25 Nisan 2023

Wrestle with Mother


My name is Pete?, I’m 21 years old single and living with my divorced Mother.

Mother is Jeannette, 40 years old and I have to say, even though she’s my Mum, very attractive. She’s quite tall, about 5’9″ and most of that is her long, toned legs. Just a little overweight, but it suits her, very curvaceous.

Since Dad left us and ran off with his secretary, mum hasn’t taken any interest in men. She seems content with her own company. Her sister pops round regularly and they have giggly nights in with a few bottles of wine.

Me, I’ve finished college, can’t make up my mind what to do so I spend my days running, cycling and at the gym keeping fit. I am quite vain, like my Dad.

I like to look in the mirror and admire my own six pack and lean muscly body. It works for me too. I’ve had no shortage of girlfriends, but for now I was single.

I dont mind being single, I can do what I want when I want, but I do miss regular sex. Keeping as fit as I do, means a raging libido.

The only way to work this off was regular masturbation. Not difficult when you are 21 with an endless supply of cum to spurt out.

I had found Dads secret stash of porn mags after he left. I loved the pics in them. They made a fantastic wank aid. I particularly like the older women in lingerie and heels. They really did it for me.

Some of them reminded me of Mum. I wondered if she ever wore lingerie like that?

I’d certainly not seen any when I’d been going through the laundry basket looking for her worn panties. The best ones were when she took them off at the end of the day. Fresh from the whole previous 24 hour activities. Some days I would get lucky when she had an early evening shower. If I was around, I would sneak in to her room and retrieve them from the laundry basket whilst she showered.

I could get them back to my bedroom whilst they were still warm. I would savour the lovely aroma from the gusset, slightly damp, the odd piss stain or creamy secretion adding to mix.

It would give me such a massive hard on, especially as I knew it was wrong.

I even had my favourite ones. Some where the gusset wasn’t sewn in at the top edge. These ones, in effect had a little pocket between the sheer nylon and the soiled cotton gusset. I would ram my cock in to this pocket, it made me feel like my cock was close to mother’s pussy. How delightfully disgusting!

A few hard pulls on the panties would have me deposit a handsome helping of creamy jiz in this pocket. Then I would run them quickly back to the basket before she came out of the shower.

I would love to see mother in these panties and thongs, but other than the very occasional glimpse up her skirt around the house, it wasn’t happening.

I had just got back from the gym. Mother had been at the wine again and was on the sofa in front of the TV.

“Come and sit down Pete.” She called as I entered the sitting room. “Come and keep your old Mum company for a while”. She was slurring slightly from too much wine.

“OK, just for a while, I’ve got stuff to do”

I slumped on to the sofa next to her, she then leant in to me and gave my arm a squeeze.

“Mmmmm,” she sighed, “I’m so lucky to have such a handsome fit ripped son. Maybe one day I’ll meet a man like you.”

She smelt delicious as always, perfume was one of her things. She had stacks of expensive scents. She looked great too, she kicked her heels off and was chilling in a pale blue armless mini dress. Her long tanned legs curled up on the sofa. I tried to casually glance across. I thought I could just see a small white triangle of panties, but I couldn’t stare, it was too obvious.

“What are you watching Mother?”

“It’s the Superstar wrestling” she murmured, transfixed to the screen. ” I’ve really gotten in to this.”

“Oh, this isn’t my thing Mum. I’m really not in to watching grown men grappling with each other. “

“Oh just sit with me a while anyway.” She said. ” I do get lonely here alone.”

“OK, just for a while then.”

She was gasping and groaning along with the TV audience as they threw each other around the ring. She seemed to be getting genuinely excited about it. In fact, as the two guys were seriously grappling on the floor, I’m sure her thighs were starting to rub together and her breathing was getting laboured.

I do believe she was getting off on it and in turn, I was getting a flow of blood to my groin as she nestled in to me. This wasn’t right, but it was definitely arousing.

After 15 minutes or so of this, I made my excuses and went to my room. I was now nursing a serious hard on and hoped she hadn’t noticed. Was I imagining it or was she really getting off on watching those guys?

I needed to cum and I couldn’t get to her laundry basket without her hearing, so I had to make do with the picture in my head of the little white Pantie triangle I had glimpsed. Didn’t take me long to cum, but the intensity surprised me, it just seemed so erotic masturbating about mother’s long legs and panties.

A couple of days later, Bakırköy Escort I came home, let myself in and went through to the living room. The door was ajar, so made no noise as I entered. I could her Mother groaning. At first I thought she was hurt, but then I looked at the TV and she was watching wrestling again. Then movement caught my eye.

It was the reflection in the patio doors. They were like a mirror.

No wonder she was moaning, I could clearly see her dress was hitched up and one hand was down her panties, rubbing away furiously as she watched the guys on the screen.

She was so engrossed, she was oblivious to me standing there. Then as one of the wrestlers put a ‘Boston Crab’ hold on the other, she gasped, grunted and slumped back in to the sofa.

I had a raging boner now and it was nothing to do with the wrestlers! I quietly retraced my steps and then made a noisy re entrance in to the room.

“Hi Mum, watching the wrestlers again I see.”

She turned to see me, her face was flushed red, ” er yeah, I was um, just going to turn over, if you want to join me.”

I accepted the offer and she turned to another channel to watch some mundane drivel. She leant in to me once again. I breathed in the heady mix of her perfume and what I’m sure was the scent of orgasm in the air. I hid my boner with a cushion on my lap.

lIt would have to wait.

Within minutes she was dozing. I guessed a combination of the wine and a satisfying orgasm had done the trick.

When I was sure she was asleep, I removed the cushion and lay her head on my lap. She was now resting her face on my boner, albeit separated by the thin material of my gym pants. She was actually snoring on my cock.

This was getting too much for me. I was about to shoot my load. I carefully extricated myself and gently placed her head back on the cushion.

Did she just moan in disappointment?

As I got up, one of her legs fell over the edge of the sofa. She was now asleep on her back with legs wide open. I gently hitched her dress up to expose her tiny white thong. There was a definite darkened damp patch on the gusset. I plucked up courage and put my face close to her gusset. I could smell the dampness of her orgasm. I so wanted to remove the tiny lacy strip of cotton that was hiding Mother’s bulging glorious forbidden damp pussy mound from me.

That would have been a step to far. I retreated to my room to hurriedly wank my rigid cock silly. This was getting out of hand. I had stopped masturbating over Dads old porn mags. Mother had become the fixation of all my fantasies. I was really looking forward to the twice weekly wrestling programs.

I ensured the my arrival home from the gym coincided with these programs.

The next time, Mother was in her usual position on the sofa, a nearly empty wine bottle on the side. She had her own gym wear on. Bright white Lycra leggings and stretchy top. All quite transparent. It didn’t look like she had any underwear on!

I could clearly see her wrinkled hard nipples….

“Pete,” she said, “you’ve got a better physique than these guys. Wouldn’t you like to give it a go?”

“Er, no Mum, just not my kind of thing.”

“Well at least me take a couple of photos of you in trunks so that I can show my friends what you would look like as a wrestler.”

“Mum, that’s a bit weird, and in any case, I don’t have any trunks.”

“It’s not that weird” she slurred, ” I’m proud of my boy and like to show him off. There’s some of Dads trunks amongst his stuff upstairs. Come on, follow me and we’ll find them.”

“Erm, ok. ” I said, and followed her up the stairs. She had teamed a pair of white stilletoes with her outfit and the view from behind was enough to give me a boner as she wiggled up the stairs in front of me.

The white leggings left nothing to the imagination, clinging deep into the cheeks of her buttocks and swooping down to the cleft of her pussy. She was wearing one of her sensuous perfumes and the heady, delicious scent wafted behind her, drawing me in.

Once in her room, she went to some drawers, rummaged around and held aloft a small looking pair of black trunks.

“Pop in to the en-suite and put these on” she said.

I did as I was told.

Hmmmm,, Dad must be smaller than me, these were a tight fit in all directions. Made much worse by my swollen excited member.

I finally managed to tuck it all in and walked back in to the bedroom.

“Oh my” said Mother, ” you should definitely be on the TV. “You’d have some lady fans wetting their panties!”

“Mother!” I said, squirming with embarrassment.

“We’ll it’s true” she murmured, wide eyed. “Now strike some poses for me.”

I posed in some kind of body builder type poses whilst Mum clicked away with her phone. I was finding this very embarrassing and my erection was waning rapidly.

“I know” she said, “let’s practice some moves, just for fun. Seeing as how you look the part.

But don’t hurt Başakşehir Escort me…”

I readily agreed to this outrageous idea, thinking that I might cop a crafty feel of something!

Mum got me to help push the bed aside, creating a large clear floor space.

Her first move was to put me in a headlock. She had said “don’t hurt me”, but she wasn’t holding back.

My face squeezed up against her firm breast. Nipple digging in to my cheek.

We tried each move against each other in turn.

We wrestled around on the floor. The closeness of her body with the heady scent was driving me nuts.

Next she tried a head scissors. Her thighs clamped tightly around my head. So close in fact, that I could she the bristles of her shaved pussy poking through the thin material, just inches from my face.

My erection was quickly coming back and I hoped it wouldn’t pop out of these tiny trunks.

She released, much to my disappointment, and then my turn. I put her in a scissor hold and could feel her face pressed against my boner. This was getting too much to bear. All this writhing grappling and rubbing.

I was sure she was enjoying this as much as me, but I lacked the courage to ask to fuck her!

She was gasping and grunting and giving it her all.

Next she attempted a pin fall, one knee on each of my shoulders, her crotch pushed against my face.

I could smell her pussy it was that close. Every time I lifted a shoulder she would push me back down with her knee and crotch.

Then, as she pushed me back one last time, she made the same gasping noise I’d heard her make in front of the TV.

I’m sure Mother had just cum against my face.

She stood up, legs astride me. She was red faced, flushed, trembling. Her Lycra clinging to her sweating body. Chest jutting and heaving, topped by her rock hard bullets of nipples…Fuck, she looked hot.

“That’s enough for today Pete” she gasped. ” I don’t want to over do it and hurt myself. But, that was a great work out, can we do it again sometime?”

“Erm, yeah, sure Mum, you might get me interested in this wrestling lark yet.”

Mother then shooed my out of the bedroom and closed the door.

I was in a complete state of arousal and frustrated as hell, yet still knowing this was forbidden territory. What was I to do?

I went downstairs in a subdued mood. I saw Mother’s phone there. I picked it up and scrolled to the photos she had taken of me.

Somewhat shocked to find, none of me in full.

Just extreme close ups of my trunks and groin area, clearly showing my bulging organ.

That made my mind up, she was interested.

Somehow I needed to break through the taboo and fuck my Mother,

I just had to.

I went to my own bed, still smelling her perfume on me. I slowly masturbated to a ball breaking orgasm as I fantasised about my plan to fuck Mother.

The next couple of sessions were along similar lines.

Me, holding back and letting her have the upper hand. Mother getting more and more physical, slamming me down and piling on top of me with her involuntary groin rubbing against my fifm hard body.

This led to concealed orgasms for her, but, nothing for me, other than an aching cock that was gasping to plunge in to Mothers forbidden love hole.

The problem was, for all her grunting and panting, nothing had been said.

Also, the fact that her clothing, mainly leggings and Lycra top remained stubbornly in place. Tantalising that this was, it was just building my frustrations and desires.

I decided to change tack. A new plan was needed.

I examined the black trunks that she insisted I wore.

Small though they were, they were proving remarkably resilient and very successful at keeping my erections firmly restrained within.

I took a pair of nail scissors and carefully snipped about half the stitches that ran down the seams either side of the front crotch panel. I did this on the inside, so that nothing could be seen when they were on.

The next part of the plan was to get her to play without the horrid passion killing Lycra in place.

She always seemed to relax in this gear when watching TV.

A couple of days later, Mother was off to Aunt Sues flat for cocktails. I watched her leave the house wearing a lovely flared dress, tan nylons and 4″ high heeled nude sling backs. This was more like it. I waited patiently for her return.

I watched her tottering up the drive, swaying unsteadily on her heels as she returned.

I then met her at the door.

“Mother, you look lovely, been anywhere nice.?”

“Thank you son, you are soooo lovely.” She said, slurring slightly.

“Join me for a nightcap Mother?”

“Oh I shouldn’t really, I’ve had a few already.”

“Well fairs fair, I’ve been keeping you company after your wrestling programs and I’ve been feeling a bit lonesome tonight.”

She put her arms around me and kissed me on the lips, her heady perfume engulfed me. Bebek Escort She paused just a bit too long with the kiss. Just long enough to make my cock stand to attention.

“Oh Pete” she said, “You should never be lonely with your good looks and physique.”

“Hmmm, maybe Mother, but I can never find anyone as pretty as you.”

She paused and looked me straight in the eyes. Shee was wearing beautiful make up and looked quite stunning. Her cherry red lips were trembling.

” Well, Pete,” she murmured, “If you weren’t my son, I’d be all over you.”

“Behave yourself Mother and drink your wine.

Seriously, I worry about you when you go out looking so attractive. Have our wrestling bouts taught you to look after yourself, if some guy tries it on with you?”

“Oh, I don’t know, I hadn’t thought about that.” She said.

” I tell you what, why don’t we have a practice and see? You stay exactly as you are.

Like you were out somewhere. I’ll pop those trunks on and I’ll pretend to attack you.

See if you can fend me off.”

I saw her eyes widen as I mentioned popping the trunks on.

l I knew I was on the right track. The alcohol had lowered her inhibitions right down too.

“OK, sounds like fun.” she grinned.

I couldn’t push the furniture back and get in to those trunks quick enough!

She stood in the newly cleared space, about to take her heels off.

“No Mother, keep them on, you’re supposed to be out in a bar.” I said.

“Like father, like son” she murmured…..

“I’ll grab you from behind and take it from there.” I said

I decided to really go for it.

I reached around from behind and grabbed a breast firmly. I could tell straight away she had no bra on. I made sure I got a really good feel through the thin dress material.

“Aaaagh,” she squealed, “What are you doing Pete.”

“Er, um, I’m supposed to be attacking you Mother, just trying to make it real.” I stammered, wondering if I’d completely overstepped the mark and misread everything.

“Oh of course” she murmured, ” Sorry, it’s been so long since a man touched my breasts, it came as a shock, but I guess it’s ok as you’re only training me.”

“Yes, that’s right Mother, I’m only training you.”

I whispered in to her ear whilst still squeezing her breast, feeling her now erect nipple under my hand.

“You’re supposed to be fighting me off.”

“OK,” she snapped “Here goes.”

She span around, put me in a head lock and pulled me to the ground. I feigned minimal resistance, I wanted her to win after all.

She wrenched the offending arm up behind my back, nearly dislocating it. I cried out in genuine pain. She slammed me back on to the floor and then leapt astride me as if to pin my shoulders, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she was still wearing her flared dress.

As she stood astride me, I could hardly believe my eyes. Those tan nylons I had spied earlier, they were the real deal.

I could see straight up her dress to the suspenders stretched across her creamy thighs and topped off with a little white triangle of sheer white thong.

This was better than I could have possibly hoped for. Just like a page out of one of Dads porno mags.

The next second, I was struggling for breath, buried between a mass of heaving thighs, buttocks and nylons as she slammed down on my face.

Much as I was in a heavenly place, I thought I’d better make a fight of it before she saw through my plan.

Emboldened by my progress, I flipped her off my shoulders and on to her back. My turn now.

I jumped across her and easily pinned down her shoulders, then pulled her legs up on to my shoulders. Her dress fell away, leaving me holding her nylon clad ankles as far apart as I could and pulling her body upwards.

What a sight!

Mother’s forbidden pussy was stretched wide open under her flimsily transparent nylon thong. The bulge just inches from my face. Her stocking welts were brushing against my ears.

I couldn’t stop myself.

I pulled on her ankles, drawing her crotch to my face and I planted a hard lingering kiss directly on to her sheer covered pussy bulge.

Her reaction was instant.

“How dare you!” She squealed

Her legs snapped back to the floor catching me off balance. She quickly rolled off and gave me a resounding slap on the face. She threw her body at me trying to reverse the hold, but she wasn’t strong enough. We rolled around on the floor in various holds and positions. She was grunting and groaning and getting hotter and sweatier, but I was too strong for her.

Her dress was hindering her too.

Getting in the way and enabling me to pull her around with it.

Eventually she stood up, pulled the dress over her head and threw it to one side.

She stood astride me once more. This time my view was unhindered. From ground level, my face level with her high heels, I gazed all the way up her stocking covered legs to her tiny thong. Above there I could see her breasts, flushed red from exertion, topped off with her magnificent nipples.

“Now I’m going to teach you a lesson, you bad boy”

She slammed down across my upper body to attempt to pin fall me once again.

I forced her shoulder up.

This presented one firm nipple dead centre face to me. I lent forward and putting my arm behind her, kissed it and then sucked it hard.

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