16 Mayıs 2023

Working In An Adult Bookstore Fantasy Booth ( Part III )


While vacationing in Florida, my husband got online and found another adult bookstore with a theater not far from the beach where we were staying. I did not come south to sit in an adult theater. I love to sit on the beach and take in some sun, especially when the weather is so cold and snowy back north.”I know how much you enjoy watching the guys playing with themselves as they watch you touching yourself. How about we go there one day if it rains?” he said.I agreed that we could go since I had already checked the weather and it showed no chance of rain for the coming week. The thought of being so naughty did excite me as it had been a while since we had done anything. Being so far from home was also a plus. Hardly any chance of seeing anyone we knew and that would make me more comfortable doing my thing.I was surprised that my husband did not ask again until later in the week, one afternoon when it started to rain. “What shall we do now?” he smiled.”How about going shopping, or let’s see what is on at the movies?” I said. I could tell, by his expression, that was not the answer he was looking for. “Maybe we should check out that adult theater you mentioned earlier and if you want to go we should leave now before I change my mind?”I put on a t-shirt, with no bra and a pair of shorts, and off we went.The theater was very small with a bookstore in the front and a door to the back that let you in the theater. There were only three cars in the parking lot when we arrived. We looked around the bookstore for a little while and then my husband went up to the counter to pay for the theater and was told couples are admitted free. There was a very pretty girl sitting by the man at the counter. I wondered what she was doing there.We went into the theater and stood by the door until our eyes adjusted to the darkness. There were only two rows Ankara escort of seats with about ten seats in each row. There was a middle-aged man sitting in the back row. We walked to the back row and sat down about five seats from the man to our left.We started to watch the movie and before long my husband began to feel my breasts over my t-shirt. The man to the left was watching us and then unzipped his pants and took out a very stiff penis and began to stroke it up and down, I smiled at him as my husband lifted my shirt and started to play with my nipples. The man moved over to the chair next to me and I got a good look at him. I was getting excited watching him playing with his penis as my husband started to put his fingers in my shorts as the front door buzzer sounded. Someone else was entering the store.I pulled my top back down and waited, Just because we were far from home, it didn’t mean that the police were not checking on the place. My husband got up to use the restroom when in walked two good-looking young men and sat down at the end of my row. My husband had gone back into the bookstore and asked the owner what the girl was doing there and he said that for twenty dollars she gave massages. He asked the girl, “Have you ever given a girl a massage?””Not many. Mostly all men, but if your wife would like one, I would be happy to give her a massage.” When my husband came back he whispered all this to me and I told him, ” I don’t think so.”My husband said, “She goes in a room behind the counter and if he wanted he could watch from another room with a window that looked into the massage room. She told me, ” I could jerk off If I wanted.” I didn’t say anything to my husband.I looked down my row and both of the good-looking guys had their pants unzipped and were playing with their cocks, They Ankara escort bayan were sticking straight up and stiff. The man next to me also pulled out his cock and started jerking. Well, they are not cops, I guessed.My husband lifted up my top and started to play with my stiff nipples and then put his fingers in my loose-fitting shorts and started to rub up and down my slit. I was very wet. I loved watching the guys masturbating. Especially the two young guys down the row. The man next to me started to touch my breast and my husband said, “You can watch but no touching.”He pulled down my shorts to my ankles and put a finger in my pussy and started to finger me. It felt so good and naughty that I let out a little moan. One of the young guys at the end said, “Look. Her pussy is totally shaven.” My husband asked them if they wanted a better view and they both jumped up and stood right in front of me with their hard cocks sticking straight out and their fists going to town on themselves.My husband then took out a small flashlight and shone it on my naked body and told me to spread my legs wider and to play with myself. “Don’t cum on her and if you are good, she will jerk you all off.”I couldn’t help myself. I was so horny looking at the young guys staring at my pussy two feet in front of my face that I started to rub my clit faster and put my finger up my pussy hole and started to finger myself. I knew I was not going to last much longer and I reached over and grabbed the man’s cock next to me and began to stroke him in time to my finger going in and out of my pussy,My husband reached over and started to rub my clit in little circles. That did it. I tried to hold off but I couldn’t help myself and started to hump my ass up and down on the chair and came hard all over my finger and my husband’s Escort Ankara hand. That triggered the guy on my left as he stood up and shot his cum at his feet.. He quickly zipped up and left the theater.I was still lightly touching myself when I asked the two boys if they wanted me to finish them off. I didn’t have to ask them twice. I got to my feet, still naked, and stood between. I grabbed a cock in each hand and began to stroke them. God. They were so good looking and so hard that I thought I was in Heaven. I took my time because I did not want this to end but I could tell they were getting close. ” Touch my titties,” I told them both and they both started to feel me up. I told them to back up so as not to cum on my husband and I started to stroke them faster, and they both started to moan and first one and then the other shot out huge ropes of cum all over the floor.They both pulled up their pants and thanked me so much and said what a nice body I had and how lucky it was for them to find me in the theater. They left, and I asked my husband, “What about you?”He said, “I think I will wait and watch you get a massage,”I had forgotten about the girl but I said, “I am still a little horny but I doubt if she will touch me there.””It doesn’t matter. I am sure I will cum if she only rubs your back.””Ok. A massage might feel great,” I told him.She was still sitting in the chair as we left the theater and went into the bookstore section.”Am I going to give you a massage? I will make you feel real good and relaxed if you let me,” she said.My husband said, “Yes, Can I still watch?” Before I had a chance to say anything, she was taking my hand and leading me into the room behind the counter as my husband went into his room.”Take off all your clothes and lie face down on the table. I will put this towel on over your middle to cover you up a bit.” I looked over my shoulder and saw my husband behind my head with a big smile on his face.She took some oil and began to massage my feet and then my hands and then pulled the towel down a little and began to massage my shoulders down to my butt and stopped and pulled the towel up my back.

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