6 Mayıs 2023

Window Watching – Our Shared Pleasure!!!


Ever since getting the note from my neighbor in the window, I come home and the first thing I do is walk over to the window to see if he is there. I saw him a few times and we’ve exchanged waves, but never anything more. I’ve come out to the window late in the evening in just a light robe hoping to see him. I’ve never been sure what I would do if I saw him while dressed like that, but the anticipation has become addictive to me. It seems like I have been masturbating nonstop to the image of him and his blonde friend. Sometimes it’s been multiple times a day. I wake up dreaming of them and before I can even get started I need to feel myself orgasm to their images. I don’t know why, but this damn window has become my obsession.It had been a few weeks since my obsession with the window and I came home from work to find an envelope taped to my door again. On the front of the envelope it had written ‘For Your Eyes Only’. The last time I had a note on my door with that written on it, it was from my window watching neighbor. I grabbed it off the door and rushed in, dropping my purse and briefcase on the floor inside the door. I went over to my favorite chair and sat down. I tore open the envelope in a rush to see what was inside. I pulled a single folded sheet of paper out; opening it I started reading,Hi My Voyeur,I see you pacing by the window each night and wonder what you are thinking. I especially like the nights you come out in that thin robe. With the light behind you it is almost transparent. I bet you hadn’t realized that. I see your shape, the outline of your breasts and the part of your thighs as you stand staring at my window.Sometimes I stand just out of your Göztepe Escort view watching. Sometimes I’m nude and will stroke my cock until I’m cumming while imagining you pleasuring yourself for me. I always wonder what you are thinking as well. What you would think if you knew I was masturbating to you.I guess I’ve left us both a few things to think about. I hope to see you around the window if I haven’t scared you away now.Your friend in the windowI finished the note and it was then I realized my hand had found its way to my pussy seemingly of its own accord, bunching the material of my skirt at my waist. I was slowly stroking the thin lacey material covering my pussy with my fingers. The lace of the material was sopping wet and I could feel the wetness on my fingers each time I passed over it until I could hold back no longer, pushing the material aside. I slid two fingers over my bare skin and up long my swollen lips, parting them, feeling the wetness oozing. I pushed my fingers between them, sliding them in until my palm rested against my pussy. It felt so good to have my pussy filled with my fingers. I slowly started to withdraw them part way and push them deeply back in. I continued this way for I don’t how long until I started feeling that warmth building within me. I realized I was still holding the note in my other hand. I dropped it to the floor and brought that hand to my clit. I love pinching and teasing my clit as I masturbate. I rubbed my swollen clit between my fingers and increased the pace of my fingers plunging in and out of my pussy.I wasn’t going to hold back much longer, pulling my legs up and over the arms of the chair, I spread myself open Göztepe Escort Bayan as far as I could. I plunged my fingers as deep and hard, pulling them almost out before plunging them deep again. I was pinching and teasing my clit roughly. Suddenly there was no holding back any longer, my pussy clasped around my fingers and squeezed them hard as my frothy juice poured forth from my pussy around them. I was squeezing my clit at the same time, pushing the sensation every further. I couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure with my release. I could feel my juices run down my pussy, along the curve of my ass, soaking the back of my panties and the skirt underneath me.After resting a moment to collect myself, I slowly slid my fingers from my pussy and released my clit. I lowered my legs and stood up a little and unsteadily. With the wetness of my orgasm fresh against my skin, I walked by the window and looked down into my neighbor’s window, licking my fingers clean as I searched for him. I’m not sure what I would’ve done if he had been standing there, but I already was planning in my head for the show he would get soon. After pausing at the window for a moment longer, I want back to my bedroom.I kicked my heels off towards the closest, reached back and unzipped my skirt. I let it slide down my legs to the floor. I stepped out of it and looked down at it and saw a large wet spot on it. I shook my head and kicked it towards the hamper in the corner. I swiftly pulled my blouse off, then my bra and as I started to slide my panties down, I could feel how wet and sticky they were. I brought them up to my nose and smelled my scent before running my tongue across them. I Escort Göztepe then sent them sailing towards the hamper along with the rest of my outfit from the day and headed for the shower. As I moved I could still feel the stickiness of my juices on the inside of my thighs.As the week progressed towards the weekend I made plans to show off for my neighbor. I did a little shopping at the local adult store to pick up a few special items for my show. What I found was ideal for my desires. Then I spent some time researching how best to position lights around me. The last thing I did was go buy a small wooden stool. It had an 18-inch seat and only stood 24 inches tall. It was ideal for what I had in mind.As Friday night approached I got everything positioned and ready for showing off to my neighbor. I decided I would go to the window and sit down by it and wait for him to let me know he was there. I positioned my lights so I would be in his full view and framed by the blinds I had partially closed. I sat my stool close to the window and laid out my toys on a small table within easy reach. Now I only need my audience to be there before I could start the show.About ten I came out and sat down on my stool. I was wearing my robe that he had said was see through with the light. I was gazing down into his apartment hoping to see him, but so far, no luck. I had decided to give it an hour before calling it off tonight. I figured I’d try again tomorrow night if he was a no show tonight.I had kind of zoned off until I realized there was a light on in his place. It wasn’t close to the window, but I was hoping he’d come close to the window and see me. I guess I was so focused on the light and trying to see him, I missed he had pulled a chair up to his window and was sitting there staring at me. I blinked a few times to make sure my mind wasn’t playing a trick me. I stood up and waved at him and he waved back.

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