. When he stopped, I immediately heeled at his side as I had been taught.

When the blindfold was pulled from off of my eyes, I found myself in a room I did not recognize. It had once been the spare bedroom between our rooms. But it now looked nothing like it had before.

The walls were covered by dark wood paneling from Şişli Escort floor to ceiling. In one corner was a pillory. In another corner stood a St. Andrews Cross bolted to the wall. The wood was unfinished but stained dark. Darker than the walls in the room. Soft lighting that flickered like torches gave the room a dim and foreboding look. From overhead beams two pulleys with steel cable attached to electric wenches hung down to take care of any needs for suspension one would have. Around the walls of the room there were constructed racks holding all sorts of crops, floggers, and paddles. There were also many different cuffs, chains and other implements of restraint around the room. Not only did this placement enhance they overall visual feel for this dungeon, there being no other word to now describe this transformation, all were now with in an arm’s reach for when they might be required for their primary purpose.

“How to you like your new special room, my Slave,” Master asked.

I was speechless but finally was able to utter, “This is what you have been working on in secret. This Slave loves it Master.”

Master lead me crawling to a piece of furniture in the center of the room. It looked similar to a chest press machine one would find in a gym. It had a short seat with an inclined back that could be adjusted to different angles. Leather cuffs were attached to it for securing either a person’s arms and/or legs.

As I sat on the small bench seat Master secured my arms to either side. Then retrieving some other restrains from a nearby shelf he attached an ankle cuff to my left leg. A small chain running from the cuff he attached with a clip near my left arm. The short length of the chain forced my leg back pressing my thigh into my chest. He next secured my right leg in a similar manner. The effect had both my legs pulled apart. My thighs almost pressing in to my chest. I had never felt so vulnerable and exposed. Master began to undress. When it was released his massive cock stood out rigid from his body. He pulled the butt plug from out of my ass.

“Tell me what you want Slave?”

“Fuck this Slave Master, Fucker her hard. Fucker her in her ass. Please fuck her! Fuck her in the ass!”

“Once I start fucking your ass I’m not going to stop until I’m done. Do you understand Slave?”

“Yes, Master use this Slave. Use her ass.”

Master started to finger my ass. He added some more lubrication. Then squeezed some onto his cock and work it up and down with his strong hands. He started again fingering my ass. First one finger then two. He teased me, getting me aroused. I could feel my cunt was dripping, but tonight was all about my ass. My cunt would go ignored tonight.

Master moved closer to me. His cock rock hard. The large head looked too big to fit inside of me. He pressed it against my hole. I jumped a little trying instinctively to get away. Then he started to push.

I watched as his cock disappeared into my ass an inch at time. At only half way in I already felt full. I closed my eyes trying to relax. He was still moving deeper and deeper. I shook my head frantically. My asshole felt like it was being ripped apart.

Master placed his hands on my hips and started pushing harder. This made his invasion of my ass easier. But I thought how much more of him could there be. How deep could he go?

Master paused a second then pulled back a little. I felt a wave of disappointment that I had been unable to take him all. He stopped. Then I felt more lube being dribbled on my ass before I could have time to react, he stabbed back into me. He balls slapped in to my upturned buttocks. I had taken all of him.

Master started slowly. A long slow pullout. Followed by stabbing back into me. My insides felt like they were being ripped apart. He was fucking me and there was nothing I could do to stop him. My asshole felt like it was on fire. I screamed until I could not scream anymore. My lungs started to ache. I fought to breathe. His stokes continued slow and steady. Breaking me in. Introducing me to what my life would be like from now on.

At first were there was pain that was now turning to lust, to arousal, to admitting to myself that I need to be used in this way. It was something I needed. Something I craved.

This was the longest fuck of my life. It went on and on and on. I could feel an orgasm growing inside me and prayed it would arrive before Master finished. The punishment for coming without given permission would be worth it. He was fucking me faster and harder. He was close to coming now. Every time his balls slapped my buttocks, I got closer. I was drenched in sweat, gurgling and grunting like a pig, he was destroying me, my body was all his.

He slammed into me like an animal. I was in agony, he was so incredibly deep, touching me where nothing had ever touched me before. As my orgasm began to blossom, he erupted. His grunts were as loud as mine, he had never cum so hard. I could feel the heat of him filling me, the throbbing and his weight on top of me.


My own orgasm erupted. My body went limp and pulled against my restraints at the same time.

He lay on top of me for several long moments.

When Master finally did pull out, it felt like he was pulling my insides out with him.

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