24 Mayıs 2023

Wedding Corset


My older sister Steph and I were frequently thought of being identical twins, in spite of our two years, three month and seven days age difference. This we used to our advantage on countless occasions. Sometimes getting out of trouble at high school, or playing pranks on our unsuspecting friends, boyfriends, and teachers. All in all, it was a lot of fun. We were almost identical in size and looks if we dressed up the same, it was often difficult to tell who was who, but only our dad could pick us apart, and he didn’t or wouldn’t tell us how he did it.But with all good things, time began to part us, my sister off to university, me the local trade training for graphics. From time to time we would meet up to compare life. My sister moved out of town, met a new man, and came then the rather expected announcement, engagement, then the wedding date. My sister was very happy.For me, there had been a bit of a quiet spell and hardly any romance. It didn’t bother me, after all, I was only twenty-four.The wedding day arrived, we all gathered at our parents home, a crazy morning of inane chatter, visits to the hairdresser, makeup artist, and flowers. Soon it was time for me to go and get ready, I left my sister in the hands of my mother and my rather powerful looking aunt Vicky.Two hours later my sister floated down the aisle, she was simply stunning, I had never seen her seem so serene before. Her dress was amazing, glittering at each step, with a full sparkling skirt radiating out from her hourglass waist. I was stunned at just how she looked so slender and graceful.The reception was wonderful, full of joy and excitement, toasts, speeches, and more wine than what’s normally good for some people.I had only one job left to do, and that was to take the happy couple to the airport very early the next morning. My sister would be away for two weeks for her honeymoon.I arrived bleary-eyed to pick them up, they were very excited. My sister had one small request, could I take a small bag of stuff and her wedding dress back to my place? She had arranged to get the dress cleaned, could I look after her stuff and do a quick wash, until she returned. Smiling I agreed. Then they were gone.I took the dress in for cleaning, and then I did a quick sort of her bag, I found her white stockings, her lace jacket, her white crystal shoes, her headset and veil, and lastly, there at the bottom of her bag was her secret, a white hourglass corset. God, no wonder she looked so amazing.Everything that needed to be washed was and returned back to her bag. Only one thing bugged me, and that was her corset. Each day I would look at it, wondering just what it would be like to have it on. Each day I’d pick it up and hold it against me, feeling tempted to try it on.The weekend arrived, I woke and showered, then with my towel wrapped around me, I picked up the corset once again. Yes. What harm could there be if I tried? I took it over to my bed, slipped out of my towel, and then slowly wrapped the corset around me. I looked down, no way was any of the catches anywhere going to clasp together. How on earth did my sister manage to squeeze into it?I tried to lie down and pull it together, that was closer, I tied again, breathing carefully, I tried and tried, then yes, the first catch slipped into place. One done, twenty-three to go. One by one, they began to catch, but it was getting harder and harder. Twelve done, halfway, try again, another one, two, three. Time for a brief break. This was hard Ankara bayan escort going.Wriggle and try again, another one caught, then two more, another break. Not too much more to go. Trying again, it was getting hard on my fingers and thumbs. One more, yes. Oh God, it’s getting very tight, try again, another one caught. Another pause, try again, struggling, yes, caught. Try again, almost there, missed, try again, no, take a break. Flex my hands and fingers, this is getting very difficult. Another wriggle, another attempt, so close, so close, yes, no, yes, yes, only two to go.The next two proved much more difficult. But finally and feeling exhausted, I finally managed to get the last two catches in place.God, it was just so tight. Slowly, very slowly I sat up, wow, this felt insane. Slipping off my bed I carefully straightened up, walked step by step over to view myself in the mirror. Yeah, it looked amazing, but I was yet to put on knickers and stockings.That took me about another twenty minutes as I struggled to flex where I use to be able to flex.Looking again in my mirror, I was amazed to see myself with the hourglass waist and stiffened torso. I looked both amazing and very erotic, quite a sight to see.I strutted about for a few minutes, but I fairly quickly realized too much movement exhausted me. It was quite hard to breathe while in the corset. The pressure was starting to get uncomfortable on my waist and belly, and I needed to pee.A trip to the bathroom was hard going, and I decided that I had enough of wearing the corset. Time to take it off.I sat on my bed and tried to ease the first catch, but it was too tight, they all were too tight. I lay back down again, and tried again, and tried again, still no go. Damn.It was getting harder to grip the corset and lift the catches, but I tried and tried again, they didn’t give. Shit!Take a pause then try again, a moment of anger and frustration, but still, the catches would not budge. I knew there were ties at the back, but to undo them mean that I would have to confess that I had tried the corset on, and I really didn’t want to admit that.I slowly sat up again then carefully made my way to my kitchen and got myself a drink. I looked down at the catches, simple enough, but I just didn’t have the strength to get them clear. I had no idea how I could somehow lever them to get them to release.Over the next hour or so I tried a number of things to try to ease the catches undone, but to no avail. No matter what I did, they stayed firmly in place. I was getting quite exhausted, I laid out again on my bed and tried to figure out what I could do.I began to realize that I was going to need to ask someone to give me a hand, my secret would be found out. I also realized that it was a long weekend, and most people I knew and could trust would be out of town, there were only a couple of people that I could try.Three calls later I discovered that nobody was available til either early the next day or after the weekend. I was stuck. Shit!I struggled through the morning, just having drinks as I couldn’t face the thought of having food, but that made me want to pee more often. Then after another lie-down, I tried again, still no go. I was getting quite exhausted, as well as starting to get a little upset at myself, I was very uncomfortable.It was mid-afternoon and I was starting to get a little bit teary-eyed when my phone rang. At first, I hoped it was one of my friends ringing Escort bayan Ankara to tell me that could come to visit, but as I picked up my phone I realized it was Dad.”Hey Dad, how’s it going?””Hey Katie, I’m good, just wondering if you wanted to come over for dinner tonight, Mum’s been called away again, so just me here.””Umm, yeah, that sounds good, thanks.””Katie, what’s up?”Damn it, why did Dad always know when something was up? “It’s all good here, just wondering what to bring over?””Katie, what have you done?”Dad always seemed to know when I did something daft. Dad and I had a good relationship, but he knew me some days better then I did myself, it seemed as if this was going to be one of those days.I sighed. “I’m a little bit stuck at the moment, but should be good for later on, ok?””Stuck as in how stuck? Do you need someone to get you unstuck?”My heart sank, he was right, again. “Try not to laugh.””I’ll be over in about ten. See you then.”I collapsed back onto my bed, just wondering what to do when dad arrived. He really was the only person that was available to get me out of the corset, and I really wanted out!I heard Dad car arrive outside, it was then I realized I was still just wearing panties and the corset. I did a mad scramble to pull on track pants and a tee.I opened the door and let him in then I asked if he wanted a cup of tea, trying to put off the painfully embarrassing moment when I had to tell him what I had done. Then he looked at me and I blushed deeply.”And just what have you done?”I looked at dad, this was the moment of truth. I lifted my tee shirt. “I can’t get it undone and I need to get it off.””I can see your problem, indeed, why didn’t you loosen the ties at the back, it would come off quite easy then?””I didn’t want anyone to know that I had tried it on, Please Dad, please don’t tell.””Alright, but it would be much easier to undo the laces first.””Dad, no, just the catches. Please, I don’t want it to look like someone else has used it.””Very well, as you insist.”I went to my room and eased myself out on my bed, thinking it would be easier. Dad followed and sat beside me. His fingers going to the uppermost catch of the corset.”How on earth did you get this on? It is very, very tight. It’s way too tight for you.”I didn’t really know what to say, but after a minute or so he eased the first of the catches undone. Slowly he worked his way all the way down, then as the final catch released the corset sprung fully open.”Oh, oh, oh, that’s a great relief, thank you, Dad,” I gulped in mouthfuls of air, pushing out my chest and my breasts as I did.Dad wandered off to let me breathe again and headed to my kitchen to organize a cuppa for us both. He returned again in a few minutes, carrying a pair of cups with steam rising from them,I sat up, my bare chest presenting themselves, I’m not sure if Dad cared, or was just being polite by basically ignoring them, but he seemed unphased by my state of dress.”The corset belongs to your mom, she loaned it to Steph for the wedding, I guess you can use it too when you decide if you want to get married, at some stage.””I guess I might, but no time soon, but I was just wondering how on earth Steph managed to squeeze into it, and come to mention it, how does mom squeeze into it?””A couple of things really, the first is my sister Vicky, she was there to help Steph, and the second is a lacing bar, mom and I usually use that, I can show you later.”A Bayan escort Ankara couple of minutes later I dressed again and we headed back to Mom and Dad’s place for dinner. Dad was quite a good cook, so I let him organize things in the kitchen while I found music to play.Then after dinner and some chat over a glass of wine, Dad picked up the corset and before I could stop him he pulled the bows undone and loosened the laces.”Dad, no, I didn’t want anyone else knowing.” My protests were too late.”Don’t you worry a thing over it, Katie, nobody else will know, and it is meant to be stored with the laces undone.””You said something about a lacing bar?” I asked”Yes that’s the easiest way to get to put it on, it takes another person to assist you to get it on, your aunt Vicky is very good at doing that.”I was in two minds, fearing the awful tightness I had encountered, but also curious about how to put it on and wear it correctly.”Can I give it a go,” I replied, still unsure that this was a good idea.”That’s up to you if you want too. You will need to strip off your top half.””That’s fine with me, can you lace it up for me?””As you wish. I may need to make a bit of an adjustment as it goes on.”I followed dad to the master bedroom, he went to the wardrobe and took out what looked like a straight set of bicycle handlebars with gloves attached on the ends. There was also a couple of ropes that he gathered up.I stripped off my tee and bra, while dad set the bar up to some catches on the roof, then he got me to stand in front of the bar.”Are you ready for this?” I nodded to him, “Now, slip your hands into the gloves and hold on, and I will tighten them so its easier for you.”I followed his instructions and he slipped the velcro straps tightly over my wrists. He checked to make sure I was still alright with what he was doing. I again nodded and then he started to lift the bar via the catches on the roof.My arms went up and then my body started to lift up too, then I was up on tiptoes. I could feel my body slowly stretching out and straightening out as well as lifting and presenting my breasts.”Now we wait a couple of minutes, so you can stretch and be ready for putting on the corset,” Dad informed me.”Okay, I think I understand.”Dad went off and a minute or so later returned with the corset, he was busy adjusting the laces.”Are you ready?””Yes, I think so.”Dad stood in front of me and wrapped the corset around me, then he set about doing up each of the hooks, the corset sat firmly against me, but it was not tight. Dad then moved to behind me and started to pull on the laces, slowly I felt the pressure building up.He went through tightening the laces twice then he walked right around me, checking to see how the corset was fitting.”I think we need to lift your breasts a little bit, okay?””Okay, if that what needs to be done.”For a brief moment, Dad’s hands slipped inside the corset, and he lifted my breasts up so they sat better. I felt the ease of pressure and knew he had set them just right.Dad returned to tightening the laces again, and then I began to understand the need to get the corset sitting just right, as well as just how much more he was able to make it tighten.Dad lowered the bar and released my hands, the corset was very tight and firm, but it was not at all uncomfortable. I went and admired the result in the mirror, and yeah, wow, it was even better than I thought it could be.Dad and I watched a movie together, then I went and crashed out in the spare bedroom. Taking off the corset was much easier this time.Before I drifted off to sleep, I once again knew my dad was one guy I could utterly trust, and to help me out of any tricky or embarrassing spots that I seemed to get myself into.Now I have my own corset, it sometimes gets used on special occasions.

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