16 Mayıs 2023

Work Hard, Play Harder Ch. 07


Editor’s Note: this story contains Exhibitionist and Voyeur content.

Copyright © July 2021 by CiaoSteve

CiaoSteve reserves the right to be identified as the author of this work. This story cannot be published, as a whole or in part, without the express agreement of the author other than the use of brief extracts as part of a story review.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Author’s Notes

This is a seventh part to the series. Although it is self-contained from a story perspective, I would recommend you read the earlier chapters as there will be references which make more sense if you have read the earlier parts.

* * * * *

As one young woman sipped her coffee in the upmarket Mandarin hotel, her mind making plans for the day ahead, back at the cabin it was the aroma of a fresh brew which woke Kirsten from her slumber. She rolled over in the large bed, expecting to find her mistress at the side of her. Claudia wasn’t there. It was Claudia’s bed, but this morning the only occupant was the young blonde, Kirsten.

Kirsten pulled back the duvet. She was naked, as she had been since arriving the previous day, and as she would need to be until leaving later that afternoon. They were Mistress Claudia’s orders. Slowly Kirsten sat herself up. As she did, she felt the stiffness in her loins and images of the previous day flooded her mind. Kirsten still couldn’t believe that she had taken her mistress’ whole hand up inside, but her body wasn’t going to stop reminding her that quickly.

Kirsten wondered just what Mistress Claudia had in mind for today. She knew she would not have a choice in the matter, but secretly Kirsten hoped to be excused from anything too physical. Kirsten stood up. She glanced in the full-length bedroom mirror, running her hands through her blonde locks to try and get a sense of order to her bedraggled just-woken-up look.

Kirsten couldn’t help but run her eyes down across her naked reflection, pausing for a moment as she took in her tiny pert tits, her nipples soft atop their little mounds, before continuing down to her shaven mound. Slowly, Kirsten spread her legs apart slightly, getting a view along her bare snatch, seeking the source of her aches and pains. She wasn’t sure what she expected to see. Would she be bruised? Would she be loose and open, still gaping from the hugeness of her lover’s hand?

Kirsten sighed. Other than the stiffness inside, she looked just as beautiful as on any other day. She had trusted Claudia to look after her, and her mistress had been true to her word. Claudia had taken Kirsten to a place she couldn’t even imagine, and that is why she loved the older woman so much.

Kirsten’s mind wandered on to another question. Where was Claudia? The only clue was the aroma of fresh coffee wafting into the bedroom. It wasn’t coming from downstairs though. The coffee Kirsten could smell seemed to be drifting in from outside. Kirsten noticed the still closed curtains move slightly, waving in time to a gentle outside breeze.

Slowly, her first steps tentative, Kirsten headed for the balcony. She pulled back the curtains and stood there in the open doorway, her eyes half shut as she adjusted to the brightness of the morning sun. There, sat in front of her at the balcony table, dressed in a silky gown, was Mistress Claudia.

“Good morning, Kirsten,” came a very familiar voice. “I thought you were never going to wake. Come, my sub… come sit down. It’s such a beautiful day… coffee, croissants, sunshine, and such wonderful company. What more could you want?”

Kirsten walked out onto the balcony. It may have been a sunny day but there was a coolness to the fresh country air. It wasn’t cold enough to make the naked Kirsten shiver, but the chill did have her nipples quickly standing to attention. Gingerly, Kirsten sat down on the wooden chair, looking across a table laden with breakfast towards her older lover.

“Bit stiff, are we?” Claudia asked, noticing the care with which her sub had lowered herself onto the hard seat.

“Yes, Mistress,” Claudia replied. “Bit achy today, but okay.”

“Not surprising. You were wonderful yesterday. It will pass in a day or two, but suggest nothing too physical for you, my girl.”

Claudia’s words were music to Kirsten’s ears. She wasn’t sure she could manage anything physical today, at least not manage it in an enjoyable way. Kirsten did wonder though, would it be like this every time, or was taking the hand something your body slowly adjusted to? She did hope that there would be another time to find out, as the rewards had been so good.

“Coffee?” Claudia asked.

“Yes please, Mistress.”

Breakfast was a leisurely affair, the two of them chatting as they ate croissants and drank coffee. This was the other side of the cabin that Claudia particularly enjoyed. Yes, it was her getaway, her little oasis of privacy to enjoy her not safe Esenyurt escort bayan for work side of life, but at the same time there was nothing better than sitting up here, looking out across the lake, away from the hubbub of city life. Having such great company to share it with, was the icing on the cake.

An hour passed, closer to a couple of hours, without the two women paying any attention. It was just the two of them, the rustle of the breeze through the leaves, the lapping of tiny waves on the sandy shore, the tweeting of birds hidden in the trees, and the sound of a yapping dog.

A dog?

“Morning Phil,” Claudia called out, suddenly turning her attention beyond the balcony to the path down below. “Off for a stroll?”

“Hey Claudi,” came an older man’s voice from somewhere down below. “Not seen you around for a while.”

Kirsten listened to the voice below but made no effort to turn towards it. In modernising the cabin, Claudia had replaced the traditional wooden railings with a huge glass panel. That first day when she gave Kirsten the tour of the cabin, Claudia had explained how she wanted nothing at all to spoil the view from up here. Now though, it suddenly struck Kirsten that there was nothing to spoil the view from down there also; no railings to get in the way and no clothes to hide her nakedness.

“Been a bit busy, Phil. Sure, is good to get back here though. I’m going to try and get up most weekends if I can, especially now that the weather’s changing for the better. Anything much happened whilst I’ve been away?”

There was laughter from down below.

“You know the answer to that one, Claudi. Nothing much happens up here. That’s why we love it so much.”

This time it was Claudia’s turn to laugh.

“For sure… that’s what we love about this place. Oh, I nearly forgot. How rude of me. Have you met Kirsten?”

Kirsten’s head sank. She’d tried to keep a low profile, given her state of undress, yet now Claudia was turning the spotlight directly on her. Reluctantly, Kirsten turned towards the edge of the balcony. She glanced down at the path below and the older man standing there.

“Hello,” Kirsten said, giving a little nervous wave.

Phil had to be around fifty, and from his slightly overweight stature really enjoyed the country life. He looked as if he belonged here. Dressed in sturdy boots, cargo shorts and a suitably twill shirt, Phil looked ever the lumberjack. All Kirsten could focus on was Phil’s eyes, or more to the point the way Phil seemed to be staring back at her, his gaze transfixed on her naked body. Just like the previous day at the lorry park, where Claudia had ordered Kirsten to strip off in public, Kirsten found her heart pounding inside her young frame as she waited for a response.

“Hello Kirsten,” Phil responded. “Beautiful…” He paused as if thinking about what to say next, before finally adding. “… day, isn’t it.” There was another pause before Phil spoke again. “If you’ve nothing planned Claudi, I’d be happy to have you and Kirsten tag along. Would be great to catch up.”

Kirsten’s heart thumped in her chest. She was under orders not to wear anything for the whole weekend and now her mistress was mulling over Phil’s offer of taking a stroll together. Kirsten knew she would do anything to please Claudia, yet over and over in her mind, Kirsten prayed for the answer to be no.

“We’d love to, Phil,” Claudia responded. “Young Kirsten here was just saying how she felt a bit stiff after such a hard day yesterday, so taking a walk will do her the world of good.”

“B… but…” Kirsten tried to object.

“No buts, Kirsten. The fresh air will do you the world of good, and Phil’s great company. He’s got a cabin further on up the lakeside. You can’t see it from here, but it’s even better than mine.”

It wasn’t the answer Kirsten wanted to hear but being the dutiful sub, she had no intention of disobeying her mistress’ wishes. If those wishes were to go out for a walk, then a walk they would take. If those wishes were to go naked all weekend, then naked it would be.

“Yes, Mistress,” Kirsten responded, ensuring her voice was low enough not to be heard from below. “Your sub would love to take a walk in the woods.”

It was only as she spoke that Kirsten remembered the way she had been led naked up the stairs the previous day. Was that Mistress Claudia’s intention, to lead her little pet around the lake, dressed in nothing but her heels and black leather collar? It was one thing to be naked amongst strangers, but to be led as well? It was the ultimate submission, the recognition that you belonged to another, to be taken wherever she wanted. There was a reluctant acceptance in the young blonde’s next questions.

“Would you like me to wear my collar and lead, Mistress? Do you think Phil will mind me being naked?”

“Oh, my girl, I’m sure he won’t mind at all. Who wouldn’t want to see your beautiful little body. I was going to let you get dressed though, but if you insist on going like that, who am I to stop you?”

“No… Escort Etiler no… thank you Mistress. Shall I get my things from downstairs.”

“Yes, Kirsten. Bring them up here and let your mistress help you get suitably dressed.”

With Kirsten bounding downstairs to grab her bag before Mistress changed her mind, Claudia had already gone off rummaging through drawers in the playroom. Both returned to the bedroom at the same time, Kirsten carrying the holdall which held the clothes she had changed out of the day before, and Claudia concealing something small and curved in the pocket of her gown.

“Go on then, show me what you have. Let’s see if Mistress approves,” Claudia called out.

Suddenly excited, Kirsten tipped the holdall up over the bed. First to fall out was a pair of cutesy socks, followed by the pale blue skin-tight jeans that had been such a pain to remove in the truck park but did make her ass look so good. The soft mohair jumper came next, followed by Kirsten’s black bra and two pairs of knickers, the skimpy black thong she had worn the previous day and a more generous pair of cream panties. It was Claudia’s turn to rummage through the pile of clothes.

“Yes,” Claudia replied, moving the jeans and jumper to one side. “No,” when it came to the bra. “Yes,” to the socks. Then, finally, after much consideration it was a “Yes” to the panties and a “No” to the thong.

The choice of underwear did surprise Kirsten a little as the panties, although comfortable, were a little bit frumpy, especially when compared to the thong. She guessed though that it didn’t really matter given that Kirsten would be hiding them inside her jeans.

“Would you be a darling and tell Phil to grab a seat on the porch?” Claudia asked. “Tell him we’ll be down in a few minutes.”

Kirsten instantly grabbed for her jumper. It was a mistake.

“Did I say get dressed and tell him? You’ll go as you are, and whilst you’re doing that, I’ll think about what punishment your misdemeanour deserves.”

“Yes, Mistress… sorry, Mistress… I won’t do it again, Mis–“

“Of you go, sub. You don’t want to keep our guest waiting longer than necessary, do you?”

Reluctantly, Kirsten headed off to the balcony, still naked. In her mind this was a sort of punishment in itself. She did hope that Mistress wouldn’t be too harsh on her when she returned.

“Phil?” Kirsten called out, standing halfway back on the balcony in a vain attempt to keep a modicum of decency.

Phil was nowhere to be seen, nor did he answer Kirsten’s softly spoken voice. Worried now that he had gone off without them, and that her mistress would be upset with her, Kirsten hurried to the front of the balcony. She leant over the glass barrier to take a closer look below.

“Phil?” she called out, her voice a little louder than before.

This time there was movement coming from the side of the house, a rustle in the grass and the sound of footsteps. Kirsten leant further over the balcony edge, her small breasts pointing down towards the path.

“Phil?” she called out once more.

“Yes, coming. Rex here went chasing after a rabb…”

Phil’s voice tailed off as he glanced up at the naked Kirsten, leaning over the edge of the balcony. Politely he turned his gaze away, but Kirsten knew it wasn’t before he had taken a good eyeful of her young body. Well, if it made Mistress happy, and gave the old man a bit of unexpected excitement, then who was Kirsten to complain.

“Mistress… I mean, Claudia says to give us a few minutes and we’ll be with you,” Kirsten explained. “Grab a seat on the porch if you want.”

“Take all the time you want, Kirsty. It was Kirsty, wasn’t it?” Phil replied.

“Kirsten,” came the response from above, “but I guess Kirsty is close enough. Now, if you don’t mind, I guess I’d better put something on.”

Phil didn’t mind at all. This morning was intended to be like the rest of them, him, Rex, and a long walk around the lake, so meeting the young Kirsten had already brightened up his day. As he heard movement on the balcony, Phil couldn’t resist but take another glance upwards. He was all eyes as he watched the young Kirsten turn around, her pert ass wiggling seductively as she headed off inside.

“Down, boy,” Phil whispered as he took a seat on the porch.

If anyone were listening, they would have thought he was addressing Rex, the dog. Only Phil would know that he was referring to something quite different, a certain growing bulge in his pants. Oh yes, the young Kirsten was quite a looker. The question in Phil’s mind now, was how the innocent looking Claudi got to share her days with a young woman like Kirsten. Was she a relative? With her shocking blonde hair and pale complexion, Kirsten didn’t look anything like Claudi. In which case, was she a friend? And if a friend, she certainly was a most expressive friend.

Then there was something else. What had Kirsten meant when she had called Claudi mistress? He knew Claudi has widowed, but why call her mistress? Surely you would stick with Mrs., Eyüp escort or Ms.? Phil was already thinking of the questions he would be asking as they walked around the lake.

Back inside, Claudia had changed, swapping her silky gown for a most practical pair of sweatpants and matching top. It was time to get the young Kirsten dressed, the thought of which put a smile on Claudia’s face.

“Arms up,” Claudia called out to her young sub.

The obedient Kirsten did just that. She stood in front of her mistress and raised her arms in the air. What she didn’t realise was the way in which she was now inadvertently pushing her tits out towards Claudia, her nipples still hard from the morning chill outside. Claudia though didn’t miss a trick.

She slipped the mohair jumper over Kirsten’s arms, pulling it down over the young blonde’s head, then stopping. It wasn’t by accident that Claudia had plunged her young sub into semi-darkness, with the jumper cutting out most light. Yes, Kirsten could make out shadows in front of her, but little more. She could see Claudia move, but not what she was doing.

It was exactly what Claudia wanted. She had plans for this day, or at least the hours before both had to head back to the city–her original idea had involved a swing and strap-on–but Kirsten’s reaction to the fisting along with the unexpected appearance of Phil had made Claudia consider something less physical, but equally as enjoyable. As she told herself, the sign of a good mistress is adaptability. Good sub, bad sub, enthusiastic sub, weary sub, there were options for all, it was just a case of knowing which to choose.

The sex swing would still be there the next time, so for now Claudia had another little surprise up her sleeve, or in the pocket of her gown to be more precise. First, though, it would be a shame to ignore her young sub’s pert little breasts, especially when presented so nicely for her mistress.

“Aghh,” Kirsten called out as she felt a twist on her left nipple, Claudia pulling hard at the tender nub. A second squeal followed a similar tug on the right nipple.

It was a little test, to see what reaction the young blonde would give. Kirsten though, other than the squeals, didn’t complain. She just stood there, arms in the air, presenting her young body to her mistress. If that was the punishment for her earlier indiscretion then Kirsten would take what she was given, then always give the same response.

“Thank you, Mistress. Thank you for showing me the error in my ways.”

Claudia smiled. It wasn’t her intention to punish the young blonde, but she just couldn’t resist getting a little playful with such a perfect pair of tits. Already, Kirsten’s nipples were hard little rocks, perfect for a little suckling. The suckling though would have to come later. They had kept Phil waiting for long enough, so Claudia needed to get a move on.

“Feet up, one at a time,” she called out to the effectively blindfolded blonde.

As Kirsten lifted a foot, Claudia slid first the panties, then the tight jeans over it. She repeated the same on the other side, eventually easing both garments up to mid-thigh level. It was like a reverse of Kirsten’s striptease from the day before, Claudia noticing how tight the jeans were as they inched higher up the young blonde’s legs. With what Claudia had in mind, the tight-fitting jeans were perfect… now, where had she put the little surprise?

Claudia reached inside the pocket of her gown, removing the three small objects from inside and placing them on the bed. She glanced down at her hoard. Two were obvious what they were, a bottle of lube and a remote control designed like a car key fob. The third though was quite different. It was this final object that Claudia picked up off the bed. She held it in her hand, flexing the soft purple silicone as she caressed the pebble shaped item. It was some three inches long, wider at one end before narrowing down towards a contoured point, a couple of ridges rising from the gently curved surface as it narrowed.

Claudia smiled as she thought about where she was about to put the purple object. It was one of her favourites, and now the young Kirsten was about to find out just how good this little panty vibe was. Claudia glanced down at the frumpy cream panties, then back at the vibrator. It wouldn’t have worked with the thong, but with these fuller panties there would be ample gusset to support the vibe, and what’s more, the tight-fitting jeans would make sure it wasn’t going anywhere fast.

First though, it was time to lube things up a little. Claudia applied a liberal coating to the top of the vibe, using her fingers to smear the gel across the soft silicone. She squeezed a little more lube onto her fingers, then turned her attention to Kirsten.

“Legs apart,” Claudia ordered.

Kirsten obeyed as best she could, but with her tight jeans halfway down her thighs, she could only manage a few inches. It was enough though… enough for Claudia to work her lubed up fingers between Kirsten’s slim legs… enough for Claudia to work the slick gel over her young sub’s pussy lips… enough to elicit a soft moan from Kirsten as she felt her mistress quickly work her way inside. All the time, Claudia was focussing in on the young blonde’s clit, rubbing softly at the hardening bundle of nerves, teasing the sensitive nub into a more engorged state.

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