25 Nisan 2023

Voyage, Voyage Pt. 05


Part 05 – What Have We Been Doing Tonight?

Falling asleep the previous night had been quite a mellowing experience for Ellie. Her first time with a girl, finally making sense of the strange thoughts that occupied her mind since her daring butt plug moment in class (and maybe even longer), as well as the new bonds that united her to her sister. These occurrences led her to believe waking up the following day would be a serene moment of bliss.

It wasn’t.

The mattress she was on shook violently and made her thrash on top of it as she woke up because Lana was jumping up and down on the bed, grinning from ear to ear.

‘Wake up, big sis!’ Lana told her, frantically jumping over her from left to right like a small child.

‘I know we talked about making up for years of bickering, but there’s no need for you to be eight-years-old again…’

Ellie’s voice trailed off a little because the size of the boobs that jiggled wildly with her sister’s movements had nothing child-like about them.

‘Oh yes, this is definitely a “mature audience only” room, right now…’ Lana replied, using a hand to push back her hair seductively and stopping her jumping to stand with one leg on either side of Ellie.

‘Are you sure you haven’t been with a girl before? You are kind of pulling all the right strings…’ The brunette felt compelled to inform her sister.

‘Hey, boy or girl, I know how to make sure my body is enticing…’

‘Like you need to make an effort there.’ Ellie replied dryly, turning her front to the mattress, still wanting to sleep a little longer. Then, her breath was crushed when her sister jumped onto her. ‘Ouch! What the hell!’

‘Apparently I do need to make an effort since you’re ignoring me.’

‘Don’t be like that, I’m just tired from last night!’

‘Tired from your first time eating pussy?’ Lana asked, her breath against Ellie’s neck and her hands touching the sides of her sister’s breasts.

‘I meant what I said, I want us to do that again. Plus, I’m fairly sure you’ve just ruined other women for me, I doubt there’s anyone as gorgeous as you interested in me out there.’ Ellie felt her cheeks flush crimson with the words that escaped her mouth.

‘Aww, honey…Between you and Kev, a girl could get used to this level of appraisal.’ Lana gushed, resting her head on her sister’s left shoulder blade. ‘And for the record, you’re the hottest first lesbian experience a girl could ask for.’

Ellie “tsked” under her breath and rolled her eyes. She felt Lana lift her head.

‘I’m serious.’ Her sister told her, sounding it. When Ellie still didn’t reply, she continued. ‘Did Matthew not make you feel that way?’

Now the older girl did turn her body, looking up at Lana’s serious face.

‘Where did that come from?’

‘It’s just something Kevin said… It just came back to me.’

‘What did Kevin say?’

‘About a year ago, when we went for dinner with you and Matthew to meet him for the first time, Kev didn’t like him.’

‘How come?’ Ellie asked, surprised.

‘He said that it was little things, like he was constantly pushing you to agree with him in conversation or that he only started to refill your glass when he saw Kev refilling mine.’ Lana shrugged, almost embarrassed to say the next thing. ‘He said you could do better than a guy that didn’t deserve a single hair on your head.’

Affection for her baby brother rose in Ellie, making her a little teary eyed.

‘He never told me… That’s adorable. Please tell me you fucked his brains out after he said that!’ Ellie laughed.

‘Duh!’ Lana laughed as well.

Ellie turned her back again, as her sister settled back down on top of her. She was expecting more attempts at being lewd, but, for once, the blonde girl decided to just enjoy the cosy warmth of her body and snooze for a few more minutes.

Having closed her eyes long enough for there to be a much bigger amount of light in the room, Ellie realised she’d gone to sleep for a little while. It hadn’t been the clarity that woke her, though. Lana’s chin rested between her shoulder blades, her chest pressed pleasantly on her back, and her hands were trapped between Ellie’s body and the sheets, gently massaging her crotch.

‘Sorry, I tried to stay asleep for as long as I could,’ Lana’s hot breath came against her skin. ‘but I couldn’t help myself. You’re too irresistible…’

This time, for once, Ellie believed the assessment of her looks and surrendered completely, slowly lifting her hips to make it easier for her sister’s stroking. Her pussy lips were now being gloriously massaged back and forth, the wetness between them beginning to escape.

‘Oh, fuck me…’ The brunette groaned loudly.

‘Damn right… It’s kind of funny how you discovering you’re a lesbo means I’m fast finding out how hot it is to fuck a woman.’

‘Should I be concerned about our brother complaining that I’ve brought you to the “les” side with me?’ Lefkoşa Escort Ellie joked.

‘Oh, trust me, Kevin has enough tricks up his sleeve to make sure I don’t give up dick!’ Lana chuckled back, her hands never stopping their pleasing. ‘But do you think you’ve turned fully lesbian or do you just consider yourself bi?’

‘I really don’t quite, agh,’ She croaked when a finger just brushed her clit. ‘quite know. This just feels so good… Better than with any guy I’ve been together with. But then, that’s not saying much, and I think the idea of a hot guy still turns me on.’

‘Does it, now? Would you care for a particular hot guy recommendation of mine…?’

Ellie understood the implication immediately. She also realised that the sibling factor could not serve as a reason against it anymore. Especially not whilst they were in their current position.

‘That’s just a little too weird, Lana.’

‘So you do think he’s hot…’ The blonde girl teased. ‘Are you going to tell me the thought of that amazing blonde hair falling out of place, sweat dripping from his face, you grabbing his flexing cute tushy whilst he pounds his nice hard tool into you until your brain doesn’t work right no more… That’s just “meh” for you?’

Silently, Ellie wondered how in God’s name did Kevin ever find the sex drive for any women other than their sister. Less silently, she felt her entire body jump when Lana plunged a finger inside her.

‘Strange, my new little friend down here seems to like the idea.’ Her sister kept on with the ridiculously naughty dirty talk.

‘Oh, shut up and fuck me!’ The brunette shot back, barely managing a coherent sentence.

Giggling, the blonde girl did just as instructed. The feel of a woman toying with her was intoxicating. Lana’s hands were so much softer than any lover’s before and there was an intuition to them that only a woman, with years of experience of tending to her own pleasure, could possibly possess.

And so, as Ellie knew she would, the older girl felt herself jerk as her orgasm raced through her, not even five minutes into the younger’s playful fingers’ movements. Only once Ellie’s brain had rebooted did Lana withdraw one of her hands and force her sister’s lips apart, making her taste herself, which she did gratefully.

‘Oh man, Kev’s done this to me a couple of times. I think I’ve just found out why guy’s find it hot to force things into girl’s mouths…’ Lana told her, her voice wistful.

With the taste of her pussy on her tongue, Ellie could only imagine what her sister was referring to. Although she was by no means merely passive during sex, being with a girl was going to involve eventually doing things that were usually more the men’s role. It had to be odd at first, as Lana pointed out, but it was also something she was looking forward to.

Turning around with her head still swimming in the afterglow of her climax, the brunette brought her lips to her sister’s and revelled once more on how wonderful a woman’s kiss felt, as Lana’s tongue chased after her intimate flavour. Not really thinking about it, they got up, still smooching, and made their way to the shower.

Ellie turned the water on and absent-mindedly adjusted the temperature, feeling her lower lip tugged by teeth in the hottest fashion she’d ever experienced. Wait, why am I letting her take charge again? In a flash, she grabbed the other girl’s thighs just below her butt and swept her off her feet, her back against the marble wall.

‘Agh, fuck that’s cold!’ The blonde hissed.

‘Deal with it.’ Ellie felt herself grin with pride as she ran her tongue over the exposed throat in front of her.

With the intimacy of having had years growing up together and the intimacy of their newly discovered sexual experiments, the two women had no qualms about letting their hands soap, lather and rinse every inch of skin they could touch. They were slow and yet, sooner than either wanted to, they were squeaky clean before long.

‘I heard you and Kevin, you know?’ Ellie said, her gaze glued to the large breasts inches away from hers, watching how the water fell off the erect nipples. ‘When I saw you together I didn’t just see you, I heard you.’

‘Anything catch your fancy?’ Lana mumbled, her own gaze fixed on the apex of her sister’s thighs where the water was cascading off.

‘As a matter of fact, something did. You don’t usually go for anal?’

The blonde’s eyes went back up.

‘I’ve tried. I taught Kev loads of stuff but when it comes to anal we never managed to make it pleasurable for me. Even putting a finger like you saw is mostly for his benefit rather than mine…’

‘Can I try and convert you?’

There was no reply as she bit her lip and frowned in concentration in a way that was uncharacteristic for her.

‘You were telling me about using a plug at uni…’ Lana mumbled, letting her hands play with the smaller set of boobs in front.

‘Hmm-hmm.’ Girne Escort Ellie gave her time to consider her proposal.

‘That’s, like, your thing, then? You’re experienced at taking stuff in your butt?’

It was like watching a toddler attempt to rationalise it, but the brunette stifled any signs of a giggle. Her sister didn’t deserve being laughed at for emptying her feelings. She nodded serenely.

The younger girl directed her gaze back downwards.

‘That’s… I wanna try again. With you. Just…’ She raised her eyes again. ‘Be gentle.’

Aww, honey…

Ellie leaned forward and softly kissed Lana, feeling the blonde girl directed one of her hands into her curly dark ones, the other still palming her tit.

‘I’ll go nice and slow, baby.’ She half-whispered, half-moaned when she took a tiny breather.

First order of business was to make sure the gorgeous woman in the shower with her had her engine revved up before anything started to happen at her back door. Her kisses started to travel down to Lana’s collar bone, staying only for a little while before the temptation to take a nipple into her mouth overwhelmed her.

Hot water, cold wall to her back and teeth on her breasts were making Lana quite shivery, though clearly having the time of her life, her fingers playing with her sister’s hair. Ellie nursed away, loving how the full breasts felt against her face, before licking her way past the younger girl’s bellybutton until her nose grazed the apex of her thighs.

There was no hesitation: Ellie opened wide and, looking up into the blue eyes above her, ran her tongue right over the hairless pussy, instantly tasting a thick stream of fluids than seeped from the opened lips. That meant she was excited enough for the next part without much effort, but the older woman enjoyed the taste and the thrill for just a few seconds longer.

Then, lightly, Ellie made Lana rotate on the spot and lifted herself whilst placing a hand on her back, making the other girl bend over, which she did, face leaning into the wall. Ellie was faced with the sight some of her previous boyfriends had seen from her: a bent over figure, aroused pussy lips and tight butthole exposed, and eagerly waiting for their lover’s touch.

Feeling intensely drawn to do so, Ellie took two big handfuls of derrière and sighed, letting her nails leave marks on the skin. She then remembered her promise to be gentle and contained herself, massaging the globes instead and watching the goods she was going to sample appear and disappear from view whenever she pressed them together or pushed them away.

‘How the fuck did I never notice I liked girls before?’

Lana chuckled and relaxed her muscles a bit, having tensed in nervousness when the moment of anal play began.

Going to her knees behind the round inviting rear, Ellie parted the cheeks and wet her lips in anticipation. She took a deep breath and stuck out her tongue as much as she could and made contact with Lana’s rose bud. It tightened on reflex immediately, but the brunette was patient and kept lapping at it until the muscles started to ease their flexing.

A soft mewling sound made her look up to the sight of Lana with her eyes closed, mouth slightly ajar and a hand groping her own large tit.

‘Damn, Ellie, that’s nasty…’ The blonde whispered onto the wet wall of the shower.

‘You seemed nervous, I thought not using any fingers would be best. You don’t think my little tongue can hurt you, do you?’

‘Your little tongue feels amazing on my ass. And on my pussy. And my mouth, and my tits…’ Her voice trailed off and her hand released the breast it was grasping to go behind Ellie’s head and push her even further into her ass crack. ‘Damn, it’s good everywhere but don’t take it off my butt! You haven’t even touched my pussy and I’m soaking wet!’

Ellie suppressed a grin and continued performing what she’d always been on the receiving end of. Just as she hoped, Lana wasn’t a girl who actually hated anal, she just hadn’t had someone go really slow and easy with her. The older girl wondered if, after further “indoctrinating” her sister on the pleasures of butt play, the younger would be willing to return the favour. Now there was a thought that produced some entertaining mental images.

Wondering just how wet Lana really was, Ellie ran her fingers over the quim next to her chin and instantly felt a stickiness that had nothing to do with the water of the shower. She easily inserted two fingers and massaged the same place she had massaged the previous night and, without any warning, her digits were forcefully squeezed by the walls of the hole she was fingering, as simultaneously her tongue suddenly felt the asshole underneath it gape open. She licked around inside before it closed once more when the shockwaves of the blonde girl’s orgasm stilled.

The older girl smiled when Lana sat next to her and leaned in for a kiss, Magosa Escort the deep marks the other girl’s teeth had dug on her own lips, to stop herself from shrieking out loud, visible.

‘You’re my butt buddy now, you don’t get to walk out on me now that I know you can do that…’ Lana told her, after fifteen or twenty minutes of delicious smooches.

‘When we’re back in Chicago I have a few toys your butt will like buddying up to.’ Ellie winked back.

‘I’ll return the favour, by the way! I just want to make sure you teach me before I accidentally send you to the ER or something…’ The blonde chuckled.

‘Oh, I’ll provide you all the lessons you require, I want to see how well you take eight inches up your ass.’

‘Kinky bitch.’ Lana told her, leaning against her sister. ‘Listen, I don’t mean to make an ultimatum or anything, but complete honesty is how Kev and I made this work between us. I’m gonna have to tell him about the two of us.’

‘That we became butt buddies?’ The older girl laughed. She’d figured Kevin would need to know about what they were getting up to in their spare time, eventually.

‘You’re my sibling too, we can have secrets of our own about the details. He just needs to know we’re doing it. But it’s your call, about how and who tells him.’


‘Yeah, I figured if you wanted to be the one to tell him or something…’ Lana shrugged, watching her reaction.

‘I dunno…’

‘Just a thought. I tell you what, I won’t tell him for two days, if you tell him in the meantime cool, if not I got it.’

‘Okay, I’ll let you know.’ Ellie replied, unsure of what would be the most bearable alternative.


Ellie walked down the stairs, having no patience to even try to arrange her moist hair into something resembling a decent hairdo. Her sister had stayed behind to properly dry hers. Their dad was in the kitchen making sausages, fried eggs and bacon, the divine smell reaching her.

‘Well, one of them is up.’ Kevin told their dad as he ate one of the recently prepared pancakes. Only the two of them were there when Ellie arrived.

‘She’s just drying her hair, she’ll be right down.’

‘The house is still in one piece, so I take it you’ve managed to successfully share a room?’ Their dad asked over his shoulder.

‘Apparently, there’s a rumour going around that they’re trying to be friends from now on…’ Kevin told him as they exchanged a doubtful glance. ‘That is still going on, right?’ He asked his sister.

‘What do you mean, “still going on”? It’s definitive from now on…’ Ellie replied back, mildly annoyed at their scepticism.

‘Right.’ Her brother scoffed, with a sideways smirk. ‘I still have my money on another car trip listening to bickering.’

Ellie was served some of their dad’s delicious breakfast and eventually Lana came down to join them. The older girl amused herself with the thought that this time they had found something rather convincing to bond over and Kevin had a high chance of ending up being wrong.

Their mom had already gone out to work, because unlike them she still wasn’t on vacation time, and their dad and Lana eventually left together for some long overdue promised shopping. Kevin and Ellie laughed when he rolled his eyes behind Lana’s back as she took his hand and pushed him out the door to go.

Having quite a difficult time keeping a normal behaviour in front of Kevin, Ellie quickly helped him clean the dishes and went upstairs in search of a good book to escape from how weird her family life had gotten in the past forty-eight hours. She sat on the bed and let herself get lost in its pages.

The day was too beautiful, though. Reading outside on the swing chair between the two big trees at the back of the house was one of the things she missed the most about living at her parent’s place. So, she went out.

Kevin had also decided to go outside, in sporty loose-fitting clothes, to kick around a soccer ball on the vast grassy area behind the house.

‘You already play for a living, don’t you get the urge to just not play when you’re enjoying your down time?’ Ellie joked as she laid down on the comfy fabric and opened her book again.

‘Of course not.’ He replied, not stopping his kicky-ups. ‘Do you get tired of reading academic stuff on your off time?’ She shifted guiltily, glancing at the book she was reading for the fifth time. ‘Besides, in practice we’re mostly concerned with positioning and when to shift speed or switch the play to the other side, whether to go low or high… This,’ His feet moved fast and impressively around the ball. ‘is just good old-fashioned fun!’

Then, he took a quick shot in the direction of the house, which was probably meant to bounce back off the wall but instead it hit a window with a loud smash, fortunately not breaking it. Kevin grimaced and quickly sat on the ground, looking around excitedly, like a toddler pretending to be innocent.

Ellie giggled.

Kevin went back to his usual self and let himself go prone on the grass, closing his eyes. Ellie started reading her book once more and a soothing silence established itself. Feeling silly for her overreaction about how to be around him, she lazily passed on to the next page.

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