25 Nisan 2023

What a Discovery


I was laying on my bed playing with my nice thick 7 incher, at least that what my girlfriend Ally calls it, it was hard and I was going as slow as I could before the inevitable explosion, but I wasn’t thinking of her.

I was thinking of my mother.

Why I had got this fixation with her was down to the fact that since I was in puberty I had wanted to play with her, I had no real idea of what sex was in those days just like any growing boy, but I just always wanted to touch her and play with her body.

This progressed to sexual desire as I grew older, but despite my efforts to entice by subterfuge, subtle touches, gentle rubbing up to, telling her that I loved her, sitting close to her on the sofa, hugging her it just fell on deaf ears it seems, she seemed oblivious to everything I tried.

I had to be careful because my old man still lived with us although we all knew it was for appearances only.

My older sister Sally had married ASAP to get away from the friction, but I was okay with it all I just wanted my mother that’s all.

The head of my dick started to tingle as I got closer to ejaculation, I concentrated on fucking my mum senseless, and I blew my wad into the waiting tissues.

I let my self recover for a couple of minutes and thought once more of a hundred ways to get into her pants and give her the love I know she needs, because her and the old man haven’t slept in the same room since Sally moved out and vacated her bedroom.

Mum is what people call a ‘looker’ a MILF, she is hot, obvious to all who see her, my friends would love to and even have asked me if I would mind if they made a move on her, to which my answer always was, you try it pal and you’ll end up in hospital, I wanted her for myself so no one was going to be allowed near her, only me!

She married my dad before her 18th birthday because she was pregnant with Sally and she is exactly 20 years older than me; I was born on her birthday.

Still young in her ways and the way she dresses, I’ve heard people and her friends admit that they would say that she looks under 30 never mind being 38.

She is Jeanette, or Jeannie still got her long brown hair, it looks like she has always just stepped out of the salon.

Lovely face, sensuous lips, big dark brown eyes, lashes to suit, great body lovely tits that I have seen on occasions with proud sticky up and out nipples that left me drooling, and stands at about 5ft 4″ tall,

I was beginning to resign myself to never achieving my goal; it wasn’t as though I could discuss my problems with anyone was it?

‘Hi Joe (my best mate) I want to fuck my mother whaddya think, any ideas how to?’

As if!

Then the following day my best mate Joe called me and said he had picked up some old porno video tapes and did I want to watch them with him later on. To which I replied, ‘sure I’ll see you this afternoon okay?’

I went to his house down the road about 1:00pm Saw his mother who is also an MILF but not as good as mine, Joe told me that, lol.

I mentioned the idea of him fucking her, he just laughed and said, ‘hopefully one day hey?’

I said hi, and went up to his bedroom, he was messing with his PC as I walked in, ‘hey’ he greeted me, have a look at these. I saw 3 or 4 vids on the desk, and their titles which was the usual rubbish, so I selected one, Joe opened his door in case his mother came up so we would hear her.

The 1st two were garbage; the 3rd one was better with more proper action.

There was a really good looking girl with short hair and great body naked on her knees in front of this guy, sucking on his cock, and it was a good sized one too.

She looked vaguely familiar but I didn’t think any more of it, the man looked familiar too except you could see he was a lot older than her, she looked in her teens or late teens he looked about 40 to 50.

She was giving him a real going over, her head was diving up and down on his prick, and after while he shot his load and you could see her working to get it down which she did, all of it.

I wasn’t until the camera moved to him, that I began to think that I knew who it was, he looked exactly like my granddad!

Then as the cam moved down him towards her I saw the proof that it was him, it definitely was my granddad, on his left arm was the upside down tattoo of a naval anchor with a rope intertwining through it, I knew straight away it was him, I managed not to blurt it out to Joe somehow who it was, I was stunned to say the least, but more was to come.

I could see Joe had a hard on, and to be honest so did I because you could tell this wasn’t a set up for the camera it was a real full on blow job.

The girl climbed into his lap after she had finished and cuddled into him, he winked at the camera then and smiled, I had to smile myself.

‘Lucky bastard,’ Joe said. ‘Yea Joe he is,’ I agreed.

After period of time kissing and messing about, he got her onto her knees on the chair he was in, got in behind her got his prick erect again and slotted Lefkoşa Escort it into the girl from behind, he gave her a real good old rogering, he really gave her a seeing to that had her moaning and mewling, saying ‘oh yes, oh yes, oh yes,’ over her shoulder.

He was fucking her rotten, squeezing her tits tweaking her nipples tightly at the same time, and she came like a banshee.

As the camera was zooming in and out here and there following the action, his prick disappearing into her pussy and coming out again, I saw something on her right leg high on her thigh, it looked like a tattoo too, and it was!

The cam moved tight in on her ass as he pulled his prick back for another powerful lunge, and there was Eros, cupid with his bow and arrow pointing upwards towards her body, not horizontal as you would normally see, I had seen that tattoo and if I could glimpse the girls face I would know for certain.

At last the girl turned her head, I was more shocked than I ever could have been, and there she was, my mother!

I was watching a video of my mother being fucked by my granddad, her father in law; it must have been around 20 years ago when this was made.

Joe said to me, ‘Wow, well that’s a bit of wanking material Tel hey?’ ‘It sure is Joe, can I borrow it, I’d like to have it to myself if you don’t mind.’ I responded. ‘Yea take it mate, I’ve seen it now you can have it,’ I ejected it and took it home.

I was in shock, my granddad the dirty old bastard had fucked my mother, and then I thought to myself she must have been married when this took place, she had married before she was 18!

When I got home I watched it again many times, and had a few wanks over it too I have to admit, then I spotted printing in the bottom corner, I zoomed in on it, there was a date.

I worked it out that Sally had been born by then but not me, was my granddad really my dad, I laughed out loud at that.

I would never be able to challenge him because disastrously he had died of cancer just 3 months ago.

My admiration for him grew, I had loved the old cunt with all my heart, and now I find out he was fucking my mother, how lucky can you get?

I had to think now, long and hard at this revelation of my mother. Then it hit me after much thought, I could hopefully use it to get her into my bed and onto my prick.

So 3 days later and after many wanks I went to the next town and had the tape digitally re mastered onto a DVD and went home with both, I ran the DVD through my PC to make sure it was all transferred properly before ditching the tape in pieces.

Now to make my plan, I knew I would only get one go with this so it had to be right, I love my mother and didn’t want things to go wrong, I couldn’t help the fact that I wanted her as much bodily as I did of the heart.

My PC is all singing and dancing I can do anything with it, so I played with the DVD downloading certain shots, blowing them up, enhancing them etc until I was satisfied I had the best photos on my hard drive.

I had one close up of granddads tattoo, one of his face, one of the wink and smile at the camera, one of them with her on the chair and him behind her with his prick on it’s way in, one of mum with her mouth over his prick, one of her tattoo, and one of her turning her head and facing the cam directly.

All of them solid proof, of who it was and what they were doing.

I went and bought a new untraceable pay as you go phone just in case I might need it.

I could just confront mum and force her to submit or I could gently blackmail her into submission, I decided on this option because I felt I had a better chance of success.

The next decision was how to deliver the photos to her, I could post them, but that risked discovery, leave them on the mat and pretend the postman had left them, or e mail them.

I went for the e mail option because that way I could secretly converse with her via messenger.

I created a new e mail account and sent them 1st thing the following morning, I titled the mail as ‘old photos of you Jeanette.’

And a message saying I had the film, you have shagged your father in law Jeanette, you are a naughty girl aren’t you, what will you do if I release the full film?

We are always up earlyish in our house; Dad had left for work so it was just us two as usual.

I told her I was sick of getting spam mails and that I needed to upgrade my safety levels, I asked if she was having any problems, she said she would check in a few minutes, and she did, with me saying I would sort hers out too if necessary.

Mum was gone for ages, so I was 100% sure she had opened the mailed photos and was in shock, I shouted up stairs to ask if she was okay.

She came back very faintly and said that yes she was, and she would be down in a minute.

She was ashen when she came down, I felt like a real heel but I had started it so I was going to finish it.

I went upstairs then to see if she had replied to the mail, Kıbrıs Escort she had.

‘Who are you was the first question, what do you want, where did you get these, the film?’ ‘How was it found, even how was it made?’ ‘Please can we talk, I will do anything you say to keep this quiet.’

‘Hi Jeanette, nice of you to reply, but it’s a good job you did too, it could have got out of hand there hey?’

‘You see Jeanette the thing is I have wanted you for a number of years, I want you to make love to me, I want to have you, own you and I will, I know about you and yours and you don’t really have a life except for having Tel there with you.’

‘Now I want you to reply and tell me that you will agree to my request, or the film will be broadcast on U Tube.’

I hurried downstairs to my mum, she was sat at the table wringing her hands, I sat next to her and asked her what was wrong. She looked at me and said she had had a really nasty e mail and it had shocked her.

I got up and said, ‘show it to me!’ ‘I can’t honey I’ve destroyed it,’ she said.

She got up went past me and up the stairs, I didn’t follow her because I wanted her to see my second e mail.

I went then to my room and waited for a reply, and it came in a few minutes, as it landed I invited her to messenger which she accepted; I could now chat with her if I wanted.

She said in her mail that anything I said would be obeyed, that she would comply with my every wish, but please don’t release the film, she begged.

I quickly e mailed her back saying I would visit her at 10:00 that night, she was to be in bed, back door unlocked, lights out drapes closed and ready for me okay?

‘And no tricks I know everyone in the street and where Tel will be, he’ll be with his girlfriend and staying over, if you don’t obey me, even if the cops are there I will have the film posted anyway okay?’

‘Yes,’ was her immediate reply?

I then sent her a messenger message. ‘Hi Jeanette how are you babe?’

‘Im fine,’ was her response.

‘Don’t worry beautiful lady, everything will be just fine I promise, please try not to worry.’

‘Please tell me who you are, how old you are, what you look like, where did you get that film, anything?’

‘I didn’t even know of the film, it must have been made in secret.’

Granddad you old fucker you did it and she didn’t know, he must have wanked over this for years.

He had died and all the contents of his house had been sent out to charity’s, sold on and the like, and now it had fallen into my possession, how lucky hey?

I described my true actual self to her, I was 18, hoping she might guess, but she didn’t, she skirted round it.

‘Have you ever made love to a man as young as me?’ I asked. ‘No I haven’t,’ she replied, ‘not yet anyway.’

‘Have you ever thought of doing it with someone as young as me, you are such a beauty you must have had thoughts?’

Her answer shocked me a bit, ‘yes I have many times to be truthful, but I have always managed not to give in.’

‘Not to give in?’ I pondered, ‘then you must have had advances made to you by someone, who?’

‘I can’t tell you that, it wouldn’t be right,’

‘I know,’ I said.

‘You can’t,’ was her reply. ‘I can,’ I insisted.

I went onto another tack.

‘How come you had an affair with your father in law?’

‘It was an accident, I was at works a party at a hotel, and he turned up as a guest. ‘And….?’

‘He had a room booked, I had had too much to drink, and he rang my husband to tell him I would be staying there, I don’t know how it happened but we had sex nearly all night long.

‘That is so sexy Jeanette, how long did the affair last?’ ‘About 2 years.’ ‘Then I ended it, I was pregnant at the time.’

‘So Tel might be his son then?’ ‘Possibly but I don’t think so, he looks too much like his father.’

‘You don’t love your husband do you Jeanette?’ ‘Not in the true sense of the word, no.’

‘Now that brings me to an interesting scenario, how many times have you had sexual feelings or longings for Tel, after all you don’t mind it being in the family do you?’

‘Please you shouldn’t ask me questions like that.’ ‘So it’s true then you do want have sex with your son?’

‘I didn’t say that.’ ‘You don’t have to Jeanette; it’s obvious to me that you do.’

‘Please stop asking me that.’ ‘I want an answer right now Jeanette, tell me, do you have sexual feeling for Tel, Yes or No!’

‘Alright I will answer you, yes I have had thoughts about him but that’s all.’ ‘Where is he right now Jeanette?’ ‘He is in his room.’

‘I want you to go there right now and seduce him, fuck him okay Jeanette, right now!’

This was going in a direction I hadn’t planned for, I had a raging hard on, and I was instructing my mother to come to my room and seduce me.

I quickly undressed to my shorts, and made ready to dive onto my bed if she came in.

‘I can’t do that, please don’t do this.’

‘You wanna fuck him and make love Lefkoşa Escort to him just like you did with your father in law; I have a feeling this could get you off the hook Jeanette.’

‘Please,’ was her only response?

‘Jeanette, if I had a mother like you I would be fucking you and making love to you every day of the week, and that’s a promise.’

‘You wouldn’t?’ ‘Would you?’ she replied.

‘Yes I would, now go and do it, and I won’t turn up there tonight if you do, but take care Jeanette I will know if you did or not, because we will talk tomorrow, and you won’t be able to hide it from me, and not only will I take you for my lover, I will make you do your son too, and you can take that to the bank okay!’

‘But, I’m his mother, it wouldn’t be right.’

‘Yes it would because he is a normal healthy boy and I know he would love you in every way a boy could love his mother, especially one who is as lovely and as sexy as you, NOW GO!’ ‘And wear something sexy too!’

‘Can I think about it first please?’

‘You have 5 mins, that’s all.’

‘Okay.’ ‘One question, please tell me who you are?’

‘You will find out soon enough lady okay? Now move it before I start getting annoyed, and you wouldn’t like the result of that if you did!’

I shut the lid on my PC and got on the bed, with my still rock hard steel prick in my shorts, I felt like I could cum there and then, I had to try and relax.

A few minutes later there was a knock on my door, I shouted come in and mum appeared, her hair brushed, in a short skirt, face lightly made up a little top that wasn’t too revealing, but she sure did look sexy to me.

‘Hi mum, what can I do you for? I asked, ‘come and sit on my bed if you want to chat.’

‘Tel there is something that has been on my mind for a long time and I want to lay it out for you and see what you think darling.’

‘What is that mum?’ I inquired as I took her hand in mine.

‘Well you have been getting closer and closer to me and I want you to know that I quite like it, I sometimes look at you and I don’t see my son, I see a handsome young man.’

I wanted to make this as easy as I could now so I said.

‘Mum I love you so much, I want to be closer to you than any son should be, I can’t help it, we spend so much time together and I want to hold and touch you so bad it drives me nuts!’

She leaned in then and put her arms around me, I put mine around her, I was home free, she was mine now, and I knew it.

I pulled her down onto the top of me and I worked my mouth to her so I could kiss her, she was a little reticent, reluctant, but then I guided her hand to my prick, she tried to pull her hand away but I held it on me, then she just sighed and squeezed it.

‘Darling, are you sure about this?’ she asked me.

‘Never been surer mum never ever, I want you right now.’ I whispered into her hair.

She worked her hand into my shorts and moaned as she took a proper grip, I knew I would explode in no time so I told her, she jiggled her hand up and down and I shot cum all over the inside of them.

I collapsed for a moment, then started taking off her top and skirt, followed by panties and bra, then dragged her into my bed.

‘Tel darling, Im not too sure about this,’ she said.

I got my finger in her pussy, my mouth on a nipple and worked away at her, she responded like I hoped she would.

After a few moments she was kissing me and stroking me, she was mine. ‘Tel, please make love to me I have wanted you for so long now, but I was afraid to let you know baby.’

‘Never be afraid again mum, I ain’t ever gonna let you go, you are mine now for ever, Dad can go and fuck off now, you are mine okay?’

‘Yes baby, I will be yours forever I promise.’

I pushed her onto her back and mounted her for the very first time, what a feeling, and what a sight to behold, my mother underneath me, her smiling, and a small grimace as my prick now fully embedded itself in her pussy, I gave her the hammering coupled with the love I had dreamed so long of doing.

We spent all day making love, she told me she had tried to resist my many advances in the past, I was amazed I told her, ‘I thought that you hadn’t picked it up that I was trying to seduce you mum’

She laughed, ‘I have always known darling, you have touched me, caressed and bumped into me, held me, kissed me, and the number of times I have nearly given in but was too scared to, are too many times to count baby.’

‘But you have me now,’ she said as she gazed into my eyes, ‘you won’t ever hurt me will you, I couldn’t bear it.’

‘Never ever mum, but there is one thing first before our relationship can ever be settled properly.’

What’s that baby? Tell your mum?’

‘I want a blow job so desperately mum?’ I laughed.

She dived under the covers and gave me the best blow job I could ever imagine, she gobbled me completely, it was surprising she didn’t suck my prick right off my body such was the intensity of it, and I had to shoot my load right there in her mouth and she took every drop.

At around 5:00pm my dad phoned and said he would be away for the night on business.

‘Huh,’ mum said, ‘he’s off with his floozy, he thinks I don’t know,’ and then giggled, ‘he certainly doesn’t know about us does he?’ she laughed.

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