12 Mayıs 2023

Working Out Doctor


I couldn’t believe my eyes. I live in a small town, that’s true, but never would I have imagined that Dr.White was a member of the same gym I regularly went to. He must have just joined, I thought as a reason for not having met him before, or perhaps he had recently changed his visiting hours. Whatever the reason, he had just entered the locker room, having apparently finished his session. Perspiration coated his body, his skin glowing on the shoulders, arms and upper legs. His blond hair was wet and matted in most places, and his face was glistening at the sides and just above his upper lip. The shirt and tight shorts he was wearing showed dark patches as evidence of his workout. His smile told me he had recognized me. “Bob! How are you doing?” he cheered and stepped over to squeeze me in a manly hug. He had caught me as I was changing into my gym outfit, so all I had on were a T-shirt and my underpants. I didn’t mind him being sweaty, and returned his embrace as I answered, “Dave… what a nice surprise! It’s good to see you.” Neither of us seemed in a hurry to part, so I lingered in his arms for a bit; my mind wandered back to the last time we had embraced, in his practice, a few months earlier. We were naked then, having had oral sex and climaxed rubbing our penises on each other’s. It had been my first and only time with another man and I had never stopped thinking about it but had never find the guts to do it again. I wondered if he was thinking back to that too. Needless to say, my thoughts, our embracing in skimpy clothes and his manly scent, all combined to arouse me istanbul escort and to cause something to stir between my legs. I had to put my hands on Dave’s shoulders and push him back, looking him up and down in an appreciative way: “You look in a very good shape, the gym is definitely doing wonders, I see.” “Thank you,” he said, “and yes, working out is helping me a lot; also at releasing some pressure.” I couldn’t help hearing a hint in his words that maybe wasn’t there. “What about you?” he went on, his eyes running down my figure and back up. “Oh, just trying to stay fit and avoid having to see doctors, I guess,” I joked, “even though last time I saw one, it wasn’t that bad.” “Yes, not bad at all,” Dave remarked, his eyes locked on mine. We started bringing each other up to date on the latest events in our lives; meanwhile, Dave took off his shirt and used it to dry his chest and shoulders; then he sat to remove his shoes and eventually his shorts. I began wearing my workout gear too and, while retrieving the sneakers from my bag, I noticed that he didn’t have his own close by; on entering, he had come to meet me, but his things were in a different area of the room. As he undressed, I was toying with the idea of seeing him naked, but when he was down to just his underpants Dave gathered his discarded clothing and left, excusing himself. I had noticed his bulge, though, and felt quite excited by the sight and by the present circumstances. After much thinking about it, I was again close to another man in a very intimate situation: the istanbul escort bayan more I thought about it, the faster the swelling was in my own shorts. I remained sitting on my bench, engrossed in sexy thoughts for some time, when Dave came back: he was now wearing his bathrobe, clearly headed for the showers, and I somehow knew he was naked underneath. “Are you still here?” he asked mockingly, as he got closer. “Yes,” I said. “Cannot will myself to start working out.” I gave a look around to make sure we were alone, and reached a hand to his leg just below the rim of the bathrobe. He didn’t move but a soft sigh escaped his lips. I raised my head to look into his face and he smiled down on me. It was all the encouragement I needed, so I pushed my hand up to his inner thigh: on its way up, it met Dave’s dick and took hold of it. Hidden to the eye, his cock was not hard yet, but had started to grow; I could feel its warmth and softness, the foreskin covering the head, and the balls hanging down. It didn’t need any motion on my part, the feel was all it took to make it hard. Dave just stood and let me touch him. After few minutes of holding and stroking his balls sac and his cock, its hardness now visible in the bathrobe, I was no longer thinking of my workout; all I wanted was to play with this toy I hadn’t had for the last months. “I’ve missed you,” I said, both to Dave and to his erection. “I missed you, too,” he answered as his cock twitched under my ministrations, “but I need to shower now. Care to join me?” That was too good Escort istanbul an opportunity to let it slip by. “Would love to!” I replied and, while letting go of his dick, I ran my fingers down the shaft and around the balls, rubbing the wet area between the sac and the thigh. As Dave turned and started towards the showers, before taking off my useless gym apparel, I brought my fingers to my nose and inhaled: my lips curved into a smile as I realised that I could have had sex with Dave even if he hadn’t washed … Taking off my clothes, I grabbed my towel and hurried to the showers. I could hear water running from one stall and saw Dave’s bathrobe hanging close by, so I went there. He was under the jet of water, his hair plastered to his forehead till he swept it back off his eyes and saw me, naked in front of him and enjoying the show. Our penises were hardening quickly, and extending at full mast. I entered the stream of water and we embraced, our bodies touching and squeezing our cocks, heads on each other’s shoulder and cocks squeezed. The feeling was amazing and the realization of being in such a close act with another man made my heart beat faster. After enjoying our hold for a few moments, I started placing kisses on his shoulder, on his neck, and up to his jaw, until our lips met. I wasn’t used to the stubble around the lips, since none of the girls I had kissed was as hairy as a man but one, maybe; however, Dave’s lips were so soft and tender that my discomfort at the roughness of his skin was soon forgotten. Our lips opened and our tongues started tasting each other, twirling playfully in and out of the mouths. As Dave’s hands dropped to my ass cheeks, further pressing our erections together, mine were roaming his back; we were both moaning and trying not to choke under the waterfall enveloping us. Kissing another man was definitely pleasing, but I longed for some cock.

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