15 Mayıs 2023

Winning the Bet, Part 4


We’re at the movies, but neither of us is paying any attention to what’s happening on screen. The movie is a few weeks old and there are maybe seven other people in the theater. None of them are sitting anywhere near us. The lights have been out for twenty minutes and she’s whispering filthy things in my ear. We’ve been seeing each other for a couple weeks now ever since I caught her masturbating at work. The sexual chemistry between us was intense, but we were still getting to know each other and explore our boundaries. While discussing fantasies one night, she admitted to getting a thrill from fooling around in public. I immediately suggested we go catch a movie after work. She enthusiastically agreed. We came straight here from the kolej escort bayan office so she’s still in her work clothes. Her dress shirt is unbuttoned almost to her waist, and her skirt is hiked up around her hips. The armrest between us is up and she’s pressed against me, her hand on my chest. I have one arm over her shoulder and my other hand is inside her bra. She’s whispering in my ear, telling me that she’s been thinking about me all day. She says the more she thought, the hotter she got. She tells me about crossing her legs and squeezing her thighs together during a long meeting. She tells me that she was (and is) dripping wet. As her lips brush against my ear I feel an answering surge of lust from my groin. I squeeze her Escort sihhiye breast, rubbing my palm across her hardening nipple. She shifts her hips to press more firmly against me, moaning appreciatively. She tells me she shaved her legs and trimmed her bush last night, knowing we were going out tonight. She says she wore her favorite bra just for me, the one that pushes her tits together and gives great cleavage. She tells me when she went to the bathroom before the movie started, she found her panties were already wet. I ask her to prove it and she makes a show of leaning away from me and sliding down in her seat. She spreads her legs and pulls her skirt higher, tugging her panties to one side. Slowly and deliberately, she runs sincan escort her fingers over her lips. She’s teasing me, biting her lip as she flashes me her pussy. Several times she traces up and down her lips before finally slipping a finger easily inside. Then, quick as a flash, her panties are back in place, and she’s leaning against me. She puts her arm behind my back, and kisses up my neck. She licks my ear, and then reaches up to slip her finger into my mouth. I eagerly suck on it, tasting the cream of her pussy. It is thick on her finger and the taste is hard to describe. A mixture of salty, musky, and feminine… pure sex. She reaches back under her skirt and begins whispering in my ear again. She tells me she’s stroking her clit just like she does every night in bed. She says she likes to lay on her stomach, with one hand between her legs, the other cupping her breast. Now and then she slips a finger into her pussy to spread her juices over her lips and clit.

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