26 Mart 2022

Waiting for the bride


Waiting for the brideWaiting for the brideThat Saturday evening I regarded myself in the mirror. I was alone at that moment; everybody was waiting for me at the church, including my loving Victor, the groom.Oh, yes; it was the day we had been waiting for so many time; our wedding. The night before some of my girlfriends had dragged me to a bachelorette party and the time ended with my pussy and asshole filled with some stripper`s semen. It had been very painful but also wild: I had given my anal cherry up to that stranger black man and now was so excited again, thinking that later Victor would ask for my ass on our wedding night.Now, while I waited for Carlos, Victor’s best friend to drive me on his car to the church, I saw myself in my beautiful white wedding dress in the mirror. I looked stunning and I knew it. Some recall made me smile. The thought of knowing that at least half a dozen of Victor’s friends, who would be at our wedding ceremony, had shoved their cocks deeper into my pussy than Victor ever could, made me feel my cunt tingling a little bit.I was rubbing my pussy lips with my fingers, when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, Carlos was standing there, ready to pick me up.I took a deep breath. I knew Carlos had been always hot for me, but he had never dared to tell it. I had many times teased him mercilessly and I knew that he used to masturbate whispering my name, just as some of my girlfriends had heard him.I wasn’t sure whether Carlos would go as far as actually fucking me; but now I was going to find out. I gave him my brightest smile as I noticed how his glance dropped to regard my deep wedding dress cleavage for a moment. “Charlie” I said, giving him a sound kiss on his cheek. “You are so early; I am not quite ready yet. But you can help me out.” I took his hand and pulled him into the living room.Carlos followed me; I could notice his excitement and his heart beating faster. “Yes, baby, anything you need”” He barely whispered.I stopped in türbanlı ardahan escort the middle of the room and pointed to the table. “I didn’t put my garter on… and now, with my wedding dress on… I just can’t reach.” I paused just a second, watching his jaw dropping in surprise.I lifted my dress a little by the sides with both hands, revealing my white stockings and those elegant high heels. “Please, can you slide it on?” I asked him sweetly. Carlos hesitated for a moment. I could feel now his heart beating even faster. Was this an invitation to something more, or just an innocent request? He nodded. “Yes, sure, Anita…” After reaching over to the table and grabbing the velvet garter, he kneeled in front of me, his best friend’s bride. His fingers were shaking softly as I slowly lifted my high heeled shoe. Carlos slipped the garter up to my ankle. He did not raise his head now; so, I pulled my dress up higher, revealing more of my long, slender leg in that pure white stocking. I felt a little excitement now; my juices beginning to flow inside my tingling pussy. The garter slid higher, and soon reached my knee. Carlos seemed to stop, unsure of what he was supposed to do. I called him softly: “Come on, boy, you know it goes higher than that…” The hesitation only lasted a short moment. His hands moved the garter up, as I continued to pull the wedding dress skirt up higher. He gasped softly, as the white garter belt straps were revealed. I knew he could smell my pussy now, and thought his heart would burst out of his chest. His hands stopped when the wedding garter was around my upper thigh… and then I left part of the dress fall down as my hand reached behind his head and guided his face to my quivering pussy.He would not find any panties in his way. I moaned and closed my eyes when I felt Carlos would not fight back or protest.His tongue lapped right over my pussy lips, making me cry in lust and pleasure.It türbanlı ardahan escort bayan felt heavenly, and the knowledge of what I was doing on my own wedding day made me tingle all over. I groaned as Carlos’s tongue entered my pussy lips, he sucked me, he tongue fucked her, he licked my clit; he made me scream out loud…”Oh yes, baby… lick me good… make me cum before I walk down to your friend…”I felt so naughty; I soon experienced a shattering orgasm, and I almost collapsed onto him. He licked and sucked on my pussy like a starving man. I opened my eyes and could see now his bulge was raging in his trousers.I shivered again, and slowly moved backwards, letting my dress brush over Carlos until I was, once again, properly arranged like a bride should be. But then I unzipped the back of the dress and let it slide down to my feet. I stepped out of it, dressed only in high heels, stockings, garter belt and push up bra.I smiled at him, feeling my pussy tingling with his saliva and her juices. “I’ll be in the bathroom freshening up, if you need anything… Charlie…” I winked. He watched me walk out and it took him only a minute to follow me. He walked into the bathroom and stepped behind me, our eyes locked onto each other in the mirror reflection. His hands moved around my body grabbing my breasts covered by my white bra. I smiled. “But Carlos; isn’t that inappropriate for the best friend of the groom?” “Not as inappropriate as what I’m going to do to you right now.” He whispered. I bit my lip and pushed my buttocks against his rock hard bulge. “I can’t wait”, I said. Then I felt his hands as he undid his belt and dropped his pants to the floor. I took a deep breath as I felt his massive cockhead pressing against my wet pussy lips. I groaned wildly and had to hold on to the sink as he slowly pushed his huge shaft into my waiting cunt. I felt my pussy lips being pushed inside me, my inner walls stretching türbanlı escort ardahan to accommodate him. “Ohhhh my…” “Is that better than my best friend’s little prick?” He smiled with satisfaction. Before I could answer he pulled his hard cock out of me. I looked at him through the mirror, starting to feel a little bit disappointed, but then he grabbed again by my waist, telling me very softly:“Since I know you I have dreamed to fuck that sweet ass of yours, Anita”I opened my mouth to protest, but then I felt the fire burning inside my asshole as he pushed all the way up to the hilt. He made me jump from the floor, impaling himself very deep inside my anus. I cried in pain, but he did not hear my screaming and begs. He pumped me in despair, urgent, wild…”Oh fuck Charlie dear give me a good hard ass fuck to celebrate my wedding”I heard myself begging him. I leaned further down and felt his hands on my round hips. He grabbed me firmly and started to pump in and out even harder.I knew we would be late for the ceremony, but Carlos took his time to make sure his best friend bride’s ass would be swollen and oozing cum from a long hard fuck. I found myself moaning, screaming loud and wiggling on his monster cock, fucking back at him. He was watching me in the mirror as he butt fucked me mercilessly. He made me cum twice with his cock buried deep inside my anus. I felt collapsing on the sink, taking his pounding, my legs weak now to hold me. My pussy was almost ready to cum again. He knew how to get me there. “You want my cum inside your tight ass, don’t you, Ana? You want me to fill you up and send you down to my best friend with your asshole leaking, you dirty slut?” “Oh yes… yesss!” “Make me your slut, make me cum, fill my ass!” I begged him, as I started to breath heavier. Carlos pushed his cock as deep into my anus as he could, with every hard stroke, and I soon felt again that burning sensation.Just as his cock started to throb deep inside of me, spurting a huge load of warm semen right into my asshole, I tensed again and came once more.He pulled out of me, watching the first gush of cum already running down my spread thighs onto my white wedding garter. He smiled. “I’ll wait in the car, Anita…” He kissed my neck, leaving me there alone with my thoughts, my recalls and the nice sensation of having been very well fucked.

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