1 Mayıs 2023

Wife’s Sister Wants Another


NOTE : This story contains cheating, and unprotected sex. All characters over the age of 18.

Constructive feedback welcome. I write this stuff just to kind of get it out of my head but I do hope others enjoy it. I admit this is a little similar to one of my other stories but what can I say, I likes what I likes.


The early morning ride through rural Colorado on Christmas morning wasn’t my favorite tradition, but at least the roads were empty at 5am.

My wife was silently sleeping beside me as we drove to her parents’ house about 3 hours south of ours. Her family had a tradition of having breakfast together on Christmas day, and her sister Alexa’s family was staying at the house (she had a husband and a two-year old) so we decided to just drive down early rather than trying to sleep in the living room or something. The weather wasn’t bad, especially for late-December Colorado, and wearing your PJs to breakfast was part of the tradition, so I was pretty comfortable. And truth be told, I liked her family a lot. More than mine, probably. Her parents were older but kind — kind of losing their hearing and memory but only to point that it was endearing, not sad. Her younger sister, on the other hand, was the one I really liked spending time with.

It’s a cliche to be in lust with your wife’s younger sister, for sure, but it was justified in this case. My wife is gorgeous, and I love her to death, but her sister Alexa is just a smokeshow. I met her 8 years ago, when I had been with my wife Amy for a few months and we were in the “meeting family” stage, and Alexa had just turned 21 years old. My wife was taking me to a big family get-together and had arranged for us to meet her sister and her sister’s boyfriend at a bar beforehand to pregame a bit (we’re a few years older but were still in our mid-20’s at the time). We walked into the bar and my face turned red when I saw Alexa sitting there in a crop top and tight jeans. Her brunette hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and either she was barely made up or was very good at makeup, because she just had a natural glow to her. She had a lithe dancer’s body that she was obviously proud of by the way she dressed (I learned later she did ballet for years). She jumped off the bar stool and ran towards us and I just couldn’t help but stare dumbfounded. After initial greetings we all headed to the bar and my wife whispered “why are you all red-faced” and i played it off like I was just nervous to be meeting her family, but in reality I was nervous that I was going to sprout a boner in front of her sister. Like, I’m 25 years old, I don’t spontaneously get erect at pretty girls like a teenager, but if I were to describe my perfect physical ideal of a woman… I think I was dating her sister.

That was years ago, and since then obviously Amy and I had gotten married, as had Alexa, to a guy my age named Kyle, and two years ago they had a baby. We see them on holidays but not as often as my wife would like, but that’s adulthood. Especially since the baby, where they live several hours away, it’s tough to plan anything.

Since the kid, Alexa has somehow gotten even hotter. She was one of those women who was lucky enough to immediately bounce back from the pregnancy weight and regained her thin body, with the exception of her breasts, which must have doubled in size and never returned to their original B-cup. Every time I had seen her since the kid I had trouble even looking in her direction, and had running through my head that not only was she my wife’s sister but someone’s mother and don’t ogle her body please.

“You doin’ OK?” My wife’s voice from beside me in the car startled me from my daydreaming about her sister, and I smiled over at her.

“Doing great! Have a good nap?”

“Yeah, sorry I fell asleep.”

“No worries,” I replied. And it wasn’t, I liked to drive and we’d been married 5 years, so I’m comfortable in silence with her, whether she’s awake or not. “We’re almost there, excited to see your family and the baby?”

“She’s not a baby anymore, but yes! I feel like little Taylor is getting to the age where I want to spend more time with her so she remembers me!” Taylor was her sister’s daughter, obviously. My wife was always afraid that if we didn’t see her sister enough that the kid wouldn’t “know” us. I had heard it so many times at this point that I just nodded.

Half an hour later we pulled into the drive of her parents’ house and started getting the presents out of the trunk. I heard the back door of the house open behind me and the squeal of sisters who don’t see each other enough running towards each other and hugging. I carried the gifts past them into the house and greeted my in-laws while placing everything under the tree.

The house smelled already of pancakes and coffee, and it was a nice wakeup from the cold and dark drive. I hugged my in-laws and watched as Amy and Alexa walked in the door. Alexa was wearing a simple set of Christmas-themed cotton pajamas but they hugged her perfect figure like a glove, and I realized I may have already been staring too long and immediately looked away and at my wife, who was greeting little Taylor and not even looking in my direction. Magosa Escort Phew. I looked back at Alexa and caught her staring at ME with a mischievous glint in her eye. Had she noticed me staring?

I looked around the kitchen and realized I didn’t see her husband anywhere. “Where’s Kyle?”

She looked… annoyed?… briefly, before masking that with a look of faux-concern. “He has the flu or something and stayed home.” She didn’t offer elaboration so I didn’t push.

“Oh, that sucks.” She just shrugged in response. Then she closed the gap between us and gave me a big, whole-body hug. I was immediately aware of her breasts pressing into me, and then immediately after that disgusted with myself for being such a pig, even in my own head, about my wife’s sister in front of her entire family. “How have you been, Max?” she asked into my shoulder, mid-hug.

“We’ve been great! Missed you guys!”

She broke the hug and nodded. “I know. So tough to get together with this little rugrat running our lives these days” she laughed, gesturing to Taylor, who was deep into showing Amy some scribbles she had drawn.

“OK, breakfast time!” said my mother-in-law from across the kitchen, and we all flocked to the dining room to eat.


After breakfast it was time for presents, and it was the first year that Taylor was really old enough to enjoy opening gifts, so it was fun to watch that. But it was also fun to watch Amy, who had appointed herself as Santa this year, crawl around the floor in her pajamas and get the gifts and hand them to everyone. My wife and I had decided way back that we were not going to have kids, but seeing how Alexa had filled out in all the right places was seriously making me want to knock Amy up the first chance I got. It took every ounce of willpower for me not to keep my eyes fixed on her the entire time. Again lucky for me there were plenty of distractions and no one was watching me, but I was still trying my best not to be obvious. I was honestly considering going into the bathroom to rub one out just so my horniness wouldn’t keep growing. Especially sitting here in just pajama bottoms it would be real obvious if I sprouted a boner.


After all the gifts had been opened and the mess cleaned, my wife announced that she’d really like some quality time with her niece, and asked Alexa if she minded if just the two of them went over to the big Santa’s village thing the town did on Christmas afternoon. Alexa laughed and said she hadn’t had a quiet moment in like 6 months and it would be the best gift she could get.

I asked Amy if she wanted me to come with, and she said she really wanted one-on-one time. Then she kind of lowered her voice and said “I hope you don’t mind being here with my parents….” I looked across the room and saw both of her parents already half-asleep on the couch, and told her I was pretty sure I’d survive. She laughed and headed out.


After Amy and Taylor had left, Alexa and I finished cleaning up the kitchen, making small talk. Once chores were done, she looked at her feet a second, then up at me and kind of shyly asked “so, uh, Max, I don’t suppose you brought any….” then did the “puff puff” motion with her fingers. I laughed and pulled my vape pen out of my pocket. Her face lit up and she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the back door (our usual smoking spot). I just laughed “a little eager aren’t you?” as I fumbled trying to get my shoes on so we could stand outside and get high.

“It’s just been a while… and it’s been a long few months” she said as she finished slipping on her boots and stepped out the back door.

I got my shoes on and followed her out. “Parenting a two year old can’t be easy” I said, continuing the thoughts from inside.

“Taylor?” she said incredulously, grabbing my pen and taking a huge drag. “She’s the best. It’s fucking Kyle who’s the thorn in my ass.” She said that last bit while exhaling a monster cloud.

“Careful” I said, “this shit is kind of strong.”

She just cocked her head at me and said “not my first rodeo, there, Max.” Okie dokie then.

We stood in silence for a few moments, passing the pen back and forth, and I was really feeling it at that point. I looked over, and Alexa had a big goofy smile on her face and was starting to rock back and forth ever so slightly to music only she could hear, so I knew she was feeling it too.

“So what’s up with Kyle then?” I finally asked.

She took a beat, and then just leaned against me. “Fuck him” she said quietly. I didn’t want to push, so I just put my arm around her shoulder and stood, waiting to see if she wanted to elaborate.

She suddenly stepped back away from me, put her hands on her hips, and stared at me. “Like…. I look OK right?”

I was pretty high and briefly questioned if I had said something about her looks, but was pretty sure I hadn’t. “OK? You look fucking great.” God, she really did.

She blushed a little, looked down at the ground, as if debating whether to continue, and then did. “Apparently Kyle doesn’t think so? Motherfucker hasn’t touched me since Taylor Kıbrıs Escort was born.”

My mouth just fell open. Taylor had turned 2 years old 4 months ago. “Wait…. like literally?” She just nodded. “Alexa…. it’s been more than two years!”

“Believe me, I know!”

I was gobsmacked, and then laughed. “Christ, if I had known that I would have just gotten you a vibe for Christmas”

She started laughing along with me, and through the laughing said “I wish, I’ve already worn out two of them”. We both just erupted in laughter, and she leaned against me for support as she almost fell over.

We laughed for several minutes, as only two high idiots can, and as the laughing died down I realized she was still leaning against me, and I was holding her in my arms lightly. Her closeness, the smell of her shampoo, the pajamas hugging her curves inches away from me, suddenly felt very real, and my body reacted quickly. I tried to non-obviously lean my bottom half away from her, and I think she thought I was pulling away from the hug and gripped me tighter. I was only wearing pajama pants so there really wasn’t any hiding it when my erection pushed into her hip, and she jumped back.

“Alexa, I’m so sorry, it’s just the weed and, like, I dunno, just….” I stammered and tried to turn away from her and she just burst out laughing again.

“Jesus, Max, relax, it’s fine. At least someone can still get a hardon for me.”

“Alexa, I mean this sincerely, the entire straight population of Colorado would get a hardon for you, and maybe some of the gay population as well.”

She smiled, and then the smile faded. “Except my husband.”

I looked directly into her eyes, my embarrassment forgotten briefly. “That is 100% his loss. I honestly can’t imagine having that ” — I gestured generally at her body — “available to me and not taking advantage of it three times a day.”

She smiled, and bit her lip. “So… what if it was available to you then?”

I felt my heart actually stop and leap into my chest, and couldn’t form words. She looked up at me and I suddenly saw fire in her eyes, like an animal had just awoken inside her. She barely whispered “Amy and Taylor will be gone for 3 more hours, and my parents are asleep and deaf.”

I honestly was starting to wonder if I had taken a hallucinogen. She was standing only a few feet away, and took a slow step towards me, never breaking eye contact. I was almost hyperventilating, and suddenly remembered I was sporting a giant erection and it was standing proudly in front of me. As if reading my mind, she looked down, and then reached out and barely grazed the front of my pants with her hand. I could see she was also breathing fast, and her face was flushed, as she took one final step and closed the distance between us. Our faces were inches apart, and every nerve of my body was suddenly on fire.

It was like a gun went off and we were both on each other. Her hands dug into my back as our lips met, our tongues briefly touching. We made out wildly for several seconds before we both briefly came to our senses, realizing we were in plain view on the back porch. She wordlessly grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door.

We kicked off our shoes and she continued pulling me, past the living room where her parents were both fully asleep on the couch, to the stairs leading to the bedrooms. I watched her ass in front of my face as she climbed the stairs in front of me and had never been so horny and eager in my entire life. We reached the top of the stairs and I grabbed her shoulder and spun her towards me, pulling her face to mine. As our lips met again I used both of my hands, grabbed her ass and lifted her into me. She straddled my body and wrapped her legs around my back. I could feel the heat of her sex against my stomach as I stumbled towards the nearest bedroom, which was luckily the one she was sleeping in.

I threw her down on the bed in front of me, and she propped herself up on her elbows and stared up at me in pure lust. “Pull off those pants, let’s see what you’re working with” she said with a smirk. She didn’t need to ask me twice, as I grabbed my pants and underwear and in one fell swoop yanked them down and threw them to the side, standing in front of her in only a t-shirt.

I’m not going to say that I had a 14 inch cock or something, but I will say that I was as hard as I’d ever been, and I’m certainly no slouch. She leaned all the way forward and immediately grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth. I nearly collapsed as her lips closed around me, but managed to keep my balance and just revel in the feeling of her tongue moving along my cock as she bobbed slowly back and forth.

I took a moment to remember where I was and who I was with. On the bad side… my wife’s fucking sister. On the good side…. my wife’s sister, who I had been lusting after since the day I met her. I felt myself starting to lose control, and did not want this to end so quickly, so I gently but firmly pushed her head back off of me. She looked up confused, and I just said, with as much confidence as I could, “your turn.”

Her eyes widened, and I crouched down and grabbed the sides Lefkoşa Escort of her pants. There was an honest-to-God wet spot on the front of her pajamas, and she immediately lifted her hips to give me access. I tore her pants off of her and threw them to the side, admiring her dripping sex in front of me before pushing her back onto the bed and lowering my face between her open legs. I kissed the inside of her thigh, and she suddenly grabbed my head and stopped me.

“Are you sure you…. ” she looked terrified “… that you want this?”

I was confused. Was it just the taboo of me being married to her sister? “Why wouldn’t I?” I stupidly said.

A tear formed in her eye. “I just… Kyle… he said he was grossed out after the baby….”

I looked at her half-naked body splayed underneath me, and saw nothing but a perfect female form. The only thoughts of a baby were putting one in her (when that thought crossed some animal thought of my mind I swear my almost impossibly hard erection grew even harder). I looked back up at her and just said “his loss.” and started kissing my way up her thigh again.

I could feel the heat emanating from her as I got closer to her waiting pussy, and tried to go as slowly as I could to savor every minute of this. My tongue worked its way up and down her slit as she moaned underneath me, and I brought one hand up and pushed a finger into her gently, massaging inside of her as my tongue worked its way around her folds.

Either I was on my A-game or she was more hard-up than I had thought, because I could feel her tensing up within only a few minutes. I slowed down a bit and let her orgasm build, backing off as she started to grind herself into me, then picking up the pace again. I now had three fingers inside of her, working in and out, and my entire hand was just drenched with her fluids. FInally I picked up the pace, pressing my tongue against her clit and driving her over the edge. Her hand grabbed the back of my head and just mashed it into her as she bucked against my face through her orgasm. The bed underneath her had a small puddle, and she slowly lowered her hips back down to the bed and released my head. I could see her body still giving little shudders, little aftershocks from her cumming.

I slowly backed away and stood in front of her, looking down at her prone form on the bed. She was naked from the waist down but her pajama top was still on. She had her eyes closed and a big smile on her face, and I just watched her lay there fo a beat before she opened her eyes and looked at me.

“That was amazing.” she said between breaths.

“Thanks” was all I could think to say, and she laughed.

“No, thank YOU!”. She eventually sat up, and looked down at my cock, still standing proudly at attention directly in front of her. “Is that for me too?” she asked.

“Merry Christmas?” I joked. Such a cornball.

She reached her hand forward, and very softly ran her fingertips along my shaft. “Santa was good to me this year” she joked. She then reached down and pulled her shirt off, and quickly unhooked her bra and let her large breasts free. “Consider this a little gift to you, you don’t have to pretend to not be staring for once.” I guess she had noticed.

“Sorry about that… ” I said as I now openly ogled her. She started running her hands under her breasts, fondling herself for my enjoyment.

“It’s quite all right” she laughed. “They really did sprout up didn’t they?”

The reality of standing here, stoned, erect, and with my sister-in-law’s juices still on my tongue as she lay before me fondling her breasts for my enjoyment, was one of the most surreal and pleasurable moments of my life.

She scooched herself back further on the bed, and crooked a finger at me. I didn’t need to be asked twice, and tossed my shirt to the side and crawled on the bed, hanging above her on all fours. She reached between our bodies and started lightly stroking my cock again, pulling it towards her waiting pussy. I had a brief moment of clarity and asked if she was back on the pill, or if I should find a condom or something (I hadn’t used a condom in years, being married and my wife being on the pill, so I had no idea where I’d find one in my elderly in-law’s home, but my mind was not exactly running at full capacity).

Alexa didn’t miss a beat, and her grip actually strengthened a bit. In barely a whisper, she said “absolutely not.” The tip of my cock was now touching her folds, and she pulled her hands away and reached around my back, pulling me into her. Even sober I never would have had the willpower to deny that request, and leaned my body forward, finally entering her, her warmth enveloping my tip. I paused there, and just ran the head back and forth against the hood of her opening, and she gasped and writhed underneath me. Apparently she liked the same things as her sister — a thought that brought a fleeting feeling of guilt — so I continued, watching her run her own hands up and down the sides of her body as I worked only a small bit of myself around her entrance, slowly picking up speed, but being careful to not yet go too deep. I watched her face start to flush, her eyes closed, her hands now grabbing at and kneading her breasts, her breath increasing again. A small whimper started to come from her, adn I knew she was close. I waited another few beats, trying to get her right to the brink of her second orgasm of the morning, and reared back and pushed my entire length into her in one stroke.

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