6 Mayıs 2023

Zak On One Week Notice


I had taken a week off from going to the gym. I was entering when I had to return to my car. I placed my bag down. I returned to the locker room and was having thoughts about Louis and was getting aroused. I got naked and opened my bag and saw an envelope. I was trying to figure out where it came from. Inside was a note on pink paper, it started, “Dear Zak, it was lovely seeing the show which you put on. It was really hot.”There was more, “I really enjoyed the part when your blond-haired mate took his hard dick and slowly pushed it into your eager anal opening. I really love the sound which you made. I get worked every time I think about it. I am tired of masturbating. I do suggest that you should always check to make sure doors are locked and you need to be quiet.”There was no name on the letter. My mind started racing trying to figure out who left it. I got dressed and went into the workout room. I was trying to look at everyone to see if I could pick up any signals. Bostancı Escort I could not concentrate on my workout. I wanted to play out the worst-case scenario and what would the person do. What would happen if the word got around? I saw my life flash in front of me but, I was not going to focus on that. I was hoping the person did not have any ill will in mind like wanting to blackmail me. Good luck with that.I decided to cut the workout short and returned to the locker room. I approached my locker; something was out of place. My bag was facing in a different direction and someone had been in there. I opened my bag and there was another letter.I opened the letter, again on pink paper and started to read, “Dear Pretty Boy, I was watching your sweet butt walking in the exercise room. The more I kept looking at you the more I was getting excited. It is sexy the way you walk. I may call you ‘sweet cheeks’. I really think we should meet to get to know each other. You Bostancı Escort Bayan did look out of place today. I hope that you did not have anything on your mind. Let me help you to relax. You have my word that I will not pass around nor will I say anything, it’s our secret.”There was a moment that I wanted to believe. The person had to have some time on their hands to be watching me and time to write the letter. I went back to reading, “The main reason I will stay silent is that I want you for myself to enjoy. Let’s say that I want to be sexually liberated like you and I hope some of you can rub off on me. I want to feel comfortable in my own body and to learn to enjoy sex. Let’s say that I can turn a few heads… oops… male or female! Now, I have you guessing I am not ready to tell you who I am so until next time. By the way, I do have a request and that is no jacking off for the rest of the week. At the end of that time, I want to see what it will look like Escort Bostancı when you cum and watch you shut your sticky stuff. Now, does that sound delicious?”I was so engrossed that I was getting sexually aroused and my dick was starting to swell. I had to catch myself and not play in the shower. I removed my clothes and I was glad no one was there because I walked naked to the shower in a semi-hard state. If a person saw me, they would have thought that I had just jacked off.While I was in the shower, I picked up my razor and shaved my pubic area and thought about Louis. He had gently cupped my balls while he moved my dick off to the side to shave me. I did my best to get the thought out of my mind as I was getting hard. I did my best to rush because other guys were coming in and I could not walk out with a hard-on. As I walked back to my locker I was trying to see if anyone was looking at me.While seated, I started to apply lotion on my legs when another guy sat across from me. We talked briefly. As he sat down his legs were open as if he wanted me to see his dick. I was trying to keep my eyes away. He put some lotion in his hands and slowly started to rub his knee and working up to his crotch.

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