26 Mart 2022

Young Master Ch. 04


Young Master Ch. 04″I can explain…” I was standing in a French Maid outfit, with a sissy’s cum still dripping from my chin because as usual she missed a spot, and I had just been caught bent over a desk getting pounded from behind…all I needed to make it the perfect shit storm was for Dale to notice my cock was stick disturbingly hard in my panties for some mind boggling reason…”Heh…this should be great. Okay, explain yourself.” If Dale’s grin grew any wider, his face would have split in two, but I wasn’t so lucky. The runt of the litter amongst my domineering dickhead step-brothers, he was savoring this opportunity to feel like a real man instead of a bratty twerp. He stood there looking at me as if he actually expected me to explain myself. Isabella looked on with the same morbid curiosity, still stroking her hard cock waiting for a chance to use it…”well, aren’t you going to explain why I just saw you getting fucked by your sissy?””Oh…sorry, I didn’t actually think you’d give me a chance to explain…uh, I’ve got nothing…it’s exactly what it looks like…what else could it be? But please…” I was about to ask him not to tell, and then I realized how stupid that was. Even before I got my very own sissy slave he hated me like poison. And since I made the sublimely stupid decision to slap him in his snotty little face, I think it’s safe to say he wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire. Then again, maybe he would piss on me, but only so he could set me on fire again afterward.”Please what? Please don’t tell anyone? Please don’t drag my sissy ass out of this room and show my step-brothers what a perverted little pussy boi I am?” I cringed as I imagined what Dirk would do if saw me dressed like this. He probably would have made an exception to his ‘no flat chested sissies’ policy just to put me in my place. The thought of what his bludgeon of a cock would do to my asshole made me wince…and whimper shamefully. As for Darius, I couldn’t begin to imagine what he did to poor Cunt that made her screams ring out from his room at night, but I had a feeling he wouldn’t hesitate to enlighten me if he saw me dressed like this. But even as I tried to block out the image of his dead eyes leering at my tortured flesh, I couldn’t stop thinking about the look of almost religious fervor in Cunt’s eyes when she looked up at him. A tiny, twisted part of me couldn’t help wondering what it felt like to be so completely devoted, so totally destroyed. Lately, it had come to seem a tempting alternative to facing reality.”Is that not it? Hmm maybe it’s please don’t tell my monomanically masculine step-father that I’ve spit cum all over his family tradition…but then again, I’ll bet you’re more of a swallower, aren’t you?” I swallowed a gulp as I saw my step-father using my sissy like a piece of fuck meat, and I couldn’t help but shudder and squirm now that it was the image of him doing the same to me, only much less gentle twisted simmering in my mind. I tried to picture myself as hating every sweat slick second, but with all I’d been put through in the last week, all I could see was my lost little gurl look staring back into the mirror that tortured lust stamped across my face advertising to anyone that saw it that I was a dick desperate sissy and that I’d do anything to cum. I couldn’t decide which would be worse, the cold hard reality that my step-father would deliver me to Hell personally to ensure I did not enjoy a single whimper of my punishment, or if my demented day dreams came true, and I really did love being turned out by the man that had robbed me of everything.”Or maybe, just maybe, it’s please, Dale, show me how a real man treats a sissy. If you do, I’ll make sure you never have a dry hard on ever again. Is that it? Because honestly, as much fun as watching dad tear you apart with his bear hands, it’s not enough. I would still spend another two years a walking hard on. But now…if you want me to keep your little secret, you’ll provide me with my very own kept sissy to use and abuse whenever I feel like it.” Throughout his entire tirade, Dale puffed his chest, curled his pouty lips into an almost impressive snarl, and tried to add so much weight to his voice that I thought his diaphragm might pop under the strain. He was a little boy, playing at being a man…and that frightened me even more than both his brothers and father combined. They had nothing to prove, but Dale, I shuddered to think what he’d do to poor Isabella to prove himself a ‘real man’…”Sigh…fine, you can use Isabella whenever you want. As long as you never tell anyone what you saw today.” I felt like I was chewing out a piece of my own heart. I still didn’t know why Isabella played the games she did, and I still didn’t know if the kindness she’d shown me was little rays of the real Isabella shining through the clouds or just more smoke and mirrors, but I knew one thing for certain…when she looked at me with her eyes filled with wet contempt, I knew I’d lost whatever it was we might have had. She could never respect me as a Master now that I’d proven myself the worst kind of coward, the kind that would let someone else suffer in his place, and I’d lost any sympathy she had for me as a sissy as well for delivering her to such a pale imitation of a real Master. I didn’t things could get any worse. But of course, things could always get worse…”Who said anything about using your sissy…” Dale grabbed a clump of my hair and pulled my neck back with a sudden painful lurch, before I could scream, his lips had formed a seal against mine, I screamed futilely into his mouth as his tongue wriggled against mine like a diseased worm. His free hand slipped below my absurdly short skirt and groped my buttocks clumsily. He had all the finesse of a thirteen year old’s first fumbling with his cock, and half the discipline. He slobbered on my cheek as he broke the kiss and then looking at me with a confused mixture of absolute lust and hatred, spat at me, “God damn you for being so beautiful…” And then his hand was a blur, I heard the blow before I felt it, my eyes stinging as I left an arc of tears following me to the ground.Dale stood over me, panting, his face red with rage and desire, and I didn’t know which to be more afraid of…or which one was starting to make my cock stir to life in my panties…I begged my body…not him…anyone but him…but she is a heartless bitch…or maybe a ruthless bastard…either way, I knew things were about to get even worse… “Well…what are you waiting for, sissy? We both already know you’re a little cock sucking slut…so pull out my dick and show me what you’ve learned from your sissy!”I was hesitant, but not for the reasons I thought I’d be. Not because he was technically family…if anything, that paper thin distinction only made it seem more taboo and illicit. And not because he was an asshole…no, the worse someone treated me, the faster I seemed to melt. And it wasn’t because he was a man…which was pretty terrifying to realize. Was I gay? Bi-sexual? Did it count as bi-sexual if I was attracted to both sissies and real men? Whatever the answer, I couldn’t keep denying the sheer throbs of power I felt radiating off my step-father when he pounded my sissy in front of my lust glazed eyes, or the way my asshole quivered when Dirk teased and humiliated me in the gym. Maybe that’s all it was, the thrill of surrendering to a stronger force, losing all control and feeling free to just enjoy the mindless bliss that followed. And that’s why I hesitated, not because Dale was a man, but because he most decidedly wasn’t…With Dale I couldn’t give myself the easy excuse of submitting to a stronger force. In an extremely fucked up way, it felt natural to perform disgustingly unnatural acts at their bidding, because I’d always been raised to believe that inferior people existed to serve their betters…only I used to think I was one of the betters. But Dale wasn’t better than me…I refused to believe that. He was just a snotty spoiled shit smear that reminded me so much of myself that I wanted to strangle him…and yet there I was, fumbling with his zipper on his leather pants, which I can only assume where his failed attempt to look more intimidating, about to choke on his cock…”Come on, sissy! If you don’t have my cock in your mouth by the time I count to three, then I’m telling my dad on you!””One..” I wanted to punch the tattletale right in his nuts, but instead I was pulling his cock out, cursing myself as I can feel it stirring in my hands, knowing just from one squeeze that it was bigger than mine. “Two…” much, much bigger. A little bigger than Isabella’s even, and just as thick. I wished he could have had an average sized three and a quarter inches like me, but no, he had to be hung like some kind of freak with an almost eight inch cock…”Thr-” I didn’t think as I ran my tongue slowly up his cock and swirled it around his soft, spongy head. I blushed as I realized that even though he tasted different than Isabella, I didn’t savor the flavor any less. He was a little more robust, and I found myself wondering if every cock had its own unique taste, and if so, what it would take to become a true connoisseur. Then I remembered who that delicious dong belonged to and I felt my stomach lurch. I pushed the thought out of my head even as I slipped Dale’s dick into it, my lips forming a tight seal around the head to make sure it didn’t go anywhere before I could swirl my tongue around it.I decided to just switched off my brain and let Isabella’s lessons kick in. That made it easier for me to enjoy the taste of his pre-cum as I sucked it from his piss-slit, my hand pumping his spit slick shaft to try and get more of his gooey goodness. Again I was flummoxed in trying to place the taste. This had the same qualities as Isabella’s pre-delicacy, but also some more complex notes…was there a trace of sea urchin? Whatever it was, I knew I needed more to make an informed decision, preferably coating my face, mixing with what was left of Isabella’s earlier eruption. I had hit a natural rhythm, operating on muscle memory and a natural instinct I would have been appalled to realize I had if I was still capable of rational thought. Instead I surrendered to the tender mercies of mindless pleasure; feeling my cock throb painfully in my panties as if I vicariously got off on making a superior cock throb and swell in my mouth. And then Dale had to open his big fat mouth…”NNH Damn, I was going to start fucking with your head, you know, call you a sissy cocksucker and all that, but fuck if I you wouldn’t take it as a compliment right now.” I tried to ignore him, hating him for being so right. I felt his cockhead tickle my throat as he forced his way deeper inside me. His prick was curved upward, a different shape than Isabella’s which produced a different sensation scr****g my throat: more raw, more intense. I tried to drown out his words with the wet squelching sounds coming from my throat but he kept talking, “I mean, isn’t it a little more traditional to at least pretend you aren’t loving this? I was kind of looking forward to pushing my cock past your reluctance and fucking away every last bit of resistance. But look at you, with that dick drunk sissy stare, all you need is some tits and no one could tell you apart from any of the other harem gurls.”I couldn’t look at him anymore, his sharp tongue and piercing stare where cutting through my dreamy haze, making me acknowledge the reality of what I was doing. Unfortunately, when I turned my eyes to the right, I saw Isabella stroking her hard clit, her eyes burning with contempt and predatory lust. I couldn’t bear seeing that look in her eyes, not with my step-brother’s balls resting on my chin as my throat closed around his hard manhood, making me feel like the dizzy little sissy bitch was calling me. I threw my gaze to the left, hoping to find some small corner free from eyes that seemed to see me all too clearly, but instead I found the worst pair yet…mine…There I was in the mirror, my mascara running as tears filled my eyes. Not for the reasons they should have, because I was so ashamed of what I was doing that my soul was screaming out for forgiveness and my eyes were trying to wash away the filth. No, I just was so desperate to be a good little cocksucker that I was letting him use my throat like a cock sleeve, forcing tears as my blood pressured reached a boiling point. My flush face did wonders for my make up, accentuating the smeared lipstick across my cheek and his cock and bringing out the lovely contrast of my pale comely skin. I saw the look of mad lust in my eyes, the shame turning into something worse, something sick and depraved and sickly sweet delicious. I didn’t see myself anymore; I saw a sissy slut maid: a living, sucking sex toy made to be used and abused. I wanted to see her body go tense as Dale filled her with his arrogant seed. I wanted to see her stain her panties with sticky sissy spurts. But more than anything, I wanted to believe that she wasn’t really me. But I had the most terrible suspicion that she was more me than I’d ever been. I felt Dale’s cock surging in my throat and I knew it would be soon. I bobbed my head back and forth in a frenzied fervor, frantically chasing the brain dead high that would let me escape my reflection for a few precious moments. That’s when Dale grabbed my hair in his hands and pulled me off his cock in one savage yank…”Jesus H Fuck! What the Hell happened to you? A few days ago you thought you were man enough to slap me in the face, and now you’re whimpering because I pulled you off of my cock. Is this even blackmail anymore? You look like a sissy, walk like a sissy, you dress like a sissy, and you definitely suck cock like a sissy. Seems to me like you’d want me to tell on you. Maybe then dad will throw you down in the basement with the other sissies where you belong.” Without his pulse pounding deafeningly on my tongue, I was beginning to hear myself think more clearly. As I did, I couldn’t help but wonder if he was right. This week had been one humiliating experience after another, wearing me down to a soft smooth little nub leaking in my panties at the thought of being collared like the naughty little bitch I was. I would immediately recoil in horror at the thought of being sent down into that living Hell, only to wonder if it might be my salvation. Dressed as I was, humiliated and horny, it was impossible to think straight, and I was too scared of where it might lead if I started thinking sissy. Which left only one alternative…I had to stop thinking altogether. But to do that, I’d have to convince Dale türbanlı hakkari escort to stick his cock back inside me.”Please…” I looked up at him, stupidly searching for some semblance of mercy for a moment, “please…” I could barely form the thought, much less the words. The idea of debasing myself even further for the amusement of a little boy made me want to vomit…but he was a little boy with a big cock, and I needed it to escape the shame of wanting it in the first place. So I vomited up the words, “Please, please fuck me…muh muh gah guh” I couldn’t say it; couldn’t call him Master. Not with that razor sharp gleam in his eyes, ready to cut me to ribbons. I knew I’d never live it down if I submitted so completely to him, but then I realized that sucking his cock and begging to get fucked was probably not going to be laughed off as madcap shenanigans either. In for a penny, in for a pounding…”Please, Master, please fuck me…I need it.”I yelped as he pulled me off the ground by my hair and dragged me over to the bed. I tried looking over to Isabella for some sign of support, but all I saw was contempt. She looked at me like I was just another needy little sissy slut, the kind she had to play den mother too down in the basement. I knew in that moment, that I would never be a Master in her eyes, never be a man, and as a sissy, apparently I left a lot to be desired…but judging by the way he tossed me on the bed and leapt between my legs, I was desirable enough for Dale.I tried to suppress a girlish squeal of delight as Dale lifted my legs over my head, pulled off my panties, and aimed his cock at my quivering hole, but I guess I didn’t do a very good job. “Holy shit…you even giggle like a fucking sissy. Really…it’s pathetic, but also kind of hot. I almost wish you really were one of the harem gurls so we could get you some fat titties and whatever to complete your look. But then I wouldn’t get to plow your ass for another two years, so I’ll take a flat chested step-sissy over none at all.” I squirmed in an almost unendurable mixture of pride, embarrassment, and aching need. I knew I would regret it just moments after I came, and a tiny part of me regretted it even then, but the hunger was too great…not just for the escape of a mind melting orgasm, but also my vanity’s voracious appetite. I had always been praised and adored without ever having to do anything to deserve it. That is, until these step-mother-fuckers moved in and took away my life. So why was it that they were the ones I wanted to prove myself to? I wanted it so bad that I was willing to accept the pimp handed compliment of being passable enough as a sissy to fuck. Faced with the realization of how pathetic I had become, I did the only thing I could do…I bit my lower lip invitingly and fluttered my eyelashes at Dale, beckoning his cock inside me.I made a sound like a wounded mouse as he used the full weight of his body pressing down on me to slide his cock into me in one steady push. Time slowed and the fabric of reality stretched thin and distorted. Every second seemed to slide past like sweet, sticky syrup and every inch he slid into me seemed to go on for miles. Isabella had already opened me up, and his cock was well lubed with my slobber, so he found no resistance as he spread my asshole to fit the shape of his cock. I cooed helplessly as the upward slope of his cock hit my sweet spot harder than Isabella’s ever had. I was torn…I wanted to get to off, to escape to my own personal paradise, but I didn’t want it to be as good as it was with Isabella. I didn’t want his cock to slide back out slowly, teasing my eager little nerve endings and sending throbs of pleasure all the way up my titillated torso, past my achingly hard nipples, finally hitting my head with a burning blush.I knew I hated him. All the evidence I needed was in his smarmy smirk and the way his eyes bored into me with their disdainful lust like I was getting eye fucked. But then he slid back into me, miles and miles of cock stretched out over am impossibly long span of seconds, painful pangs of pleasure eating away at me from the inside, threatening to tear me apart. Sure, I knew I hated him…but my brain was telling me another story. Every time the hungry bliss bit into me, it’s poisonous fangs would infect me, sending out a chemical cocktail of adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine…a love potion #69 that d**gged my senses and sent me spiraling down into a sissy haze. Looking up at him from leagues beneath a sea of lust, all I could see was the way his muscles popped out from under his smooth skin every time he plowed into me, the way he sheen of sweat made him glimmer, the way his eyes hungered for me, wanted me just as I was…and I needed him to want me.There was nothing left of the real me at that moment but a tinny little voice in the back of my head repeating the filthiest slurs, calling me “a nasty little fuck hole, a dick desperate diva, a flaming faux female, a humiliation junkie hooked on junk, a bitch, a slut, a cunt, a gash, a cum catching cooze, a tiny dick little boy playing dress up and taking a cock up his ass so he could hide from the truth…a sissy.” They were angry indictments from the one voice I couldn’t ignore…but then Dale’s began picking up the pace, hitting my sweet spot and kissing it goodbye in a blur of movement that filled me up with soul searing love one moment, and left me achingly empty the next, only to fill me back up before I could take another breath. Suddenly, the voice in the back of my head was nothing but a vulgar valentine, a cruel compliment, a glob of spit on my soul that felt like a long, lingering kiss. My legs wrapped around Dale like a lover, pulling him deeper inside me as his polluted love pumped through my veins like battery acid, sending savage shockwaves across my body, every tender muscle contracting at once to all the way down to my throbbing clit, forcing its way out it in a declaration of pure lust, catching my chin with my sickly seed. Oblivious to his laughter, I lapped it up with my tongue and moaned for “MoOoOoooooore!””You selfish little slut…how dare you cum before me? Don’t you know the first thing about being a sissy? Then again, I guess I should be surprised, after all, you were a total fuck up as a man, it figures you would be a half assed sissy.” He held me in place, with his cock kissing my heated hole, fueling its hunger but refusing to fill it. “Maybe I should just throw a load into Isabella instead. I know she’ll put my needs first, and she’s so much prettier than you.” His words stung, bringing me to the verge of tears, but I knew that if I started sobbing he would just laugh and toss me aside. I was so close, that first eruption was merely a hiccup to the pleasure that lied just beyond the door to my sanity. I had to get him back inside me…and fast.”Please, I beg you, Master! Please fuck me, breed me, brand me with your burning seed. I’ll do anything you ask me to! Give you my allowance between my teeth like a dog, clean your room and polish your knob, I’ll do your homework with your cock up my ass…anything! Just please fuck meeeeeee!” Every word tears out of me in a painful sob, taking sticky chunks of my dignity along with it. By the time I finished, I was little more than a panting puddle. I waited with bated breath, hoping he would reel me in and feed me the cock that had me hooked. He waited for maybe a full minute, give or take an eternity, rubbing his rubbery head against my hungry hole. All I could do was whimper and snivel, sending out sweltering waves of submission, and hoping it was enough to goad Dale back inside me.”Okay here’s the deal. You’ll do everything you just offered for the next two years, and in exchange I’ll let you be my personal fuck sleeve. But you do what I tell you to, and you make sure I cum first. Now, climb on my cock and go for a pony ride. My arms are getting tired.” I should have told him to fuck off or spit in his face; instead I spit on his dick and told him to fuck me as I hovered my winking rosebud over his hard shaft. I sank down with a sigh; impaling myself on his manhood.”OoOoOOooOHHHH!” his cock forced a moan all the way from my ass to plump lips, touching off the nerves that were just starting to cool after those interminable seconds deprived of hot flesh on tender tissue. It felt so right to slide down to the root as he laid back down on the bed, his hands crossed behind his head in an expression of effortless control. My ass had already grown accustomed to his cock; having been reshaped to take his full length and girth, now it felt empty without him all the way inside me. I clenched my sphincter and hugged his cock with my soft anal walls, feeling his cock return my affection, kissing every frazzled nerve all the way up to my melting mind, sending that true love COCKtail all the way back down and curling my toes. I looked down on him, trying to remember a time when I hated him and finally giving up when all I could see was the man pumping me full of dirty love.But being full of love wasn’t enough anymore, I wanted to explode, and I knew how to lite the fuse…I peeled myself off his cock, feeling my spit dripping back down to his rosy head, and slamming back down onto him with a shuddering force that sent a quake of quivering pain that rang in my teeth and left a dull buzz in my ear. It was a welcome hurt, like the prick of the needle about to flood me with sticky sweet heroin. I wanted to savor the toothache-sweet hurt for as long as possible, slooooowly sliding up and down his throbbing sex, but I NEEDED him to hit my golly-gee spot faster and harder to take me to Shangri-La-La land. My legs throbbed as I bounced up and down at an increasing pace, his perfectly curved cock pounding my prostate even harder at that angle and I was soon lost to the building drum beat of orgasmic bliss.”NNH That’s right! Keep riding that pony! I’m about to fill your sissy pussy with a real man’s cum!” I felt Dale’s thin fingers dig into my fleshy buttocks, squeezing out an a****l moan as he pulls me down hard onto his surging sex. I felt his heartbeat inside me, and at that moment, I forgot that he was a bratty, blackmailing bastard and saw only the best in him, or maybe I just felt the best of him in me. Whatever the reason, I couldn’t resist taking his head in my hands and pulling my lips into his, sucking his tongue right out of hit mouth and making out like prom dates. I felt his heart flutter as I slammed my hips down as hard as I can, causing his heart to swell and burst inside me, coating my raw, ravished guts with his cum. My heart exploded too, sending a flood of pure love shooting from my clit and onto my stomach. He got over his initial shock at my sudden aggressiveness and immediately reasserted his control, grabbing me by the hair and pulling me off his succulent lips. I laid on top of him, my mind lost, my tongue straining to taste his again. He just sneered as he spit in my face…and then he pulled me back down into a hateful kiss, the passion of his contempt making me melt into his embrace as I laid on top of him, my whimpers pouring down his throat like a sweet wine.I had reached that perfect place of nirvana nothingness, floating on cloud nine in a state of harmony and peace, blissfully blank and euphorically empty, free from the fear and the shame and the pain. Time was meaningless there…I floated forever and ever…and then I came crashing to the ground “What the fuck?! Who told you to cuddle with me?! Shiiiiit! That’s really fucking gross, dude. I might have to rethink this whole secret sissy business if you’re going to fall in love with me.” I looked up at Dale from the floor, aching everywhere as feeling returned in hot sobs of regret…I looked at myself in the mirror, the well fucked sissy maid…but underneath the smeared makeup, I could see Byron dying underneath. How could I let him do that to me? HIM?! How could I beg for it?! I looked into his eyes, my lips struggling to form the words strong enough to convey my hatred for this little boy playing dress up as a man…but they were too big to get out. I just ended up sputtering, my eyes blazing…”Now that’s what I like to see…” He pulled my face close to his, our lips mere microns apart, I flinched helplessly in his hands, desperately trying to pull away as my face contorted in disgust. “Yes, I think you’re even more beautiful this way…” he pressed his lips against mine, I tried to turn away, but he held me firm, kissing and sucking on my lips no matter how tightly I pursed them. Finally he threw me back to the ground, a sob trailing behind me…”Heh heh. Alright, this might work after all. One more rule. You always wear the underwear I last fucked you in. You can wear your man costume over that if your feeling kinky, but I don’t want you forgetting what you are underneath, not even for a moment. And anytime I text you, I want you to hurry up to my room and ready to serve. Understood?”I didn’t have a choice. I tried to tell myself it was because he was blackmailing me…and for the most part it was. But another part of me was grateful I could use that as an excuse. I meekly whimpered into the floor, “Yes, Master.” and Dale left without looking back, his hyena-like cackle trailing behind him a parting gift. I just curled up into a little ball, rocking back and forth, crying like a little sissy, hoping Isabella would wrap me in her arms and tell me everything was going to be alright. I heard her make her way over to me, felt her hand stroke my hair, and screamed as he grabbed a handful and pulled…”You will never be my Master now! And for promising me to a boy…” she spat the word out like it was poisoned pig shit “I will never trust you as a sissy. So I’ll keep your sick little secret for as long as you can manage to hide it, because that’s the sissy code…but if you ever try to treat me like your slave again…” she cupped my balls in one hand and firmly squeezed, “I’ll show you how I deal with disobedient sissies.” I could only nod as tears welled up both from pain and regret. That’s how she left me, sobbing, sticky, and shaking, wondering how things could possibly get worse….It only took a day for me to find out just how much worse things could get. I was lying in bed, wishing I could stay there forever. Then I got my first text from Dale, reading, “Cum on up to my room. Isabella found a special outfit for you to wear.” I cringed to think of what it might mean. I cursed my cock as I felt it throb in my lacy panties, hoping I could show more self restraint than I this when I got to Dale’s room, but not betting türbanlı hakkari escort bayan on it. I slip on some clothes that I don’t plan to be wearing long and take a long, hard look at myself in the mirror, telling myself I’ll do whatever he wants me to, but only because he wants it. I told myself I would not beg, I would not kiss him, and I would not cum. I kept telling myself that all the way up to his room, and I had almost convinced myself I could do it. After all, I genuinely hated Dale, and I was pretty sure I still hated being humiliated and abused…the fact that it made me so horny I couldn’t think straight was just a fucked up defense mechanism; one I planned to ignore this time. I would just have to suffer all the frustration, all the agony, and all the shame, and without the sweet escape of mindless pleasure…My brave pronouncements fell to pieces the moment I saw what Dale had planned for me to wear and heard his plan for what I would do in them. “Aren’t they cute? Isabella borrowed them from Bambi”. He held up a pair of pink, ruffled rumba panties and one of her tiny, sexy-tea-party dresses. I realized I was going to get to find out how I’d look in her panties after all. And things just went downhill from there……”Oh pwease, Daddy Bear Sir, pwease punish your naughty widdle gurl with your big, bad Daddy-dick!” It wasn’t my proudest moment…but after three hours of playing sissy surrogate for Bambi in his twisted fantasies, I began to get into the role. I had promised my self I wouldn’t beg…and I really meant it at the time. But after breaking my promise not to cum at least eight times over and my promise not to kiss him an hour ago…and I broke it again and again and again…one more promise didn’t seem to matter. Maybe it was Bambi’s fault…I’d never realized how freeing it was to be a c***d-like whore, how strangely reasonable the contradiction seemed once I embraced it. Of course, my reasoning may have been influenced by a constant flow of pure ‘wuv’ gushing through me with every flutter of my heart. It went on for so long that time became as meaningless as dignity or manhood and I went in and out of the blank place so often that reality and unreality blurred. Every cell in my body hummed along to pornographic lullabies. I didn’t so much break my promise, as fulfill Bambi’s…of course I was the one that had to clean up Bambi’s mess once the haze cleared.It was like scr****g myself off the walls. Slimy globs of me, pale and weak in the light of harsh reality. Dale’s grating voice bouncing around in my head like a .22 caliber bullet. I couldn’t stop crying, couldn’t stop telling myself to stop crying, couldn’t stop from hating myself when I couldn’t. But I hated Dale more. And I vowed to myself that I would remember this the next time he had an outfit spread out for me, that I wouldn’t forget it when he spread me out. That every time he forced me to cum I would hate him even more. I had to…it was my only hope……He gave me a day off. It was almost worse that way. Constantly worrying that any moment the phone would vibrate and I’d be summoned to his room. The bitter sense of relief and disappointment when I wasn’t. The frustrating and emasculating realization that I couldn’t even jerk off anymore. Fear and self disgust rendered me paralyzed…impotent…so when a second day was almost over and I hadn’t gotten a message, I began to worry. I realized that when I fumbled for the phone desperately at the first buzz that I had already broken my promise. “Cum up to my room. Time to help me with my homework.”I wasn’t surprised to see one of Sakura’s many school girl uniforms hanging from the door, or the Hello Kitty cotton undies. Somehow their lack of sexiness only made them squirmier as I slid them up. He patted his lap and put his homework in front of him on the desk. I realized with a shudder that I was going to be keeping a promise after all, just not the one I wanted……”Oh most honorable Dalesan, please to be fucking my most humble asshole harder. Ah ah AIEEEEEE!” I had just triple checked his calculus homework and verified there were no errors. Funny thing…I barely passed calculus when I was in high school, and that was after buying the answers to the final. I guess that cute little ribbon he tied around my cock to prevent me from cumming was all the incentive I needed. When he finally took it off, I felt my soul shoot out of my body in a hot milky jet. I looked down at my face, flush and empty, but ecstatically happy. I realized why Sakura constantly humbled herself, how beautiful it could be to deny the self, to become one with the universe…to become a purpose instead of a person. I looked beautiful from that angle, flopping on his lap, my head thrown back across his shoulder, my tongue lolling out the side of my mouth as he sucked on my neck, tasting my pulse. It was only when I finally had to return to my body that I understood how ugly it was from the inside…It wasn’t as much fun finishing his homework after that. Sitting in squishy panties, flinching as he flicked my ear or blew on the back of my neck every moment worse than the last and knowing you aren’t even half way done. By the time I finished his essay on ‘The evolution of gender roles in post-modern America’, it was all I could do to drag myself to bed and hope that things really couldn’t possibly get any worse……The problem was…they didn’t…at least not right away. No, Dale decided he’d rather make me suffer, rather see me squirm while I waited for the other foot to drop. Actually that’s probably just wishful thinking. The truth is, Dale didn’t think enough of me by that point to go out of his way to torture me. He knew all to well how willing I was to torture myself for his amusement. And boy oh boy, did I have a grand old time of it. Three fucking days without a so much as an “lol” texted to me. Three days of white knuckle terror wondering how he’d top his last stunt and blue balls wishing he’d get it over with. By the time he finally texted, “Cum up to my room. Time to pay me.” I couldn’t stop myself from running, but what he had prepared for me stopped me dead in my tracks.I wondered when Dale had picked up a pair of silicon breast forms, that is until he showed me my credit card bill. So much for my little discretionary income I had left, instead I had liquid assets. Their weight felt strangely exhilarating, like I was stepping into Lola’s skin, only with the safety net of knowing I’d lose the extra gravity when this was over. I could barely stuff them into a DD bra and the leather halter he had me wear just barely covered them, creating the illusion of a pair of very real, very large breast, straining to spill out. When I slipped into the leather mini skirt that gave a peak of the bottom of my perky ass and stepped into a pair of fuck-me-fishnets, it was pretty obvious this was going to be a ten-dollar-whore/belligerent john fantasy. But of course, it was much worse than that……”Si, papi, y then he filled my culo up while the other two took turns making mi boca into a fuck-hole. The one stretching my ass had a nice cock, but not as grande as yours, papi.” I was only telling him what he wanted to hear: fantasy encounters of a ten-dollar running a half off sale telling her pimp every dripping detail about her workday. Thank goodness I took Spanish in high school so I could stay in character. And that’s all it was, staying in character. It started as the most humiliating ordeal he’d put me through, making me come up with increasingly degrading fantasies and telling him how much I loved them. To make it worse, I had to hand him over a little more of my allowance each time, as if I actually had earned it sucking cocks down at the bus station. But once he hiked my skirt up and starting fingering my asshole, I discovered my character’s motivation and things came easier….In a way I liked being Lola better than I liked being me. She wasn’t ashamed of who she was, quite the opposite. Calling her the dirtiest whore on the eastern seaboard wasn’t an insult, it was an accomplishment. Like winning the Nobel Piece of Ass Prize…or at least, that’s how I imagined her to be. Latinas are fiery passionate lovers after all, and the way she beamed when Dirk slapped her ass, you’d think she owned him. At any rate, the more stories I told, the more I found her voice, and the more I got into sucking Dale’s cock while he counted my money. Even when he laughed at me and called me a “puta punk bitch” after he coated my face with his cum, all I could do was smile and lick my lips. Maybe it was the pride of coaxing the biggest load from him yet, maybe I was just in Lola Land, or maybe it was that the moment his seed hit my face it sent a chain reaction of giddy glee all the way down to my own squirting sissy stick. Whatever the reason, all I wanted to do was tell him an even filthier story so he’d get hard enough to fuck my ass…Which is what brought us to the senior center gangbang and my last five dollars. At the time I considered it money well spent as every shuddering blow of his hips drove his cock deep inside me, sending ravishing ripples across my flesh and making my ‘breasts’ slap hard against my chest. As I came, I became Lola completely, and in that one perfect momento, I felt bonita, and I loved it.It was so perfect that I got almost half way back to my room before my cum glazed haze wore off and I started to relive the stories as me, and retch at the thought of the filth inside me. And Dale, considerate as ever, was kind enough to send me texts of some of the ‘choice bits’ that made him ‘lol’. I tried to see further than a day or two in advance, tried to fathom enduring this for even a month longer, much less two years, but I didn’t have the courage to continue. I just pushed it out of my mind and tried not to ask myself if things could get worse…but life has a funny way of answering the questions you don’t dare to ask. Yeah life can be real fucking funny sometimes……It was a week before Dale texted me again. I was a raw nerve, my guts felt like broken glass and my balls felt like water balloons filled to the point of bursting. I was beginning to debate going up and knocking on his door unbidden, asking if he needed any help sucking his cock. Even considering it filled me with a revulsion that made me want to scrub my skin with steel wool and sulfuric acid. But ‘fortunately’, Dale decided to call on me before I could sink that low. “Cum on up to my room, Cunt.” If only I had known the soul crushing deprivations I would be subjected to when I got to Dale’s room, I wouldn’t have bothered to worry about the last tiny shreds of my self respect….”Oh come on, Cunt…you’ve still got plenty of room on that baby smooth skin of yours. You can’t have run out of slurs already.” I was staring into a mirror, getting a reeeeal good look at myself, seeing what kind of faces I make when instead of running from the reality of what I’d been reduced to, I instead embraced it…or at least surrendered to it…The outfit Dale had picked for me was much more conceptual this time. He had me go into the shower and put on some foul smelling lotion that made what little body hair I had fall out. I thought being dressed up was emasculating…but that was nothing…NOTHING compared to seeing myself as I was, having to face that even without the clothes, even without the makeup, I still made a fairly fuckable sissy. Now that I was silky smooth and naked, Dale had me as his own personal canvas, and little shit that he is, he was only interested in scrawling graffiti. The worst part, and its funny how subjective ‘worst’ gets after awhile, was that he made me come up with the slurs he scrawled on my pale unblemished skin. I never truly understood how much I despised myself until I saw it in all caps written across my forehead. But after enough abuse and self recriminations, I guess I finally learned to accept myself because the filthy truths that covered me didn’t seem so unbearable anymore, but maybe it was just because I was riding a near constant cock high as Dale deep dicked me against the mirror. He must really get into his art, because he lasted longer with Cunt than he did with any of the other sissies. When he finally filled me up so full that I could swear it was his cum spurting out my cock, I didn’t even hesitate to lick the mirror clean. And I knew that at least I had finally hit rock bottom…God…one of these days I’m going to be right about that, aren’t I? I mean…there has to be a bottom…there just has to!…THREE…FUCKING…WEEKS…After the first week I thought I was going to go insane if I Dale didn’t use as his surrogate sissy again, which I guess meant I already was insane by that point for needing it so bad. I did manage to find some relief, fucking a pair of cum-caked panties while I thrust my fingers in my ass, pounding my sissy spot until I managed a weak, whimpering squirt or two. But in the end, it only left me dissatisfied and hungry for more. I would see the other sissies prancing about the grounds, and instead of imagining unleashing a torrential flood of cum in their tight holes, I’d imagine being them, bouncing from one hard fuck to the next with mindless glee.Finally, the effort in fighting for the table scraps of my soul just didn’t seem worth the effort. It’s not like Dale could think any less of me than he already did, and I wasn’t far behind him in that regard. So with a sigh of resignation and relief I knocked on his door. After an interminable wait, he cracked the door, covered in sweat, his face flushed, and his well coiffed hair in disarray. He seemed annoyed, snarling, “What do you want, Byron? I’m busy.”I couldn’t speak at first. I was taken aback by his lack of interest…and why did he call me ‘Byron’? But I didn’t come this far to give up, not when I was so close. I summoned every ounce of strength I had, stuttering, “wuh wuh Well, yuh yuh you haven’t asked me to uhm err clean up after you or do your homework for a few weeks. And I uhm, owe you a lot of allowance…so I was uh wondering if you wuh wuh wanted me to whimper suh suh suck your cock or anything.” It took every ounce of willpower I had to force the words out, and to look him in the eyes the entire time, seeing them dance with cruel mirth and they saw the naked hunger in mine.”Oh man, you’ve got it even worse than I thought. Come on inside, I’m sure I can think of a way for you to help me after all.” I nodded submissively, eagerly accepting whatever price I would have to pay to get what I needed, already drooling over the images flashing in my head…but I wasn’t türbanlı escort hakkari ready to accept the image before my eyes…Isabella, looking at me with a mixture of annoyance and disgust, completely naked save for a leash that was tied to Dale’s bedpost. This was why he hadn’t called for me in almost a month…he had traded up. I thought I was going to hyperventilate, ragged, vicious sobs welled up in me…I looked over to Dale, and he laughed, saying “Ha ha! Look at you, jealous of your own sissy. I never dreamed that not fucking you would be more devastating for you than fucking you. Sorry, Belle, but Isabella is a way better lay than you. She actually knows how to fuck me back, instead of just taking my meat like a selfish little slut. But I tell you what, maybe there’s room for you in this new relationship dynamic after all. See, you killed my boner when you interrupted me, so why don’t you get me nice and hard for Isabella’s tight ass?”He wanted me to be a fluffer for my own sissy. To sit obediently and watch while he proved that I would never be man enough to fuck her, or sissy enough to get fucked by him. To my horror, I didn’t even consider saying no…that’s how low I had sunk. Even the slightest possibility of getting off was enough to make me fall to my knees and obediently nurse on Dale’s succulent sack until I felt his cock rising, caressing my cheek like a lover. I tried to draw it out as long as I could, slooooooowly sliding my tongue up and down his cock, pursing my lips against his hard, hot flesh and running them back and forth his shaft, taking his silky, smooth head into my mouth and softly sucking until I was rewarded with a single drop of pre-cum, marveling in its flavor…I’m sure I noticed notes of fresh goat’s milk. But it ended almost as soon as it began, his cock pulled away from me, drool and whimpers trailing after it. “That’s enough!” he said sternly, “If you want to stay and watch, you will be a good little gurl and be quiet.” I opened my mouth to protest, but forced it closed with my hand, nodding mindlessly and following behind him on all fours, looking up at him as he climbed over my sissy…”Not to speak out of turn, Master, but I think it would do Bella good to get a closer look. Maybe she could crawl onto the bed with us and help you stick your dick in me…or maybe even keep it nice and lubed with her tongue as you fuck me.” I looked up at her, too stunned to hide the hurt stamped on my face, but she didn’t even give me a second glance. That was the worst part of her latest variation of cruelty…how utterly detached it was. She didn’t even think enough of me to hate me…at least that would involve some passion. Instead, I was just another sissy to her, and not much of one from the looks of it. I couldn’t blame her, as much as it tore me up inside, the only reason I hesitated to jump up on the bed and become my own sissy’s cuckold, was because Dale hadn’t given me permission yet. All he had to do was nod…I was a giddy jumble of nerves, like butterflies were throwing up inside my stomach; the fumes making me drunk and dizzy. I wanted to get it over with, to jump into the void head first, but at the same time I couldn’t help feeling the painful pull of regret. I had lost Isabella, I couldn’t k** myself about that anymore…but to officially offer her up to the man I hated…and needed…more than anyone else in the world…it was a tough pill to swallow. Then again, I’d swallowed worse. I felt Dale’s cock throb in my hand, and suddenly my only regret was that I wasn’t sliding it into my own neglected asshole. Still, the sheer wrongness and weakness of the act had me throbbing in my panties. I did a swan dive into the void and aimed Dale right into Isabella’s dark tunnel…”UNH Fuck yes! You see that, Belle? The way she swivels those hips and milks my meat with her soft, but oh so tight muscles? Fuuuuuuck…she could crush a walnut with her ass or carry an egg without breaking it, that’s how much control she has of it. That’s why you’re the fluffer and she’s my number one gurl. Speaking of which, why aren’t you sucking my balls?” I listened intently to every callous word, hoping futilely that maybe if I learned well enough, he’d throw a fuck my way every now and then. But then I remembered what I was here for, and with a blush, I crawled underneath Isabella so that my head was right below Dale’s balls. I took them into my mouth one at a time, swirling my tongue around them and sucking on them dutifully, trying my best to time my sucks with his thrusts, to maximize his pleasure. Suddenly, he bucked forward too quickly for me, and my tongue was running across his perineum and between his firm round buttocks. “Ooh…someone wants too earn brownie points. Alright, I’ll let you eat my ass a little if you want to prove what a good little sissy you can be.”I was stunned…just when I thought I’d hit rock bottom, the floor fell out from under me…but of course I didn’t resist. I only paused long enough to close my eyes and said a silent prayer to the god of cleanliness. I spread his cheeks as far apart as I could, indulging in a guilty thrill of squeezing the taut globes, and ran my tongue around is starfish is slow circles. It had a slight tang to it, but it wasn’t unpleasant, almost like sun-dried tomatoes…so decided to go whole hog and speared my tongue inside his tight hidey hole. I heard Isabella moaning louder as it fueled his piston-like thrusts, and felt that strange mix of filthy pride, one which seemed less and less contradictory with every surrender. My own member was leaking in my silken hiding spot and I felt the long awaited release of a squirty subby shamegasm simmering inside me, but apparently Isabella saw the slight bulge in my slacks, because she thumped my cock hard enough to scare it back into hiding. I whimpered into Dale’s asshole, which made him fuck Isabella even harder.”Fuuuuck! Okay, I’ll admit it, Bella. You finally found something you’re good at. Now get that filthy tongue back up to my cock and lube it up for your sissy.” It was the next best thing to cumming…hearing Dale begrudgingly admit that I did a good job…that I was good at something…anything. It was almost worth the pain radiating from my cock up into my guts like a hot lump of coal. I thought that maybe if I did a good job licking his shaft as it sawed in and out of Isabella’s sissy pussy, just maybe he’d praise me again, maybe even Isabella would be impressed. It’s funny how low you set your sights when you’ve been face down in the gutter long enough. Yeah, it’s fucking hilarious.I had to dart my tongue really quickly to get between them, straining and stretching for a fleeting flick of their flesh. Tantalizing bursts of flavor…her ass on his cock…my own drool dripping back down into my throat…the sounds of moans and the slap of flesh on flesh filling the room…it was the most erotic experience I’d ever had without being allowed to get a hard on. Heaven and Hell danced on my tongue, I was close enough to taste the objects of my desires, but not to get my fill. And of course, Dale had to show off his endurance, cocky bastard lasted an hour before he finally filled exploded inside her. He gave her a loving slap on the ass saying, “Good work, babe. Now you two clean up and get the fuck out of here by the time I finish my shower.”Before I could even move, Isabella was sitting on my face, smothering me with her plump, perfect ass. I panicked, screaming into her ass, but she showed no mercy, hissing “I don’t care if you can’t breathe! You’ll suck every last drop of cum out of my ass before I let you up…and don’t you dare swallow a drop of it!” She didn’t have to tell me twice…I planted my lips around her succulent sphincter and dug every delicious drop out of her luscious love tunnel. I was surrounded by soft flesh, light headed and swimmy, my mouth full of ambrosia, but not daring to keep any for myself. She finally rolled off of me and pulled me up by my hair so that my mouth hovered over hers. I opened my mouth and let my hard earned reward spill into her mouth and down her throat. For a moment our lips grazed each others and our tongues drew ever closer…I dared to dream we might even kiss…but then she just tossed me aside like wet garbage. She didn’t say a word, just left me sissy shocked and sniffling and went on her way.I waited until I was sure I wouldn’t have to cross paths with her in the hallway and I scurried down to my room, racing to my shower so I could caress my clit with this shameful pride still fresh in my mind and lingering on my tongue. I moaned as I painted the shower wall with a weeks worth of pent up sissy squirts and fell to my knees. It was awful, almost unbearable…but maybe it was still just good enough……It went on like that for another month…and maybe it would have gone on like that forever. It’s amazing what you can accept when the alternative is even more unacceptable, but then came the straw that broke the sissy’s back. In my case, it literally was a straw. Dale had just finished pumping my sissy so full of semen I could practically hear her sloshing, and she was lying in well fucked c*** her ankles over her head and her hands cuffed to the bed frame as part of Dale’s latest obsession. I was waiting eagerly for my chance to prove what a good little cum cleaner I could be and then Dale handed me a straw. “Get to work, Belle.” Get…to…work…Belle…the words didn’t seemed to fit right in my head. The straw felt awkward and alien in my hand. Dale had already headed into the shower, not even questioning whether or not I’d take the straw and slurp up his spooge. How could he just take that for granted? Just because I’d already done it like twenty times or so…but not with a STRAW! I don’t know why, but that just made the whole thing seem ridiculous.Still…I probably would have done it anyway if Isabella hadn’t picked that time to ask, “Well what are you waiting for, you little idiot? I can’t clean myself if I’m handcuffed to the bed, can I?” There she was, the sissy of my dreams and nightmares, the one that had laid me low and kicked dirt on me, the one I wanted to love me more than anything and I hated almost as much as I hated myself, and she couldn’t even imagine a scenario in which I would strike back at her. Not even when she was completely helpless…then again, I think I was more surprised than she was when I started fumbling with my belt to get my pants down. “Wha-what the fuck do you think you’re doing? You don’t have the balls to fuck me, you little shit!” My gut knit into a tight ball of sick fury…I saw her face go from a rage to shock and then twist into a scream of agony. I didn’t know what was happening until I heard the hard ‘thwacks’ over her scream and felt the impact run up my arm. I looked down to see myself raining down blows with my belt along her fair skin. Terrible red welts crisscrossed over her thighs and up her smooth stomach and heaving breasts. I felt a wet warmth swallow my prick, massaging it, milking it as one hateful shudder after another ran through me. The knot in my guts grew tighter causing stabbing pains that only seemed to fuel my frenzy. I knew I had to stop…but the only way I could stop was if I finished. I saw the haze of dick doped submission drift over her eyes and for a second I let myself believe that this is what she wanted, that somehow in my mindless madness, I had found a way to win her back, to get her to look at me the way she looked at my step-family. I began screaming a garbled mess of words, a junkyard of hate clattering out of me, “CUM FOR ME, YOU CUM SLUT, CUM! FUCKING FUCK YOU! I WILL FUCK YOU, YOU FUCK! CUM CUM FUCKING CUM!” until I was just screaming “CUM!” over and over.When she finally did it cum, it shot out hard enough to hit my chin, and my cock vomited its filth inside her. There was no joy in it…the my guts twisted inside out and my whole body burned with the hateful bile seething in my veins. I saw something I’d never noticed in her eyes before. Something I’d missed in the haze, something I could only see from this angle…pure, unadulterated hatred. She hated my step- father and his foul spawn, not despite the helpless lust they inspired in her…but because of it. Now she hated me too, and as I saw my reflection in her eyes, I did too.”Please…I…I didn’t mean…I’m sorry…please…please…I’m sorry…I’m suh suh…” I broke down sobbing as I begged her forgiveness, but I could tell she couldn’t even hear me. I felt Dale’s arms pulling me off of her, shaking me, trying to get me to snap out of it. I tried to calm down, tried to explain what had happened, tried to do anything but let out hoarse screaming cries of useless remorse. Dale was beside himself, throwing a tantrum and on the verge of tears himself, not prepared for a situation he couldn’t threaten his way out of. Even through the veil of tears, I could see what a fool I’d been. I was right when I called him a boy, and I’d let a boy reduce me to this. I began to calm down, and I was just about to explain myself when I heard the voice.”I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in you. Within two months you’re having a threesome with your step-brother…and I don’t even want to know who’s semen is dripping off your chin.” my step-father stood in the doorway, filling the frame with his towering physique, his hard, handsome features betrayed no signs of mercy, if there were any to be found in the first place. He looked like a vengeful god, and at that moment, it only seemed appropriate that I would be cast into Hell. Then flashes of my tour in the basement came to me, and I remembered what Hell really was, and I didn’t have the courage to accept my just desserts.I began to stammer out a defense, “nuh nuh No! You don’t understand. This isn’t…well yes it is, but it’s not what it looks like. I didn’t let her…I mean I didn’t suck or…see I fucked it out of her.” My words tripped over themselves as they raced out of me, but I began to see a small glimmer of hope. I really had just fucked her, and it’s not like Dale would admit what was really going on, not if he would have to admit to flaunting his father’s rules these past two months. I know it seemed implausible. I knew it was true and it still sounded like bullshit. But if I stuck to my story long enough, he would have to believe me.”Hmm…that’s certainly one possible explanation. And I pride myself on my fairness, so I wouldn’t want to condemn you to a life of sissy slavery if there were any doubts. So if you can clear up just one minor detail for me, I’ll be on my way.” I heaved a sigh of relief, “Why are you wearing a pair of cum stained panties?” My jaw went slack…I was still wearing panties! I had gotten so used to wearing them that I didn’t even notice I had them on, but my step-father obviously did, and now there was no explanation on earth that was going to save me. I felt the walls closing in on me, I couldn’t breathe, the floor rushed up to meet me and everything went black…Things can always get worse.

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