1 Mayıs 2023

What Do You Say To A Naked Niece? – Part Six

Adriana Chechik

I swam upwards towards the sunlight, trailing bubbles in my wake. My head broke the surface, and immediately the heat of the mid-morning tropical sun assaulted me. The glare from the waves was blinding, making it hard to see anything. I paddled water, slowly turning to get my bearings before setting out for the distant shore. My muscles ached as I used long strokes to swim steadily, quickly closing the distance to the beach. Eight years in the military had given me solid skills in swimming and scuba, and years later, I worked hard to maintain my conditioning.Hitting the beach, I jogged through fifty feet of soft sand to the beachside house I’d rented. The residence was surrounded by a sea wall made of pale gray stone, which protected the in-ground pool and the large paved patio. Stone steps led from the beach to the patio, and another set led into the elevated home. All reasonable measures had been taken to protect the property from the weather and sea.As beautiful as the home was, it was about midway up the price scale of the dozens of other homes lining this portion of the beach in Aruba. I picked it because the area was known to be quiet, and solitude is what I needed to help kick-start my third book. My first two novels, both military thrillers, had done unexpectedly well in the over-thirty demographic, and the payoff was many times greater than I ever could have imagined. Now my publisher had paid me a generous advance for book three, and I was stuck for ideas.I took a quick shower and changed into my customary island attire: shorts, T-shirt, and sandals. I ran the ingredients for a protein smoothie through the blender, grabbed my laptop, and hit the patio with my insulated mug of iced health drink. Settling into my favorite lounge chair, I once again pondered the framework for book three. My first two books had taken place in foreign lands, but this time I wanted to keep things domestic. I was sketching some ideas for a domestic terror event at the Super Bowl when my cell phone buzzed.I looked at the number and saw it was my sister, Kate. Unlike me, she lived in the real world as a single mom to her daughter Emma. I tried to be generous with my financial support to her, but she was an independent woman who bristled at what she considered charity. She allowed me to fund Emma’s future college expenses and pay for a few minor items, but refused my offer to pay off her debts. I loved her dearly, but she could be a pain in the ass sometimes.“Hey, Kate,” I said cheerfully into the phone. “You must have felt me thinking about you.”“Hi, brother,” she replied. “That’s probably why I’ve had a headache today.”“Ha, ha, very funny. But I was thinking about you. I have this beautiful place all to myself and was wondering if you and Em might want to visit?”“Funny you should ask. I guess the brother-sister ESP thingy must be working,” she said, laughing. “I can’t take time now, too much going on at work. But Emma’s school break just started, and she’s already climbing the walls. Now that she’s sixteen, she feels that I’m smothering her life.”“Yea, I remember that age. You think you know it all. I’m happy to have her visit, but she’ll be mostly on her own during the day when I’m writing. Will that be okay?”Kate laughed again, “If you have a beach and a pool, that will consume most of her time. She’s determined to get the perfect tan this year. She already bought some bikinis that probably aren’t even legal where we live.”We discussed the details and arranged for me to pick Emma up at the airport in two days. I’d last seen her when I flew up for her sweet-sixteen party in January. It was a quick trip and I didn’t get a lot of time to interact with her as she had a dozen girlfriends staying over for the after-party sleepover. Say what you will about my sister, but she loves Emma and always goes all out for her when it comes to celebrations.On the day Emma’s flight arrived, I put on my dorkiest clothes, consisting of baggy shorts with coconuts all over them and a fluorescent Hawaiian shirt covered Girne Escort in birds. I held a big sign that simply read ‘Princess Em’ and waited for her to get through customs. The crowd was small, and it took her only a few minutes to see me. She started to give me a big smile, but that suddenly vanished as she did her best to look mortified when she saw the sign and my attire. For a moment, it seemed like she wanted to get back on the plane.I called her name and she reluctantly dragged her suitcase to where I waited. She looked much the same, standing about five feet seven and probably weighing less than a hundred and twenty pounds or so. She was an athlete in high school, specializing in field hockey and track. And she had the slim, well-toned physique of someone who ran a lot. She was dressed rather simply in baggy shorts, two different color tank tops, and a ratty pair of sneakers without socks. She and I had similar tastes when it came to casual dress.As she approached, I gave her a deep bow and announced loudly, “Welcome to Aruba, Princess. I have your limo waiting for you outside. I trust your flight was pleasant?”For an instant, I thought she was going to get mad or just storm past me, but then I saw her expression change.“My flight was a bore, surrounded by all of these lowly tourist peasants. You should have had my private jet prepared. Now take me to the palace immediately!”I couldn’t help but laugh at how quickly she jumped into the role. People all around were looking at us, not sure what to believe. Finally, I just opened my arms and Emma leaped up and hugged me. I held her up and spun her around as she giggled like a child. She felt good in my arms and for the first time, I realized that she had real breasts. I felt two soft, warm pillows pressing my chest through the thin shirt and wondered how, during her party, I’d missed seeing how well-developed her body had become.I kissed her on the cheek and set her back on her feet. Grabbing her suitcase, I walked us out to the car, a nice Mustang convertible I’d rented for my six-month stay. It was a thirty-minute ride back to my place, and Em babbled the entire way. She oohed and aahed at the beautiful scenery and almost fell out of her seat at her first closeup look at the azure waters surrounding us. This was going to be a fun few weeks.At the house, I dragged her suitcase into her bedroom and gave her a quick tour. With six bedrooms and five bathrooms, she had her pick of the place. I gave her the Wi-Fi password and showed her how to operate the security system. Each room had a TV, though I found most of the programming uninteresting. Lastly, I explained about meals.“Okay, Em,” I began, “everything around here is pretty laid back, including the meals. We’re on our own for breakfast and lunch and then for dinner, either we can have one of the local eateries deliver, or we can go out and hit the surrounding towns. The fridge is always stocked, and I have a service that fills it weekly. There is a webpage you can use for any special requests, and they’ll be added to the next delivery. Any questions?”“Wow, this sure beats back home where I cook for mom and me and I help with the shopping. Maybe you were right about me being a princess here!”“There are a few ground rules,” I said, watching her groan inwardly. “I wake up around seven and do five miles of swimming almost every morning. Then I have my protein drink and then spend the rest of the day writing, or at least trying to write. I knock off at five, and then I’m all yours for whatever you want to do.”“Seems fair enough,” she said. “But will there be a chance for me to hit the town on my own some nights? I mean, it’s great being with you and all, but I’d like to make a few friends and see what’s up around here.”“Maybe we take the first week with me showing you around, and then you can try a few nights solo if you’d like? As long as you’re home by eleven and keep me updated, we should be okay.”I could see an eleven o’clock curfew Magosa Escort was not popular, but she wisely chose not to push it. There would be plenty of time for disagreements later. We shook on the plan, and she scurried off to her bedroom to unpack.That evening, I had a full Caribbean lobster dinner delivered in honor of Em’s arrival. I knew she loved seafood, and we were certainly in the right part of the world for all sorts of fishy delights. She scarfed down every morsel and did a decent job on the side dishes. For one so slim, it amazed me that she could consume so much. She did balk at dessert though and only nibbled the edges of her mango cheesecake. Apparently, she tried to minimize simple sugars as a way to maintain her fitness level.After dinner, we sat on the patio and watched the waves fade into the dwindling sunlight. She was a good conversationalist, and I was surprised to learn she’d read both my books. According to Em, I scored high on excitement, military detail, and strong male characters. But she felt I fell short on the character development of the female characters, even though most were soldiers. She also felt I needed more women in leadership roles. I told her I’d seriously consider that for the current book. Tired from her flight, she made it an early night and kissed me on the cheek as she headed off to bed.The next morning, I was up at my usual time and headed out to the beach for my mid-morning swim. I was startled to see Emma already out on a chaise lounge, catching the early rays. She was laying on her back with sunglasses on and AirPods in her ears. She didn’t hear me, which gave me a moment to appreciate how beautiful she was.Her bikini was a teal green with thin yellow strings holding it all together. The triangle cups were tiny, barely covering half of each breast. The bikini bottoms, the part I could see anyway, had just the tiniest triangle patch covering her pussy. It was obvious she shaved her pubic hair. I didn’t see any errant curls sneaking out, and the fabric over her mound was tightly formed to her body. No evidence of a puffy bush underneath. Every other part of her was nude, and my cock stirred restlessly. I tried to chastise myself for becoming aroused looking at my niece, but I was only human.I stepped closer to get a better look. I could now see the slightest indentation where the bikini fabric nestled into the groove of her pussy. And the thin material covering her breasts clearly showed the outline of large areolas with small nipple bumps in the center. All of her exposed skin was shimmering with oil, and one dainty foot kept time with whatever song was playing in her ears. I reached inside my trunks, adjusting my cock to make the bulge less obvious, and coughed to get her attention.She turned her head towards me and lifted her sunglasses, squinting against the early morning sun.“Oh, hi Uncle Steve, I didn’t hear you come outside. Going for your swim?”“Hi Em, yeah, gotta hit the waves before the sun gets too high in the sky. I’m glad to see you used oil, but if you’re outside after ten or eleven, then you’ll want to use a strong SPF. Otherwise, you’ll get fried instead of tanned.”I jogged to the water and splashed into the surf, feeling the coolness on my already overheated skin. As I swam, my mind kept turning over the fact that the sight of my near-naked niece had given me an erection. I knew it wasn’t right, but I also knew that she was incredibly attractive. And at sixteen, she was leaving childhood behind and making her first steps into womanhood. Regardless, I would need to get real and just keep my thoughts to myself.My mandatory five miles complete, I swam back to my beach. As I reached shallow water and stood, I noticed that Em was horsing around in the water with two of the local teen boys. I didn’t know their names, but had occasionally seen them jogging past the rear of my house. They all were in hip-deep water playing grab-ass or something similar. I went over to introduce myself.“I Kıbrıs Escort see you made some new friends,” I said, smiling. I reached out my hand and shook, learning that one boy was named Leo and the other Mark. Both were seventeen and wiry in appearance. I hadn’t seen a lot of muscle heads during my stay, but most appeared to be lean and in shape, and these two were no exception.“I’m heading inside. Em, if you want to invite your friends onto the patio, there are plenty of cold drinks and snacks you can offer.”I slogged my way through the water and then jogged up to the house. As I went up the steps, I glanced over my shoulder and saw that the three hadn’t moved. I went inside to shower, hoping I hadn’t said anything wrong.Shower finished and smoothie in hand, I grabbed my laptop and hit the patio. I noted that the three kids had indeed made it to the patio and had seated themselves around the side of the house. I could see an assortment of bottles and bags on their table and assumed they were in the midst of a junk food binge. Kids that age are like a swarm of locusts, and I doubted any of what they took would make its way back to the fridge.I was deep into my work when I noted that the boys had left and Emma was back in the house. I didn’t see her again, and by five o’clock I’d made a serious dent in my new novel’s framework. I went inside to find Emma sprawled on the sofa watching a movie on satellite. It was just ending as I stowed my laptop for the day.“Nice to see you made some friends already,” I said cautiously. “Do they live nearby?”She sat up, and I could see she was wearing a pale blue tank top and a nice pair of white shorts. Her skin had already begun to darken and looked good against the white.“I wouldn’t call them friends exactly,” she began, “more like horny pets. I think they were more interested in what was under my bikini than in making friends. Anyway, I doubt they’ll be coming by again. I wasn’t the easy chick they’d hoped I was.”I was impressed by her assessment, as I had felt a similar vibe. But if I’m being honest, what teen boy isn’t horny every second of every day? But it was nice to see that Em had some sense about her.That evening we drove into town and I took her to a well-rated casual restaurant. We had the sea bass for two, and I enjoyed a nice bottle of wine. I allowed her to have a half-glass of wine, and nobody around us raised a fuss. But it made her feel a little more grownup and even a bit mellow by the end of the meal. We spent an hour walking the streets and checking out a few of the shops. She fell in love with a seahorse bracelet, so I bought it for her, just because. She held out her arm for the shopkeeper, and he daintily wrapped it around her wrist and fastened the clasp. Em was thrilled and spent the rest of the evening playing with the little seahorse charms.The next few days passed without any stress. I spent each day working, and Em occupied herself with chasing the perfect tan. Sometimes she’d walk the beach, often not returning for hours, while other days some local kids would drop by to splash with her in the surf. Many teens lived along our stretch of beach, both boys and girls, and a few seemed attracted to the new kid in town. It all seemed harmless enough, and I was glad she was able to interact with others her age.At last, it was late Friday afternoon, and I’d put away my laptop for the weekend. I asked Em to get dressed up because I’d made eight o’clock reservations for us in town. Wear your best, I advised. Two hours later, she made her appearance. Her long brunette hair hung softly across her shoulders, one section secured with an elegant hair clip in almost the exact shade of her hazel eyes. She wore a white sundress with thin straps at the shoulders and a wide cobalt blue colored ribbon around her narrow waist. The dress fell just above her knees and was decorated with little blue flowers. She wore white sandals with low heels and her overall look was stunning.“Emma,” I began, “when did you grow up? You’re gorgeous!”She blushed deeply at the compliment, and her bright smile was a joy to see. The flush extended into the vee between her breasts, and again I took note of how well-developed she’d become. My eyes dwelled on her cleavage, pondering the delights that lay within. Fearing I’d stared…

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