26 Mart 2022

White Farmers in The South Africa II (Teacher)


White Farmers in The South Africa II (Teacher)Actually she is not his first white woman whom he entered her body but it’s his the first big prey. Before the family moved to the rural area, his son’s teacher invited him to the classroom after the classes to talk about his son’s terrorizing manners. She was also a white teacher. She had a lot of events of his son to tell to him and complain about the boy. She was telling about speaking loud during the lesson, beating the other boys, harassing the girls and finally harassing herself. He asked her how his son harassed her. She told that once, she invited him to the chalkboard to answer a math question but he was only looking at the board and not answering. She tried to motivate him to answer and help him. Then you know what the boy did? He grabbed her legs and lift her up and get her wrap her legs around his body in front of classroom. The young teacher was terrified. How türbanlı escort could a boy could do it to her and in front of the class. He carried her in this position and walk inside the classroom. All students were laughing. Then he sat down on her chair made her sit on his lap. She was begging him to stop and saying “please Mondli, don’t” but although she used her all force she couldn’t get up from his lap. Finally the young white teacher stopped resisting and offendedly asked him “are you happy of what you had done?”. He laughed and let her go. The father was so surprised of hearing what his son did but he seemed proud of his son instead shame. He asked her “how could he do it, he is a baby.” She said he is over grown up compare the c***dren in his age. Then he said he can not believe it and asked her how it happened again. She tried to explain and he tried to understand it in türbanlı escort bayan an practical way. He grab her legs too and lifted her up. She said “Mr. Bongani, what are you doing?” He didn’t answer because he was holding her arse with one arm to keep her in wrapped leg position and with other leg, he was zipping off his trouser. Then he ripped her panty off and now she had no barrier either no defense to protect from him. Finally he inserted his penis inside her and she knew that she can not do anything to stop him anymore. The local parent entered her in a moment and now he had her. She had to keep silence because she didn’t want anyone will learn about it. It took half an hour for him to empty his balls inside her and then he left. She waited and rested 30 hour longer because she was terrified, shocked and so exhausted, her legs couldn’t carry her. Then she left too with escort türbanlı the strangest feeling inside.She was 23 years old young teacher when Ayize Bongani conquered her. It can not be counted as a real **** maybe. In the beginning she thought it ethically wrong to have sex with the parents of her own students. She tried to told to him but Ayize himself didn’t listen her at all and she didn’t feel guilty about that anymore. Additionally he was a very strong man and she was a lonely stranger in this little town. It was frightening to be alone for a young lady in such town and she needed a man’s support. This man was Ayize Bongani and there was a way to pay for his security service. She didn’t complain about relieving once in a week in return of his security service. Also Ayize’s son Mondli didn’t disturb her anymore because after a few months she had become the mother of his new sister… Eventually she wouldn’t plan to be in this situation when she becomes a teacher but she was a pragmatist and she quickly learned that to stay strong in a small town as a young pretty teacher, she had to have a strong man and her man Ayize could give what she needs including a cute little daughter… She never complained about it.

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