1 Ağustos 2021

What do men really want?


What do men really want?Revenge was on her mind. She was angry, she was hurt, she was humiliated. The saddest thing of all, was that deep down, she felt she deserved it all. Why should any man love her? Or care for her? Or think she was anything special? She felt fat, out of shape, unattractive useless, unimportant…the list went on. Her self-esteem had well and truly died, was buried and resting in peace! She sat in the coffee shop, the untouched, regular Americano coffee getting colder by the minute. She stared just above the cup, only looking into her minds eye.It would have appeared a strange sight if you observed her. One could see the physical effects of her emotions as they happened. Initially she sat bolt upright, as her plots of revenge brainstormed. She would be bold, she knew exactly how to get back at him. How and where to hurt him. She would ring personnel and let them know what a scumbag he was.He would lose his job. He was three years off retirement. She would lose out too. They’d lose his pension, possibly their home. She really couldn’t hurt him anyway. She still loved him. Despite his cruelty. Then, one could notice how her thoughts changed as the burden of the anger slumped her shoulders and the determined look on her face slightly drooped. As hurt and humiliation took over, her forearms were her support on the table, her lower spine curved, her head lowered, the tears rolled down her face. Why would he want to be so mean and cruel to her? How could he? She’d been a model wife to him. “I’d offer to get you another but it seems you need something better” a kind voice said.She looked up to see a neighbour she only knew as ‘John from around the corner’, she couldn’t remember his wife’s name but she knew one of his daughters was called Molly (or Milly). However, her tear stained face tried to return his warm smile. “I’m fine thanks, I haven’t drunk this one.” she uttered. “It’s cold” he said, his hand gripped around the cup. “Besides, you look as if you need cheering up”. “Honest I’m fine.” she said. He took a step backwards and raised both his hands as if to say ok! I’m backing off. Then he pulled the chair and sat opposite her. “Linda… isn’t it?“Although they were neighbours, they had only a nodding acquaintance and over the past 5 Christmasses, since he and his family had moved in, they’d exchanged neighbourly Christmas cards. Other than that they knew nothing of each other apart from titbits they’d picked up from other neighbours. He seemed pleasant enough, but she wasn’t prepared to drop her guard to a stranger. The waitress came over and he ordered two more coffees, despite Linda’s protestations. This time she drank the coffee, sipping slowly, to avoid talking.”Why the tears?” he asked. “Everyone cries from time to time” she replied. “Whenever I see you passing by, you always look so bubbly and chirpy…this isn’t like you.” He was persistent.“ How do you now what is and isn’t like me?” She retorted indignantly. “Hey…I come in peace!” They both smiled and for a split second, she mellowed. “I’m no expert” he said “but this looks like a serious case of a domestic” he gave a cheeky little wink and added “ what you guys need is night out to clear the air. Debz and I are going out tonight come along with us, it’s short notice I know but the best fun is had without planning. We’ve got a cab booked for 7. Be round at ours for 5 to”. “It’s not that easy” she said. “It can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. We’re going anyway. It would be good to see you and…?” by his hand gesture and expression she realised he didn’t know her husband’s name “Bob” she completed his sentence. “Bob” he repeated. “We’ll probably see you later then. I’ve got to dash now.“ With that he departed. “Probably, it depends….” But he had gone through the door. “Thanks for the coffee” she said even though she knew he wouldn’t have heard it. What should she do now, stay here, wander around the shops go home? She didn’t know which of her emotions to switch to now after the interruption. Back to anger, hurt or humiliation? She switched to ‘what-the-hell’.She wandered into a dress shop, just in case she did go out with the neighbours, what should she wear? She had no idea where they were going. Should she dress smart? casual? jeans? skirt? dress.? Typical man, “we’re going…get ready!” Men don’t think like women, about the practicalities. She looked at several outfits, she didn’t bother trying any of them on, because her spirit wasn’t really into it. etiler escort She didn’t see anything that would suit her anyway. She was having a fat day anyway and felt that the only thing that she would fit into comfortably was the changing room!She walked aimlessly around the shopping centre. She was feeling wounded to say the least. Her suspicions had been confirmed early this morning by a confession from Bob. He had been having an affair. Several to be exact. There was no one special person, just a series of companions and sexual partners’ as he’d put it. He claimed she had let herself go over the years, he no longer found her exciting or attractive. They were ‘just existing’ together.They had no life. This justified his need for fulfilment elsewhere. He was feeling stifled and unfulfilled. Unlike most wives who discovered their husbands have been cheating on them, she didn’t even have a mistress to get back at. No one person. It transpired there had been many internet lovers, some he had met, others he just had cyber sex with. A few women he’d met though work. Oh hell!!!! Her life was a mess! She felt the anger rising in her again, it was turning to revenge, she WOULD ring the bank and tell personnel what type of a scum-bag they had in their employ. She jumped as she felt a hand on her shoulder, “Are still here?” he jibed “at least you’ve stopped boo-hooing!” He wasn’t being mean, there was a humorous warmth about him. She almost found it endearing. “Oh” she said, “I’ve been looking at some dresses but nothing suits me”. “Too right” he said “Nothing would suit you”. Her heart sank. She didn’t need any more insults, not after last night. Bob and his friend (whisky) had hurled it all at her last night, through into the early hours of the morning.As the memory of the harsh cruel words and the recollection of the smell of whisky on his breath overpowered her, her head spun. John had put his face close up to hers, just the way Bob had. “I think you’d look fantastic in nothing” John whispered. Then off he went. She gasped as she tried to catch her breath. Did he really say that? She was confused. She was only used to hearing put downs and insults. This sounded almost like a compliment! Wow! this had thrown her. She didn’t even get to ask him whether or not it was casual dress? She headed off home.Bob should leave the office at 5, he may come home, he may not. Last night she discovered that the late night meetings were not work meetings as she’d been lead to believe over the past 10 years, they were his ‘escape from her’. Still, dutifully, she prepared yet another meal for him which may or may not get eaten. She had never stopped being a caring wife. As far as she knew she thought she was doing all she could for her marriage. Apparently there was something missing. She knew not what. What do men want? What else did he want?Linda was surprised to hear the key turn in the lock at 5.30, it was Bob. It was Bob with a bouquet of flowers. It was Bob with a LARGE bouquet of flowers. He looked at her. Her face reddened. “Sorry” was all he uttered. The bouquet was larger than usual. But then the row last night was larger than usual. He had never got as far as admitting that there were other women involved. “Sorry” was all he ever said time and time again after his drunken bouts of insults. He had claimed he only drank to kill the pain & agony of living with her. She had no idea what to do or what to say. Part of her wanted to take the flowers and thrash him with them. Part of her wanted to die. Instead, she said “ Your supper’s ready. By the way, we’ve been invited out by theneighbours this evening. Only if you’re up to it”. “Yes” he smiled, “that would be nice”. She thought what he really means is ‘Thank god for that…we’ll have company and conversation and I wont have to tolerate you!’ “We’ve got to be over at number 55 by 5 to 7. I’m not sure what to wear though; if it’s casual or not” Then John’s words echoed in her head “I think you’d look fantastic in nothing”. Her heart skipped a beat. Bob rarely took her out anywhere, he had said last night he was ashamed to be seen with ‘Mrs Blobby’. Would he make an excuse not to go out with her tonight? If he really was sorry then he’d do this one thing for her. John’s voice was like a magnet drawing her to take up this invitation. “Would you mind if we went Bob?” she asked. “Whatever” he replied.He seemed a little sheepish. Perhaps he was still embarrassed ümraniye escort by his behaviour last night. “Thank you” she said. He tucked into his lovingly prepared supper.Bob and Linda, walked down the road together at 6.50pm exactly, hand in hand. To the outside world they seemed to be the perfect couple. They arrived at Number 55 spot on 6.55. Linda rang the door bell. “Hiya Linda” Debbie chirped, as if they were close friends, throwing her arms around her and kissing her on the cheek. This, made Linda feel uncomfortable, for an extremely conservative 59 year old woman, her space was being invaded. “Bobby…! Mwahh mwahh!” arms thrown around his neck kissing him on each cheek in a very familiar manner. Bob held her tightly round her tiny trim waist, reciprocating her kisses.Bobby??? That’s a very familiar way of addressing someone you’ve just formally met, thought Linda. Another uncomfortable feeling for Linda. Debbie stepped aside indicating them to come in as she inserted one of her earrings. “The cab will be here in a bit.” She shouted upstairs “ John …we have guests!…He’s just with the baby sitter” she said smiling as the three entered the living room. Another uncomfortable feeling for Linda, Bob had led the way. She was just beginning to suspect that he’d been there before, when John came in accompanied by a pretty young girl. “This is Saskia, our baby sitter, she’s a gem” with that he kissed her…on the lips. A long lingering kiss to which Saskia responded…this girl couldn’t have been more than 17! Clearly this was not the first time this had occurred! What’s more, there was no reaction from, Debbie. ANOTHER uncomfortable feeling for Linda.Beep-be-be-beep the taxi horn sounded. “Debbie, where are we going? Is what I’m wearing ok?” “Honey, you’re gorgeous…we’re going over to Yvonne’s” Debz replied to Linda, touching her gently on the cheek…this time the feeling Linda had was strange, but not uncomfortable. She still felt uneasy that this stranger was touching her though. Linda was beginning to feel a little guilty as to having dragged Bob out into the unknown, after he’d been at work all day. The uncomfortable feeling quickly returned as Linda noticed Bob’s hand on Debbie’s pert little arse as they clambered into the Black Cab. No protestation from her, no objections from John. The action was hardly discreet. The cab started. Linda said “I really feel we should have bought a bottle of wine or something” “Relax honey” Debbie said “I went over to Yvonne’s earlier to help her set up and I brought enough food” “Is it a birthday party or a celebration?” Linda asked. “No” said Bob. HOW THE HELL WOULD HE KNOW???? The most uncomfortable feeling for Linda yet!The cab stopped. They all got out in front of the house. It was nothing grand, a normal standard 3 bedroomed house. Music erupting from it indicated it was the hosting house. The music was not excessively loud, not loud enough for the neighbours to complain. Just a typical party. John paid the driver. Debbie put her arm around Linda’s waist, almost protectively, guiding her into the house as they followed Bob. Hey…he was leading the way! He walked straight in, but there was no one to greet or welcome him in. Linda and Debbie followed, no meet and greet by the hostess, Yvonne, whoever she’s meant to be. Linda hesitated.This was someone’s home. Debbie, ushered her in, John was now close behind, she knew because she recognised his aftershave and felt his hand on her hips, just below Debbie’s arm. These were really touchy feely people. As they entered the house the hedonistic sight which Linda beheld soon told her this some sort of orgy. “Relax honey” Debbie assured her, this time gently kissing her on the mouth. To this day Linda’s not sure why, but she suddenly felt safe and loved and responded to Debbie’s kiss. She looked across the room there were three or four couples copulating. Half undressed, but busily fucking and pleasuring each other. Just beyond them her husband, Bob was talking to another woman (who was being phallated by another woman). He looked back to see his wife, she noticed something about him she had not seen before. A look of freedom; total relaxation; he smiled at Linda.That was a smile she had not seen since their engagement 40 years ago. He came back toward her. “Are you ok darling?” Darling???? When was the last time he called her darling? Shortly after the birth of their son 36 years ago! Before she could answer, sarıyer escort she felt a hand caressing her breast and a warm tender kiss on her neck.She melted. “I think you’d look fantastic in nothing” whispered John’s voice. Her husband began to tenderly undress her. Debz knelt down in front of Bob, unzipped his jeans and exposed his organ and began hungrily sucking on his dick. Bob held on to his wife’s nipples, John manipulated the large voluptuous breasts. Linda turned her head to John’s lips, she kissed him deeply and passionately. She had both mens hands fondling her. Her pussy moistened. Her dress fell to the floor and her husband slid his hand gently over her rounded belly. It wasn’t long before she was totally naked. “Mmmmmm” she moaned softly. Her head was swimming. Her husband was touching her lovingly and gently, but here was another man exciting her too, John.She realised she wasn’t self conscious about her overweight body. There were all shapes and sizes here, but they were all confident in their bodies and in each others bodies too.“Nggghhh” she recognised the sound as her husbands, Debz was doing something nice to him that’s for sure. Debz was making her husband Bob, happy. Linda had not had his cock in her mouth since their wedding night, and now, here was this young thirty something woman delighting the man she so loved. No…that was Linda’s job. With that thought in her head, she knelt down, kissed the woman’s lips that were sucking on her husband’s erect penis and took the large organ in her mouth. Debz’ hands were gently caressing and stroking Bob’s now hard balls. Linda reached for Debbie’s firm tiny breasts. The three of them were now making sounds, out of beat with the music but synchronised with each other. John ..? Where was John? Linda cast her eyes over to see him fucking some woman doggy style. Linda recognised her as the woman Bob was talking to while she was being licked by another woman. Linda continued delighting her husband. “I need your cunt Debz” Bob called out. Debbie leant over the arm of a nearby chair. She spread her long legs, her arse presented to him. Linda spread Debbie’s cunt lips apart for Bob to thrust his massive cock into her. Linda, now massaged Debbie’s erect little bud as Bob fucked deep into his neighbour’s cunt.As he fucked and thrust into her, he grunted… “my god I love you Linda… I love you. Linney I’m cummmming…..” he pulled out and suddenly sprayed his hot cum over his wife. Over her face, in her hair. Debz turned around and kissed and licked it off Linda’s face. Bob laid them both down on the floor. He spread his wife’s plump thighs apart and buried his head into her hairy pussy. He nibbled her clitoris. “Does that that feel good my darling?“ he asked her. “Oh god yes” she exclaimed. Debbie was still covering her face with kisses. The two women played with each other’s titties. Bob licked and chewed and sucked on Linda, she felt a huge wave wash over her. He had licked her to a climax. She screamed with ecstasy. Debz took one of Linda’s nipples in her mouth and sucked hard on it. Linda’s pussy erupted on her husbands tongue again. “Jeeeze baby you taste so damn good”. He flipped her over, like a chef flipping a pancake. He positioned her on all fours and he penetrated his wife’s twitching cunny. Debbie sat back in the chair watching the couple enjoy each other. Linda was aware that her husband was about to explode in her. “Fuck me Bob…Fuck me harder” he did as he was told.He grunted and groaned, he slapped her arse, he evidently enjoyed watching the pink flesh wobble. “Chriiiiissss Linnney here I cum” he heralded his climax as he ejaculated it into her pussy. He collapsed on her. He kissed her. “That was fantastic” he whispered “fanfuckingtastic” he kissed her again. A soft loving kiss. “Who was that woman you were talking to earlier?” “Oh that’s just Yvonne, our hostess.” he answered. “I love you Linnney. I really do love you”. “I love you too Bob” she responded. He had just met his new wife and she had just met her new husband. They kissed tenderly, which led to them really making love for the first time in years. The inattentive audience heightened the intensity of their passion. Wow! Their orgasms were within seconds of each other. They lay on the floor, kissing, touching, caressing and rediscovering each other. “Fancy a drink Bob?” A young woman offered with a bottle of whiskey in one hand “No thank you. I’m fine” he replied and cuddled his wife closely. Linda glanced around the room of passion. The music had softened a little now. There was a fire burning in the fire-place. There were still soft moans and groans to be heard.Some man was busy with a vibrator in Debbie’s arse while another woman was eating out her pussy. John was over by the buffet table, he was eating banana from Yvonne’s cunt.

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