25 Ocak 2023

When One Door Closes


I guess we were a ‘normal’ family, I had a sister, Rachel, who was almost 2 years older than me and my parents did all the usual parent stuff with us – sports, vacations, etc. Rachel and I got along like most siblings, sometimes we fought, sometimes we did our best to get the other in trouble but overall, we were pretty good friends who could trust each other when we had no one else to talk to. It was just us, none of our grandparents were alive and neither mom nor dad had any siblings so we’d grown up without any of the large ‘family get togethers’ that a lot of people had.

Over the years I’d gotten a few accidental glimpses of Rachel – a loose t-shirt without a bra, a towel that slipped or me walking into the bathroom without realizing she was there and I’m pretty sure she’d seen me nude or partly nude a few times but neither of us made a big deal out of it and by the time she was almost graduating high school, we were both enjoying sex fairly frequently with our respective dates.

Fast forward a couple of years – I was 19 and still living at home and in college but had been trying to save money to get a place of my own. I’d been doing general labour for a construction company but they didn’t have enough work so had just laid me off. Rachel was 21, just finishing university and renting the basement apartment in a house so she could have a bit more freedom than at home. Our parents weren’t crazy strict but expected us home by a reasonable time, no parties, no dates spending the night, etc.

Mom and dad had always wanted to tour to the east coast and had decided this summer would be the time to do it so they’d rented a small motorhome. They were planning on taking about 3 weeks to do it, maybe more if they stopped somewhere for a bit. Mom had a small, home based accounting business and dad was an assistant manager at a manufacturing company so with a little planning they were both able to take that much time off. That was fine by me because it meant I’d be able to have a bit more fun, hopefully including a lot more sex than usual with my girlfriend Becca. We’d had been an on-again/off-again couple since high school who really enjoyed the sex. We’d broken up a few times but always gotten back together again, sometimes only for a good fuck when we were both horny and single. Right now, we were ‘on’ and had been for a while, enough that I was really starting to think that we had a potential future as a couple.


All the arrangements were made, I had a copy of their route so early on Saturday morning, mom and dad left with the usual hugs and cautions of ‘Mark, remember – no parties and if you need anything just call.’ they headed out.

I doubt mom and dad were even on the highway before I was texting Becca that I had the house to myself. The reply I got back told me the next few weeks were going to be fun… “see you in a few, how about you get naked so I can climb on you when I get there?”

That sounded great to me and it wasn’t long before Becca was walking into my bedroom. When she saw me laying there naked and already hard, she quickly stripped and moved up onto the bed. I was expecting her to start riding my cock but instead she moved up even higher so she was straddling my face. “Lick me until I cum” was the last thing I heard before her pussy settled against my tongue. I loved the feel and taste of a pussy with my tongue so I happily ate her until she came not once but twice. Just as her second orgasm started, she quickly shifted so she could impale herself on my cock. The sudden change from tongue to cock seemed to intensify her orgasm and she came several more times as she rode my cock. Eventually I shot a huge load into her pussy. When she felt me spurting into her pussy, she leaned down and we kissed. “Damn you always make me cum so hard!”

I was kind of hoping she’d be able to spend the night but apparently her parents had some sort of dinner thing planned so she had to go but promised we’d find a way to spend a couple of nights together before my parents got home.


As luck would have it, I got a text from her the next day saying her period had hit early and she’d be ‘out of commission’ for a few days. I’d learned long ago that she often had really bad periods and would often end up just taking pain killers and lying in the bed so I wasn’t too surprised but hoped this one wouldn’t be one of the bad ones. Unfortunately, it was so I knew it would likely be almost a week before we’d be able to get together again. I spent the rest of the week watching porn and enjoying a few good orgasms along the way. By the time Saturday rolled around, I was really happy to get a msg from her that not only would she like to get together that evening, she should be able to spend the night because she’d told her parents there were a few of her friends getting together for a sleepover.


I suggested I order pizza and she said that’d be great. Becca got there just past 4:30 and looked bursa escort great in a low-cut top and short skirt so after some quick kissing and groping, Becca looked at me and said, “Mmm, I can feel you getting hard already. How about I take care of that before supper and you can take care of me after supper?”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by ‘take care of’ but I was pretty sure I’d enjoy it and I was right. When I nodded, Becca had me stand by the couch then after undoing my pants and pulling everything down, she told me to sit. Once I was sitting, she knelt in front of me and proceeded to lick and suck my cock until I exploded in her mouth. After a quick swallow, she smiled and said, “Who says you can’t have dessert first?”

A few minutes later the pizza got there so we grabbed a couple of drinks and ate. As soon as we were done and things were cleaned up, I told her it was her turn to sit and enjoy so with a big smile she lifted her skirt, pulled off her thong and sat back on the couch. Becca was one of the more vocal women I’d been with so as I licked, kissed and nibbled on her pussy, I was constantly hearing moans of ‘yes’, ‘feels good’, ‘right there’, ‘oh ya’ and lots more. After about 5 minutes she had a small orgasm and when I was pretty sure she was close to another one, I focused on her clit while sliding two fingers inside her pussy and curling them up so I could stroke her g-spot. The reaction to the combination was immediate; her hips arched up, she started moaning even more and about 15 seconds later she started cumming. She usually came pretty hard but this was a really strong one, maybe because it had been a week since we’d had sex. When she finally relaxed, she looked at me and said, “that was awesome…how about a bit of porn before going to bed?”

That sounded like a great idea to me so we spent the next hour or so taking turns finding different porn clips to watch. By the third or fourth clip, our clothes were coming off and by the time we’d watched a few more, we were laying naked on a couple of sleeping bags I threw on the floor. She was always super horny coming off her period so I suggested a game we’d done a couple of times before. Basically one of us would pick a video then the other could randomly pick a starting point and that’s what we’d do until a 2-minute timer on my phone went off. She quickly agreed with the usual condition that either of us could say no if it wasn’t something we’d want to do.

I figured that was a good compromise so we spent the next couple of hours watching clips and movies. I can’t remember everything that we did but I know I got lots of head, Becca had her nipples and pussy licked, we fucked in lots of different positions – spooning, missionary, doggy, bent over the couch, standing and likely a few others. The highlight of the evening was when I picked a starting point and at first it looked like a guy licking a pussy from behind but then we both realized it was a guy licking a woman’s asshole. That was something I’d never done and I don’t think she had either but when she looked at me and I nodded, she got a big smile on her face and knelt on the bed. I moved behind her and tentatively started licking around, across and finally using my tongue right on her pucker. She was moaning about how good it felt and I was surprised at how much it actually turned me on too. When the buzzer went off, I gave her one last lick before she clicked on a different part of the movie. I quickly realized it was an anal scene and expected Becca to veto it because she’s always rejected any suggestion of anal sex but instead, she looked at me and asked if I could back it up a bit. I figured that was better than an outright ‘no’ so I backed it up to where he was just starting to enter her ass. I looked at her to see if she was going to say yes or no but she instead she kissed me and said, “can we watch it for a bit first?”

We both watched as he added lots of lube to her ass and then slid his cock in. It seemed to go in without any resistance but I’m sure she’d had quite a few cocks up her ass before but her moans definitely sounded more real than fake. After a few minutes, Becca said, “Ok, that’s enough.”

I figured that meant she wasn’t interested so I was totally surprised when she took it back to the start point and said, “If you’ve got some lube, I’d be willing to try as long as you’ll stop if I don’t like it.”

I’d have been stupid to turn that offer down so after grabbing some lube, I started licking her pussy again while I eased a finger into her ass for the first time. She didn’t seem to mind that so with a bit more lube, I added a second finger. Once she got used to that, I put the head of my cock against her pucker and started easing that in. It took a lot longer than my fingers had and she asked me to stop a couple of times for her to get used to the feeling but eventually I had my entire shaft buried in her ass. I held it there for a few seconds and then slowly started fucking her ass. bursa escort bayan It wasn’t the first time I’d had my cock in a woman’s ass but it was the first time with Becca and the tightness of her ass on my cock felt amazing. Even though she’d swallowed a big load before supper, the combination of all the porn we’d seen, everything we’d been doing and now her ass gripping my cock added up it wasn’t long before I was shooting my second load of the night into her ass.

I held myself there as long as I could but eventually, I softened enough that I pretty much got pushed out along with a few strings of cum. I grabbed a wet facecloth from the bathroom so she could give herself a quick wipe before laying down beside me on the bed and said, “Well, that felt a lot better than I thought it would but I’m not sure I’d want to do it again – at least not right away.”

“Fair enough, how about we grab a shower so we’re both nice and clean and go from there?”

I couldn’t remember running out of hot water too many times, but we did that night. Likely not so much from the washing as enjoying the feeling of the hot water as we kissed, stroked, fingered and eventually fucked each other in the shower until the water started running cold. After drying off, we decided to head to bed and as much as I was thinking about sex, my body was saying ‘sleep’ and apparently hers was too because she was asleep in about 10 minutes and I wasn’t far behind.


I woke up the next morning to Becca’s lips wrapped around my cock, sucking and occasionally licking me. When I shifted, she looked up, smiled and said, “Good morning!”

“With a wakeup call like this, it certainly is!” and I grabbed a couple of pillows so I could watch as well as feel what she was doing.

We’d had enough sex that she could pretty much tell when I was getting close to cumming and when I got close, she stopped, looked at me and said, “should I keep going or should I stop?”

I was hoping she didn’t actually want an answer but she spent the next 10 minutes or so starting, stopping and then starting again. As much as I was loving the feeling, I also wanted to cum very badly and she must have sensed that too because the next time I got close, instead of stopping she actually sped up and sucked harder until I shot spurt after spurt of cum in her mouth and down her throat. After swallowing she said, “So how about you do the same for me until you’re ready again and then fuck me until we both cum again?”

I was all for that so she climbed up onto my face so I could lick her pussy. As I licked, I was thinking of how she’d responded the night before when I used my tongue on her ass so I made sure to not only lick her pussy but use my tongue around and even in her ass a few times. The extra stimulation paid off and soon she was cumming long and hard on my tongue. I’d always gotten turned on by giving oral to a woman and by the time she was done cumming, I was nicely hard again.

When she started to move back down so she could ride my cock I said, “how about you kneel on the bed and I’ll fuck you from behind?”

I knew she enjoyed that and the angle always made me cum nice and hard too so we shifted around and soon I was holding her hips as I slid in and out of her pussy. I started fucking her hard and fast which normally would have me cumming too quickly but seeing as I’d just cum a while ago, I knew I’d be good for a nice long fuck this way.

The more I pounded her from behind, the more she moaned so I leaned forward and whispered, “play with your pussy, get your fingers right there with my cock, get them nice and wet and then rub your clit!”

Becca loved a bit of dirty talk when she was really horny and over the next 15 or 20 minutes, I lost track of how many times she’d cum as she played with her pussy and clit. Some were little ones; some were big ones but I felt her pussy contract and pulse with every one of them. I could feel my own orgasm building and after another five or so minutes of fucking, I shot my second load of the morning except this one was deep in her pussy instead of her mouth.

When I pulled out, there was a bit of a ‘Pfffft’ as the trapped air escaped her pussy and along with the air was a few dribbles of my cum. Sex like we’d just had was well worth doing a bit of laundry so we just laughed and rolled over. We were just trying to figure out what to do for the rest of her day when her phone rang and it was her mom. Apparently, some of her cousins had dropped by so she wanted Becca to come home before they left. She wasn’t happy about it but really didn’t have much choice so she grabbed a quick shower and headed home. I was hoping to get together again that night after her cousins left but she texted about 9 to say they were still there and hopefully we could get together in the next couple of days.


We sent a few messages back and forth but weren’t able to get together and then on Thursday I got a message saying, escort bursa “I can’t stay for long but I’d like to swing by for a bit.”

I said that was fine and was hoping to at least get some head. As it was, that wasn’t the reason she wanted to pop over. Apparently, she’d met an old boyfriend one night when she was out that apparently she still had feelings for and was hoping it was going to be a serious relationship so she was breaking up with me.

That totally crashed not only my hopes of a relationship with her but also brought my plans of another week or so of sex came to a crashing halt as well. I wasn’t sure if I was more mad or more hurt but the amount I drank that night killed both those feelings. By the time my head cleared the next day, I decided that if nothing else, I’d be able to enjoy lots of porn while I had the house to myself and if I got really lucky maybe I’d meet someone when I was out and have some fun with them.


A few days after that news, Mom called to say that Rachel had called them in a panic. Apparently, there was some sort of plumbing issue at the house she was staying in, a pipe had broken upstairs and flooded her apartment which meant she needed somewhere to go for a week or two until things could be repaired and dried out. Dad told her she could stay at the house and figured that there’d be less chance of anything happening if she was there with me anyway. Duh, of course there’d be less chance of anything happening, including me getting laid if I was able to meet anyone. Oh well, I didn’t really have any say in it so Rachel came by that afternoon with a couple of suitcases and was soon unpacking in her old room. One of the first things she said was, “I hope me being here doesn’t mess up you having some fun with…is it Becca?”

I shrugged and said, “Not really, we were pretty serious until a few days ago when she decided to go back to an old boyfriend so now, I’m back to single mode.”

She smiled a bit and said, “I know the feeling – Dave and I broke up a while ago so I’m back to looking again too!”

With nothing that had to be done right away, I decided to lay by the pool for a bit and Rachel joined me after she unpacked. I’d always enjoyed seeing her by the pool when she was at home but the bathing suit she came out in was nothing like I’d seen before. Everything was covered but barely and I could easily see her nipples through the top and the bottoms were snug enough that I could see the outline of her pussy which I was pretty sure was shaved. Rachel was a few inches shorter than my 5’11” and at least 60lbs lighter than my 200 with long dark hair, firm boobs that were about a 34B or maybe C and a nice tight ass. Originally, she’d planned on professional sports until she blew her ACL so now was going through for physiotherapist but still stayed very fit.

Without thinking, I said, “Wow!” which got me a smile followed by, “Glad you like it, I’d never have been able to wear it if mom and dad were here, they’d have had a fit.”

We both chuckled at that thought before laying back to catch the sun as it warmed everything up. The rest of the day was spent going between the pool and the fridge. Mom and dad were fine with us drinking as long as we didn’t do anything stupid so we had a few drinks through the day but not enough to get us drunk. Other than her nipples getting sexily hard when she got out of the water, a bit of side boob and a nice camel toe as she shifted in the chair, I didn’t get to see any more of her but it was enough to get me a bit hard as I lay there in the chair wondering exactly what she’d look like without the suit. A couple of times I thought she was checking me out too but couldn’t really be sure.

I threw some burgers on for supper, then decided to see what was on Netflix and after a few minutes of looking we were watching a movie with one of her favourite actors in it. I’d changed into some dry shorts and Rachel had changed into a loose t-shirt and shorts. We were halfway through the movie when she decided to make popcorn. When she brought the bowls back, she bent over to hand me one and I had not only a clear view down her t-shirt but quickly realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra because both her tits and her nipples were in plain sight. I’d caught glimpses of her tits before but never from less than 2 feet away and the view caused an almost immediate stiffening in my shorts that didn’t go away even when she turned and sat down. It’s not like I hadn’t seen tits before, I’d seen, touched and sucked on Becca’s may times but in comparison, Becca’s were really tiny where Rachels were larger, very firm and her nipples were almost red compared to Becca’s light pink ones.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Rachel asking, “so what do you think?”

My immediate thought was that she’d noticed me staring at her boobs when she bent over so I replied with a pretty vague, “Umm, really good.”

“What do you mean ‘really good’?”

Just as I was trying to figure out how to dig myself out of this one, she kept going with, “I thought you didn’t like Keanu Reeves.”

Holy crap, that was close I thought. “Well, I usually don’t but this one isn’t too bad.”

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