6 Mayıs 2023

Vinny’s Mistake


Well, as you may have read in my last fun encounter with Vinny, like an idiot I allowed some pictures to be taken. Big mistake! If my husband sees them, I could be in a lot of trouble, maybe even jeopardize my marriage. Yes, we have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” polyamorous relationship but I love my husband with all my heart. The latest sex I’d had was with my husband followed by a swingers’ party — and, before that, it was my awesome night with Vinny. That said, let me go back to what happened last Thursday.It began like any other routine day: wake, go to work and all the boring stuff. Around two in the afternoon, things changed. I received a text from an unknown number. The message stated my name but nothing else.I replied, ‘Yes?’A few minutes later, another text arrived — showing a huge, uncircumcised cock. It was awesome and I stared at it a few times. It was long, thick and accompanied by vast balls that were shaved bald. I sent a text: ’Who is this?’  The reply came… another picture Kadıköy Escort of this perfect cock. I was thinking, Okay who is it? when the next picture arrived. This was different — a picture of a bondage collar with a short chain leash. And, at last, I saw words: ‘You will be wearing this tonight.’I sent, ‘No I won’t!’The next reply disturbed me. It gave my husband’s email address and said that if I didn’t wear the collar he would ‘receive these pictures.’ I saw eight pictures of me taken on the night with Vinny. ‘This is not cool at all,’ I sent.And the reply came with an address in Wakefield, Mass and said, ‘5:45 to 6 tonight — and don’t be late or the pics will be emailed or texted to one of these…’ My husband’s email and phone number were listed.Again, I responded that it wasn’t cool but the reply simply stated, ‘See you then. Do not be late.’I texted Vinny and briefly explained what had happened and said that I would call him. I went Kadıköy Escort Bayan to the bathroom and phoned. Vinny asked for the number of the sender and, after I told him, he laughed and said, “Oh boy, yeah, you’d better go.”“Why? Who is it?” I asked.Vinny said he knew the sender and he’d sent him the pictures. “If you play along, you’ll be very happy.” Okay, I was relieved that Vinny knew the guy but I was also pissed about the threats and told him that he could get me into a lot of trouble.Vinny simply laughed. “Yeah, I could,” he said and hung up.Minutes later, another text told me, ‘Don’t call Vinny, he can’t get you out of this. See you at 6 at the latest.’As the day went on, I occasionally looked at the pictures of the jumbo cock and balls. I admit I was slightly turned on but I was really upset about what was happening. I sent a text to my guy, asking what our plans were for that night. He said he was going to the Bruins game and Escort Kadıköy asked if I wanted to go with him. I said I’d go to the gym and then home as I was feeling a little tired.Truthfully, I felt I had no choice but to go to the Wakefield address. I was so nervous and angry — and, yes, turned on — as I drove that I decided to stop for coffee. I didn’t want to arrive early.I got a text from Vinny. ‘Just relax and enjoy,’ it said and that made me feel easier. I looked at the cock pictures again. Hmm…The address was, in fact, a very old, seedy hotel where I’d once been for a swingers’ party — and swore never to return. I texted that I’d arrived and was told, ‘Room 210 and hurry’.I walked up the stairs and the gross carpet and musty old feel of the hotel was all so gloomy. My knock on the door was answered by a short, bald man in jeans and a polo shirt.“Enter,” he said and I thought he was creepy but I went in and immediately saw the collar on the bed. The sheets had been taken off and put on the floor.“Strip,” he ordered in a firm tone, “and put that on.”As I began to disrobe, he told me to be faster and I hurried to put on the collar. I hated wearing it.“So, Lindsay, you’ve been a naughty girl lately,” he said. “You’ve been meeting men behind your husband’s back, haven’t you?”

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