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Watching Noah Grow

by Erastes
Copyright 2018 by Erastes
Chapter 2 – Getting to Know You. 

I went to the park every afternoon for the rest of the week and took enough food so Noah and I could have lunch together.  While we were eating, Noah told me about school, more about his life when his dad was alive, and I asked him questions about different things he”d mentioned that I found interesting.  I soon discovered he didn”t have access to any of the things I thought every kid his age enjoyed, which merely served to emphasize how bleak the situation was for him and his mom.  That just made me even more determined to do whatever I could to help him.

I woke up early on Saturday morning and made sure I was ready in plenty of time to meet up with Noah.  When I got to the park it was almost totally devoid of activity, and then I saw my blond-haired cutie waiting for me on the same bench where we”d been eating our lunch every noon hour.  His face broke into a huge grin when he saw me, and then he waved. 

“Have you been waiting here long?” I asked when I reached where he was sitting, since I wondered how early he”d arrived. 

“Nah, not too long.”

“I”m glad.  So what do you want to do?” 

“Would you push me on the swings?” 

“Of course.” 

He jumped off the bench and I followed him over to the swing set.  I probably spent twenty or thirty minutes pushing him higher and higher into the air, and he kept urging me to push him even higher.  The kid showed no fear, although I was scared to death that he might let go or lose his grip, which would cause him to fall off the swing and get seriously injured in the process.  Thankfully, that never happened, and then we started moving around the park so he could play on some of the other equipment as well. 

I joined him on the teeter-totter, which some of you might call a see saw, and I spun him around on the manual merry-go-round.  I also went hand-over-hand on the horizontal ladder after he”d crossed, but of course I had to bend my knees after I grabbed onto the bars in order to do it.  I was tall enough to reach the bars without any effort and could merely have walked across and pretended to do the same thing he”d just done, but I knew he”d feel that was cheating.  I also watched as he climbed on the various structures and then came flying down one of the slides so he could do it again.  The best part was that he spent a couple of hours laughing and just being a kid. 

“That was fun.  Thanks for doin” this with me.” 

“You”re welcome, but now it”s just about time for lunch.  What do you think about going over to Subway with me?” 

“I don”t got no money.” 

“I know, and I meant I was buying lunch for both of us, if you want to go with me.” 

“Ya sure?” 

“Yes, it”s not that expensive.” 

“But my mom says it costs more than makin” stuff at home.” 

“Yes, it costs a little more, because someone else is doing the work, but I can afford it.  It”s not that expensive.” 

“I guess, but we can get stuff at the grocery store and then make our own lunch if you want.” 

“No, I”d rather go to Subway.” 

He wasn”t convinced about doing this, but he followed me out to the car and I drove over to Subway.  Once there, I took a few minutes to explain the options to him, since he had never been there before, and once he decided what he wanted, I thought it sounded good to me as well.  Therefore, I ordered a foot-long sub that we could split, along with a bag of chips, a cookie, and a drink for each of us.  I carried the tray over to one of the tables, gave him his share, and we began to eat. 

“Man, this is good.  Thanks for bringin” me here.” 

“You”re welcome and I”m glad you”re enjoying it.” 

He was all smiles as he was stuffing his face, but he couldn”t quite finish his half of the sub.  I didn”t want him to get sick trying force it down, so I let him know it was ok.  “Don”t worry if you can”t finish it, because it”s a lot for someone your age.  Just eat as much as you want and then leave the rest.” 

“But my mom says we shouldn”t waste food, so will you eat the rest of my samich?”   

“Sure, if you don”t want to take it with you.” 

“We don”t got nothin” to keep it cold, so I want you to eat the rest of it.” 

“Ok, I think I can do that, since I”ve been known to eat one of these things all by myself before.”   

“Ok, then I won”t feel bad about wastin” it.” 

After we finished our meal, I tossed the trash into the garbage bin and we headed out to the car.  When we reached the park again, I looked over at him and asked a question.  “So what do you want to do now.” 

“Ummm, let”s just sit on the bench for a while, cuz I”m too stuffed to play.” 

“Sure, we can do that,” I agreed as we got out of the car and I followed him over to the same bench where we usually sat. 

“Thanks for buyin” me lunch, but you don”t have to spend money on me.  I just like havin” you here so we can do stuff together.” 

“Hey, it wasn”t a big deal taking you with me.  After all, I was hungry and needed to eat as well, and I enjoy your company.” 

“I like bein” with you too, cuz I “member when I used to do stuff like this with my dad.” 

“I also like being here with you, and I”m glad it brings back good memories of the time you spent with your dad.” 

“You”d “ve liked him.” 

“I”m sure I would have, since I like you.” 

“Maybe sometime ya could meet my mom, if she”s not workin”.” 

“Have you told her about me?” 

“I just told her you were really nice and gave me some of your lunch.” 

“What did she say about that?” 

“She said she hoped I wasn”t pesterin” you for it.” 

“Did you tell her it was my idea?” 

“I told her I didn”t ask for nothin” and you just offered it to me.”

“Was she ok with that?” 

“Yeah, as long as I wasn”t beggin” ya for it.” 

“Did you tell her I was coming to meet you here again today?” 

“Nah, I just told her I was gonna spend the day at the park again.” 

“What do you do if it rains?” 

“I know where my mom hides the extra key to the trailer, so I just spend the day there instead.” 

“Ok, that”s good.  I was worried you didn”t have anywhere to go.” 

“I can always go back to the trailer whenever I want, but there isn”t much to do there.  We don”t got cable, so I just play with some of my toys.” 

“What time will your mom be home today?” 

“I think bout 5:00, cuz we eat supper at 6:00.” 

“Ok, then I”ll stay here until you have to go home.” 

It had been a while since izmit escort we”d eaten our lunch and my drink had worked its way through my system, so I decided that I had to use the men”s room.  I told Noah I”d be right back and headed over to the small building that contained the men”s room on one side, and the ladies” room on the other. 

“Hey, I gotta go too!” Noah shouted as he raced to catch up with me. 

I”d never used this rest room before, because whenever I had to go I”d just wait until I got back to work, but that wasn”t an option today.  When I walked in, I noticed there was one cubicle with a commode, although it didn”t have a door, and the urinal was basically just a long trough.  I thought Noah might use the commode, but he walked up to the trough next to me instead, lowered his shorts and underwear, and pulled out his penis. 

I was mildly surprised when I noticed it, because it was bigger than I”d expected.  I had anticipated he would have a very small penis, but it was quite a bit larger than that.  Don”t misunderstand what I”m saying, because it wasn”t adult size, but I thought it would be about an inch (2.5 cm) long, but it was actually between two and three (5.1 – 7.6 cm) inches in length.  He was also circumcised, something else I wasn”t expecting, because I felt that since they were poor it might have been an expense his parents would have chosen to forgo.  However, now that I remembered they were doing much better financially when his father was alive, it explained this simple fact. 

I also noticed that Noah kept glancing over and checking out my penis at the same time, but that was something nearly all boys did.  It didn”t mean anything, other than that he was curious, and then I heard him speak. 

“Wow, your dick is way bigger than mine,” he said as he turned slightly so I could get a better look at his penis too. 

“Yours will grow as you get older.” 

“I hope it gets as big as yours.” 

We finished emptying our bladders, and I reminded him to wash his hands before leaving, and then we walked over to the bench again.  A couple of other boys showed up in the meantime, and apparently they knew Noah, because they came over to speak with him.  I could tell that they wanted him to play with them, but he was hesitant to do it because he didn”t want to leave me alone, since I”d showed up to be with him.  When I realized why he was being reluctant to go off with them, I tried to explain that it was ok.

“You can go play with them if you want.” 

“I don”t want to leave, cuz you came here to be with me.”

“What if I join you then?  I”m Brian and Noah”s my friend.” 

“Yeah, I guess we can do that.  I”m Gus.”  He had brown hair, blue eyes, and was taller and more solidly built than Noah. 

“And I”m Sam,” the other boy stated.  He had black hair, brown eyes, and was roughly the same height as Noah.  He also had a slim build, but he wasn”t quite as slender as my blond haired buddy. 

“I”m glad to meet both of you.  Are you boys all in the same grade?” 

“Yeah, we”re in the same grade, but we wasn”t in the same class last year,” Noah answered.  “We don”t know bout next year yet.”

“I see, so what do you boys think of this idea? What if we pretend the playground equipment is an old wooden ship, and the different areas of the play set are the various parts of the ship.  I”ll stay on the ground and pretend it”s the main deck, the area over there can be the helm where someone steers the ship, and the tower can be the lookout where someone can watch for pirates and other dangers.  I”m afraid we might have to fight off pirates if they”re foolish enough to attack.” 

“Yeah, let”s do that,” Noah agreed.  “I”ll go up in the tower and watch for pirates.” 

“And I”ll steer the ship,” Sam offered. 

“And I”ll be on the stairs so I can fire the cannons if the pirates attack,” Gus chimed in. 

“So I guess that means I”m the captain,” I stated, with all three agreeing that was fine with them.

I led the boys in a fierce battle as we fought off an attack by some really nasty looking pirates, and then we found an island to explore.  We climbed over the various apparatus and pretended they were trees and mountains on the island, and we navigated a ragging river when I spun them around on the merry-go-round.  Then, I led them as we attacked a group of cannibals, and the boys rode the various animal figures fastened to huge springs during the attack.  Doing all of these things not only helped to kill quite a bit of time, but the boys appeared to enjoy doing it, especially Noah. 

“Man, that was a blast.  I don”t “member havin” so much fun before.” 

“Yeah, that was great!” Gus and Sam chipped in. 

“Well, it”s getting close to 5:00, so you boys should probably start heading home,” I stated as I looked at Noah. 

“Yeah, I better do that.  Will you be here tuh-morrow?”  

“Yes, I told you I”d come both days, as long as the weather”s nice.” 

“Good, cuz I liked doin” this stuff with you.” 

“We did too!” the other two agreed.  “Can we do this with you again tomorrow?” Sam continued.   

“Sure, so I”ll see you all then.” 

During the ride to the house, I was straining my brain to think of what I could do with them tomorrow.  Even though today had worked out fairly well, how long could we keep doing those things before they started getting bored?  I wanted to figure out something else we could do as well, so Noah would enjoy it just as much as he had today. 

When I got to the house, I changed into my jogging gear and went out for my run.  The entire time I was thinking about what I might do with Noah and his friends tomorrow, and I”d tossed around a number of different ideas by the time I got back to the house.  After I stripped out of my jogging clothes, I jumped in the shower and cleaned up quickly, and then I slipped on my underwear and another pair of shorts before going out to fix something to eat. 

Throughout the entire time I was preparing and eating dinner, I was thinking about what I was going to do with Noah the following day.  It was still on my mind as I was heading to bed, although I hadn”t come up with anything definite.  I knew I had to figure something out before I got to the park in the morning, because I didn”t want this to be a total disaster, but what was I going to do? 

I fell asleep still thinking about it, and when I awoke, I thought I might have come up with the answer.  My idea was inspired by a collage of images I”d had overnight, which obviously had been inspired by “The Hobbit”, “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, and even “The Game of Thrones”.  I thought it was something Noah and his friends might enjoy, as long as there weren”t too many other people at the park, because they might look at us and think we”d lost our minds. 

When I pulled up and parked along the curb, I quickly spotted Noah sitting on our usual bench.  He didn”t spot me at first, but then he broke into a huge grin when he saw me walking in his direction.  “Hi, Brian,” he squealed as he jumped off the bench and came racing yahya kaptan escort in my direction. 

“Hi.  Have you been here long?”

“Nah, I just wanted to get here b”fore ya, cuz didn”t want you to think I wasn”t comin”.” 

“Where are the two other boys that were here yesterday?” 

“Don”t know.  Maybe they”ll come later.” 

“Ok, then what would you like to do first?” 

“Ummm, will ya push me on the swings again?” 

“Sure.  Let”s go do that.” 

Once again, I spent the next twenty or thirty minutes pushing him higher and higher, much to his delight.  This kid was a little daredevil and liked to tempt the limits as he laughed and shouted his approval the entire time.  He was a pleasure to watch, and a thrill to be around. 

When we finished doing that, we went over to the merry-go-round so I could spin him on it next, and that”s when the other two boys came walking over to join us. 

“Hi,” they both said in greeting.  “We was hopin” you”d be here again, cuz yesterday was fun,” Gus continued. 

“We enjoyed it too, and we”re glad you came to join us again.  Do you want me to stop the merry-go-round so you can hop on too?” 

“Yeah, but are we gonna do like we did yesterday, fightin” the pirates and cannibals?” Sam wanted to know.

“We”ll do something similar, but I”ve thought of a different adventure that I thought you might enjoy,” I assured them as they were climbing on the merry-go-round. 

After I”d spun them around a few times, I let the whirling dervish come to a stop.  After they got off and regained their balance, all three boys looked up and waited for me to tell them what we were going to do next. 

“I thought we”d go on a new adventure today, and we”ll be walking around the park as we go on a quest.  We”ve got to rescue a good wizard who”s been captured by an evil wizard and locked up in a magical prison.” 

“How can we do that, cuz we”re not wizards?” Noah wanted to know.

“We can free him if we find one of two devices that will unlock the door, either the magical key or the wizard”s wand.  Once the door is open, it will break the magic spell and the wizard will be set free.  Along the way, however, we may have to fight off different foes, and we”ll also have to watch for other dangers.  There will be times when we run into things that are trying to stop us from completing our quest, but there might be other times when a threat will merely happen to be in our way.” 

“That sounds neat, and I bet it will be lots of fun,” Noah squealed in excitement. 

“Yeah, I can”t wait to do this,” Gus stated, with Sam nodding his head in agreement. 

I then led them along the route to get to the magical prison cell, and it didn”t take long before we encountered our first test.  “Dang, it seems that we”ve wandered into a nest of enormous spiders, so we”ll have to fight them off.  Quick, grab your swords, because we”ll have to either kill or wound them before they overcome us.” 

“Can”t we go just around them?” Sam asked.

“No, they”re in our way and going around them is not an option, so we”ll have to fight our way through.  If we don”t defeat them, then they”ll paralyze us with their venom and then spin webs around our bodies so they can snack on us later.”

The boys didn”t like the thought of that, and they proved to be very fierce warriors as we battled the spiders for the next fifteen or twenty minutes.  After a heroic skirmish, we killed or wounded enough of the spiders that we were able to get through the area they controlled.  Shortly after that confrontation ended, we quickly ran into another problem.

“Grab your weapons again, men.  We”ve been surrounded by a pack of wolves and they appear to be very hungry.  I”ve got a feeling they think we look like a delicious meal.” 

Once again, the boys battled bravely and we killed or wounded nearly all of the wolves so we were able to get away.  We thought the worst was finally over, but then I spotted the next attack coming from the air.  “Quick, grab your bows and notch an arrow.  It”s the evil wizard”s dragon and it”s heading our way to stop us from getting any closer.” 

We soon filled the air with arrows, and enough of them found their mark and injured the dragon badly enough that it broke off its attack.  “Ok, it appears to be flying back to its lair to nurse its wounds,” I advised them.  “Good job, men, but keep your eyes open.  I”m sure there will be other dangers before we”re able to rescue the good wizard.” 

I could tell that all three boys were enjoying this and having a blast, and it made me feel good that I”d thought of doing this.  It also made me wonder if they”d ever used their imaginations to do something like this before, because if not, I think they might be doing more of this in the future.  As we approached the play set with the tower, I pointed to our destination.  It was the same tower that Noah had been in when he spotted me the second time I came to the park, and the one he used as the lookout on the ship the day before. 

“Up in that tower is where the good wizard is being held.  As we get closer, start looking around for a magic key or the wizard”s wand, because we”ll need one or the other to free him.  You have to remain on alert, though, because we”ll probably encounter other dangers before we”re able to release him.” 

“Ok, we”ll be careful and look for that stuff,” Noah replied, with the other two nodding in agreement. 

As we got closer, I had to issue another warning.  “Watch where you”re walking so you don”t fall into any traps that have been set to stop us.  I can already see what appears to be a large hole that”s been covered over with branches, leaves, and grass, and if you stumble into it you might die.  Even if you aren”t killed in the fall and there”s nothing else in the pit that can kill you, we don”t have any ropes to pull you out of there.” 

I then pointed out the area I was referring to, which was a large bare spot at the foot of one of the slides, and the boys followed me as I led them under the slide as we made our way past it.  As soon as we were on the other side and away from that obstacle, I whispered another warning to them. 

“Shhh, there”s a giant standing guard at the foot of the staircase leading up to the tower.  I was able to spot him, but he didn”t notice me, so be prepared.  We”re probably going to have to fight him too, so either grab your sword or your bow and arrows and get ready to do battle.” 

I noticed that all three boys pretended to grab their bow and arrows, since they felt it would be safer to fight the giant from a distance and attempt to defeat him with their arrows.  In case they only wounded the giant, I pulled my sword to finish him off and was ready to deliver the fatal blow.  Once the giant had been taken care of, I gave them my final word of advice. 

“You need to look around for the key or a magic wand.  We”ll need something to open the door, and once we get it unlocked the good wizard will be free to join us.” 

The boys spread out and began gebze escort looking around for something they could use as one of those two items.  That”s when Noah picked up a twig that was lying on the ground.  “I found the magic wand,” he shouted as he held it up. 

“Good, then you can go up to the tower and use it to free the good wizard.” 

Noah looked especially proud that he was going to be able to do this, and after he climbed up to the tower, he waved the wand, shouted a few magical words, and announced the door was open.  Then he said he gave the wand to the good wizard, because he”d know how to use it to help us out. 

Now that we”d finished our mission, the boys were busy offering each other congratulations, so I felt I needed to praise them as well.  “I”ve never been with a braver group of warriors and I”m extremely proud to have journeyed with you on this mission.” 

“That was a blast,” Sam said as soon as I finished speaking. 

“Yeah, it was even better than last time,” Noah chimed in. 

“I hope you”re gonna be here so we can do this again next weekend,” Gus added. 

“It”s very possible, since Noah is my special friend.”  This seemed to elevate Noah”s status with the other boys, and he moved closer so he could stand proudly next to me. 

“Well, I think it”s time for us to take off to grab some lunch, so maybe we”ll see you around here again,” I told the other boys as I guided Noah to my car.  He was strutting like a peacock as he walked beside me. 

“How about Chinese for lunch today?  Do you like Chinese food?” 

“Don”t know.  Never had it.” 

“Then it”s time you gave it a try.  There a pretty good place not far from here and they offer a terrific buffet.  I”ll help you pick out a few items that I think you”ll enjoy.” 

“K, but we could just make somethin” instead.” 

“I know we could, but I”d rather do this.  I think you”ll enjoy it.” 

“K, I”ll try it then.” 

When we got to the restaurant, I paid the fee for one adult and one child, and then I led him over to the buffet.  I had him hold onto his plate while I filled it with different items from the various containers that I thought he”d enjoy.  I gave him a couple of pieces of Sweet and Sour Chicken, along with a couple of pieces of Orange Chicken, a couple more pieces of Sesame Chicken, an egg roll, a scoop of lo mein noodles, and a fortune cookie. 

“They got sketti here?” he asked when he saw the lo mein. 

“Not exactly.  The Chinese call it lo mein, but it”s said the knowledge of how to make the lo mein noodles was something Marco Polo brought back to Italy with him after his trip to China.  Once he showed them to others, an Italian cook decided to cover the cooked noodles with tomato sauce, and that”s how we got spaghetti.” 

“K, I think I”m gonna like this then.” 

I filled my plate at the same time and led him to a table.  After we set our plates down, we went back to get a drink, and then we sat down to eat.  Of course, we used forks instead of chop sticks, and I got a kick out of how his eyes lit up and his face glowed as he tried each of the items I”d selected for him. 

“Wow.  This stuff is really good.  I”ve never had any of it before, but I like it.” 

“That”s why it”s always good to try new things.  It”s the only way you can know if you might enjoy different things like this.” 

“Yeah.  Thanks for bringin” me here.” 

“You”re very welcome.” 

Once we finished, we got back in the car and I looked at him.  “I”m sure you”re too stuffed to play right away, so why don”t we drive around for a bit.” 

“Yeah, my tummy”s really full,” he agreed. 

“Do you think you”re mom will be home?” 

“Nah, she said she had to work at 7-Eleven and then she was gonna go clean a house before she came home.” 

“Would you mind if we drive over to the trailer park so you can show me where you live.  We won”t have to stop and go inside, but I just want to know where I can find you if you”re not at the park.” 

“Yeah, I guess that would be ok.” 

I then drove to the trailer park and he directed me on how to get to his trailer.  He was right, the trailer was in really bad shape, but so was everything else in the trailer park.  We also got a few stares as we drove around, since my car was obviously nicer than what anyone living there would have been driving, so I got out of that place just as soon as I could.  Once we”d finished up there, Noah looked at me and asked a question. 

“Now that you know where I live, will you show me where you live?” 

“Sure, I can do that.” 

I then drove to my house and showed him where it was.  “I live on the right side of the house, because it has two separate units.” 

“Looks nice.  Can we go inside?” 

“Sure, I don”t see why not,” I said as I pulled into the driveway. 

As soon as I turned off the engine, we got out, and I led him inside.  “Yeah, this is a lot nicer than where I live.” 

“It”s nothing fancy, but it”s a decent place,” I agreed. 

“Our house was nice like this too,” he stated as I took him to see my exercise room.  “Dang, is all that stuff yours?” 

“Yes, I use it when I workout on the weekend and when the weather is bad.” 

“Do you think maybe I can try it sometime?” 

“Sure, just not now.  I think we”re both too full to be using any of those things at the moment.” 

“Yeah, you”re right.”

Since he didn”t have cable in the trailer, Noah wanted to know if we could watch TV for a while, so I agreed.  We did that until it started getting closer to 5:00, and then I told him it was time to go. 

“We”d better head back now, because you”ll have to go home and have supper with your mom.” 

“Yeah, I don”t want her to be mad cuz I”m late.” 

“Do you want me to drop you off at your trailer, or at the end of the road leading into the trailer park?” 

“You can drop me off at the road, and then I”ll just walk the rest of the way.” 

“Ok, I”ll do that then.”

When we got closer, Noah looked over at me and spoke again.  “I had lots of fun today, and I”m glad you took me to that Chinese place, cuz I really liked it.” 

“I”m glad you did, because I enjoyed spending the day with you as well.”  

“K, I”ll see you tomorrow at the park,” he added as he was getting out, and then he waved as I drove away.

                                                *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I wish to extend my thanks to Donny and Emoe for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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