11 Mayıs 2023

We Need to Talk Part 3

Big Tits

Emma was just coming out of the shower, naked and dripping wet when her phone buzzed with a text message. It was from Charlotte. It said, “Hi Emma. Good news, I’ve spoken to Gary and I think he has agreed. But, can you please come and see me before you go home to him?”She sat on the bed, after wrapping herself in a towel, and typed her reply. Her busty breasts made a bulge in her towel. After she sent her confirmation that she would call over to Charlotte she sent a message to Gary to say that she was on the way home, but that she was calling over to Charlotte’s first.Emma didn’t know it, but this message worried Gary because he could only guess what Charlotte was going to say to her. After Emma sent her text, she dressed herself in black leggings, her favorite shiny black pumps that she found comfortable to walk in, and a dark red wool jumper that hung low displaying some of her chest. The combination of the black heels and her bare ankles with her leggings made her look sexy, but smart.When she had finished her look, with makeup and some well placed jewellery, she left her parents to drive to Charlotte’s house. Charlotte answered the door when she got there.“Oh you look like you had a good night,” Emma said as she saw Charlotte still in her dressing gown.“Yes I did,” said Charlotte.Emma walked into the house and into Charlotte’s kitchen.“I’ve just put some coffee on, would you like a cup?” asked Charlotte.“Yes please,” replied Emma, “where is John?”“John is still asleep.”Charlotte poured Emma a cup and sat down at the kitchen counter in front of her own already poured cup of coffee. She indicated for Emma to come and sit opposite her.“So why do you want to see me?” Kurtköy Escort asked Emma.“Well I hope you don’t mind Emma, but I took the liberty of taking Gary along last night to give him a taste of the lifestyle to try and convince him.”“Oh, okay, I guess that’s fine.”“And I’ve some good news, Emma.”“Really,” asked Emma.“Yes, I think Gary is ready, and I think that when you go home he will agree to your arrangement.”“Oh that’s wonderful, Charlotte, thank you so much for speaking with him,” Emma said as she reached across the counter and hugged Charlotte.“Oh don’t mention it Emma, it was my pleasure.”“I’m going to go home and speak to him now Charlotte.”“Well, I want to speak with you about something else just before you do.”“Oh, what is it?”“Well, I’ve spoken to Gary about being a cuckold, and if I’m honest, Emma, I think he will make quite a good one. But, I want to make sure that you fully know what your role is in all this.”“Oh that’s okay, Charlotte, I have Scott and I think we will all be fine. We will just muddle through and I’ve read some advice online.”“I’m not entirely satisfied you will be, Emma. You see, having a healthy cuckold relationship comes with obligations for you too.”“Oh?”“Yes, of course. For instance, Gary must remain your one true love, and any other relationships must only be for sex and you must make this very clear to Scott.”“I have, Charlotte, but I promise I will make it clearer to him.”“Okay, but it would be better if you had a few other lovers and not just Scott, just to make it clear to him by example, just like I have.”“Oh,” Emma said.“Yes. You must start playing the part now. You need to be going out Kurtköy Escort Bayan regularly, dressing sexy and meeting other men in order to build up a few regulars who you can trust. And to celebrate the occasion I want to give you a gift.”Charlotte took a small gift-wrapped package from the pocket of her dressing gown and handed it to Emma.“Oh what could it be?” asked Emma.“Open it and see.”Emma tore the wrapping paper to reveal a small jewellery box. It looked like the kind that would hold a ring or a pair of earrings.“Go on Emma, open it,” said Charlotte.Emma popped the box open to reveal a delicate gold chain that was strung through tiny gold hearts.“Oh my, it’s an anklet.”“It isn’t just any old anklet Emma, it is what is known in the lifestyle as a hotwife anklet. It discreetly lets other men know that you can date them with your husband’s approval. But this particular anklet is very special to me Emma bcause it was owned by my Mother, and when I became an adult, she gave it to me and told me about the way she lived.At first I was so shocked that I refused to accept it. I was totally disgusted at her. But the older I got, the more I have come to embrace her thinking on life.”“Your mother used to cuckold your Dad?” asked Emma.“Oh yes, but she was very discrete about it and Dad was accepting of it. Though, I never discussed the matter with him. It was more a private Mother and Daughter thing, where she wanted to let me know that I could, if I wanted, live a completely different life to what was expected of me.”“So this anklet is very special to me, and I want you to have it, Emma.”“Charlotte I can’t accept something so precious Escort Kurtköy to you.”“Yes you can, Emma. It was given to me as a coming of age gift. And if you think about it, you have come of age now and I want to give you the same guidance that my Mother gave to me.”Charlotte got up off her high chair and walked around to where Emma was seated. Emma swung her highchair around and presented her heeled foot to Charlotte.“Oh these leggings and heels are ideal for your anklet. Now, it is traditionally worn on the left ankle, so I will fasten it there so there can be no confusion as to what it represents.”Charlotte knelt down and fastened the anklet around Emma’s ankle.“There, how does that look?”The gold felt cold around Emma’s ankle but she loved the feeling and the look.“It looks really beautiful, Charlotte.”Charlotte stood back and admired Emma’s new anklet.“It looks really sexy.”Charlotte walked back to her own seat while Emma was still looking down on her bare ankle admiring her bracelet.“So your mum fucked loads of men while wearing this anklet?” asked Emma.“I’ve fucked loads of men wearing that anklet too Emma and you know what? You will too.”Emma reached across the counter and gave Charlotte’s hand an affectionate squeeze.“Have you thought about what you are going to do for your date with Scott?” asked Charlotte.“I thought we might go for a nice meal and go back to his place on Friday night.”“That is your first mistake Emma; you need to involve Gary in the night’s activities.”“Oh really, I thought it would be easier for him if he wasn’t involved.”“No, not really Emma, you should make Gary involved in every part of the evening.”“Okay.”“You should invite Scott to yours, with you and Gary, for some finger food. You should let Gary pick out your outfit for the night, and, if you are not quite ready for Gary to watch you and Scott, then you and Scott should at least use the bedroom in your apartment while Gary sleeps on the couch, or in the spare room.”

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