25 Nisan 2023

When Daddy Comes Home


This is a continuation of the story series “Control” All characters are over 18 years old.”


Daddy got home from work first, as he usually did. Mommy was cooking dinner and I already had the table set, so I was ready when Daddy got home. I was wearing little more than I had been that morning. Actually, I was wearing close to the same thing.

I had on a small pair of panties and a tight white t shirt that barely covered my tits. As I walked around the house, they bounced and rubbed my nipples and excited me even more than my plan already did.

I wasn’t sure what had me more excited actually. The thought of getting revenge or the thought of what I planned on doing to get it. All I know for sure is that my pussy was incredibly wet and I had been looking forward to Daddy’s arrival so I could get started.

I met him at the front door with an exaggerated bounce in my step to make my tits bounce more noticeably when I went to him.

“Hi Daddy” I said as I bounced over to him and put my arms around his neck. My lips met his as my tongue entered his mouth he tasted horrible, a mixture of cigarettes and coffee, all signals of the day spent at a construction site. But, I kept kissing him.

He still had his lunch box and his keys in his hands so he couldn’t touch me while we kissed, but I made him want to. I pulled away slightly, and whispered near his lips “C’mon Daddy. I have your shower ready” and I took his lunch box and keys and set them at the bottom of the stairs leading him by the hand.

Once in the bathroom, I kissed him as I began to unbutton his shirt.

“I Ataköy Escort missed you Daddy” I said as my lips touched his. I couldn’t understand why, but this was all supposed to be part of a grand plan. I would eventually humiliate them as much as they had humiliated my mother and me, but it didn’t feel completely like vitriol.

My pussy was wet. I wanted him to kiss me back, and when he did I returned it eagerly working more fervently on his shirt.

When it was open, I pulled it off, rubbing down his hairy chest to the front of his pants where I knew his battering ram of a cock was hiding. It had invaded me and punished me so many times, and all I had to do was endure it a while longer and my plan would begin to unfold. But, right now, I could picture that cock in my mind.

I could picture my lips around it. I could picture it pounding my pussy mercilessly, until I was whimpering for him to stop, knowing he wouldn’t and really not wanting him to. I pictured the smooth purple head, and the long veiny shaft with balls dangling low behind it, swaying to and fro as he pounded my cunt.

And suddenly, as if I was on autopilot, that marvelous cock was bouncing freely in front of my salivating lips. I kissed it. I licked the tip. I slowly took it into my mouth and began to suction as I slowly took its fullness deeper and deeper into my face.

It bottomed out against the back of my throat. I stopped there, with it pressing against my throat firmly, and held it there for a few seconds. Then I pressed forward, feeling my throat stretch Ataşehir Escort around it’s fullness. Slowly, little by little, allowing my muscles to become accustomed to the stretch, then inching further. I backed off and began again.

My eyes were watering. Tears were running down my face. My pussy was pounding and I could feel moisture running between the cheeks of my ass.

My God, what was wrong with me? This had started as a plan to get even with my Father and my brothers, but now I find myself wanting my father’s cock so badly. But, not just his. My brothers as well. Literally, any cock. I thought about cock all the time. And now I had Daddy’s.

And suddenly, I was out of control. I was furiously sucking Daddy’s cock while my hands explored his balls, my fingers pressed his asshole. I bent him over the tub and buried my face between his ass cheeks, lost in the odor of a man working hard all day. The smell of sweat and body odor, the lingering smell of ass and my tongue lapping at it like a lollipop.

I reached between his legs and pumped his hard cock while I feasted on his sphincter.

I hadn’t heard anything, but suddenly, Stephen and TJ were walking by and glanced into the bathroom, seeing me and Daddy, they stopped for a second. I heard a gasp and stopped what I was doing. Only for a moment though.

I motioned for them to come in, and Stephen immediately came in, pulling out his cock as he came. TJ was more hesitant, but was only a couple of seconds behind.

I sat my Daddy on the edge of the tub and slid Avcılar Escort my wet pussy down on his lovely cock. I took my brothers cocks in my hand and began to stroke them. They were hard fast, and I attacked them with the same abandon with which I had worked on Daddy’s cock.

I pressed them as deeply into my now sore throat as I could. I pressed further with each try until I eventually had their balls on my chin. I took Stephens hand placed it behind my head. He had always been the more aggressive brother and I knew he would be the one to press me further.

He didn’t disappoint. He violently shoved my head down to the base of his stiff dick and held me there while he fucked my face a couple of inches at a time. I was about to lose my breath and he didn’t stop. I tried to push him away and he didn’t stop.

I felt my Daddy’s cock sliding in and out of my pussy, a climax building as I was being deprived of oxygen. My legs began to shake and I began to violently pull away from him and still he continued to force his cock down my throat while Daddy used my cunt.

Then the world began to spin. I felt myself gush as my legs collapsed and I fell over. I was laying on the floor gasping for air with my pussy fluids and my Daddy’s cum dripping out of my sore pussy and Stephen still mounted my face on the floor.

I eagerly took his cock while gasping for breath and started to suck it. TJ was between my legs on the floor with his cock entering my pussy. What a glorious feeling. Stephen pounded my throat and TJ fucked me like a whore.

I felt him cum inside me. I sucked a large load out of Stephens cock.

I lay in the floor, exhausted and sore, alone.

I wanted more, but all I could do was relive what had just happened. I could only think of how much more I wanted. I climbed into the tub and ran some water and played with my pussy until I came again. Still, I was thinking about my father’s and my brother’s cocks.

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