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Big Dicks

Subject: Welcome to Gayberry 27 Welcome to Gayberry � 27 Feel free to address any comments on this story to hoo. His is a work of fiction and is based on no real persons, living or dead. If you enjoy this or any of the wonderful stories here, I hope you will consider a donation to the Nifty Archive to keep the site going. It is a treasure!!! fty/ 27 William went back out to the desk with Randy, who was looking at the incident reports he had been given by Michael Churchill. “I may have dismissed these things before, but I think this may be a serious problem. It could explode into something none of us want to deal with” the sheriff said. “I just ain’t sure how to investigate this without stirrin’ things up. This would be a terrible time to have somethin’ like this blow. Once this weekend is over, I’m willin’ to blow shit up but I’d hate to see that happen right now. We’re gonna have a lot of people in town this weekend and I don’t want to put them in danger if I don’t have to.” William joined him in reading the reports. They were silent for a few minutes as they combed through the details. “There appear to be a couple of these where spray paint was used on the inside of the building” William said. “These occurred after school hours when no one was in the theatre. Yet there were no signs of a break-in. You know what that means.” “Afraid I do” the sheriff said. “Sounds like an inside job. Somebody with keys is involved in this. We need a list of everyone who has keys to the school and we need that list pretty damned fast.” “I’m sure Ben could get that for us in a flash, but I hate to disturb him right now. He’s sleepin’ like a baby” William said. “Yeah, I agree” the sheriff said. “That young man has an awful lot on his plate too. God knows he’s gonna have his hands full if the coach wakes up actin’ anything like he was the last time we saw him up in Statesville. I need to get Arney to have them restraints and a shock collar handy when he gets back.” “Good thinking” William said. “You want me to take a ride over to the school and talk to that assistant principal? What was his name, Barrow?” “Yeah, that was it, Will Barrow, I think” the sheriff said. “By the way, while you and the warden was washing up for lunch Mrs. Tara Bedford informed me that she and her group thought Barrow shoulda been named principal of the school instead of young Ben. She says he has deep roots in Gayberry and his paw was even principal at one time.” “Well, a recommendation from the most racist cunt in Gayberry certainly speaks well for him, doesn’t it?” Will quipped. “Says to me the bastard probably ought not be allowed near students” the sheriff said. “I wonder what Mr. Barrow’s thinking is on Ben’s plan to absorb the Negro kids from the colony into the main high school. Might be worth askin’ Ben about at some point. Why don’t you take a ride over to the high school and try your luck with Mr. Barrow. I know you’re really itchin’ to drive by your place and see if the Watkins Liniment Wagon is in your driveway.” “You read me like a book, sheriff,” Will said as he grabbed his car keys and headed to the car. Randy was enjoying the quiet when the doors burs open and the mayor burst in. He was raising hell because he had gone to the service station at noon needing Homer to suck him off. He said he had been really horny since watching his wife get fucked by the Colonel. Homer was away from the station and it was being run by his cousin, Peanut, who didn’t like sucking dick much. The mayor said Peanut would suck one, but it took some convincing and he just wasn’t in the mood. Randy filled him in on the visit from the warden and that Coach Thomas was now in the back room of the jail. The sheriff also filled him on the fact that his wife had been with the Colonel again earlier in the day at the mayor’s home. “Goddammit!” he sputtered. “I wish I’d knew. I could’ve took the time and gone and hid out and watched. I didn’t know watchin’ a fuckin’ was as near about much fun as doin’ it.” “I hear tell a lot of folks go up to that arcade on Route 9 to watch movies of folks fuckin'” the sheriff said. “Yeah” the mayor replied. “I’ve been there a couple of times but it makes me too nervous. If one of our citizens saw me and told somebody it could ruin me. The one I went to had holes in the walls like up at the service station so you could watch fuck movies and get sucked off at the same time. I ain’t no homo but I sure do like getting’ my dick sucked and I don’t care who’s doin’ it. My dick’s so hard right now it’s about to explode. At that moment, Deputy Arney returned. “What great timing!” the sheriff exclaimed. “Deputy, the mayor needs help with a serious problem!” “Anything for our fearless leader” the deputy said. How may I be of service, Mr. Mayor? Then he saw the mayor unzipping his pants and pulling out his hard, short, stubby dick. “Get on your knees and help our fearless leader, deputy” the sheriff said. “Aww, Randy you know I…” the deputy said. “Do I need that shock collar?” the sheriff asked. The deputy immediately dropped to his knees and began to crawl toward the mayor. “Why don’t you drop them pants and I’ll rub that fine, hairy ass of yours, mayor” Randy suggested. “The only thang better than getting’ your dick sucked is getting’ your dick sucked and your ass rubbed at the same time!” The mayor immediately dropped his pants to his ankles and lowered his underwear to his ankles as well. The man actually had a very nice meaty ass, covered in sandy hair. His legs were covered in the same hair and the mayor always smelled clean and fresh. “I love having my ass rubbed when I’m being sucked off, sheriff” Mayor Dykes said enthusiastically. “I know you do, mayor, and it’s my privilege.” Arney was gagging on the short,thick cock. “Cut that out deputy,” the sheriff said, “unless you want that shock collar.” The mayor was quickly punching his cock in and out of the thin deputy’s mouth. Randy went to his knees and began to lick the mayor’s butt cheeks. “Ah, that feels good, sheriff” the mayor said. “Very good.” Randy began to massage the mayor’s big nut sack with his hand, enjoying the feel of the warm, hairy balls in his big hand. “That feels wonderful” the mayor whispered, almost as if he was in a trance. The sheriff spread the mayor’s cheeks, exposing his clean, pink hole. “That’s a beautiful hole, mayor” the sheriff said. The sheriff then put his tongue directly on the mayor’s hole and the man began to shoot his load into the deputy’s mouth. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” the mayor he yelled. “What the fuck was that? It felt like you licked my asshole!” That’s exactly what I did” the sheriff said. “And I take it you liked it.” “I’ve never felt anything so good” he said breathlessly. He had already removed his cock from the deputy’s mouth, wiped it on his handkerchief, and was fastening his pants. “I have got to get back to the office but thank you both” he said. “I’ll see you boys later.” The entire encounter had taken four minutes and fifty four seconds. Just after the mayor left, Dr. Foster came by to check on the coach. “So far so good” the sheriff said. “He’s still sleeping. I guess he’s still sedated. Anyway, he’s still quiet and Principal Ben is asleep in the bed, along with the warden who brought him up here. We had planned to get him a room at the hotel for the day but we ran into a problem.” “You were going to put that black warden in old man Print’s place?” the doctor asked. “I could’ve told you that would never happen. He is and always has been racist as hell. He’s rumored to financially back the klan but he doesn’t even have the balls to put on a white robe. He’s just a hater.” “I had no idea all this was going on in Gayberry” the sheriff said. “That’s cause you never had to think about it, boy” the doctor said. “White folks take for granted that they can just stay anywhere, eat anywhere they want, do pretty much anything they want. They’ve never been turned away for the color of their skin or their last name or whether their dick’s cut or who they share a bed with and put their dick in. We don’t have to concern ourselves with those things because we take for granted that we can do as we please. It just ain’t so. And Gayberry isn’t even close to being the worst place for it.” “I guess my eyes are getting opened a little wider ever’ day, doc.” “Do you think it would be okay for me to just look in on the patient?” the doctor asked. “Sure, I’ll go in with you” the sheriff said. “Both Ben and Eamon were out like lights earlier” Randy said. “I don’t think either one of them got a wink of sleep last night.” The two men went in very quietly. They could hear the coach’s respirations, soft and even. “I’d like to listen to his lungs but I’m going to defer that since he’s on his front side” the doctor said. “I think the man’s going to be on his front side for quite a while. Those animals tore this man up pretty good. The paramedics who brought him up couldn’t believe he was doing so well. They said he lost so much blood, they were afraid he might go into cardiac arrest. One of the animals almost bit one of his testicles off. They said it was hanging by a thread but they tried to save it. Time will tell. Those are some very tender tissues and it will be a painful healing process.” “What can I do to help, doctor?” the sheriff asked. “Not much, sheriff,” he said. “He seems to be good for now. I want to check a couple of dressings to see if they need changing. I need to add some antibiotic cream too. An infection of any kind is the last thing this man needs. ” The doctor pulled back the sheet covering the coach to his waist. The bruising all over his shoulders and back was extreme. “They beat the hell out of this man” the sheriff said. “Fucked the hell out of him too according to the warden” the sheriff said. “His body looks like it’s been mauled by animals. If he hadn’t of been in the great physical shape he was in there’s no way he would have survived this kind of beating.” The doctor tenderly touched the muscles of his back and shoulders. “The paramedics did a great job in positioning him” the doctor said. They put foam under his abdomen and under his thighs. His legs have to stay parted to allow his testicle area to heal. They said there are over 18 stitches just in his rectum and they were worried about bleeding there. I need to move this sheet lower so I can check that area.” The doctor slowly folded the sheet lower, exposing his beautiful bubble butt and his thighs, covered in ginger fur. “I’m surprised they didn’t shave those thighs. That tells me that either they didn’t bother to shave because they didn’t think he would survive surgery or the need to get him on the operating table was so urgent they didn’t take the time to shave him.” The doctor ran his hand over the man’s creamy buttock mounds. “That is one fine ass” he said. “I guess I can understand why they were all fighting over a piece of this tail. ” The doctor took the sheriff’s hand and ran it over one of the buttocks. It was as warm and smooth as anything he had ever touched. He leaned in and gently spread the man’s buttocks. All Randy could see were sutures and some dried blood. “There’s no sign of fresh blood and that’s good” the doctor said. “I can tell you that tomorrow and the next day are likely to be his most painful days. We will have to turn him and that is going to hurt. I recommend you keep those four point restraints handy at all times in case he wakes up wild. As they covered him again, Randy had the sense that the doctor had enjoyed touching the naked body of the handsome man. “Doctor, I know you’re a very busy man” the sheriff said. “But, as you are aware, we are having multiple track and field events on Saturday. William and I would be much more comfortable if some kind of brief physical examination was conducted on all the participants before they are allowed to participate. I know that Principal Whaley is in agreement. My assistant and I mersin escort were going to do them ourselves, but we have taken on additional duties. Is it possible that you might help out? I realize it will be tough duty, having to look at all those naked young male bodies. At that point, the sheriff looked the doctor squarely in the eye and the doctor winked at him. “May I take that as a yes, doctor?” “You certainly may, sheriff,” he said, it’s a tough job but somebody has to do it. I assume we will conduct these at the high school field house?” he asked. “Yes, sir, and my friend, Will, and I will be right by your side.” the sheriff said. “Ben was finishing up the schedules before his nap. I can get you a schedule of times for various age groups mid-morning tomorrow. We can post everything on the town bulletin board and at the school by the close of school.” “Thank you for asking, sheriff” he said. “I’m sure this will be a pleasure. I know my friends, Michael and Frankie are having a blast with hosting this pageant. It’s something they’ve wanted to do for many years.” “You are a friend of Mr. Churchill and Mr. Blount?” the sheriff asked. “Oh yes, sheriff, thick as thieves since I moved to this lovely town.” The doctor then left and Randy went back to his desk. He went over the work Ben had done earlier and found it easy to make schedules for all the athletes to have their physical exams. There were about 60 boys participating in the events so he scheduled the physicals for Thursday, starting early in the morning and finishing in the afternoon. He planned to run an assembly line of sorts using himself, William, the doctor, Jimmy and Mark. “I better head on over to the school crossing” the deputy said. “It’s about that time” Randy said. “That coach’s wife was supposed to come over here and give us her statement about last night when she got released from the hospital. They was itchin’ to get rid of her this mornin’ so I’m sure she’s out of there by now. I need to speak to her and her daughter. When you finish your crossing duties, can you run by and pick them up and bring them down. I don’t like being messed with and I think this woman’s messin’ with me.” “Sure thing, sheriff” he said. “I’ll be happy to do that. Can I handcuff `em?” “Sure” he said. “Enjoy yourself. They both need to be taught a couple of lessons.” He decided he better check on the coach and see if the warden and Ben were still asleep. He looked into the room and saw the warden stretched out on his back, his heads above his head and young Ben between his legs, sucking on that big black cock. “Come on in, sheriff” the warden said. “Ben was hungry for some cock and I happened to have one that needed some attention.” Ben was on his knees, his creamy white ass in the air. The sheriff could see a pink, tasty looking hole, ringed with virtually no hair in sight. The principal was eating that cock like his life depended on it. He was taking it all the way to the root, then slowly sliding back until the tip was at his lips, then slowly taking it again to the root. “This boy is a talented cocksucker” Eamon said. “If you’re growin’ them like this in Gayberry, I may never leave. Get them pants off and show me what you’ve got. You show a good bulge and I’d like to see what you’re packin’. Young Ben here says he wants my cock in him but I’m not sure he knows what he’s askin’ for. He says he ain’t had a lot of experience taking one in his bunghole.” The sheriff dropped his pants and his boxer shorts and stepped out of them. He took off his shirt, leaving his tee shirt on as he crawled on the bed to the warden. The warden put his hands on the sheriff’s meaty ass and pulled him in, licking his thick, uncut meat. Randy was hard in no time and the warden sucked his whole dick into his throat. As he began to suck, he was teasing the sheriff’s hole with his index finger. “Oh fuck, warden, that’s amazing” the sheriff said. “Just fucking amazing!” The three were silent except for the slurping, wet sounds as Ben sucked the warden’s meat and the warden sucked on the sheriff’s cock.. “That mouth feels amazin, Eamon” the sheriff said hoarsely. “Fuckin’ amazing.” The sheriff continued to slide his big cock in and out of the warden’s mouth. He reached his left hand back and began to stroke Ben’s hot, round ass cheeks. He heard a muffled moan from the boy, whose mouth was full of black dick. The principal wiggled his ass and Randy felt the boy reach for his hand, guiding it toward his hole. Randy teased the hole, running his finger around its smooth edge. He felt the warmth emanating from the pink spot and touched it. When he did, he heard a loud, muffled moan from the boy. The warden momentarily took Randy’s cock from his mouth, continuing to stroke it with his slick hand. “I think I know what you just touched, sheriff” he said as he put the sheriff’s big cock back in his mouth and again took it all the way to the thick pubes. The sheriff inserted his finger into the hot hole. It was a tough go so he removed it, stuck it in his mouth, got it nice and covered in his own juice and reinserted it. This time the boy gasped louder. Randy began to slide it in and out. He felt the boy’s tender spot graze his finger with each stroke. The warden had left Randy’s cock and was now sucking on his nut sack, taking each of his big balls into his mouth. Randy started jerking his big meat in the warden’s face. “Beat that meat, sheriff!” he said. “I want you to shoot that fucking big load all over me. I want to be covered in your fucking cum! Beat your meat boy!” He then returned to sucking the sheriff’s dick. The warden then decided it was time to change positions. He motioned Randy to pull back, while he guided Ben to a sitting position at the end of the bed. He then moved himself to the end of the bed, his feet on the floor. He then lifted Ben onto his lap, positioning his wet cock right at the boy’s hole. “You sure you’re ready for this?” he asked the boy. “I’m a little bigger than average.” “Yes, sir, Please sir,” Ben said quietly. “I want to be fucked. I want to be fucked hard.” “Take a nice, deep breath and sit down on my cock, son.” The young principal slowly sat on the warden’s cock. As it slid in, he gasped at the feeling of being completely filled up with dick. It felt like it would never end, but eventually the cock hit bottom. Randy move into a standing position on the bed, his cock at the warden’s mouth. The warden began to suck his dick even as Ben bounced up and down on his big cock. It was a noisy fuck and a hot one. Ben was beating his meat as he bounced up and down on the big black meat and Randy was thrusting his meat in and out of Eamon’s mouth as he himself stroked his big nut. Randy closed his eyes and began to get the feeling. “Oh fuck, I’m getting there” the sheriff said. “I’m getting’ real fuckin’ close to getting’ my fuckin’ cum nut!” “Feed that fucker” Ben said. “Feed him your load! I’m about to fucking nut!” The boy was beating his meat furiously as he felt his cumload move up from the very deepest part of his balls into his cock and spewing all over the place. He caught as much as possible and began to lick it from his hand, even as he used the other hand to milk the last of his nut out of his dick. “I’m there, warden!” Randy said. “Take that nut.” The sheriff held the warden’s mouth on his cock, pressed all the way into his throat, his thick lips pressed into the sheriff’s wild, thick patch of pubes. Randy was spent as he sat on the bed to watch Eamon complete his fuck of the young principal. The warden lifted the handsome boy off his cock, quickly moving him into a kneeling position on the bed. The warden got right behind him, standing on the floor and jammed his big cock all the way into the boy and instantly started pounding his ass.” “This is some of the sweetest ass I’ve ever had, boy!” he said as he pistoned his thick cock in and out of the boy. “I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready boy! Oh fuuuuuuuuck!” he shouted as he pulled his cock out of the boy and shot his thick white cream right onto the boy’s pink hole. It was a massive cumload which he immediately started spreading onto the boy’s bright pink gaping hole. He then stuck his still hard cock back into the boy as he collapsed on top of him on the bed, his cock still embedded in the young man’s hot sticky hole. They lay there silently for a few minutes, all enjoying the afterglow of good sex when there was a tap on the door and William stuck his head in. “Greetings, gentlemen,” Will said. “Looks like you boys have enjoyed a delightful afternoon.” All three of the men took turns in the shower and dressed again. Randy was back at his desk, looking over the event schedules and the schedule William had made for the physical exams. “You assistant principal wasted no time” William told Ben. “He had his ass moved into your office and his secretary at your secretary’s desk between the time we saw him this morning and the time I went back to the school this afternoon. I get bad vibes from that young man, Ben.” “The jury’s still out for me on that young man” Ben said. Young Mr. Barrow is from one of the oldest families around and his father was once principal at the high school. He made it very clear to me when I came here that he had expected to be named to the position I got and that he would hold the position one day. He said some of the most powerful people in town had supported his getting the job and he let me know I was temporary. I have not pursued the subject with the young man, because it was pointless. I was hired and that was that, as far as I am concerned.” “He is an arrogant little prick, in my opinion” Will said. “He told me he had information indicating you might be out for some time and that the situation could become permanent. He hinted that he had heard you were arrested, but he never came right out and said that. He said he was considering cancelling our access to the school facilities and taking charge of all the events himself. I threatened to phone the mayor right there from his office and he backed off. It is obvious he feels that he should be the one in charge of everything. I wouldn’t trust the man for a minute.” “You’re probably right” Ben said. “I will be more vigilant in the future. Everything looks good on these schedules and the schedules for the physical examinations. If you will get them posted in the morning, that will be great.” “Don’t you think you need to get back to the office in the morning, Ben,” the sheriff asked. “I am just not comfortable leaving the coach until he wakes up” Ben said. “I almost lost him and I won’t take any chances. I’m in it for the long haul with this man if he wants me and I won’t be back at school until he is awake and I know that he’s calm and he knows I’m here for him. I think I better get back in there with him” he said as he went back to the back room with the coach. “I guess I better phone my driver” the warden said. “I can’t begin to tell you gentlemen how much I have enjoyed my day here, racist bitches and an asshole hotel owner notwithstanding.” “Do you think you might make it up for our festivities on Saturday, warden?” William asked. “I’m sure the governor would be glad to see an old friend here. He’ll be meeting a lot of strangers and I wonder if a familiar face wouldn’t be welcome.” “I’ll check my schedule and if there’s any way I can make it, I’d be happy to drive up for the day” the warden said. It would be worth the drive to see Mrs. Bedford so uncomfortable. She about ate her tongue when she had a negro man sit beside her at lunch.” They all enjoyed a laugh. “Don’t just plan on the day, warden,” the sheriff said. “Plan to stay for the evening. Since our visit to the hotel was so uncomfortable, I’ve about decided to put the governor and Mr. Levin up at Ben’s house. I’m stayin’ there with my son to help look out after his boys while Ben is here. It’s a beautiful home with a bunch of bedrooms and a pool and hot tub. I think escort mersin the governor and Mr. Levin will be more comfortable there than any place in town. I haven’t cleared it with Ben yet but I’m sure he will be good with it. I hope you will do that.” The sheriff called Ben back out and discussed the situation with him. He was more than agreeable to having the governor and his assistant stay at his home. He thanked Randy for agreeing to stay there with his boys as long as he was taking care of the coach at the jail. “This works perfectly for me and it’s great for my boys. I really hope you decide to come back, Eamon” Ben said. “I very much enjoyed our time together and I’d love to think a repeat might be in the works at some point in the future.” “As would I, Ben,” he said. “You have one of the tightest, hottest little asses it has ever been my pleasure to put my meat in. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.” The two men embraced and Ben went back to Coach. “Looks like a done deal” the sheriff said. “We’ll plan on having the Governor and Mr. Levin stay at the house. I think it will afford them a lot more privacy than the hotel would have and his home is so much nicer than that fleabag hotel. We might have a pool party with our explorer boys for the Governor and Mr. Levin.” “You may have to run both of them out of town if you have too many young, pretty boys around” the warden said. . “Governor North loves young boys but you don’t have to worry for a second. Both he and Abraham are two of the nicest men you’ll ever meet and you can trust your boys will be treated well at all times. He may encourage a boy to expand his horizons, but he would never hurt a boy or have a lad do anything against his will.” “Now you said Mr. Levin likes them a bit older, didn’t you?” asked William. “Abraham has varied tastes” Eamon said. “He loves sex and his tastes tend to run to a bit older than the governor. He likes a boy or a girl with some pubes, but not too mature.” “That shouldn’t be a problem” William said. “I think he can pretty much take his pick from the Miss Gayberry contestants and we can keep our eyes open for any outstanding boys during our physical examinations of the athletes.” “I have no doubt my friends will be well-entertained during their time in Gayberry” the warden said. “And, assuming you make it here on Saturday, what would you enjoy, warden?” the sheriff asked. “I’ve had my dick in only two pieces from this town” he said. “Both were superb. “I wouldn’t mind sampling the sheriff, his assistant, or perhaps the colonel, although I have no problem enjoying the younger ones too.” Speaking of our younger ones, I’m surprised the boys ain’t stopped by here” the sheriff said. “They usually come by after school and I assumed Dopie would bring Walter and Jeffy with him.” “I’m sorry, sheriff,” William said. “It completely slipped my mind but when I was at the high school I suggested Mark and Jimmy get the boys when they were released and have them put on their running gear and do some training. I should have mentioned it. I know we told Walter and all the boys that Ben was out of town so I thought it best they not come here to the jail where they might run into him. Mark said he would take all the boys back to Ben’s house when they finished and let them have a swim if they liked. Jimmy has worked as a lifeguard over at the Gayberry Country Club for the last three years so I think the boys will be safe with him.” “That was good thinking, Will” the sheriff said. “One thing I should mention before I go, fellas” the warden said quietly. “The governor is very concerned about violence against our minority communities. Others have paid lip service but the governor feels very deeply about it. Incidents like the ones at your school with the broken glass have been happening all across the state. There is some suspicion that the klan is feeling threatened and they are becoming more active. The governor is making funding available through a task force which will funnel money into a community as well as giving certain powers not usually available to law enforcement. I would like to suggest your name to him for the task force. I think you’d be good.” “I appreciate that, Eamon,” the sheriff said. “We can use all the help we can get with this.” His driver arrived and the warden left after warm handshakes with the two men. Just as the warden left, Ben rejoined them. He asked if they could talk and they all took chairs around the big desk. “Guys, I’m sorry we were interrupted earlier” he said. “It’s time for me to trust somebody and if I can’t trust you two, I don’t know who it would be. We were talking about my son, Walter. What you said is true. I’m the one who has strongly discourages my son from showing his body. It is all out of worry for him on my part. I realize I have the normal anxiety about seeing my little boy turn into a man in front of my eyes, but I think I could deal with that. I am so fearful for him. I know my fear clouds my own judgment when it comes to my boy. “Does he have some kind of deformity to his penis? William asked. “They can do amazing things with plastic surgery these days. There are some very good doctors specializing in this stuff these days.” “We’ve seen multiple doctors” Ben said. “Some of the best in the country. He is under the care of an endocrinologist in Charlotte and has had plenty of help from a pediatric psychologist. I’ve never told anyone this before and it isn’t easy. But it won’t be long before we’ll have no choice but to face it and it’s probably better to do it now. At least he’s in a good place with good friends and I feel I’m there too.” “So does Walter have some kind of deformity of his penis?” William asked. “No, that’s not it” Ben said. “He doesn’t have a penis. No penis at all.” Both men were shocked to hear this. They didn’t know what to say. “Was he in some kind of an accident and he got it cut off? Did he lose his balls too?” the sheriff asked. “Walter was born a female” Ben said. “He has a perfectly formed little vagina. But from very early in life, he rejected anything feminine. My wife and I loved to dress our baby girl up and bought a closet full of pretty clothes from day one. Everything seemed normal until the just after the baby’s second birthday. Then we couldn’t keep clothes on the kid. If we put a dress on the kid, it would be torn off the next time we looked. The frilly little panties with ruffles were out of the question. Then the dolls got thrown out of the crib. We thought it was just normal behavior until I was bathing our baby one night. I was in the habit of bathing with the kid, just as my wife would do sometimes. By the third birthday, Walter was grabbing my penis and stroking my pubes whenever we bathed together. He would slap his mom’s bare tits if he saw her without clothes. He actually grabbed a big handful of her pubic hair one day and pulled a lot of it out. We would buy a tea party set, it would go into the garbage. The kid wanted his cousin’s ball glove instead of all the dolls we were buying. We didn’t really think there was a problem until Walt was five. That’s when he tried to set his closet on fire. That was a wakeup call. My wife just lost it when that happened and things went downhill between us very quickly. I had him with one of the best pediatricians in Charlotte and the doc recommended a pediatric psychologist. She diagnosed Walt and tried to tell us how common some of the behavior really was. She said there was a small chance it would be outgrown and the kid might at some point conform to female role. Walt never did. He always stared at my penis in a way that somehow I knew he wanted one for himself. He even tried to cut his vagina a couple of times. That’s when my wife threw up her hands and left. She was raised in a really fundamentalist family and she swore the kid was demon-possessed. I didn’t accept that bullshit so we split. She hasn’t seen our kid since that day. No calls, no letters, no nothing from her. She walked away.” “This is unbelievable shit for me” the sheriff said. “Something in my gut had always told me there was a problem” Ben said. “There was something about the way the kid looked at my penis even in those very early years. And the kid loved to touch and stroke my cock. He’s always wanted to bathe with me, even after my wife forbade that. She even lashed out at me, blaming me for what was going on because I had casually exposed my body to the kid.” “That is unbelievable” Will said. “People can be so goddamned ignorant.” “I came to terms with it because I saw it coming” Ben said. “The minute I stopped even attempting to get the kid to wear dresses or ruffles or lace, he was totally different. He became very affectionate toward me. I was always afraid for anyone else to see him naked. I thought he would be bullied or made fun of or even physically attacked and I couldn’t stand that. I was bullied as a kid just for being circumcised. I could only imagine the grief Walt would take. I finished graduate school and we continued to move around. I knew I couldn’t let Walt have close friends because they were bound to discover our secret. I never brought friends home because I didn’t want anyone to know our secret.” “This has to have been tough, Ben,” William said. “I won’t deny that” he said. “That’s one reason I thought moving here and being near Marv and his family would be a good idea. I had this fantasy that Marv would understand and we could all be one big happy family. Unfortunately, Peg had gone farther off the rails than ever and Marv was drinking and had turned bitter as hell. He was nothing like the guy I knew before. I took this job and I love the kids and I love this town and I love the high school, but I had already decided to start looking for my next job. I don’t think that’s what I want to do now.” “So has Walter had any surgery or anything?” William asked. “No, it hasn’t been indicated” Ben said. His body is the perfectly formed body of a female child.” “But he’s hairy as a high school kid, Ben, and as hairy as some adult men” William said. “I’ve never seen a boy that age with so much body hair.” “That’s a result of the male hormones he’s been getting for the past two years” Ben said. “The psychologist and the pediatrician were convinced that his was a true case of gender dysmorphia. Walter is convinced that he is a boy. They started him on massive amounts of male hormones to encourage normal body development a boy would experience. It is hoped that medication will also inhibit breast growth although there are no guarantees. This is all new science, guys and everything is really experimental.” “As a dad, I can’t imagine what you’ve been through” William said. “I hope you know Randy and I are here for you and I believe our boys will be too. I don’t think Billie Paul gives a shit what a buddy has between his legs. I think the same is probably true for Jeffy and Dopie too.” “You really think so?” he asked. “I can only hope you’re right. I know I’m not being fair to the kid, discouraging him from doing anything sexual. That’s my hang-up, not his. He’s been wanting more from me than I’ve been willing or able to give. That changes as of today.” “Do you want us to bring Walter down here so you two can talk?” William asked. “I don’t think that would be helpful” he said. “The boys don’t know about what happened to Marvin and I think that would further confuse them and complicate things. If you guys will just make sure the boys are okay, I’ll talk to them when I’m sure Marv I out of the woods.” “So you’d prefer we don’t say anything to Walter about his whole modest thing and wanting to conceal his body?” William asked. “No, not at all”” he said. “I hate to put this on you but sometimes an outside voice is better than a person too close to the situation. If you would simply tell Walt that his dad said he doesn’t need to hide anything anymore. If you tell him that, I think he will understand what you’re saying. That mersin escort bayan way, he can take things at his own pace. If he wants to reveal things to you and the boys, he can but it won’t put pressure on him. He’s been wanting to tell Jeffy but I strongly discouraged it. I know it’s a lot to ask, but…” “We’ll be glad to play it like that, Ben,” William said. “I know you’d do the same with either of our boys so we’ll just let Walter know that if he chooses to loosen up, he has your complete approval.” “Thanks, guys,” Ben said. Marvin was starting to move around a bit on the hospital bed so Ben went to him. The coach seemed to be more alert, although he wasn’t struggling. Ben began to rub his strong back, kneading the flesh in his hands. He let his hands go lower, rubbing the small of his back with a few ginger hairs. Then he couldn’t resist gently rubbing the white globes of his ass. Coach had always been strange about that and touching his ass was off limits. Marv didn’t think it was manly to let another man near his hole. Ben knew this attack must have been devastating to a man who had made sure no man had ever even put a finger in his butthole. Coach moaned softly as Ben gently rubbed him. Ben realized it was past time for him to apply the antibiotic cream to the sutures where he had been so torn while being raped. He had been dreading it because he didn’t want to see how damaged the man was and because he anticipated a fight from the coach when he put his finger near his hole. But it was time and Ben knew he had to do it. He removed the sheet from the coach’s body. His midsection was elevated on thick foam cushions due to the surgery that had been performed on his nut sack. Ben had been told by the medics who brought him that one of his testicles had been almost bitten off and was only hanging by a thread when he was found. Ben took a generous amount of the cream on his finger and leaned in. He saw numerous sutures where stitches had been required after the brutal anal rapes. There was no evidence of any bleeding, which he took as a good sign. He braced himself for the coach to get wild when his finger touched his hole, but the man stayed calm. Ben was very careful and very gentle as he coated the sutures and the tender tissue with the cooling cream. He then emptied the catheter bag and sat down beside the bed the coach was in. “Thank you, Ben” he heard a deep, quiet voice saying. “Marv,” he said. “You’re awake. I didn’t realize it.” “I’ve been awake much of the time I’ve been here” the coach said. “I’ve been in and out a lot because I know I’ve been sedated. I just haven’t spoken. I’ve been too embarrassed to speak a word. I know what an ass I’ve been. I’ve treated you badly for so many years, just as I did Mark and Jeffy. The minute they left me in Statesville, it all came crashing down on me. I realized as I walked into that cell what a goddamned fool I’d been. I was thinking how I could maybe survive and do my time and then get out and begin making it up to you. Then I thought I was dead. When that guy was holding that knife on me, I thought I’d never get the chance to do what I wanted to do so desperately.” “Shhh, you don’t need to talk too much” Ben said. “What you need right now is to rest. There’ll be time to talk later.” “Plenty of time I hope” the coach said. “I’ve got a lot to say. Just know that I want to make it up to you and the boys for all the shit I’ve put you through for so long. It would be real easy to blame it on Peggy and Betty Jean, but I let myself be manipulated so I bear the blame as much as they do. I realize that. Are the boys okay?” “Which boys do you mean, Marv?” Ben asked. “I mean our boys” the coach said. “Mark, Jeffy and Walter. Ben, I’ve known all along I didn’t father Jeffy. Peg told me you were the father. When she got pregnant with him, I knew it wasn’t mine because we hadn’t even fucked for over two years. She told me Jeffy was your child. She used that to try to get me to hate you but I never did. I never could. I loved Jeffy more because I knew he was your blood. I know Betty Jean ain’t mine either. Peggy’s own father put that one in her. She told me that herself. She did everything she could to make me doubt my manhood, including fucking her own paw. And that wasn’t a hard job because I always felt guilty about what you and I did. Peg knew about that all these years cause she saw us one night in the dorm. She has used that as a threat to expose me all these years. I was so embarrassed about that and afraid someone might find out about my real feelings I couldn’t deal with it.” “Jeez, Marv,” Ben said. “I can’t believe I played right into her hands too. I would enjoy her attention because in some weird, fucked-up way, the few times I screwed her, it was like I was having sex with you. She pulled a royal mindfuck on both of us and we never could let ourselves see what was going on. But to answer your question, all three of our boys are fine” Ben told Marvin the story of how Betty Jean and Peggy had broken into his house and then set him up to be arrested. He explained that he was actually at the jail as a prisoner when Marv was brought in by the warden. “And you haven’t left me since” the coach said. “How could I?” Ben said. “I’m with you until you want me to leave.” “I appreciate that, Ben, and I couldn’t be more glad.” Marv said. “But, buddy, that little assistant principal of yours may be a weasel. I’ve heard rumblings that he was wanting to take you down. He wanted the job that you got and his family has been around for years. Don’t do anything to jeopardize that. I’ve already got enough guilt here. I couldn’t live with myself if I thought I caused you to lose that job. You’re too damned good at this, Ben.” A few minutes later deputy Arney came in with young Betty Jean in handcuffs. “What the fuck is this?” the sheriff asked him. “Well, like you told me, I went by Mrs. Thomas’s house to round her up. She wasn’t there” the deputy said. “But her daughter, Betty Jean was. As a matter of fact, she was involved in a fight with some gentleman who was a traveling salesman from over in Greensboro. He told me she had told him she’d let the man have sex with her for twenty dollars. Then he refused to pay her and they got into it. She was beating him over the head with a pan from the kitchen when I got there. I could hear them fighting in the house from the driveway, so I went in. He told me his story and I then let him go to the bathroom while I questioned Betty Jean. Unfortunately, he escaped through the bathroom window while I was with Betty Jean. Look at the way them cute little teen tittties of hers poke out with her hands handcuffed behind her!” “Jesus Christ!” Randy exclaimed, “you really are the biggest fool in this fuckin’ town! Randy said as the deputy was attempting to put Betty Jean in a cell but she was resisting and screaming at him. “You worthless little cocksucker!” she screamed. “You sorry fucking bastard! That piece of shit said he’d give me twenty bucks to suck him off and forty to fuck me. I fucked him and then he only wanted to give me twenty. And your stupid ass let him go! You need to be made to pay for what he shorted me!” The sheriff walked over to the cell, guided the young girl into the cell and sternly told her to shut up and sit. His sterness seemed to startle her and she shut up and sat as instructed. “Now, young lady, if I ain’t mistaken, I just heard you admit to selling your body to that man from out of town” the sheriff said. “That is a crime and I can hold you here. As a matter of fact, I’m, going to do just that and as soon as we find your momma, she’ll be joining you.” “Fuck her!” Betty Jean exclaimed. “She set me up with that trick while she took two of his buddies down to the Buttercup Motel to fuck both of them. You ain’t holdin’ me here. I’ve got to get back to the school for an evenin’ pageant rehearsal.” “Oh, let’s be clear” the sheriff said. “That pageant is over as far as you’re concerned. You’ll be sittin’ right here in this cell alongside your whorin’ momma. I assure you that you ain’t gonna be walkin’ on that stage. Now why don’t you tell me what happened.” “You piece of shit!” the girl yelled. “I been countin’ on bein’ in this pageant and I’ve spent more than you can even imagine on the clothes for it. Momma and me went all the way to Raleigh to buy my evening gown and you ain’t stoppin’ me!” “You couldn’t be more wrong, young lady,” the sheriff said quietly. “You are under arrest for prostitution. The only way you might possibly be in that pageant is if you start talkin’ and start talkin’ right now.” “What is it you want to know, asshole?” the girl asked. “I want you to sign a confession that you’ve been sellin’ your pussy and that your momma was pimpin’ you out. Then you’re gonna tell me what went down at Principal Whaley’s house the night he was beat up and arrested.” “Okay, asshole,” she said, “as long as I get outta here in time for my rehearsal. I didn’t wanna do none of this bullshit. Momma made me. She made me go over there to the principal’s house and I watched her break the window to get us inside. Then we heard the son of a bitch comin’ up the stairs and she hit him a hard lick in the head. He passed out and she was laughin’ cause she thought he was dead. Then she made me hit her in the head with the bat and we poured cat’s blood on her head so it would like she was bad injured. We also used some of that fake blood shit I lifted from the school theatre. I didn’t want no part of it. He’s an asshole but so is the coach. He ain’t even my daddy and I’ve known that for a long time.” “Who is your real daddy, Betty Jean?” the sheriff asked. “I ain’t sayin’ and you can’t make me” the girl said. “You pretty much just answered that for me” the sheriff said. “I been told you’re your momma’s daddy was also your daddy and your refusal to talk tells me what I need to know.” “You goddamned nasty cocksucker” the girl yelled. “Who told you that? “Don’t really matter, does it?” the sheriff asked. When the deputy gets your statement typed up and you sign it, I’ll let you go to your rehearsal but you will come back here when it’s over or I’ll have you picked up and you won’t leave this jail till that pageant ain’t nothin’ but a distant memory.” The girl sat down in a huff as the sheriff went to check on his deputy’s progress in typing up the girl’s statement. The sheriff instructed his deputy to have the girl sign her statement and her confession and hold her until just before time for her to attend the pageant rehearsal. He also told the deputy he should call him in the event Betty Jean’s momma showed up to turn herself in. “You know we got a house full of boys over at Ben’s house waitin’ on us to bring their dinner. I imagine Jimmy and Mark may be a little bit tired of babysitting those young’uns” the sheriff said. “I `spect you may be right, Randy,” Will said as they headed out to the car. Once they were on their way, the sheriff turned to Will. “Are you as curious as I am about what Ben told us?” the sheriff asked. “A boy with a pussy? I ain’t ever heard of such and I can’t imagine it.” “But I bet the thought is making your dick as hard as mine is” Will said. “I’ve heard of such but I’ve never seen one. I’m really curious about it and also turned on to think about it. That kid’s got more hair than I’ve ever seen on a boy just starting puberty. I wonder how our boys will respond when they find out their buddy’s got different equipment.” “I can’t even imagine, although I can’t blame his paw for wantin’ young Walter to keep his secret” the sheriff said. “It’s hard enough being a boy that age, dealing with pubes and hardons and such. I can’t imagine adding that to the list.” “I doubt our boys have any idea he’s got different equipment” Will said. “I believe Billy Paul would’ve said something to me about it if he knew. I know he sure does like the kid and he considers him a good buddy.” “It should be interesting to see how they respond to the information. They arrived home, carrying bags of burgers and fries, to a pool full of boys, all of whom were swimming in jockstraps. They were playing `Marco Polo’ and Jimmy and Mark appeared to be having as much fun as the younger ones.

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